Jefferson or Marx?

November 17, 2002

THE PEOPLE IN POWER WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO DESTROY US are continually using the word EQUALITY as a weapon against White Americans. It is such an old, and obviously ridiculous argument, that one wonders how it still can carry any force, but alas it does. In fact it is a formidable weapon still. It is time that we defuse it once and for all.

The one item that is used by all of those promoting the equality con is the phrase, "All men are created equal." An important thing for us to remember is that the phrase is not in our constitution - the only binding document upon the States - but is rather found in the Declaration of Independence, an admittedly emotional document which was intended as a statement of the reasons justifying war against England, in order to obtain independence for the American colonies. Whether any word of the Declaration of Independence is true or not has no bearing whatsoever on our current legal system, because it was not ratified by the states as the constitution was. Perhaps the fact that it was directed against tyranny, and was a statement in support for armed resistance to a government that was too powerful, and that was going against the will of the people, may very well make a similar document appear in our immediate future, but its specific concepts or ideas are certainly not legally binding upon us today. In spite of this, we hear it repeated that, “All men are created equal,” as if it were the law of the land, spoken from on high, and as an indisputable fact.

It is clear that the misused statement is absurd, if taken literally. All men are not equal, or even close to being equal. The physical, intellectual, and emotional differences between men are staggering in their scope, and the great diversity of action that these extreme differences produce, is often shocking. There are men who are mentally incapable of living a simple life among the masses without a great deal of supervision and help. There are those who tower over the masses in their mental ability. There are very ethical men, and there are very evil men. Many of the latter, unfortunately have gravitated into positions of power in our government today. No two men are equal. Let me repeat that. No two men are equal. The very idea is absurd.

To exercise control over them, it is quite effective to tell the masses that they are all equal, and that each of their opinions is just as important as the opinions held by their rulers, but that is utter nonsense. Look at what is going on today. George Bush is fairly drooling in anticipation of launching war against Iraq. Why? Is it because the people want another blood bath in the Middle East? Is it because Americans fear that Iraq will launch nonexistent intercontinental ballistic missiles against the USA? No, the only reason that President Bush wants to attack Iraq, is because Iraq poses the only real and immediate threat to Israel in the Middle East. In this, and in all other important issues, the opinions held by the masses are ignored, until they can be massaged through propaganda into agreement with the policy arbitrarily chosen by their government. The opinion of the citizen is of no real value at all. In other words, democracy in America today, is a complete and total sham!

In reality, why should the opinion of the average citizen matter? Have you seen how easily it is controlled? All that has to happen for people to get in line in total support of any idea, no matter how ridiculous, is to have the media promote it. Dan Rather says that it is moved, Peter Jennings says that it is seconded, and Tom Brokaw says that it is carried. The masses, like good little sheep, fall right in line. But, unlike sheep, they will actually attack anyone who doesn’t join them in line!

How on earth could it make sense for a poor uneducated man -- especially one with a very low intellectual capacity -- to have the exact same voice in what is going to be the official American policy on fiscal matters, as does a man who has a doctorate in economics? How can any two men's opinions have the same weight on deciding things that they are unequally qualified to speak on? In our courts, a witness’s opinion is weighed according to his qualifications to speak on a particular topic. But for voting, the moron, and the genius, are considered “equal.” America did not start off this way!

America was not always this taken with the myth of equality. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the words in the Declaration, owned slaves. He did not for a minute believe that “all men are created equal,” in the sense that the phrase is being misused today. When the United States of America was first set up, only White males, who were landowners, could vote. That is not equality my friend, and since Thomas Jefferson not only lived in that society, but he became president of it, he clearly did not believe in the equality fantasy that is being promoted today.

As long as our country is dominated by mass media, under the control of people with a single and alien-focused mindset,(1) democracy is going to be nothing but a farce. The masses are programmed to think like the powers-that-be wish them to think, by the propaganda carried in the television programs, magazines, newspapers, and perhaps most destructively, in the government controlled schools. Not only are the people programmed to think that the media proscribed view is the only "real" view, they are programmed to think that any "extreme" view, regardless of what facts may support it, is inherently wrong and inherently evil. The media sets the direction of the road, and then the masses, like sheep walk down the "middle of the road," as if their position relative to the edges of the road were more important than where the road itself is leading! What possible difference can it make if you are walking on the left edge, or the right edge, or down the middle of a road that is leading to destruction?

What our American forefathers were looking for, was a land where they, and their descendants, could live free from government oppression, and free from invasion from other lands. That was the role envisioned for the government by those who created the constitution. (Please note that today we are under both of these destructive forces. We have 1.5 million non-Whites invading our lands each year, and our government forces its policies upon us without any concern for our wishes or for our well-being!) Our forefathers gave no thought whatsoever to all men being able to live their lives as equals. (In addition, they specifically noted that diversity was a very bad thing.(2)) There would be leaders, who were not equal with their followers. There would be rich, who would not be equal with the poor. There would be men and there would be women, who had completely different roles in life. All of these differences, in ability, in role, and in status, were expected by the founding fathers, and by all of the original citizens of the United States of America.

If you want to know where the concept of equality, that is punishing and destroying our way of life today, originally came from, you have to look no farther than Karl Marx. This man, by laying the foundation for the failed but murderous systems of communism, has wrought more evil upon this world than any other man who has ever lived. It was his doctrine that all men really are equal, and that all should live equal lives, with equal opportunity, and equal results. That is the mental sewage that is being foisted upon Americans today, as if it were pure American thought. Based upon its original laws and institutions, America clearly did not start out believing that all men are equal, and it did not learn to believe it, until the Marxist based Anti-American Revolution (AAR) of the 1960s came upon us.

The facts are there for all to see. As the Marxist has taken the dominant position in our government, we have lost many things:

If the White race were beaten in battle, and overcome by greater force and courage, it would be sad, but it would be no disgrace. However, today the White race is facing actual extermination, with college professors asserting as probable that natural blondes will be extinct in 200 years,(3) and the White race is not even responding. It is not being defeated in battle, it is being defeated in apathy, while sitting on its couch munching potato chips and drinking beer, watching a bunch of non-Whites playing sports, or starring in movies, and TV shows. The White children are faced with a battle just to survive, while being programmed with African culture, and while having their own culture cast aside and disparaged by their teachers. There is no battle. There is no war. The White race lies sleeping, as it is being terminally attacked. Its only activity is to try and brush away those who attempt to wake it up.

If you look closely at what the enemies of the White race are promoting when they use the term "equality" it is always something that destroys White America. It is not used to promote Black neighborhoods, where Black people create housing and lifestyles equal to what Whites have built. It is not used to promote Black schools, where Blacks create a learning environment where their students achieve equal test scores with White schools. In fact it is not used to promote the improvement in achievement, or the capabilities of anyone at all. It is always used to force Whites to give up what they have to non-Whites, in the name of equality. It has destroyed our schools, not improved the Black schools. It has destroyed our neighborhoods, not improved Black neighborhoods. It is merely a fake excuse, which is deceitfully used only to destroy Whites and their society.

We clearly have two tasks before us:

  1. We must reproduce. This includes having large families ourselves, and training our children to have large families on into the distant future. These families by definition must have a White mother and a White father. These families must contain an intellectual atmosphere where children are raised to understand the need to perpetuate our race, and to live completely separate from other races, in order for us to survive. White parents must inculcate the desire into their children to see their people flourish as a race, in their own separate nations, and provide the necessary working knowledge to make it happen. Large families of racially conscious children, can provide the spark that will ignite into a bright future for our race, in spite of what has already been done to our people.

  2. We must awaken as many of our fellow Whites as we possibly can. The more "breeding stock" we start with, the quicker we get a large "herd." If we start off extremely small in number, it will take a very long time to grow into a great number. We will be weak, and in danger of attack until our numbers grow. The larger the number of racially conscious people that we have to start reproducing with, the sooner we will reach a large and safe number. Therefore, each new convert, each new person that is awakened to what is going on, puts us one step farther along the path towards reaching our goal of creating a safe haven for the perpetuation of our race.

Of course it is quite obvious that any White parent who cares about his race will not allow his children to watch television programming produced today. That material is specifically designed to promote the death of the White race. What difference does it make if you have 10 White children if they, or their children, go out and marry non-Whites? You might as well not have had children at all as far as the White race is concerned. Yet, every program created today for the television, and every movie made, is focused on producing the idea that Whites sexually mixing with non-Whites is not only okay, but such an arrangement is presented as morally superior to one where Whites sexually remain faithful to their own race. You cannot allow a child to watch that propaganda day after day for entertainment, and then send him to school where the teachers will repeatedly lie to him on the subject of race, and then expect him to make the right choices when he hits his teens and early twenties. You must take an active role with your children, starting immediately at birth, to train them correctly.

If you do your part, in raising your own children, and in waking up those around you, we can save our people. If you do not, we are doomed!


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       Thomas Jefferson quote on diveristy

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) 16th US President, on race and integrating Blacks and Whites:

"I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything." Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

3.    Blondes 'to die out in 200 years'

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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