Grease in the Fire

June 12, 2002

I SAW SOMETHING HAPPEN ON THE HIGHWAY this morning, as I was driving to work. It looked to be significant enough to possibly be covered by the local news. So, I turned on my radio in search of some information. I tried two of the main "news/talk" stations, and one of them had something short on the story, but not much. The other didn't even mention it. I hit the scan button, on my radio, and it paused briefly at a couple of Spanish speaking stations, just to remind that my country is under a full scale invasion, and then it stopped on a talk show that I thought was very interesting.

There were two hosts on the show, who were trying to be witty as they were speaking with someone who was purported to be a listener who had called in. The topic of discussion was a talk show host named Doug Tracht, who called himself "The Greaseman." The hosts were standing on what they thought to be the firmest of ground as they spoke with the caller, who was speaking as if he were either a bit slow, or drunk. (They even once called him "drunk man.")

The hosts said that The Greaseman had referred to the dragging death in Jasper Texas, in an insensitive way. They stated that he had made the comment, "That is why we tie those people behind trucks and drag them." 1 They expected their entire audience to fall down along with them, and worship the PC gods, in their tall towers, who jerked The Greaseman off the air instantly for his remark.

We must remember that even after doing all the groveling, clothes tearing, adorning his head with ashes, and other things demanded by the Media Lords, 2 The Greaseman's job was still ended, because he made the comment. The controlled media had spent months, and millions of dollars, in building up the propaganda campaign of the Jasper dragging, 3 as the most horrible crime of all time. They were not going to tolerate for one second anyone trying to make light of it.

The hosts of the talk show this morning were relying on the effectiveness of that propaganda campaign, and they felt confident that no one would challenge their PC point of view. The caller however, said that he liked The Greaseman, and that he thought he was funny. The hosts asked him if he thought the comment in question was funny. The caller said yes!

For one glorious moment, the hosts totally lost their cool. In trying to display their ultra orthodox PC position on race, they blurted out a couple of things that I know they wanted to take back as soon as they had said them. But, it was too late.

Item #1: The first host said, "I don't think that you would think that it was funny if you made the comment when you were surrounded by a bunch of black people."

Item #2: And then host #2 said, "Or even in a group of regular people."

I hadn't even listened to their show for 5 minutes, and already they had exposed their hypocrisy, and the fact that they are living in continual fear of losing their jobs. Note item #1. The host exposed the fact that he considers Blacks to be dangerous, and if you get them angry, you won't find it very funny at all. The implication was of course, the same one that anyone who has been labeled a racist over the last 40 years would have put forward. He was implying what the White South Africans are learning first hand: groups of Blacks are inherently more dangerous than groups of other races, including Whites.

Well, the second host realized the mistake that host number one had made, and attempted to recover the PC perspective for the show, and in the process put his foot into it, even worse than his co-host had. He produced item #2, where he clearly stated that he did not consider Blacks to be "regular people." He put them into a category that was outside of the normal community.

The next few seconds were very entertaining. These two bozos knew that at that moment, they were trying to walk on thin air. If they continued down this path, they would be following in The Greaseman's footsteps to the unemployment line! I could hear the fear clutch at the throat of host number 2 as he realized what he had said, and stammered quickly, "I mean a group of Chinese people or Whites or anyone…"

Next they quickly went back to the old tried and true -- attack the enemy with dirty, and smelly labels. They asked the caller, "Are you a bigot?" After they had just got through telling the entire world that they didn't think that Blacks were the same as other people, and that Blacks were not "regular people," these losers had the gall to ask that question. What a hoot! When the caller said that he was not a bigot, they started ripping him up for not being honest. I turned off the radio at that point with a smile.

No animal trained with electric shocks, to produce a particular behavior, could have been more eager to produce that conditioned behavior, than these two hosts were to produce the PC thought police's bidding. And even so, they slipped up and expressed some of their real beliefs in a moment of stress. They were trying to further destroy the media-sullied reputation of the outcast Greaseman, which is from their point of view, sort of like trying to further damage the area that was "ground zero" of a recent nuclear strike. They were sure that they could not get into any trouble for vandalism in that territory. It was totally safe. Or at least so they thought.

The problem that they exposed, in their slobbering adherence to the PC dogma, is this: their entire belief system is based upon falsehood, and anything that is based upon falsehood will collapse sooner or later. No matter how good the artwork is, and no matter how realistic appear the stones that are painted on it, the paper walls will rip if they are pushed. Lies will ultimately be exposed, and the truth will be vindicated. When you live a lie, as these talk show clowns are doing, you are forever one step away from being exposed, and having your whole world come crashing down around your head.

As is clearly shown by Howard Stern and similar radio "personalities," a talk show host can be as filthy, and disgusting as he likes, and there is little to fear. But if he steps one inch outside the limits set by the PC thought police, he is gone. The hosts that I heard this morning knew that. Their arrogant, flamboyant façade was instantly changed to cold hard fear when they felt the breath of the Media Lords at their necks. I doubt that most of the sheep who were listening paid it any attention, but I believe that one day they will!


1.    Shortly after 7 a.m. during the Wednesday show on Classic Rock 94.7 (WARW-FM), Tracht played a portion of a song by Grammy-winning black hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill and commented: "No wonder people drag them behind trucks," referring to the Jasper, Tex., murder of James Byrd Jr.
-- From the Washington Post; Friday, February 26, 1999; Page A01

By the way, in spite of his blunder, "The Greaseman," duly chastised, is now back to work again. (See

2.   An apology by Doug Tracht was run every hour by the radio station the next day during the time slot that had been his before.

At you can read the following apology...

Posted by Doug The Greaseman Tracht on March 08, 1999 at 21:09:30:

I can only say to you all how very sorry I am that this whole thing has happened.

In my effort to be funny, I slipped. It was not intentional, I regret the pain I have caused the family members of the deceased, the Black community and the rest of my listeners who were offended by a dump remark.

I must say that this was a slip of the tongue. I did not sit around and plan this remark. It seemed, for an instant, to be a funny remark. If you listen to the air check you will note that I caught myself, albeit too late, and tried to do damage control.

All I can say now is that I pray for the chance to show the listening public that I can go back on the air and be responsible... do my bits without the racial overtones.

I never intended any harm. I have caused much harm. I can only ask for another chance with the promise that I will make good for this lapse in judgement.. and with the promise that I am not a racist and never have been.

I beg your indulgence.



(Underline added by ILWF to highlight the obligatory groveling to the media gods.)

3.   As a point of perspective, two months after the media field day began over the dragging murder of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas, there was another cross-racial dragging death in Streator, Illinois. In this event a Black man named, Christopher Coleman, was accused of dragging a White woman, Patricia Stansfield, for 2 miles along Illinois State Road 18 while she screamed for her life, until she died. The national media completely ignored this horrible murder, as well as the Black dragging murder of poor Little Jake Robel.

A list of these and many more such crimes against Whites, which were blacked out by the media, can be found at: Violent Crimes against Whites.

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