Permanent Damage

IN MY LAST ARTICLE (Why Treason?) I wrote about treason, which has been executed boldly and effectively against the United States of America. In this article I would like to discuss further the damage that our country has sustained, in one particular area from this traitorous attack.

As an aside, many of the perpetrators of the damage, while having US citizenship, owe their allegiance to a nation other than the US, and therefore perhaps it could be argued that what they are doing is espionage rather than treason, but I hold that anyone who has US citizenship owes his allegiance to the US and any act taken specifically and directly against the interests of the nation of the US, especially to favor the interests of another nation, is treason by him and is a capital offense.

The greatest damage that can possibly be done to a nation is one that is irreversible. Any damage that can be undone over time, or with effort, is not fatal damage. It may be serious and it may be harsh and hateful but it is not of the most serious variety unless it is permanent.

What is the one thing, short of total physical annihilation that can be done to the American nation? Look at the nation of the United States in 1960. What can you say about that nation? How has it changed over the last 40 or so years? Has any of the damage sustained been permanent?

The fact that women have left the home and destroyed many of the American families has caused serious harm to our nation. But is it permanent? Not yet. We can still pull back from that cliff overhanging total chaos, if we shake our heads and gather our wits soon, by turning our backs completely on feminism. So, it may yet not be a fatal blow to our nation. It remains to be seen.

Where is there permanent, damage being done today? There is potentially permanent damage being done in the removal of our history, and our culture, from our children. If that break is allowed to be complete at some point in the future, it is possible that no return to the real America will ever be possible. That would be permanent damage. Again that has not been done yet, and we can still throw out the treasonous sources of anti-American sentiment in the schools, and those in the entertainment/news industries, which will provide an opportunity to reestablish the pro-American training that our children need in growing up.

The one area where recovery is going to be most difficult -- and if postponed much longer, it will be bloody -- is in the area of race. To return to the 1960 state of affairs where we will have strong, safe white neighborhoods, excellent world class schools, and law abiding citizens who appreciate Western Civilization and culture once more, is going to be impossible without reversing the disastrous flow of non-European immigration that has been going on since 1965. Indeed, our birth rate and death rate are nearly balanced in the US today. Our population growth is almost entirely through the process of non-white immigration! Think on that a while. We have a continuous growth of millions of new citizens every year. They are non-white. That is why the percentage of white people in the US in 1960 was 90% and in the year 2050 it will be less than 50%.

Since Europe is the foundation of America, what will happen when European descendants make up less than half of the population? There will no longer be a majority support for the ideals of the founding fathers. (Have you noticed that the ones who are bringing you unlimited non-white immigration are the same ones who belittle the "dead white males" who founded this country?) Those ideals are already being voted out of existence and by 2050 you can rest assured that they will be gone.

Those of us who live to see 2050 will be seeing the Disunited States of America, a third world nation. At that point, or somewhere around that point, we will cross the line into permanent damage to this country. There will never be another opportunity to recreate the conditions of 1960 again. It will then be impossible to establish good schools because they will be ruled discriminatory against the student who does not speak English. Standards of learning will be impossible because agreement will be impossible.

Remember that the one great weakness of a democracy is that it must be formed by a homogenous group of voters. If they differ too greatly, they will forever be at odds and it becomes impossible for the losers in any election to live with the desires of the "majority." Society breaks down into little pockets of racial dissatisfaction, and government becomes unstable. Violence replaces the vote as the preferred method of expressing your opinion. After over two hundred years of peacefully passing the reins of government from administration to administration, we will see for the first time, armed revolt and revolution putting presidents into place.

We are already seeing this process at work in California today. The voters are becoming more restless each year. The white people are beginning their "White Flight" from the Golden State even as this is being written. I am a native Californian and I will never move back to that state for this very reason and I am not alone! Have you been to the San Jose area recently? It no longer looks like an American city. The Mexicans, immigrants from India and the Orientals, are becoming the dominant presence in that area. In Southern California we see an even more pronounced transfer of majority status from white to non-white. It is creating an atmosphere of secession, which I believe will one day bloom into the actual act, if we do not halt and reverse all nonwhite immigration aggressively and soon!

Once the white race has been driven from the country or destroyed through miscegenation. It will be impossible to recover it. It will cease to be and never will be restored. That is permanent damage. That will leave, on American soil, a group of people, diverse and at each other's throats, fighting and killing. The neighborhoods will be poverty and crime ridden. The national standard of living will slip to the level of today's Mexico, and this nation will never rise again. That is what is the goal of Bill Clinton and all of those who support diversity in this nation today!

Is there any issue more important to you and your descendants? I think not!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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