Black Crime

IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, there is a wide range of behavior and attitude. However, having said that, it is critical to note that group behavior is still a valid and important element to society. White society may have produced some serial killers, but the group behavior is to hate such people and to attempt to rid society of their influence. Contrast that attitude with the reaction of the Black community when OJ "the knife" Simpson was acquitted, or its reaction of apathy towards, or even support for, other Black criminals.

One clear indication of the group behavior of the Black community, and of the understanding of that behavior by the White community (and that understanding runs deep, even in the most rabid liberal) is the crime rate in ALL predominantly Black communities, and the refusal of White folks to voluntarily move their families into any of these areas. No honest White man actually wants to live in a Black neighborhood. Of course such a choice is always available. For a cost much less than what any White family is paying for housing in a safe White neighborhood, they could have a much larger house in a Black neighborhood. Since they do not make that move, the liberals' actions shout from the housetops, what their lying words deny.

In the Washington DC area where rich liberals abound, you will find that they do not send their children to Black dominated public schools. Even with all of the (supposedly wonderful) diversity available there, the liberal hypocrites (like Bill Clinton) send their kids to private, predominately White schools.

This is an indication of a general understanding in White people of the group behavior of Black people. This observation is not numerically quantified, or exact. It is just an example of common sense at work. White people know that if they move their families into a Black neighborhood, the odds will increase dramatically that their wives and daughters will be raped, their sons will be beaten up, and that one or more of them will be murdered. They know their cars will be vandalized or stolen, and that their houses will be targets for thieves and vandals.

Of course, since virtually all White people understand this (demonstrated by their refusal to take advantage of the financial savings provide by a move to a predominantly Black neighborhood, and even more clearly demonstrated by their moving out of a once White neighborhood when it starts to become Black) it is an easy, and flawless step of logic to realize that if we allow our society in general to become predominantly Black, it will be a place wherein none of us would want to live.

What is going on in South Africa today is convenient for us to use as an example of this phenomenon, even though it is horribly inconvenient for the White people who are onsite and living through it. You will notice that once the Leftists did their work of destroying the political system in South Africa, their news media suddenly went dead on the subject of that poor nation.

Johannesburg has become the murder capitol of the world. Over 1 out of every 3 women have been raped in that city. All over the country, murder, rape, and torture have exploded as White restraint has been removed, and the Black group characteristic behavior has been unleashed upon the White folks.

What do we hear of this from the media that once was all afire with concern for "fairness" and "compassion" in South Africa? Nothing! Why is that? It is the same reason that inspired the national cover up of the Wichita Massacre, and the dragging deaths of Patricia Stansfield (1) and Little Jake Robel.

It is undeniable and beyond serious debate that White folks today know the dangers of Black group behavior. The fact is clearly established by the choices made by White folks in where they choose to live, and when possible, where they send their children to school.

From subjective common sense, let us move to hard objective data. We find that what is going on in South African is also going on in the USA, and that the news media is being just as deceitful in its covering this fact up, as it has been in the near total blackout on covering Black South African crime.

If you would like more detail on this topic, a report has been issued by The New Century Foundation called The Color of Crime. [Some of the numbers have been adjusted in the new edition, but the trend has not been changed. -Al 12/2005] It documents many of the facts on this issue.

In per capita numbers of crimes, we find that the Black group behavior is 10 times as likely as White group behavior to commit murder, robbery, or any violent crime. TEN TIMES!

The impact on our overall crime rate is astounding for a group that only makes up 12% of the population. The murder rate for America has been raised from the White rate of murder of less than 5 per 100,000 people (which incidentally is similar to the rate found in White European countries) to 9.8 per 100,000 people. Our murder rate is being doubled by a group making up only 12% of our population. The Black group behavior is the very same in the USA as it is in South Africa, and everywhere else on the planet that they reside in large numbers.

The sad fact is that many liberals know about the Black crime situation, but instead of facing reality they try and cover up the fact with misdirection. They say that all Black crime is as result of poverty. The absurdity of this claim can be shown several ways.

First of all, Blacks are much more likely to commit even white collar crime. That means that even if they are employed, and not in poverty, the group behavior comes through.

Secondly, compare the Black group behavior, with the White group behavior of the poorest people in West Virginia, where the poverty level is far worse than anything in Black neighborhoods. Here people are living in shacks, are thin from lack of food, and are barely educated. Yet their crime rate is extremely low.

Thirdly, in case the idea is promulgated that it is a combination of poverty and city life that is required as an excuse, as if there could really be one, look at the Great Depression. There were many years of extreme poverty, coupled with city life, little hope, and hungry people. And there was NO INCREASE in crime among the poor Whites. The White group behavior remained constant, even with poverty.

It is clearly a lying attempt by the Leftists to use poverty, or anything else, other than Black group behavior, to explain Black crime. The lying nature of their claims, are clearly highlighted by their continual change of direction. One minute they act as if there is no difference in the rate of crime in the group behavior of Blacks and Whites, and the next they are making excuses for that difference! Then, a moment later they are back to the first position again.

What about "hate crime," or more specifically and accurately, what about cross-racial crime? Who is the greater danger to whom?

Here the numbers are even more astounding. When Whites commit violent crime, 97% of the time it is against other Whites. That is a striking difference from the 57% of Black crime which is directed against Whites. This boils down to the simple fact that Black group behavior is 56 times more likely to commit a cross-racial crime against Whites, than White group behavior will produce a crime against Blacks. That is not twice as likely, or even 10 times as likely, but 56 times as likely!

Now compare that hard fact with the news coverage you have seen on cross-racial crime in America. As you will note, the blackout on reality is as complete concerning what is going on in the USA as it is on what is going on in South Africa. The media is quite consistent.

The single greatest cross-racial crime difference is in the area of crimes against women. A Black is 200 times more likely to rape a White woman, than a White is to rape a Black woman. This is an outrage that most White folks are completely ignorant of. Instead they are exposed to propaganda movies like "To Kill a Mockingbird" which ignores the reality around us.

So, before you let some liberal hypocrite tell you that the Wichita Massacre was just 2 Black guys, and it has no deeper racial meaning, remember that overall group behavior exhibits itself in individual acts like this. It is time for White folks to stop listening to lying liberals and to start looking at the facts of real life. It is important to you to understand what is really going on, but it is even more important to your children. The choices that you make today will effect your children's future and the future of their children. You must stop America from creating another South Africa right here. If you are ignorant of the facts, then you cannot possibly make the right choices for your children's future.

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1. Two months after the media field day began over the dragging murder of a Black man in Jasper, Texas, there was another cross-racial dragging death in Streator, Illinois. In this event a Black man named, Christopher Coleman, is accused of dragging a White woman, Patricia Stansfield, for 2 miles along Illinois State Road 18 while she screamed for her life, until she died. No national media coverage here.

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