Caged Conservatives

January 11, 2004

YESTERDAY I HEARD A CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOW HOST indulging himself in a rant against our open borders. He even went so far as to say that the Mexicans are polluting our culture, and that it would be over his dead body that California would be allowed to secede from the Union to join Mexico. Interesting. Of course he immediately threw out the mandatory caveat, that made all the rest completely meaningless. He wasn't promoting a White America. Oh no! We have "plenty" of people of other races, and that is no problem at all. It is merely the language and culture thing that he is upset about.

While this guy was stalking the outer limits of his cage, like a panther pacing back and forth, looking for some way to get out, he most certainly didn't cross the line into something that would actually provide meaningful improvement in the way of life for Americans. No, we can keep the Mexicans we have, and the Blacks, and the Asians, just don't send us any more of them. And it is not them exactly that he doesn't want, because that would be "racist." And he would sacrifice his nation, his children, and all that he has rather than appear to be racist. He has his priorities "straight," and he wanted to make sure that the Media Lords(1) were crystal clear on their understanding of that. In other words, he was venting hot air and nothing else.

Yes, the Conservative is one of the worst enemies this nation has today. The Conservative pretends to love America, while supporting all the things that will pull her down.

Later in the day, I was reading a book jacket of a work written by a female Conservative, and it listed many of her complaints about what is going on today in America. One of things that she complained about was our "open borders." The thing is, all that a Conservative can propose is to STOP action, but never to CREATE action in order to make serious change. By definition a Conservative, conserves, or freezes into stasis.

The problem is, once change has occurred, the Conservative has no clue as to how to effect change of his own. He madly digs his heals in trying to prevent more change, but the very idea of revolting in order to set things right would never occur to him. He will propose that we halt a process, such as the mass immigration illegally through our "open borders" but he would never dream of forcibly removing all of the people who have come across our borders the past 40 years. He would never dream of proposing that we return our nation to the same demographical make up that it was before the Media Lords forcible rape of this nation in the 1960s, and that has daily continued ever since.

Conservatives are ALL trying to conserve the very changes that happened in the 1960s as if they were actually good things, and at the same time they are frantic over the loss of their language, culture, and way of life that have come about as a result of those changes.

Why do we have so much crime? Over half of it comes from the minorities(2) that have been forcibly integrated into our neighborhoods and cities by "our" government under the direction and control of the Media Lords. Every one claims that America is a "violent country," and it is true that we have a murder rate that is twice that of White nations in Europe. However, half of the murders in America are committed by the 12% of the population that is Black. If you look at the White murder rate in the USA, it is just the same as it is in Europe. Guns are not the problem; diversity is! Diversity, that was forced upon America by the Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s, and that is promoted and supported by the "Conservatives."

Why do we have so many divorces? The Feminist movement of the 1960s was aimed directly at the solid family structure of the 1950s. The male breadwinner, the female homemaker, and the well-supervised children, were creating a strong foundation for the future of America. The feminist movement completely upset that applecart, removing the purpose of the male in the relationship, and setting up the family for failure. The results of that process are easy to see whenever you look at the divorce rate in America today, when compared with what it was before the Anti-American Revolution. What is the Conservative response to this disaster? He completely supports and wants to preserve the changes that came about since 1960. He hates the results, at least he says he does, but he refuses to attack the cause.

Why are our schools so bad? We had the very best schools in the world in the 1950s, but they are the worst of any of the "first world nations" today. What happened? First off, we integrated our schools. We brought in Blacks with an IQ of 85 on average, and put them into classrooms of White children with IQ s of 100 on average. Then we insisted that the schools had to keep the Black kids in the classroom, no matter how badly they acted, or how poorly they performed. We could not fail these kids, and we could not treat them as we would the White kids, by forcing them to behave (by kicking them out for misbehavior). Instead we had to suffer the drain of our resources as we dealt with problem after problem created by this mess. At the same time, our schools were altered in their purpose by our government. Suddenly, the school taught multiculturalism, and feel good classes, while cutting back on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Kids learned that thinking in a politically correct way was far more important than thinking well (i.e. thinking logically, and based upon knowledge.) The Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s dismantled the clean, morally sound, excellent White schools of the 1950s, and put up in their place educationally dysfunctional brain manipulation centers that our children are now forced to go through. And what is the Conservative response? He cries and cries over the deplorable results, and the continually sinking SAT scores, but he refuses to attack the changes that caused them. He is in complete support of integration, and only superficially is opposed to the multicultural aspects of education. He pretends to think that with a few minor adjustments, our broken and hopeless education system can be made to function again.

The fact is that this entire American system has been "totaled" by the Media Lords, and it can't be fixed by holding onto the status quo, and hoping for no more change. The change that has already been put upon us will be fatal if allowed to remain. We must create change of our own to undo the damage. We must return our nation to one of White neighborhoods, White schools, and solid families. We must create a revolution of our own, an American Revolution, that will rock the country and shake off the Media Lords and their toxic changes. Conservatives will never do this. All that they can do is to get in the way of what needs to be done. Once we have created a White nation again, then being a Conservative will make good sense. Today, it is insane!


1.    Who Rules America?
2.    Black Crime

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