The Demon Among Us

TELEVISION ADDICTION IS NO MERE METAPHOR(1) declares the title of the main article in the Scientific American this month. Beyond the fact that the broadcast mass media has the capability of repeating propaganda to a degree impossible in any previous era of human history, it appears that it also has other properties that are nearly as frightening.

According to the article, the symptoms of "substance dependence" are:

  1. Spending a great deal of time using the substance.
  2. Using it more often than one intends.
  3. Thinking about reducing use, or making repeated unsuccessful efforts to reduce use.
  4. Giving up important social, family or occupational activities to use it.
  5. Reporting withdrawal symptoms when one stops using it.

While the point is made that certain abusive viewers exhibit all of those symptoms, the article goes on to say that the amount of time that the average person spends watching television in the industrialized world is 3 hours per day. There are only two single activities that he spends more time doing each day: sleeping, and working. That means that he spends more time watching television than he spends reading, taking college courses, visiting with his family, or performing religious activities.

Remember that this is the average viewer that is spoken of; not the "severe abuser," but the ordinary guy on the street. When you are living in a democracy, all you have to do in order to control the nation is to control the thinking of the average guy. That is exactly what has happened to the United States of America, and virtually every other White democracy on earth.

Establishing the fact that Americans spend more time watching TV than they do on any other single leisure activity, may not seem like a convincing argument to some folks that those who control the mass media, necessarily control the nation. However, there is far more to it than merely controlling the outlets for propaganda; because the television is far more than just another propaganda device!

According to the SA article, people who watch television feel more "mentally relaxed"; but it is more than just a subjective feeling. The article points out that EEGs show a marked increase in the production of alpha waves in the television viewer. It is not just some viewers, or viewers who watch certain types of programming, who are mentally put to sleep. No, it is ALL VIEWERS. This information has been available for decades. In the 1970s the book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television it was pointed out that viewers produced alpha waves while watching television,(2) the same waves that are abundant when someone is in meditative trance state. Contrast that with the fact that "You would expect abnormality in anyone who produces alpha while reading."(3) Reading is a mentally active process, while watching television is a process that puts the brain into a receptive state, and shuts down the normal processing mechanism used by the average brain. Data is pumped into the brain, while the mental process of analysis is bypassed. This would be frightening information, even if our best friends controlled the television.

The Scientific American article completely ignored the content of television and only spoke to the physical and psychological aspects of television viewing. The orienting response was one of these. When a normal person watches the television, it was discovered that an instinctive reaction is triggered. The reaction is known as the orienting response, and its characteristics are these:

The article mentioned that it was found that the typical television techniques used (cuts, edits, zooms, pans, and sudden noises) initiate the orienting response in the viewer. This happens, regardless of the programming content, and it lasts from 4 to 6 seconds. In many types of programming, including commercials, these triggers are coming at a rate of 1 per second, which maintains this abnormal condition continuously. One effect of this is to make the viewer far more likely to remember what he sees on the television, without processing it. That is completely different than how data that is gathered in normal life experience is processed. The victim is mentally programmed, without the ability to counter the programming through rational processing.

The authors of the article felt that TV addition is the only problem of concern, and that problem is restricted to the "abusive viewer" who is out of control while watching television, and who exhibits the classic symptoms of addiction. However, it avoids the fact that ALL VIEWERS exhibit the basic responses mentioned above to television viewing. All viewers produce alpha waves when watching television. Their brains are negatively altered in their ability to actively respond to data coming in.

Now, if we couple this frightening power of mind control with the just as frightening fact that the programming on television is controlled by those who are the enemies of our people (see Who Rules America); there is little doubt left as to where the destructive changes to our way of life since the 1950s have come from. It is no coincidence that they have come during the 50 years that Americans have been watching TV. And what changes are going to come in the future are contained in the programming on television today. Let’s look and see where we are going…

The list is almost endless of the agenda items promoted by those who control the media. Anything that they can think of that will disrupt our nation will eventually become a holy grail for anyone who wants to make a movie or television show. Talent, along with well written material, and ideas, no matter how entertaining they may be, will all be tossed on the junk heap immediately if a show is not promoting one or more of the PC agenda items, and/or if it tries to promotes any idea that is truly counter to an agenda item.

No truly awake man can enjoy watching the “entertainment” television produced for the masses today. He will be struck continually with slaps across his face, as all that he cares about and believes in is attacked, directly and openly, as well as indirectly and subtly. The attacks will make him angry and disgusted almost continually. That which is intended to program the minds of the unthinking sheep only serve to infuriate the thinking and aware individual. Unfortunately, the vast majority of White folks are not awake, and they are taking the programming in every day.

It is our job to change that: Our survival as a people demands that this terminal addiction be broken.

1) The Scientific American. Television Addiction is no mere metaphor. Feb. 2002. p. 74-80
2) Jerry Mander. (1978). Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.
    New York: Morrow Quill Paperbacks p. 207-211
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