How America Died

August 07, 2013

"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things." ~ Communist Manifesto
I WISH I COULD GRAB THE EAR OF EVERY WHITE AMERICAN for just a moment and shove that quote above into it. I wish I could force him to think about what it means, and why it is all that matters, and all that you need to know about the enemies who have destroyed America. I no longer speak of destroying America, because it is past the point of an ongoing process. What is left is the water draining off after the tsunami has already passed through. Sure, things continue to get worse, but the fact is, they can't ever get better, because everything that would work to make things better has already been destroyed.

People mistakenly look at movements and causes, as if they actually mean something. They don't. Feminism had nothing to do with women, or improving their lot. Civil Rights had nothing to do with making the African's life better. Homosexual marriage and all the homosexual rights noise is not intended to make life better for homosexuals. None of those things matter. “...Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.” If there were a movement to enslave women and make them all prostitutes, our enemies would be all for it. Any revolutionary movement, no matter how destructive or absurd will find them onboard riding that horse as hard as they can. Any revolutionary movement.

Do you get that America? You have been had. Completely had. You run around madly debating the merits of things that are pure absurdity, as if they really meant something. And look where it has gotten you! You stand defeated in your own country. The Mexicans and other non-White invaders are pouring over your borders. Can you stop them? Don't make me laugh. If you try they will throw you in jail, while giving state aid to the invaders, even if they are illegally in our country. This fact alone should tell you what is going on. You really don't need to know anything else to be on the inside of knowing what is going on.

Cancer has taken over our society entirely. In A John Jay Jewel I tried more than a dozen years ago to reason with America, by showing what it takes to make a strong country, according to a man who was there right at the start, our first head of the Supreme Court. But you can't reason with anyone who is plugged into the media stream. It is impossible, because their facts, their reason and their lives are set by the ones who are in support of “...every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.”

Communism is not a system of government. It is not an economic system, despite all the silly efforts that you will find people making in order to shape it as such. By Marx's own definition, it is nothing but a wrecking ball! It's only intention is to "support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things," and the only possible result of doing that, is to destroy what is there. It is impossible to build anything using that as your starting point. You don't make things better. You don't improve what is there. You destroy and you do nothing but destroy. It is the entire point. A wrecking ball is never used to build anything. A wrecking ball is only used to clear away something that is already there, so you can then start from scratch to work your will on the cleared land.

Do you get that America? Can you possibly understand what is going on? The entire point of the feminist movement was to destroy the American family. End of story. That was all there was to it, and all there ever was intended to be to it. In the Communist Manifesto Marx stated for the record that his aim was to destroy the family as an institution. Along with personal property, he wanted to abolish the family.

Where is there anything here that will build something? Communism has defined itself as a wrecking ball, and it has been applied like a wrecking ball, and it has destroyed America. Our families are in ruins. Our productive factories lie closed and abandoned. Our budget surplus has evaporated and turned into lethal deficit that will bury us soon in an in surmountable national debt. Our schools have gone from first to worst in the industrialized world. Our neighborhoods are dirty, and roadsigns and bridges, along with any concrete wall, gets marked with paint from gangs. Our children never pose for photographs without showing gang hand signs as if they are the coolest thing on earth. Our entire world of entertainment wallows in filth, prostitution, perversion, lying, conning , stealing, killing, maiming, and there is nothing of what would have been considered "the existing social and political order of things" in the United States of America in the year 1950.

The job is done. Our society has been dismantled by the wrecking ball, and Americans are so connected to their TV's, and other media offerings, that they might as well be hooked up to them by an IV. Naturally, since the media is a tool of our enemies,(1) Americans will learn nothing from them, that will be useful in fixing anything. The propaganda stream continues to tell them how much better it is today and how terrible it was when America was on top of the heap. And the American people buy it all.

They told us what they were going to do. They did it. And we still don't understand what happened. White American patriots call up conservative (Media paid) talk-show hosts to bellyache about the latest outrage or cause that they don't like, and waste their energy playing media. It makes them feel better getting to play the game of "ain't it awful" with the host. But what good does it do? If it could do any good, you can be sure that the show would be canceled. The fact that our enemies allow these shows to continue to exist shows you that they are of no value at all to our people or our country. It is just a way of safely venting the outrage that should be building up to the point of taking back this country the way our ancestors took it in the first place!

We need to toss out the tyrants, along with all their Marxist programs and ideals, play cowboys and Mexicans and get those invaders back across the border, and restore this land to what it once was. That is what we need. What we will get is more of the same, of watching, whining and dying.

Someone please turn out the lights when he is leaving, the party is over, and there is nothing going on here that will be of any help at all.


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