Why Treason?

DID YOU EVER ASK YOURSELF WHY? For years I have wrestled with that question, concerning what America has done to itself. Why did it suddenly become important for women to be inserted into the military? Why, all at once did integration become a top priority? Why did Columbus all at once become a villain, and why is Western Civilization suddenly a bad thing? The answer as to why is undeniable, but it is cleverly hidden right out there in the open. Follow the money trail, follow the power trail, and you come to the source of the disease.

What is the point of putting women into the military? No one has a right to be in the military. It is not a job in the normal sense of the word. The military is there for only one purpose, and that purpose is to protect the interests of the people of the United States of America from foreign enemies. It is most effective when it is strongest. It is designed to destroy an enemy as quickly as possible. It has no obligation whatsoever to be opened to all people regardless of their weaknesses. In fact it has an obligation to do just the opposite! It must accept only the best and strongest from the available pool of Americans, and no other criteria should have any place in the process.

Instead, the military is actively pursuing those people known to be weaker and inferior in battle as candidates for service. It is creating weaknesses on purpose. It passes up strong men in order to enlist weak women. It is treason for them to do this. Any action taken which weakens the defense of this country is treason and this qualifies! Where did this concept originate, and from whence comes its support? Where do you hear positive propaganda and constant support for the program of having women in the military? Here you will find a strong clue as to where the treason is coming from.

Integration. Have our schools been improved by integration? Think back to the school system prior to when integration was forcibly introduced. It was the very best in the entire world. It was challenging and produced high quality graduates. Since integration has been forced upon us, our schools have become centers of violence and drugs. The quality of education has fallen to an unbelievable low. Students, who could never have graduated from the eighth grade before, are now graduating with a high school diploma. We have industry crying that they must have immigration in order to bring in qualified (read EDUCATED) workers for high tech jobs, into the country that invented high tech! The process continues and has been discussed in other places by myself (see The Politically Correct Education).

Our nation needs the best education possible for its citizens! Anything less will cause our standard of living to decrease, and will lower our world standing. In the long run it will weaken our ability to compete on the world market and to be able to defend ourselves from attack. It is of course treasonous to lessen our ability to educate our children in the best possible manner. From whence came the support for integration of our schools? Where does positive propaganda for that process still abound? Once again a vector can be laid to the source of the treason.

America is a Western country, which was created from Western ideas, ideas from Europe. To understand America you must understand European history and philosophy. To be American you must accept those ideas as valid. To attack those ideas, undermines the very foundation of America. America is strong. To deny that is absurd. No nation on earth has ever matched its abilities or its freedom. Since America grew strong because of its European roots and ideas, it follows that cutting off the citizens of America from those roots will weaken and destroy this country.

What have we done? We have created college campuses where students are taught that Western Civilization is not a subject worthy of study. They are taught that Columbus was a maniac and it was evil that he came to America. They learn that a bunch of "dead white males" like Jefferson and Shakespeare do not merit serious study like non-white men do. We have propaganda promoting the beauty of diversity and attacking the beauty of our European Western Civilization. Looking at the source of these other cultures, the countries where they came from, you can see that poverty, revolution, totalitarianism and oppression is common. It is clear that acceptance of these cultures into our America as equal or superior to our own, will be very much like throwing great handfuls of sand into a finely tuned carburetor. The smoothly running, superbly designed American engine will come to a grinding halt, never to run again. What do you call that process? I call it treason! Where does this treason emanate from? Look and you will find out where!

Look at the media. It promotes all these various forms of treason and more. Look at the colleges and you will find a crucible of the traitors promoting treason. Look at the legal profession and you will find organizations of traitors, like the ACLU, ready to throw America down as quickly as possible. Look at the banking industry, where mortgages have driven the cost of housing so high that it takes a man 40 years to pay for house, and he must pay for it 4 times before he "owns" it.

Each and every one of these sources of treason and oppression forms a vector, a line pointing back to its source. Who owns the media? Who drives the college communists, and who created communism in the first place? Who drives the ACLU? Who owns most of the banks? (If you do not know the answer to this I recommend that you read the list at Who Rules America?)

It is clear that the people involved are traitors to America. What should we do with those who commit treason?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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