White Women
and the Facts of Life

MEN HAVE NO REAL PHYSICAL LIMIT to the number of children that they can sire. That is a simple fact of life. If they should impregnate a female this afternoon, they can do the same to another female this evening. I speak not here of morality but of physical law. Males can spread their genes far and wide. They have no real limitations and therefore they are not the important ones in the area of perpetuating the species.(1) To the females have been given that sacred task. If females do not have children of the same species as themselves, their species dies exactly that much.

Females are the limiting factor in perpetuation of the species. Females can only have a limited number of children in their lifetimes. The more children that they have, the more of their species that will exist in the next generation. Unless, of course, they mate with a different species and thereby lessen the numbers in the next generation of their own species.

These simple facts of life should not be a shock to anyone. A few moments of contemplation by any adult or even adolescent will verify what I have said as being true.

In biology you will find that a species is a grouping of animals which normally interbreed amongst themselves, thereby continuing to perpetuate their common characteristics to the next generation. A European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a robin as is the American Robin (Turdus migratorius). They can interbreed with each other but they normally do not, sticking to their own species.

The male of most species of mammal breeds with whatever female is willing. It is the female who protects the species’ continuity and therefore its entire existence. So, why is it that men hate to see the women of their species(1) with men of another species? Because deep inside they have a natural instinct that tells them that it is exterminating their own species. It is not warped, twisted or hateful. It is a simple fact of life that women must reproduce with their own kind, or their own kind will cease to exist.

As a study of world population densities will clearly highlight, the white population of the world is in a rapid decline relative to the rest of the races on earth. Whites have limited the number of children that they have in order to be “good citizens of the world,” as the liberals have demanded. Unfortunately, whites are the only ones doing that and all the other races are still growing by leaps and bounds.

In America, you will see that added to this frightening development, frightening to at least anyone who cares whether or not the white race continues to exist into the distant future, we have a media that is determined to marry off all the white girls to men of other races. It is “sophisticated,” and “progressive” we are told. What we are not told is that the white race is rapidly becoming an endangered species and will not survive to the year 3000 if this type of species depletion continues. White girls are not told by their parents about this fact of living in a hostile world. Instead they are allowed to watch MTV and idolize black rap singers and thereby soften the way for their inter-species mating. Another white bites the dust.

Hey, in the year 3000 I won’t be here and neither will you. All that we can do is to pass on to the next generation the tools and knowledge they need to perpetuate what we hold as dear. If you think that the world would be a better place without the white race in it, then just keep on doing what you are doing because that is just what will happen.

If on the other hand you think that maybe the race of Plato, Socrates and Samuel Clemens might have some additional contributions to make in the future, you need to take steps to help it happen. Teach your children to marry their own species. Teach them that having a large family is not an immoral act. America can feed twice its current population with ease. If it weren’t for immigration we would have a very low population growth rate in the US right now. If you feel that the place is getting too crowded for large families, get on the band wagon and start voting! Vote for politicians who will limit immigration. You have a right to have a dozen kids if you want. Do you want to limit yourself to one kid only to have a dozen foreign born people come over to take charge of your country? The Indians couldn’t hold on to America, but at least they gave it a good fight!

1. I use the term species throughout this article to refer to the White race or to any race of man. I discuss the appropriateness of that term in the article Are Races Species?



Only you can
prevent extinction!

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