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IT WAS ONE OF THE FINEST PIECES OF PROPAGANDA THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! I sat there riveted to my chair. On the Friday night, July 28, 2000 Dateline NBC show Tom Brokaw spent an entire hour building up to the eloquent final plea for Americans to support the banning of our First Amendment. They even had a short interview with Teddy "the swimmer" Kennedy where he presented his Marxist views of how the government can be trusted far more than the American citizen to determine what is good speech or bad. I can see in my mind's eye, millions of White Americans all across the country obediently saying to themselves that "hate speech" is too evil to allow to continue. They were thinking, "We must close down that evil First Amendment, before it destroys us all!"

What the propaganda piece was based upon was the nut case Benjamin Smith, who went off and started shooting random Nonwhites, in Illinois. He was rather pitiful as a hate crime perpetrator. He shot 11 people and fortunately only killed 2 of them, but even so, he received better than he deserved when he turned his gun on himself. One of the people who died was a Black man who was actually a good father to his children, and who was still living at home with his wife, and making a good living. With over two thirds of Black children being born illegitimately, and even more losing their fathers to divorce after being born, it is difficult to find a Black father like Ricky Birdsong. And Smith also killed a defenseless woman, Won-Joon Yoon. If our enemies were going to plan a single campaign to harm our people, they could not have come up with something more damaging than the disgusting rampage that Benjamin Smith went upon.

Brokaw showed interviews with people who knew Smith in school, including a Jew and a Black. Smith apparently had a screw backed out even then, when he beat up his girlfriend, and became extremely isolated from others. Of course Dateline NBC did not spend much time on that fact, because it would make the whole thing look like a crazy man had gone off on a killing spree instead of a racist doing it. And for the full hour the directors of this show hammered the idea home that hate on the Internet was what led Benjamin Smith into his rampage.

Tom Brokaw was shown walking through a room full of computers at Northwestern University, as he hammered home the idea that the Internet was a source of terrible and tremendous "hate." Never will the Media Lords use any other term to describe a web page that is against diversity. The simple act of wishing for a safe, solid and harmonious homogeneous society is automatically labeled "hate." It does not matter how many facts you present, or how right you are, you are promoting "hate" by expressing your opinion.

Dateline NBC spent a few minutes in interviewing Asian and Jewish students of Northwestern University, who had gone on the Internet to research the topic of "hate," and who went to the most aggressive pro-White sites that they could find. They told of the chat rooms and the web pages where their idea of a happy diversity was crushed. But the specifics of what was actually on the web pages were carefully avoided. The idea of "hate" was all that mattered, never the facts of what is going on in the nation today.

The fact that there are more people killed in New York City on any given weekend, by Black criminals, than were even shot at by Benjamin Smith is not mentioned. The fact that US Blacks kill more Black people (and White people!) every year than the Ku Klux Klan has killed in their entire existence will never be the subject of a Dateline NBC show. No, the rare nut like Benjamin Smith will be the focus of all such shows. Our society is being destroyed, and all they can talk about is a crazy man who snapped, while carefully avoiding what is going on in our society.

The skill with which the producers of this show handled the material was very impressive. By the time the show was finished, I could feel the pressure mounting to run out and buy a filter for my computer to keep all of that "hate" away, and to support Teddy Kennedy's program to remove the First Amendment from the constitution. I could nearly touch the thick and black spell that was oozing from my television set, trying to take possession of my mind, and telling me that the Media Lords were right and all resistance is futile.

The amazing thing is that this sort of one-sided approach by the media, to all topics which deal with the traditional American way of life, goes on continually with no sort of reaction by the White viewers who are having their traditions, culture and life, destroyed by the changes that have been forced upon them. Instead they lap up the propaganda like good lapdogs, and go about their business rearranging the furniture on their sinking ship.

I am also amazed that there are people who are racially aware, but who are so socially blind as to think that calling Nonwhites "mud races," or to call individual races by obscene and derogatory names will actually inspire White folks to join them in their cause. It would be like a Protestant going into a Catholic church and trying to convert them to his religion by calling them offensive names. Is it not clear that such tactics will alienate the very ones you desire to convince?

Yes, diversity is death to a nation, but it is because all races, including the White race, cannot build a strong society together with other races. We must have our own lands, not because the other races are evil, but because they are different, and there will be strife if we pursue diversity. Blacks have a high crime rate, which makes them unfit to live in White neighborhoods, but they are perfectly happy living among their own people. Rather than condemning them for what they are, why not accept the fact that they are different, and without calling them names, help them to move into their own land, where they can enjoy their own culture as their ancestors did?

The point is that our enemies hold the media under their control. We do not have that outlet open to us to pass the truth to our people. Today we only have one outlet to reach the people. If a person, who is unaware of what is going on, comes to your web page, will they find information that they can use to wake up, or will they find offensive names and cartoons that ridicule other people? Will they find what they need, or will they be driven away by what they find on your page? Take a close look at David Duke's web page. Aside from the flashy design, you will see that he does not waste his precious opportunity to convince those of our people who are visiting his page to wake up, by calling other races names. He presents facts in an entertaining way. Yggdrasil's site is another one that covers a great deal of information in an organized and rational manner.

Of course we cannot stop the Media Lords from producing hate propaganda against our people and our cause, but we can shove it right back down their throats by producing pro-White sites that proclaim the truth in an intelligent and civilized manner. So, when the viewers of shows like Dateline NBC, come to see what all the fuss is about, they are not seeing something that makes them think that Tom Brokaw was right, and that all pro-White people are mindless, drooling haters. Our country is under attack and our people need to react. Today! In 50 years it will be too late. In 20 years it may be too late. We do not have time for satisfying personal venting of our frustrations in useless and destructive displays of raw and unprocessed anger. If we are not going to be thinking, and civilized human beings, what is it exactly that we are struggling for?

When a visitor to a pro-White web page finds facts presented in words, graphs, or photos he can learn from that material. Snappy prose or well written poetry can capture his imagination and make him think. Photos that show emotional content are captivating. Give him something that will hit him where he lives. If you are going to do our people any good, you must write your page for your audience. (If you are doing it just for yourself, pick another topic, so as not to do more harm than good.) And if you are dumb enough to think that what Benjamin Smith did was a good thing, you are a curse to our people and our cause, because besides being just plain wrong, what he did was absolutely destructive to White America.

I love my people. I love the nation that my people built upon this land that they conquered. And I want to set this nation right again. Unlike the Conservative today, I think that the Founding Fathers were right on the subject of race as well as on other things. I think that John Jay was right when he said that the lack of diversity is an important aspect of a strong nation. That love for my people and my nation is what generated this web page. It is not a "hate" page, even though the morons at HateWatch have labeled it as such. My only concern is to restore my people to their rightful place in this nation that they created. You can call that whatever you want, I call it LOVE!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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