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ONE THOUGHTFUL READER of my page took my 16 Facts list and put it on a list server, With the following disclaimer:

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There follows the replies that he received with my responses in between.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #1

hmmn.... no mention of the Asian race.... they seemed to have developed some civilizations. Could they be the equals of the whites... or even superior??


Of course I did mention the Asian race in The 16 Facts, in fact number 12. I did not suggest that the White race was superior to any other race in the 16 Facts. I used the word "superior" 3 times. Once referring to the superior schools that Whites had. Next, I mentioned the superior ability that Hispanics have over the Blacks in creating culture. Lastly I mentioned the superior natural resources that the South Americans have, but have failed to match the advances that the White nations have made.

As for the Asian race being our superior, I find no support for that contention. The Asians have done much to be proud of and one of their strongest attributes is maintaining their homogeneity in their countries. It is something that this inquirer could learn from them.

A second point, which has to be raised, is that this individual completely ignored the 16 Facts! Here he is changing the subject to something not discussed in the 16 Facts, in order to avoid that which was discussed. The 16 Facts are undeniably true! The 16 Facts are facts and he knows it.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #2

"The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those who have not got it." -- George Bernard Shaw


This quote is a clear understatement. They call it far worse than cynicism. They call it heresy, racism and a hundred other cutting names.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #3

other critical facts never taught by WASPs:
1. one of the first and oldest ARYAN races was black
2. 'white civilisation' has simply been a better organised bloodbath
3. History teaches us nothing because it is false and used as a political vehicle by evil people looking for scapegoats to murder. Whoever built the pyramids at giza long before 'official explanations' began - was not white, or human, but had a superior civilisation.
4. Racists are undereducated and have no critical academic faculties which is why they're IQ defficiency is so antisocial.

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh Scotland


I have cut the names out of most of these in order to deal with ideas rather than the misinformed humans who have unthinkingly subscribed to propaganda rather than facts. In this case I left the name because this particular misguided one, claims to represent a "Studies Group," implying academic support for his opinions. It only highlights the fact that academic accomplishment is no guarantee of accuracy!

1. If you read the 16 facts from top to bottom, you will not find the word Aryan in it at all. So what is item number one? A distracter. It is meant to shock by its obvious falsehood, and to deflect any real discussion of the 16 Facts. Of course the Aryans were White. How could only the first Aryans be Black? Even if that were true, what does that have to do with the White race and the 16 Facts? Nothing!

2. This is the typical hatred for Whites we see saturating our media and educational system. The only thing that White civilization has done is to fight wars in a fashion superior to any other race. Has this misinformed individual heard of Attila the Hun? Ghengis Khan? On the other hand how many Asians, Blacks or Hispanics have you seen sending rockets to the moon?

The outstanding advances by the White race in science, technology, medicine, law, philosophy, society, art, literature and politics will take a back seat to no other race. As is usually the case the liberal White-hater has no trouble twisting the facts to suit his indefensible position.

3. This is a real lulu. History is all a lie and there is "nothing" that can be learned from it. History is only a way of finding a scapegoat to murder. Can you believe that someone would have the complete lack of self-respect to post such drivel? History is the only way we have of understanding what works and what doesn't. If we forget (as all too many of our people have) the history of how our White people have fallen to the ills of miscegenation and Nonwhite immigration, only to have their nation destroyed by it, we will repeat that error. We must remember!

Now the UFO man is showing how far he is around the bend. Do you think that an advanced civilization would only stack some stones to impress the lower life forms of earth? Does that make sense to you? If there were super beings on earth, who were going to do something, they would have done something a lot more impressive than build big rock piles. The only reason that the pyramids are impressive is that they were build by men, whose race just happened to be White, in the days before modern technology came along. Of course there is one point of agreement here. The White man did create a super civilization in Egypt before he lost it to race mixing.

4. Here we have the funniest of the group. I would be happy to match my IQ against this mental "giant" any day of the week. Most of the people I discourse with on the race issue are in the upper levels of the intelligence curve. Look what this guy has learned by being "overeducated"! Intensive learning of that, which is untrue, will just make you more ignorant of the facts. Educating someone with falsehood is not making him more intelligent. The proof is in this guy's post. You are left to wonder, if loving your own people and striving to build a stronger nation is anti-social, what is pro-social going to be? Racial suicide, miscegenation and rapid movement into the third world, obviously!

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #4

Good thing for the students that are black children, huh? People who think like you make me fear that we will never rise above this tragedy called life on earth.


But has it been good for the Black children? They are being murdered at a rate that was unknown in pre-civil rights America. They are receiving a far worse education. They are being lied to by the system and told that what is false is true and that which is the truth, is falsehood. In the process they have slid into a world of hatred, violence, drugs, illegitimate children and death.

It is those who pass lies off as the truth who are causing this tragedy that we are living through today to happen. If the 16 Facts were allowed to be taught in school, we would not be having the problems that we have today. In the 1950s, when these facts were understood our schools were better, black crime was far less prevalent, and the Blacks had an illegitimacy rate that was only slightly higher than the Whites. Do you think that is important at all, or are you happy with all of the suffering that lying to the Black children has caused?

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #5

And one biggy you will never learn in school: except for marriage, race hardly matters anyway!!!


This is a "biggy"? I am rather surprised that this responder even admitted that marriage was an important aspect of the race question. If race does not matter, then why would it matter in marriage? If there are no differences of consequence between Black and White, marriage should not matter either.

Once you admit that it matters in marriage you must admit that it matters everywhere. If two people of different races will have trouble with marriage then people of different races are probably going to have trouble in all relationships.

Of course, even if this person did not mention marriage, reality shows that differences in the races are profound. The Black and Hispanic crime rates are astronomically high when compared with Whites. That is not something which "hardly matters"! The IQ difference between the races is another significant issue that does really matter. There are a number of areas where race matters, and matters a lot. In many of those areas it matters to the point of life and death.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #6

It is not whiteness that made America great, but Christianity. Secondly, most of the miscegenation in America is in the upper middle class, where it more acceptable, and children of mixed marriages tend to have higher Iq's. Lstly, look at the social democracies of Europe, like Sweden, France, etc, predominantly white, and all of them socialist.


I submit that is a fallacy! Christianity had nothing to do with creating the great White Roman empire, the Egyptian, the Persian or Greek empires. They were created by Whites, grew to greatness and then succumbed to race mixing, declined and fell permanently. Today they are mixed, wallowing in the shadows of the giant civilizations that they lost. The White race, when Christian or not, has created great civilizations in the past while Christian Nonwhites never seemed to.

The second item is an out-and-out lie. The children of mixed marriages have IQs that are between their higher IQ White parents (usually their mothers) and their lower IQ Black parents. The children are not as intelligent as the White children that the White woman would have had if she had reproduced with a White man.

As for item 3, socialism has its own cure, it is called poverty. When the people get tired of being ripped off they will revolt and put in a new form of government. No matter how hard a White country has fallen in the past (Germany, France, England) as long as they remained White they have returned to glory. If they instead mixed races and lost their White core population, they never have risen again. (Rome, Greece, Spain, Portugal)

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #7

I am someone who, whoever wrote this message will despise. I am half white, and the other half are the people who, despite your beliefs, are from this country, the North American Indians. If anyone has the right to grant access to this country, it's us. But we aren't bigots, we believe in equality, the great spirit has bestowed each race it's own strength and weakness. You say that the Hispanic race didn't use their resources the way they should have? That is from a European perspective, which idealizes the belief that the Earth was meant to be "owned"!! You say that my peoples way was uncivilized and foolish, why? Because we treat everyone as equals? I can see where that would anger someone who thinks the way you do. Who went to other countries and destroyed peaceful, kind civilizations, simply because they didn't have the same beliefs as you? And you said the great Civilizations fell when they integrated? Well, let's see, Egypt fell when it integrated with Greece, Rome fell when it integrated with the Persians. Correct me if I'm wrong, but those are all European countries!! To close, I quote Dennis Banks,"Yes, because I was born here, but don't call me that, because so were you, I'm an American Indian.


1. I never despise anyone because of their racial heritage. No person can choose what race they will be born, and so it is absurd to hate or despise them for that.

2. This country, as a land mass was conquered by the White man. It now belongs to him. For that reason, Indians have no right or power to grant access to this land. In addition to that, the nation of the United States of America, was created by Whites, for Whites. It was never Indian, and therefore it can only be absurd arrogance which would inspire an Indian to presume to speak for the White man, his conqueror.

3. If Indians are not bigots, why is this one making a point of the strengths of his Indian race? If race is not important, if it matters not at all, then races could not have different strengths and weaknesses as he says they have, and if they have differences they of course are not equal. I agree with him that different races have different strengths, and therefore weaknesses. That is one of the primary points of the 16 Facts. Those with the same racial characteristics should live together where their strengths and weaknesses are similar, and they can therefore bond with those who are like themselves.

4. The statement that I made in the 16 Facts was that Hispanics had not done much with their resources in South America. They are living in poverty, and revolution. They want more but cannot seem to build it. If this post were correct, the Hispanics would be happy to live in their poverty, and would be appalled at what we have done in America, building this nation of wealth and power. But looking at the immigration numbers exposes the lie. Hispanics hate the way they live! They are coming to this nation of the "European perspective" as fast as they can. Their actions say this Indian man is confused and that my 16 Facts are validated.

5. The Europeans overran the backward Indian civilizations because they could. While the Indians were living from hand to mouth, killing each other and in some cases eating each other, their progress was very small. Indians also killed peaceful and kind Whites as well as the hostile ones. Killing was certainly not new to the American continents by the time Whites discovered them. Whites just did it better.

6. Egypt was a great White nation. It used Black slaves to raise the great pyramids. It struggled for many generations to keep its racial integrity, but over time it succumbed to miscegenation. In the Old Kingdom (3100-2270 BC) Memphis was built, and writing was used. The great pyramids were built as well as the sphinx at Giza. The mummies of this era are overwhelmingly White. The leaders were predominately Nordic. The Queen Hetep-Heres II was identified specifically by her blond hair. The well-preserved mummy of Pharaoh Rameses II has red hair. The art of the era depicts all Semites, Blacks and other Nonwhites as laborers and slaves. During the next 1000 years, through two more "Kingdoms" the Egyptians managed to reestablish their power after falling. This is the typical cycle of a White nation that holds on to its racial heritage. They may fall but they always rise up again. However, after the third kingdom, they lost their White racial core, mixing with the Blacks and Semites of the area, and thereafter, never rose again. They have wallowed in poverty and backward living conditions ever since.

7. Rome was strong for a very long time, they made the mistake of allowing other races to immigrate into their city. Over time the immigrants became the majority. The army was finally turned over to the White Germanic "barbarians" who kept the empire alive for centuries after it would have collapsed on its own due it its loss of its White racial core.

8. It was not any country that caused the fall of Rome, Greece or Egypt! It was the mixing of the White dominant race with other races. Once that happened, in each case it was like a body whose head has been removed: there was no more raising it to vigor.

9. When you do X, and Y happens every time, you are fairly sure that there is a connection between them. When you do Z, and Y never happens then we can feel fairly confident that the two of them are related in a negative way. So, if a nation retains its racial homogeneity and it always manages to return to greatness when it falls, you have a pretty good correlation between racial homogeneity and greatness. If on the other hand, no nation has ever maintained its greatness, or ever returned to greatness after having fallen, after it has destroyed its racial homogeneity, we can be confident that these two are related. The results of the two taken together -- racial homogeneity producing greatness, and racial diversity precluding greatness -- join to form rock-solid proof that if a White nation is going to either remain great, or grow to greatness in the future, it must retain its racial homogeneity. In other words, if America does not do something to restore its racial homogeneity, it will fall and NEVER RISE AGAIN!

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #8

It was not whiteness or Christianity that made America great. IT WAS FREEDOM! And FREEDOM is what is missing today.


I have already discussed Christianity and I agree that it was not what made America great. Many Christians were certainly involved but they could have been non-Christians and still produced the great White nation of the United States of America.

However, there is no way that the United States could have been the nation that it is without White people creating it! The roots of this nation, the political ideas upon which it is based all came from White European thought. The Whiteness of this nation is so great a part of it that the nation could not have existed without the Whiteness.

Freedom is not worth anything without people who are self-disciplined enough to maintain order within that freedom. There is nothing scarier than thinking of a psychopath who has freedom. As the Nonwhite elements of our society have more and more freedom to destroy our nation it is becoming clear that freedom can just as easily be a curse and destructive force as it can be a blessing and creative force. Without the self-controlled White race living within it, our free society will be a nightmare, and will not retain its greatness.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #9

It's both Christianity and being White; and they kind-a go together. Europe may have social democracies, but they're still Christian and typically very safe and affluent places to be. At least they used to be. And I've seen racial mixing at various social-economic levels; everything from affluent, professional couples (not necessarily with high IQ's) to fat, sedentary broads sitting on the porch of a run-down shanty - but just about always white women with black men. Just from watching these people and hearing a story or two, it seems it's obvious there's been a mistake made when this happens.


Our European brothers are learning that their right to free speech is fast evaporating, and that the socialism of their countries, is a serious drain upon their personal resources. However, where the numbers of Nonwhites are not too high, the White citizens do not abuse the system as completely as the Nonwhites do in America. Socialism will drag those countries down eventually but it takes longer when you have a mostly White population.

Take a close look at the face of a White woman who is married to a Black man, especially after 10 or more years of marriage. She will have the same beat-down look that an alcoholic has. Trapped, hopeless and without a place to turn. (You could even see it on the face of Clarence Thomas' wife.) It is always a mistake. The tragedy of our race losing another source of future White children is coupled with the personal tragedy of a White woman sacrificing her happiness for the PC goal of the raceless mind.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #10

I understand that PIML is not a discussion list and I do not intend to discuss, point for point, this racist trash that was recently posted on PIML.


Patriots generally honor our Declaration of Independence. Allow me to remind you that it states "We hold these truths to be self-evident, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, that among these rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." The fact that at the time it was written SOME people did not consider blacks to be "men" does not alter the truth of the statement.

A racist has the right to be a racist and has the right to voice his opinion except that the owner of private forum such as PIML has the right to limit subject matter. I have and am exercising the equal right to voice my opinion that racist trash has no place in a forum dedicated to helping "inform those who have an active interest in returning our federal and state governments to limited, constitutional government."

for Liberty (for all), Bill


1.Of course no brainwashed man wishes to discuss his brainwashing, so a point by point discussion would be mentally dangerous to his current state of contentment with his mental programming.

2. In addition to his refusing to face the facts, he tries to justify that avoidance by labeling the truth as “racist trash.” He does not explain why it is “trash” but his personal opinion that it is, he expects, will be sufficient to make it so.

3. The fact of the matter is that the author of the quoted statement, Thomas Jefferson, did not believe that “all men” referred to anyone other than White men. To change that meaning to something else is nothing but an unsupported personal assertion. It certainly is not a stamp of approval by Thomas Jefferson, for the assertion because he did not intend that meaning in his statement!

4. Even if Thomas Jefferson had intended that meaning, it would be an absurd assertion on his part. No one really believes that any two men are created “equal.” All are different, each unique. That which divides men, also divides families of men. Some families produce great musicians, or mathematicians, while others produce great mechanics, and others still produce welfare recipients. It is not magic that produces these differences, and since the same attributes follow a child adopted out to another family it is not merely the surrounding that the children grow up in that leads them into who they are. Genetics is what makes family members alike and it is what makes members of races alike. Genetics ensures that races are not equal.

5. The brainwashed always proclaim loudly that the racially aware have a right to their free speech, but it is always followed with a qualifier, “but not here.” It makes the hypocrite feel warm and superior stating that even the disturbed and misguided racist has a right to speak their opinions, while at the same time denying them that right. This is the story all over this country! In every avenue of speech, nowhere is it truly free. If a White group wishes to march, they are fought every step of the way. If they wish to broadcast, they have their licensees threatened or removed. If they wish to print and distribute tracts and books, they are blocked in every way possible.

If racists really had freedom of speech they would be able to have their thoughts expressed freely on television, in the newspapers and newsmagazines. They could put up posters and billboards without molestation. But you do not see any of these things happening. This is because we do not really have free speech. Even White web pages are routinely attacked and pulled down by those who hate free speech.

Why all this fear of the “racist” free speech? Because it is truth that is being spread by the pro-Whites, and truth is the worst enemy of those who are living by a lie, as are our PC dictators today.

6. The most absurd thing this man has to say is that he believes that we can return “our federal and state governments to limited, constitutional government,” and at the same time ignore the issue of race. Our original federal and state governments were for White people. The constitution was written by and for White people. It is as the Nonwhite population has grown and integrated into our society that the government has grown huge and oppressive. Enforcing integration was the greatest act of oppression in our nation’s history. The welfare system created to take care of Nonwhites is financial slavery for every tax payer. To honestly believe that we can return to the government of the pre-civil rights days, without undoing the changes made by the civil rights movement is insane!

7. “Liberty for all.” Do you think he really means it? Does he want Charles Manson to be free to walk and stalk again? The brainwashed just do not even think about the absurdities that they spout without thinking. As soon as you use a term like “for all,” you run into difficulty in the real world. Some people are just not built for liberty. So, we must qualify the term immediately. How far it will be qualified must be determined before you falsely proclaim that liberty is “for all.” This man has himself stated that he does not wish “racists” to have the liberty to post on this “private” list. Liberty for all except racists. Hypocrisy knows no shame.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #11

Dear Bill, Thanks for your comments. I, too, agree with your comments about "racism". As far as I am concerned, there is but one "race": the HUMAN RACE.

I would also add one point vis-a-vis the Declaration of Independence. Its author was a very dedicated student of Isaac Newton's work in physics and mathematics. As such, the phrase "All Men Are Created Equal" has unfortunately been misunderstood over the years --- especially by socialists, who think that it is the political state's job to therefore mandate "equality of income" by taking it away from those who have earned it and giving it to those who have not.

What the phrase really means (as intended by its author) is that:


As such, this means for example that:

If Person A walks off a cliff and Person B walks off another cliff, that BOTH persons will fall a rate that is EQUAL in accordance with the laws of the universe/physics. In other words, the laws of nature will EQUALLY affect all persons regardless of their birth, national origin, etc.

This is the REAL meaning of that phrase. It does not mean that all persons are born with equal intelligence, height, weight, halitosis, etc. It means that all persons will be affected EQUALLY by the laws of nature.

Regards, Evan


1. If there is only one race, then of course any discussion about different races would be ridiculous. The idea of having organizations to promote people’s college, political, or societal position or opportunity based upon insignificant things like skin color and other “simulations” of race would be absurd. To have laws condemning discrimination based upon the nonexistent categories of race would be meaningless. How can you discriminate against someone because of race, if there is no such thing?

2. I will guarantee that this man and the one he is talking with would under no circumstance move their families into an all-black neighborhood, or send their kids to an all-black high school. If there is no such thing as race, and if there is only one race, the “Human Race,” then is it not strange that such a clearly racially dictated decision would be so easily arrived at for these anti-racists?

3. Next we find that this man is pointing out, very clearly, the absurdity of Bill’s claim that the phrase “all men are created equal” in any way proclaims equality between the races. Even so, I will once again guarantee that Bill will hypocritically use the phase again in the future to justify that which it does not even speak to. That is pure hypocrisy.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #12

I have come to the conclusion that racism is a trap people fall into when there is no one to directly blame for one's troubles. We all have the tendencies, I believe. It is easy for some people to blame an ethnic group or religion for their problems and lack of self esteem. I feel many good folks fall into this trap. They are told some is to blame and this is the answer. After a while they end up believing it and join the bandwagon like a cult. You can tell if you are starting to fall for this crap. If listen to your heart you know something is not right. Racism can make one feel physically sick. Be true to yourself and mankind.


1.This is the typical denial by attack approach. When you do not want to think about facts which go against the brainwashing you have had, you try and “blame the messenger” for your cognitive dissonance. As long as the messenger has “personal problems” or “low self esteem” you will never have to face the facts of the message you are being presented. Our esteemed president is an expert at this approach. He attacks the messenger with increasing viciousness until no one is paying attention to the message any longer.

2.This approach to race would work just as well when dealing with germs. Germs do not cause disease! The sick person is really okay, it is all in his head. Blaming germs is just a weakness. It is easy to blame germs for disease, and after a while you actually start believing that germ crap. If you listen to your heart you know something is not right. Believing in germ theory of disease can make you physically sick!

Denying something by merely claiming it is not true is not intellectually honest and certainly not compelling. When all the evidence is against your point of view and you take the approach of this post, you are showing how intellectually bankrupt your position truly is.

3. If all you good folks would just forget the 1950s. Forget the low crime rates. Forget the excellent schools. Forget the safe neighborhoods. Forget the low taxes. If you would only just submit. Resign yourself to living in a multiracial cesspool. You are evil to even think of the White society we once had! Be true to yourself and mankind.

Hello! This man has his mind turned to the OFF position.

The 16 Critical Facts That Your Kids Will Not Learn In School: REPLY #13

All patriots, no matter what their racial backround(mine is human being)should unite against our common enemy--- giant, corrupt, out of control, unconstitutional government.

p.s.--- the Egyptians were black, but I guess to the racist poster their cultural achievements i.e.-- the pyramids, etc don't count?


1. This man’s “racial background” is “human being.” What do you want to bet that is not what he puts on his official government forms or his job applications. While he is playing “let’s pretend there are no races,” his country is being given over to those who believe in race completely. His elections are controlled by Blacks and Hispanics who vote in blocks. They do not realize that they are merely members of the “human race.” They know what race they are.

2. As he tries to ignore the elephant standing in his living room, he next starts trying to complain about the elephant droppings on the carpet! How does he think the “giant, corrupt, out of control, unconstitutional government” got to be that way? By taking care of all of the problems associated with moving Nonwhites into the previously smoothly operating White society. Suddenly we “needed” welfare, Medicare, 5 times as much money to run our schools at one tenth of the efficiency, and a wad of other money sinkholes. The government forced all of this upon us. Each step our government took allowed it to grow more. Now it is a monster, which is a serious force to contend with, and it will not die easily. Without race this would not have happened. Until race is dealt with, the problem cannot possibly be fixed.

3. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this whole debate is that otherwise intelligent people, who are in such a hurry to shut up any discussion of race, can make such inane statements about what could be easily understood. (Of course the lies told our kids during Black “History” Month just make this sort of thing that much more common.) The only part that Blacks had in building the pyramids was as slaves. Whites designed the pyramids entirely, and then built them with the assistance of Semitic and Black slaves. The great Egyptian culture was created and maintained by Whites. (If you have any doubt about this read The History of the White Race Chapter Eight!)

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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