Are Races Species?

IF YOU LOOK AT THE WORLD OF BIOLOGY, you will find that biologists will sometimes identify different species(1) between two animals that are only different by a very small amount. A slight coloration variation is usually enough! On the Galápagos Islands, Charles Darwin identified numerous species of finches, with the shape of the beak and feeding habits defining different species.

What creates a species? Isolation from other groups of the same type of animal. Over time things like coloration, and physical bone structure will alter to adapt to the environment in which the isolated group is living. This happens all over the world with animals and of course it happened with man too. The parts of the world are well known where groups of men were isolated from the others and thereby creating a different species. Africa, Asia and Europe produced three clearly distinct species(1) of man.

Rather than studying these human species and finding what they have in common and that which they do not, we have a tremendous amount of energy expended towards denying that there are any real differences. The average black basketball player knows that “white men can’t jump.” He also will note that the white player, because of skeletal and muscular differences, just looks different playing the game. He jokingly points this out by saying that the Caucasian has “white man’s disease,” highlighting the relative awkwardness of the white player. Yet while the masses know the truth, the experts deny it because it is politically correct to deny it. Woe to the scientist who is so bold as to preach any truth declared to be heresy by the Church of the Pious PC!

It is not a question of superiority, but one of difference. Is a collie superior to a German shepherd? The question has no meaning unless you define the category in which you wish to compare them. You can debate superiority, but you cannot debate difference, because the differences between a collie and a German shepherd are obvious at both a superficial and a detailed level of inspection. That same is true of the races of man. You can debate superiority, but not difference!

(1)Congressional Research Service Report for Congress -- The Listing of a of Species: Legal Definition and Biological Realities
"Some species, like African elephants, cannot produce viable offspring with any other. Other species, such as many ducks, can produce viable offspring with other species of duck in captivity, but do not do so in nature due to differences in courtship behavior. With these sometimes subtle barriers against interbreeding, it can be challenging to distinguish one species from another."

WIKIPEDIA ENCYCLOP∆DIA -- article: species
"Since the advent of the theory of evolution, the conception of species has undergone vast changes in biology, however no consensus on the definition of the word has yet been reached. "

A prime source of confusion on the definition of the term species comes from the scientists themselves. Some of them insisted that interbreeding which produces viable and fertile offspring, is the sole criteria for defining a species. Others define it more broadly, as with the ducks listed above which can interbreed with other species. Naturally, if you choose to use the ability to interbreed as the sole definition of a species then the races of man are not different species, but simply different breeds or subspecies of man. The point remains the same, however. The races of man are as different as breeds of dogs are, (or DIFFERENT SPECIES of ducks which can effectively interbreed) and they have different abilities and characteristics. The attempt to gloss them over or obscure those differences is not an act of honesty, or honor. It is a lying attempt to put forward an agenda and nothing else.

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