Killing the White Race

December 7, 2012

A FRIEND OF MINE POINTED OUT that he had not been aware until recently that the White birth rate in this country is only 1.8 per White woman. You need an average of 2.1 in this country to simply replace what is here, so we are on a suicide birth rate right now. There are fewer White people in the USA today than there were two years ago. We are on the way out. He has been well read and tried to keep himself informed, but that information was not something he had seen before. He wondered why no one was speaking up about the destruction that feminism has done to our country and our people. I wrote back:

Well there were a few speaking up. (I was running my Chauvinist Corner web page in early 1997 for example.) But the problem is that anyone of consequence (that was never me) who opposes the Marxist agenda gets shunted out of the mainstream by the media. How can anyone talk about the low White birth rate as being a bad thing, when all they want to talk about his how bad White people are? We are oppressive, sexist, and far more wealthy than we deserve. We need to be pulled down and if we are exterminated in the process, all the better. This is the mindset of the Media creeps and they work their magic very, very well.

How did you and I find out about the birthrate number? CNN? Fox News? Anywhere in the media? No, it was David Duke who passed along the number to us. And it hit us like a bucket of cold water.

You are not an idiot. You have relied on being "well read," and you are, but what did you read? You read Media stream propaganda material, created just for you and every other White man out there. Columns by employees of the Media Lords, talk shows hosted by employees of the Media Lords, books published by the houses owned by the Media Lords, etc. Unless Americans break out of the mainstream press, they will never hear about the things that we need to know in order to fight the Media Lords. And that is our problem! Nearly all intelligent White Americans are in the same boat. The truly stupid ones are even worse off, because they not only don't think for themselves, nor search out counter sources of information from the Media Lord propaganda stream, they don't even pay attention to the news or anything else. They think almost nothing for themselves. By definition, half of the White population is less intelligent than the average intelligence of the population. We are not all created equal, and it is up to the high end of the intelligence spectrum to pay attention and do things. Our leaders have to come from that end. But where are they? It is funny, but one of the very first people I heard talk about our destruction because of the birthrate differential was Louis Farrakhan. He was saying that decades ago. No one paid attention even to him.

Even when countries see the problem they run into trouble:

Some European governments, fearful of a future pensions crisis, have developed natalist policies to attempt to encourage more women to have children. Measures include increasing tax allowances for working parents, improving child-care provision, reducing working hours/weekend working in female-dominated professions such as healthcare and a stricter enforcement of anti-discrimination measures to prevent professional women's promotion prospects being hindered when they take time off work to care for children. Over recent years, the fertility rate has increased to around 2.0 in France and 1.9 in Britain and some other northern European countries, but the role of population policies in these trends is debated.

Attempts to increase the fertility rate among working women bring difficult political dilemmas: how far to alter traditional working practices so that women who are juggling work and child-raising responsibilities are not disadvantaged in their careers compared with men (for example, by legislating for compulsory paternity leave, flexible working and/or limiting total weekly working hours for men as well as women) and above all the question of whether the problem of sub-replacement fertility is so serious that unmarried women should also now be encouraged to have more children. [From Sub-Replacement Fertility]

The problem always comes back to feminism: attempts to increase the birth rate among career women runs into "political difficulties." What a surprise! Since the only point to feminism, in the minds of the ones who created it, was to destroy the family, they have hit their target right in the bull's eye. It is simple fact of life that feminism and solid families are incompatible, and always will be. And notice that even now, the problem of sub-replacement fertility is not considered to be so big that it is a show stopper—yet. We don't want to interfere with career women, in order to create the far less important next generation of White people. The Media will beat that drum until we are dead.

Today you can hunt around on the Internet and find the number: 1.8 births per White woman. But you have to hunt around. It still is not in the headlines. And it never will be as long as the Media Lords (1) rule.

For White Americans, it is a double attack. We are not only NOT replacing ourselves, but we are under invasion as well. The US population keeps growing, even as our White birthrate falls. The threat is lethal, and it is upon us right now; but all anyone ever seriously talks about is tolerance and how badly White people treat non-White people: IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!

The entire school system is wallowing in tolerance of non-Whites and intolerance of Whites and their culture. The halls are running with it, as the bulletin boards are awash with pictures of non-Whites, and calendars that show events coming that support diversity. The classrooms are splashing propaganda against the walls and over the students as decorations are up for Black history month, or Holocaust Awareness, and teachers nearly gush with not only tolerance, but unrelenting love for interracial bliss. The textbooks ooze propaganda on every page, as even math and science problems are set with Mexican or African kids as the subject.

Literature class is loaded up with amoral filth—to undermine any thought of Christian values on morality—as well as addoration for diversity. A child is hit with so many Media Lord messages each day at school, he has no other frame of reference from which to evaluate truth. And he sure isn't going to get a break when he goes home. After he does his PC homework, he gets to watch PC TV shows. Please note that children's programming is not the same as adult programming, even as bad as that is. The kids are exposed to a non-stop stream of interracial activities, and sexual immorality on a grand scale. (You will almost never see a girl in a children's show who is dressed modestly, for example.) Why do high schools look like hooker conventions? Because that is what girls are brought up to believe is the right way to dress. Parents have relinquished their role as supervisors over what their daughters wear (and their sons as well).

Schools are so feminized, that if you produced a report that showed that there would be no White people left on the planet if we continue to pursue feminist ideals, the response would be, "Good! They are oppressive and good for nothing anyway." People have said these very things, people in the education system right now.

Think of all the areas where the Media Lords have destroyed our civilization:

  • Decay in morality
  • Decline in marriage
  • Increase in illegitimate births
  • Huge increase in divorce
  • Suicidally low birthrate
  • The murder of 10s of millions of babies in the womb.
  • Obscene taxation
  • Marxist Class Envy: being rich is evil and poor is good.
  • Skyrocketing National Debt
  • Exploding growth of socialism.
  • Absence of any real (or even imagined) plan to bring us out of debt.
  • Nativity scenes gone.
  • 10 Commandments gone.
  • Menorahs abound.
  • "Merry Christmas" is treated as an insult by employers.
  • Christians are portrayed as fanatics, perverts, and worse in movies continually.
Work Ethic:
  • The individual loss of self sufficiency and independence.
  • Young adults no longer have the goal to be on their own, standing on their own two feet financially.
  • The government is considered to be their "Daddy" and the one who should take care of us.
  • A good excuse is truly viewed as being the same as producing good results.
  • White people are not allowed to view themselves as a people with aims and interests of their own.
  • White people can not organized politically.
  • White people cannot have their own schools, neighborhoods, or organizations.

And so on. Pretty much any one of these areas would destroy America in the end, but combined they are both an act of sabotage and treason against this country and genocide against White people.

It is clear who is doing this, and where the control over our country is being applied. White Americans are so brainwashed today that they are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to the topic of race and White interests. The very topic being mentioned will cause them to look over their shoulders to see if anyone might be listening. This is survival we are talking about, and they can't be heard discussing it. That gives you an inkling of how deep in the toilet we are as a people.

But we go back, day after day, to watch the news, and listen to the commentators spew their lies and propaganda hither and yon.

In the same vein I found this:

Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. (You will never see any form of protocol for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against men of course, and no one cares.)

Every single place on the planet where feminism has taken root, the birth rate has fallen below the replacement level. Every place. (Japan's birth rate per woman is only 1.3!) Feminism is guaranteed to destroy any people who embrace it. It is poison. Period. And yet, the UN is attempting to force feminism into every land on earth. Let us all drink the Kool-Aid and leave the planet to the lower animals, who at least have enough sense to fight for survival.

The Marxists took over completely in the 1960s and they have done what Marxists always do(2) : abolish the family, confiscate personal property, crush liberty, and grow the power of the government. Just like in the book 1984, it is all about power and controlling the masses with fear. It has already happened; it is a done deal.


1.    Who Rules America
2.    Communist Manifesto

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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