Remember Wichita!

WHILE JOHANNESBURG HAS BECOME THE MURDER AND RAPE CAPITAL of the world, Wichita was considered safe. Whites still are a majority in the United States, for a few more years anyway. And that means that Blacks do not have a similar free rein to murder and rape at will as they do in South Africa. Here, Whites have not yet built South African-style fences around their property to keep the "wilding" Blacks out. Yet on December 15, 2000, five White young people found out that they really needed them.

By December 21 four of the five young Whites were buried. The fifth was standing before the final funeral service, which was for her fiancé, saying, "I promised Jason this morning that I wouldn't cry." She was the only one to survive what happened, it was only by pure luck that she is not lying in the ground along with the other four.

What happened? The five young people, all in their twenties, were gathered for a visit at a home on Birchwood Drive, where all three of the male victims lived. The press has attempted to shield the name of the surviving victim but the other four were described as follows:

Jason Wayne Befort, 26
Science teacher at Augusta High School, junior varsity basketball coach, assistant football coach, and assistant track coach. An educated, productive member of society. Obviously intelligent and athletic, was all set to propose to the unnamed survivor of the attack. His fiancée found out about the proposal, and the ring he had purchased, during the attack.
Aaron Daniel Sander, 29
Had just resigned his job with Koch industries to join the seminary to become a priest. He was a likable fellow who cared about others. He volunteered for youth work in the church and had spent the previous weekend at the Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md. He had previously dated Heather Muller, another victim of the attack, but had broken it off so he could fully pursue the priesthood.
Bradley C. Heyka, 27
Also worked for Koch Industries and was doing well in the financial wing of the company. He had been promoted 3 times in his three years with the company, and he golfed for his recreation. This type of man forms the backbone of our industries, and our neighborhoods.
Heather Suzanne Muller, 25
Spent the last evening of her life planning for the 50th anniversary of the Catholic student center. She left around 8 p.m. to go and visit with Aaron Sander, at the house where the attack began. She was a piano teacher, and was not only dedicated to attending church, but she volunteered her own time and talents to help with the tasks of running it. Reverend Matthew McGinness of St. Paul said, "I know when someone dies like this, there's a tendency for people to talk about how saintly the person was, but Heather really was a wonderful, wonderful person."

At about 11 p.m. two blacks forced their way into the home and took the five Whites captive. They rummaged around the house seeing what they could find to steal. One of the items they found was the wedding ring that Jason Befort had purchased for the proposal he had planned to make to the White lady who ended up being the surviving victim. Jason told her what it was for when the Blacks found the ring. After that, the Blacks herded the Whites out like sheep into two cars and had them drive to ATM machines, and draw out money for the Blacks to steal.

One can only wonder what was going through the Whites' minds at this time. They had been trained in the American school system that taught them this sort of thing does not happen. All men are brothers, and race does not matter. Only "evil racists" would suggest that Blacks would act this way. I am sure that none of these poor Whites, who were by all accounts wonderful people, ever thought about the Whites who are being raped and murdered in South Africa every day, just as they were about to be themselves.

After collecting all of the money, the Blacks took them out to a lonely soccer field and had them get out of the cars. They forced the women to take off their clothes, and they both raped both of the girls. The White men were forced to watch this indignity, this outrage, performed against their women.

Then, again like sheep, they were told to kneel and accept a bullet in the back of their heads, which they did. The Blacks drove off, laughing and hooting, and the Whites lay dying in the snow, with one exception. One of the women, after being terrorized and then double raped, and finally shot in the back, somehow was still alive. She got up, in the freezing air, went to the others and checked for pulses. Her fiancé's heart was still weakly beating. Unfortunately, he was to die later. The others were already dead. She struck out across the snowy landscape, naked and wounded, and walked what was later estimated to be about a mile, until she came to a house, where she banged on the door. A couple came to the door and they took her in.

The suspects:
the Carr brothers

Before anything else, she insisted that they listen to her story, because she wanted it known, in case she died. She told of the horrors of abduction, rape and murder. And the couple sat listening in shocked surprised.

The Blacks were rounded up in short order and are now facing prosecution. But that of course will not solve the real issue here. As more and more non-Whites invade our nation, we are going to see more and more of these types of crimes. And with the enemies of our people in charge of our media, these crimes will continue to go unreported to the nation.

How many people heard about these murders through the national media? How many of those who did hear of it, ever heard that the murderers were Black and the victims were White? There was absolutely no mention in the text of the stories written that the victims were White and the murdering rapists were Black. Even in the pictures they tried to subtly hide the facts in the case: In every story I could find, where there were pictures of the victims there were no pictures of the murderers; and where the murder suspects were shown, the victims were not. The local media hoped to keep the racial aspect of this case out of sight, and therefore out of mind of the White folks in Wichita.

The vast majority of those who know the truth about these crimes, who do not live in the Wichita area themselves, found out about them through the Internet. The entire nation has been pummeled by the national media with saturation coverage of the Jasper, Texas murder of a Black man by Whites, since June 7, 1998 when it happened, to this very day. While, at the same time, many stories like what happened in Wichita, are covered up. It is quite clear to anyone who thinks about it, that the media is intent on creating a distorted image of reality. The image they put forward is one of wicked, hateful White folks lashing out at poor innocent non-White folks who never have hurt anyone else.

The real situation is the exact opposite of that image. More and more Whites are being attacked, murdered and raped by non-Whites, as the immigration flood continues. And as the cross-racial "hate" crime continues to escalate against White people, the national media completely ignores it, while repeatedly putting on "documentary specials" against White "hate." How many White "hate" crimes have there been over the last few years? Compare that extremely small number with the thousands of murders of Whites by non-Whites and the 20,000 rapes of White women by non-Whites each year. (See Black Crime.)

By reporting what is going on in our society in a very filtered fashion, the national news agencies have in effect created a fantasy world, that is 90% fiction. They have the majority of Americans convinced that they actually live in this fantasy world. White Americans actually believe that Whites are harming non-Whites more often than the reverse, when in reality it is many times more likely that Blacks will harm Whites. The media puts up the image that America is made stronger by diversity, when in actuality, diversity consumes more and more of our resources just to contain its damage. The entire array of false ideas that are promoted as being fact, that are being accepted by the average American, is astounding.

What of Heather, Jason, Aaron, and Bradley? Are they going to be the final White sacrifice of the 20th Century to the Media Lords' celebration of diversity? Are they going to be the symbol of future wholesale slaughter of our people by the invasion forces? Are they going to be remembered as symbols of what we are fighting for, or will their memory be erased by shocking images from a flood of even more horrible things inspired by diversity, and which are to come?

Even from the time that I finish writing this, until the few hours pass until midnight, where the 20th Century ends and the 21st Century begins, there will no doubt be more White people raped and killed by non-Whites, and the media will cover it up. It happens every day! As the White land of America is being darkened, and the only ones with passion seem to be the Leftist haters who will fight like badgers to protect the invasion army against any outcry against it, one is left with the thought: What will it take to ignite a revolt against our destruction? What will inspire White Americans to stop using the contaminated, and falsified news material as fact, and to start using their own minds to see the truth?

In the battle for Texas, there was a cry that awakened a gut reaction of the common man. When he heard "Remember the Alamo!" he wanted to fight. Perhaps, one day we will hear a cry that will stir the White soul. Perhaps, it will shake the White man into the action that is so much needed today. Perhaps it will be the call of:

"Remember Wichita!"

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