They Died In Vain

THE GREAT REVILO P. OLIVER WROTE HIS FINAL columns under the heading of "Postscripts," because he felt that American civilization had already been dealt a death blow, and all commentary from that point forward was merely an academic discussion on how America died.

For years I struggled within myself to find a flaw in that assertion. I wrote over a million words and posted them on the Internet to try and convince White folks that they needed to wake up and save their lands from invasion. I watched year after year go by and it only got worse and worse. It has been like watching as a small fire has grown and grown and America, like the Hindenburg is being utterly consumed, and Americans are so soundly asleep they haven't even started to jump off the burning blimp.

I recently put my thoughts, concerning the movie Gran Torino, up on Stormfront, the leading White Nationalist forum on the Internet today, because I was very worried about what I was reading there. (You can read my take on the movie at Movie Review: Gran Torino.)

What is most distressing about what I was reading was a complete missing of the important point: we are being invaded, and our country is being taken from us, while our birthrate is falling and we are being completely displaced from planet earth. This is the point, the only point, that should concern White Americans today.

Instead I read things written by White people, ostensibly racially aware White people, who were all in a lather in support of a White man throwing out racial smears, and strutting around in a shell of "racism," waving guns around and making a lot of noise, while doing absolutely nothing at all to make America, his neighborhood, or his family better than they were before the start of the movie. What he died for in the end was to make what had been his neighborhood, safer for the Hmong invaders who were taking it over. In spite of this fact, I read one comment that he had "died for his honor."

The television/movie monolith is very much like a giant bottle of poison and all those who watch, are placing IV needles in their veins to pump in the Media Lords'(1) potions of death. No movie made and distributed—and no TV show created and aired—exists that does not promote one or more of the Media Lords' big ticket agenda items: Racial Diversity; Feminism; Anti-Christianity; and Homosexuality. Look closely and you will find at least one of these items strongly featured in any movie or show created today. If you review the movies of the past several decades, you will watch the progression as each of these agenda items has moved forward into stronger and stronger positions, while the traditional American view of the world is pushed deeper and deeper into the background, or directly into the mud.

As long as White Americans—whether they are racially aware, or they are blissfully ignorant of the racial facts of life—are pumping that poison into their brains, there is no hope, and I mean that literally; there is NO HOPE, of there being a happy outcome in our future. Reading White Nationalists praising a movie like Gran Torino is about as depressing as it gets. To view calling non-Whites various insulting names, and even driving them off your lawn with a rifle, does nothing to save America from this horrible and lethal invasion. The only thing that will make things better is to drive all the invaders from our lands. But you don't see any movies being made that shows a hero doing that, do you? And you never will, as long as the Media Lords control our media outlets.

And that brings us to all the White men who have died for this country. Why did they put their lives up on the altar to be taken by the gods of Fate and War? Did they go out with their flintlocks, Winchesters, M-16 or aircraft, whether prop or jet propelled, for a reason? Did they go down in ships, for a purpose? Why did they die? Why do soldiers die, and why do their parents, wives, and children risk the loss of their precious loved ones?

It appears that they were sacrificed for nothing, because the people they were fighting for, are being replaced, the culture that they were fighting for is being displaced, and their descendants are having that precious inheritance that was being protected, taken from them by the very government that should have been protecting it. The America that they were fighting for was 90% White, and the part that wasn't White, was living separate from White society. Our men first died to create this America, and then to protect her. However, what they actually ended up saving was an oligarchy(1) of power-hungry men who have no desire to perpetuate a strong and White America. That oligarchy is now at the reins of this country's government, and its media, and it is working for our complete destruction, and I might add, they are doing a very efficient job of it.

White Americans should take a look around and "freak out" over what they see! Their schools are teaching little of value, while undermining everything that the soldiers who gave their lives for this country held dear. The boys are pushed to the rear, and held back from taking the lead, as girls are pushed forward. Colleges are now graduating far more women than men, while our birthrate is dropping like a rock thrown from an airplane. The mental state created by this is one where men and women are blocked from their normal functions, crippling the entire society!

While men are discouraged from being leaders, and women are discouraged from being mothers, our borders are wide open and non-White invaders are pouring in by the millions each year. What could be worse? Honestly, how could our future look any bleaker?

If we went into a total collapse financially, it would be a thousand times better for our long range future than what we are seeing happening today. We could one day rise up from a bad economy, but we will never rise up from being displaced from our lands, because we will no longer even exist to do so.

So, what did our heroes die for? It is really sad to see people—patriots and flag-wavers—who make a big fuss over Memorial Day and the sacrifices that our fallen soldiers have made for this country, while at the same time embracing the very things that those soldiers fought against! Invasion is what soldiers are supposed to repel, but today we are using them to fight Israel's battles in the Middle East, while a massive domestic invasion is going on unopposed.

The same people who proclaim respect and a great debt to the sacrifice of others, think they can go on without sacrifice themselves, partying, and living it up on the blood of their ancestors, without having a penalty that will have to be paid, by themselves and their descendants. Survival is never a completed act; it is a continual struggle. The conservatives and patriots of today have forgotten that. They think there is nothing that can be done because our enemies have already done so much damage. So, they embrace the motto: eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. They might as well go and urinate on the graves of those heroes who fought so bravely.

It has often been said that our soldiers went overseas to fight, so we wouldn't have to fight here at home. It seems we have decided that fighting here at home is something we are not going to do, even if we are completely pushed off our lands for good. Why did our soldiers die? What were they trying to protect? I think that is obvious, and just as obvious, is the fact that this is what we ourselves are failing to protect today.

Postscript: Thanks to all the TV/Movie watching White folks, all those heroes appear to have died in vain.


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