Endangered Species

"Earth's most endangered species:

the White race

-- help preserve it."

The National Alliance

LET ME SHARE SOME FACTS WITH YOU that no one can honestly deny:

  1. The only way for any species(1) to survive is to reproduce at a rate which is as great or greater than the rate at which it is dying.
  2. For the White race, the replacement rate is 2.1. If the females of our race perpetually have fewer than 2.1 live births on average, then our race will become extinct.
  3. The females of the White race are currently having less than 1.5 babies on average.
  4. When a White woman mates with a Nonwhite man, she is lost to the White race. She will have zero White babies, instead of the over 2 that she needs to have to perpetuate the species.
  5. When a White woman has a career instead of having more than 2 babies she is helping to exterminate the White race.

If things proceed as they are going today, our race will become extinct. It will disappear from the face of the globe, forever! Think about what that means. The race that has dominated the world for so long will not only cease to dominate, but it will cease to exist. The ones who invented modern science, modern medicine, the printing press, the computer, and walked on the face of the Moon, will be gone. We will be gone. Is this not the most important issue facing us today? Can anything else on the political horizon trump this?

Since this is the number one issue that we, as a people have, it helps us to focus on what is going on around us, and what things mean when we see them. Since our people must have children to survive, it becomes quite clear that anything which promotes a lowering of our birth rate is our deadly enemy. If an "expert" comes out and says that White folks must have smaller families because the world is overcrowded, that man is a deadly enemy of ours. The world is not overpopulated with White folks. Not even close!

The feminist movement is our deadly enemy for two reasons. First, it takes our best and brightest women and convinces them to leave our gene pool completely. They are taught to abort their children, which are potentially some of the highest IQ offspring in the world. Second, it attempts to lower the birthrate of all our women, in favor of a career.

In contrast with what the feminists want, we should be striving for having large White families. We lost many millions of the cream of our race during the two world wars. We still have not adequately replaced them. The White race is a mere 8% of the world's population and it used to be 33%. In addition, it only makes sense that we should encourage our women with the highest IQ's to have very large families to pass their genes on to the future generations of White folks. Feminism is dealing our race a terrible blow.

It is clear that the greatest enemies our race has are the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. While these groups have a reputation with our media and our government as being caring and concerned citizens, what they really are, are agents of the destruction of our race. They promote the idea that miscegenation is wonderful and any objection to it is "hate." Think about it! What if some species of animal was on the endangered species list, and you went in and introduced a competing species into the habitat of the dying species? You would be attacked by every environmentalist group there is. You would be guilty of trying to exterminate that species just the same as if you had gone in and started shooting its remaining members. By promoting miscegenation, these hate groups are promoting the death of the White race, and they know it.

If that were not enough, these terrorist groups are in full support of forced integration, and open borders to unlimited Nonwhite immigration, at the same time as they oppose further White European immigration. They promote multiculturalism and diversity, at a time when it can do nothing but destroy America and exterminate the White race within her. The Nonwhite hordes have brought with them rape, murder and vandalism. (If that is not terrorism, what is?) Our people are being killed, and our women are being mated with these Nonwhites, decreasing our numbers even further. Our lands are becoming overrun with other races and our people will surely become overwhelmed. We will be facing a mongrelization of our race, as we amalgamate with other races, leaving the earth with no more members of the White race, for all eternity.

As this disaster unfolds, the ADL, SWC, and SPLC, continue to strive with all their might, using their considerable financial assets to block any information from reaching the White Americans. They work with the media to create the impression that all material which deals with the salvation of the White race is "hate speech." They spend a great deal of time creating distorted pictures of reality for the American people to be exposed to over and over again. For example they, repeatedly put forward the idea that in order for anyone to respect another race, one must welcome them into one's home and one's bedroom. It is impossible, according to their propaganda, to maintain a White society without hate. Such complete absurdity is pumped out nightly in the media, and our people are buying that lie!

And, as if that were not sufficient, representatives of these same groups are even called into our congress to testify! When our politicians want to find out what is going on in the area of race, they call up the White race haters and ask them what should be done with our First and Second Amendment rights. No one on earth hates the First Amendment as much as these three groups. They are working as hard as they can to get rid of it completely. They produce filtering software to try and block access to web pages that spread the truth. They have already closed down the major media outlets to any serious discourse on the subject of the extermination of the White race.

At the same time, they are perfectly aware that they are in a very dangerous position. They know that, if White Americans should ever figure out what these groups are trying to do, they will rise up and take care of them in a very harsh manner. So, these groups work just as hard to do away with our Second Amendment as they do with the first. If they can disarm the American people, then they know that a revolution, in support of saving the White race, will be very difficult to execute.

If you have any doubt about this, check these groups out. See what they are promoting. They promote, multiculturalism, diversity, miscegenation, and Nonwhite immigration. They are attacking with all of their resources, anything and everything pro-White. There is nothing positive about these groups. They are completely against both the survival of the White race, and the continuation of a White America, even at the diluted level it is at today.

All it takes is a bit of awareness to see through the lies and distortions of those who hate the White race. When you are aware that Blacks commit 10 times the crime, per capita, as Whites and are far more likely to harm a White, than a White is to harm a Black, it them becomes clear that you are being lied to night after night on the news. When they repeatedly report White "hate crime" and fail to report at least an equal amount of Black hate crime, you know that they are attempting to control your thinking. When they gloss over the problems of diversity, while singing its praises, you know that they are lying to you. When they ridicule a man like John Rocker for speaking the truth, you know why! They are trying to shut anyone up who might even think about discussing the truth about the extermination of the White race. How can that be anything but hate?

What White man has not thought to himself that there is something wrong with a nation that is turning its lands over to an alien people? What White man has not been at least a little concerned at what is happening to our cities as Blacks are destroying them? What White man has not in his heart of hearts been outraged at the massive number of Nonwhite aliens who have entered this country and inundated our communities with drugs, violence and crime of every sort? What White man has looked into the face of a Nonwhite filled with rage at Whites, and not been disgusted by the fact that this trespasser upon our land is demonstrating a complete lack of ability to reason? Whose land is it? It is the White man's, who first conquered the land, and then tamed it. The White man who designed and built the cities. The White man who constructed the laws, and the system to enforce them. And what is this Nonwhite even doing in this land of the White man, let alone having the audacity to be angry because he is not treated just like a White man in this White land? Nearly all White men have seen Nonwhites act this way, and these Whites know that Nonwhites are treated very well in this land, and that their way of saying thanks is to cast nothing but hate out at the White race who has been kind enough to let them live in this White land. This is why the White race hating ADL and associates are working so hard. They know that the average White man has seen enough in his life to make him very angry. Should that justified anger ever be directed at the guilty parties, there would be a very difficult time in store for them. So, they do everything that they can to misdirect the anger away from themselves, and the Nonwhites, and towards other Whites who are trying to wake up the sleepers.

So far they have been successful. So far they have been able to get away with lying to all of the people all of the time. But there is evidence that their wall of lies is showing some cracks. Groups like National Vanguard, and Stormfront are growing. Dr. David Duke is making some great headway with his DavidDuke.com. The Northwest Front is working very hard as well. Many Whites are finally beginning to realize that they were not crazy for wondering what was going on, and that they were not the only ones scratching their heads in confusion. There are more people each day who are realizing that the dismantling of America must halt. It is up to us to speed up that awakening process. We must spread the word to as many others as we can. Our endangered species can be saved, but it will take hard work and dedication to make it happen.

Are you doing all that you can? There are many hard working White folks out there, who are doing a tremendous work for our people, and we all owe them a great debt. There are others who know the truth, but are afraid to act. To those I say get up and get moving. At the very least send off a monthly check to one of the pro-White groups. Search out those in your life who may be open to the truth, and help them into full enlightenment. Perhaps the greatest thing you can do is to have large families, and to train your children in great depth about what our race is facing and what must be done to save it. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem, because we need a solution, and we need it now!

1. I use the term species throughout this article to refer to the White race or to any race of man. I discuss the appropriateness of that term in the article Are Races Species?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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