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MY MIND WAS SET A WHIRLING BY THE EMAIL that I received tonight. It was written by a very intelligent, well read, highly literate young White lady with a flair for the written word. I was whisked through her thumbnail description of her life, carried along by a her bright and clear prose. This girl has walked with the giants of our race like Mozart, and Shakespeare. She has shared the joy of the mystery woven by Sir Conan Doyle. She had dared to dream the dreams of the people which spawned her. And yet, in spite of that, she has come face to face with the beast that has set upon our people. Oh, how I wish I could take such wonderful people, the flower of our race and provide for them the educational opportunity that they deserve, and that we, as a race truly need to provide for them. Where are we going to be in another generation or two if all of our best and brightest are sent through the meat grinder that they laughingly call schools today?

What if there were schools where our kids could learn at the level they are capable of, schools where once again the halls really are hallowed, filled with respect, and pleasantly burdened with thoughts of the giants from our White past? What if our best and brightest were allowed to promote their own race of people, just like their great grandparents did, and America could once again begin a meteoric rise to heights as yet undreamed of? Perhaps, the better question is, why do not such schools exist right now?

Today, this young lady, who is attending a college in hopes of getting an education, was attacked by a Black man. From the school's perspective, it is just one more such attack in a huge number of them. But from her perspective, it is all too real, all too important, and impossible to ignore. She was almost raped, when all she was looking for was knowledge, and some like-minded intelligent people to share her thoughts with. This is how we treat the jewels of our people today. Our future is completely joined to our young men and women and we are putting them into positions of danger, and classrooms filled with propaganda. We are sending them to universities that are more demented than are the inmates of any asylum you can name.

This young lady is opposed to feminism, but Demented U. attacks her views as being "narrow minded" and even "selfish." There are few things that could appear to be more insane than telling a bright young girl that, she is selfish and narrow minded because she has a dream of raising a family, and providing to the next generation, offspring that are well mannered, civilized, intelligent and well educated. I can think of nothing more fundamental to the survival of our nation than the raising up of such children in our future generations. How can we survive without them? And yet, our so called seats of higher learning, are destroying the dreams of all potential learned mothers of putting their intellect and skill into creating excellence in our future. True selfishness is in the one who turns her back on the future, and upon her people, not in the one who would dedicate her life to them.

The universities today do not provide a safe environment for our young girls. Instead they force the young White ladies to dodge and weave the insults, passes, and attacks from Nonwhites on campus. Instead of focusing on contemplating Plato or Shakespeare, our girls are forced to live in fear of what the Black guy standing there up ahead has in mind. All too many of them find out in a horrible way, exactly what that guy does have in mind, an event that they will take with them the rest of their lives, if they survive the attack.

Because I want this White girl, and the millions of other White students in this nation, to have the best possible education, surrounded by their own people, I am called bigoted. Because I want our people to stop sacrificing their children upon the altar of diversity, I am called a hater. At the same time, those who force our children to attend multiracial schools where they are attacked and ridiculed, and taught only a fraction of the material that their grandparents were taught in school, are called "compassionate" and "inclusive." With that sort of twisted thinking running our nation, it is no wonder that we have had a steady decrease in our SAT scores for quite some time, and our schools are a laughing stock when compared with the ones we had 40 years ago.

"How long?", I must ask. How long can our people go on watching their schools being run by lunatics? How long can we stand idly by while our children are being raped and misinformed? How long can our nation survive the complete dismantling of our society and all its institutions, and having the patients running the asylum?

I am sorry. I am so very sorry that I do not have an answer for this outstanding young lady's problem. I do not have a key to open up the awareness and the intelligence of White America. They are far too interested in obtaining their brain fix from the little magic box in their living room each night. They are more concerned with appearing to be "moderate" than they are in studying what is really going on around them. They are told each year that the schools are worse than the year before, but they go on supporting the system that destroyed those school. Why? Because the television tells them to, and whatever it says, is law.

How do you beat a system like that? My only answer, and it often seems like far too little, is to grab the attention of everyone you know, and make them understand that the television is not their friend, and it does not tell the truth. The first step is always for them to realize that the box is the mother of all liars, and to wean themselves away from it. Until that happens, there is little hope.

There is this: serendipity is not unheard of. If you strike a spark in enough different places, one of them just may turn into a giant fire. Work The Plan, and you just may find that your efforts are the very ones that will save our race, our children and our future. One thing is sure: if we choose to do nothing, our schools, our children and the future of our people will be sacrificed by those who are currently running Demented U. They are eager to do it. All you have to do is ask them, they will gladly tell you! Not only are they crazy, they are confident.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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