Mail From a Lemming

THE LEMMINGS ABOUND! I thought I would share with you two emails I received from one of them, and my responses to her. Karen is not her real name, but that is the only part of her email that I changed, other than correcting some spelling errors. It is especially sad, but not surprising, to realize that this lady is involved in the school system, whether as a student or a teacher. Imagine all that emotion being produced over fear for the endangerment of diversity, and not a wisp of emotion over the extermination of the White race, that she is a member of. It is hard to understand this sort of brainwashed condition. But that is the condition of most White children who are passing through the propaganda centers provided by our government.

I only wish that I had the time to expand ILWF For Kids to what it deserves to be. Our kids need all the help they can get, to work passed people like this.

Dear Web Master.

While researching for a school project about the Brothers Grimm, I stumbled across your site. To be perfectly honest, I was beyond disgusted. I tried to read some of the stories and essays your site includes, hoping to find evidence that it IS NOT a white supremacy site, but there were too many tears streaming down my face. I broke into a cold sweat and felt light headed. I have not felt that sensation since I watched a video about the Ebola virus in 9th grade. The things the site contains are as vicious, as vile, and as contagious as the virus itself. How dare you contribute to the racism that has effected so many of my friends and loved ones? I am aware that the white race (or shall I capitalize "White" as if referring to God, as is done on the site?) is not the only group responsible for racists acts. Every ethnic group has displayed narrow mindedness in our history, keeping the cycle of racism alive.

Your site is for children? I am appalled to think that children are being exposed to this such blatant nonsense! The violent video games, music, and movies children are exposed to are less damaging than the ideas your site implants in their minds. Do you actually want these children to become as ignorant as you are? They would truly be at a loss and oblivious to the real world. I am white, but I'm not the "well-mannered" white girl in a neatly pressed skirt. Oh, no. I would like to believe, I am an open-minded human being, with the intelligence to realize that my skin color is not a free ticket to perfection.

Children must learn to embrace other cultures and rejoice in the diversity America has to offer, a process you are impeding. Very young children are entirely incapable of a racist mind-set. It is physically painful for me to see children realizing for the first time that their skin color makes them inferior in some way. In pre-civil war days, poor, uneducated, illiterate, racist whites gained security, believing that they were superior to the slaves, some of whom had risked their lives to learn to read. It is saddening to believe that some people are still frozen in time, clinging to the ignorance of over a century ago. I understand that you are not only pro-white--you are pro-American. That's wonderful. Then, why, may I ask, do you deny the importance of so many of the greatest Americans to ever live--Martin Luther King Jr., Booker T. Washington, Sojourner Truth, W.E.B. Du Bois, and countless others? It must be SO blissful to live in narrow-mindedness, blocking out all you find undesirable, and believing This e-mail is longer than I intended, but it prevented me from vomiting after seeing your site. I do not understand how people can relentlessly attack the music and movie industries, while forgetting that the intolerance and arrogance present in your site just may have SOMETHING to do with the hatred that is ruining our country.

If you have read this e-mail, I thank you for listening to my views.



Dear Karen,

To watch a great nation be destroyed by the racial diversity, (which has only grown significant during the last 40 years in the USA!) is what should really make you cry. The fact that your grandchildren and their grandchild for thousands of years are going to live in the poverty and hopelessness of a third world country is what you should be shedding your tears for. Your own ignorance is incomprehensible to me. How can anyone look at the White history of the USA and not understand that racial diversity played no part in making her great, and that 90% of the major problems facing America today are diversity based?

If you really gave a damn about children, you would want them to have the safe neighborhoods, and great schools that 90% of the children had when I was growing up, instead of the crime, and drug infested disgusting propaganda centers that today we laughingly refer to as schools. Do you not understand that we cannot produce enough high quality graduates today to run the high tech industries that we ourselves invented? Your diversity, and rainbow, feel-good-no-matter-what, nonsense overloading our school system is why. But you don't care. You, and those like you, are destroying our children. You even said it yourself. You think that kids learning to kill indiscriminately from video games is more wholesome than being proud of their own racial heritage. I cannot even conceive of such depravity.

I love kids and that is why I am pulling them out of your destructive ignorance and into knowledge.

I am sure that you mean well, but your attitudes are more destructive than the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.

I hope that you have a nicer life than you are trying to inflict upon my children.


Oh, Al you DO know how to brighten my day, don't you? I had my doubts, but know I know you are DEAD SERIOUS about your cause.

Believe it or not, whites do cause a few problems. Think about our friend Timothy McVeigh. And Hitler. And then there was that crazy Jack-the-ripper guy. And I do know QUITE a few white kids who do drugs. Oh 'bout those school shootings done by white teens? Aw...poor things...guess their comfortable suburban lives were just to much to take and they needed some attention. It was a white man who raped my friend, and a white man who shot my friend's cousin. I'm not blind. I know minorities have committed terrible crimes. Yet to ignore the problems whites have caused and blaming 90% of our problems on diversity--that's an unqualified generalization.

So, we can blame 90% of our problems on diversity? What about the crimes committed by those who have problems with diversity? Like the KKK. How about those guys who dragged a black man behind their car? If every minority disappeared from the USA, our problems would not vanish. Drugs wouldn't either. And if more whites lived in the inner cities, the hardships of the lifestyle would push them to violence too. Discrimination is responsible for our problems. Diversity is NOT. Segregation and prejudice forced blacks to live in the cities at poverty level during the early to mid 20th century. And those who moved to the suburbs were relentlessly harassed.

I think that white teens share the blame for our lack of "high quality graduates." I know many kids at my school who threw away an education for drugs and others who read at a 7th grade level because their excessive drinking has eliminated whatever potential they had. A teacher left my school this year after being sexually harassed by 4 white students. Two years ago, a white student put a cat head in a bathroom sink and decorated the mirror with a swastika drawn in its blood. And then there was some bloodshed when some genius decided it would be brilliant to smash an enemy's head through a glass display case. My school is about 80% white. The blacks, Asians, and Hispanics who do attend have caused no problems during my middle and high-school career.

I have had a "nice life". Thanks for wishing me one. You and I have both grown up in nice neighborhoods. Yet, I know I should not blame the country's problems on those who lack the money to move into neighborhoods like mine.

Violence is, unfortunately, part of human nature. There have been too many wars and murders to deny that. Finger-pointing is another part of human nature. Some kid shoots his school mates; it's the music industry's fault. Too much yucky poverty and violence; somehow that's the minorities' fault. It's a lot easier to blame other things than actually do something to solve the problem. People have this mind set that finger-pointing somehow IS the solution.

I actually DO give a damn about kids, which is why I'm volunteering at a child-care center. I also volunteered at an after-school youth center, which was, *gasp* racially diverse! The white kids saw no need to ethnically cleanse place, and the black kids weren't pulling out guns. Don't worry, the delicate white children weren't harmed and needed no psychiatric treatment. I pose no harm to your children. I just wonder what's going to happen when they enter the real world, where daddy is no longer there to protect them from the evil black people. Maybe they won't be shocked. Shallowness and ignorance can make people numb.

Yes, I'm proud of my heritage--my Irish and German heritage, my ancestors, and the hardships they faced, yet it doesn't stop me from embracing cultures. Pride is fine, but there is a line between arrogance and pride that I think you've crossed. Speaking of hardships: African Americans have had their fair share of those. People centuries ago with your attitude forced them into slavery. Later racist generations denied them the right to vote and even refused to serve them at restaurants, while among the black population were some of the greatest minds in history. Why should they be any less proud of their heritage?



It really does my heart good to see a White person work so hard to make her own people look so bad. If you spent half the effort on finding fault with the Blacks and Hispanics in our society, that you do on the Whites, you would find that your puny list of White American villains, including Timothy McVeigh, (Adolf Hitler is a separate issue that we can discuss another time if you are anxious to do so) could not hold a candle to them. Half of all US murders are done by the 12% of the population made up by the Black race. All of the things you mentioned about White Americans would not be a drop in the bucket compared with the over 4000 Whites murdered every year by Blacks, and the 20,000 White women raped by them. (See Black Crime.) If you ever tried to find the truth out, you would find that comparing numbers makes the White people you are trying to make look so bad, come up smelling like roses. And it is not merely a "try" to blame Blacks, it is a fact that Blacks commit 90% of the hate crime in our land. If you are interested in knowing the truth, download the Color of Crime file and read it. It is not propaganda, but a serious study that has been quoted on the Bill O'Reilly show (The O'Reilly Factor) on the Fox News Network. If you don't care about the truth, then let's stop wasting time typing emails.

Sure the White race has faults, and they commit crimes, but you do not have a leg to stand on for the case you are trying to make. Per capita, Whites commit far less crime, far less crime, than Blacks do. The most common cause of death for school aged Black kids is gunshot. But you don't hear that on your nightly news do you? Instead you hear of the pitifully small number of White school shootings as if it were the major problem of the century.

You mentioned the KKK. In their entire history it is estimated that they have lynched 4,736 people. 1,294 of those lynched were WHITE PEOPLE. Virtually all of the lynchings were in response to a crime being committed. It was an attempt to create justice. Not the ideal method, I will grant you. But at least that was the intention. Also, most of those lynching took place before 1950.

Now compare that with what is going on with the Black people. They are killing more White people EVERY YEAR than the KKK has killed since the Civil War! They are also killing more of their OWN PEOPLE EVERY YEAR than the KKK has lynched since the Civil War! And none of those Black killings are in an attempt to punish a criminal for a crime. It is instead something far more evil, far more disgusting. It is the perpetration of murder upon an innocent victim for personal gain, or personal hatred. The KKK, is an upright charity organization by comparison. And yet you are concerned not with the outrageous behavior of the Blacks in our society but the KKK, which has been far more benign than the Blacks. Remember that the KKK was attempting to preserve its way of life. Black crime is selfish, destructive and only perpetuates more of the same.

The glaring hole in your attempt at deflecting the discussion from fact to feelings, is that all of the problems that Whites have with crime, would be 100% of the crime situation if there were only Whites here. That means if all the non-Whites were removed, our murder rate would be cut in half! By removing only 28% of the population, we would have removed over half the problem. Instead, people like you are welcoming even more of the high crime individuals into our land, and call those who would like a lower crime rate, "haters."

Another problem with your point of view is your blind spot to the obvious. If there were no diversity in the USA, there would be no discrimination, racial hatred or anything else that you are so upset about. When you have a homogeneous nation you have no racial problems at all. You have a solid, strong and relatively harmonious society. But you want to give all that up, because you "care."

All you have to do is research the numbers. If you do, you will agree with me. If you don't, you will continue in ignorance on the subject. (I do not mean that disrespectfully. I was ignorant on the subject until a couple of years ago myself.)

It is pure silliness to call what I am doing, "finger pointing." I am stating the facts to inform others of the true situation. I do not wish to make anyone look bad or to point fingers. I wish to correct the problem of having diversity in our country, which is dividing it, more and more with each passing year. We now have over 200 languages being spoken in this land. That absurdity could not have been even envisioned by the people who lived in the USA in 1950. They just wouldn't have believed that Americans could ever be so stupid as to let that happen.

In history, it has universally been the case, when you have racial diversity in a nation, you have conflict. Therefore it is pure insanity to do anything to increase, maintain or celebrate something that will invariably cause conflict. Don't you agree?

How in the world can you blame White or Black children for the cause of our sinking SAT scores? That is absurd! It is not the children's fault that they have been put into the insane school system we have today. I once listened to a Black lecturer who stated for the record that he was thankful he had completed his education prior to the integration of our schools because even he received a better education than the kids have since integration. We cannot blame the children for the insanity of the parents. It is up to the parents to resegregate the schools and put us back to the high level of education we had before the 1960s.

I don't care if you volunteer for 8 days a week, 25 hours a day to work in a leper colony, if you are supporting causes that produce more lepers you don't give a damn about lepers! If you support diversity, which is killing our children, and destroying their educational opportunities, how in the world will your volunteering for anything at all make a difference? It won't. It is better to avoid the iceberg than to man the pumps, as they discovered on the Titanic.

If you cared about your heritage, you would not support causes that will eradicate it. In one hundred years your people will not be a serious force in the United States any longer. In two hundred years, there will be no more White people in North America, than there are in South America. In other words, they effectively will have been eradicated.

But the USA is not the only place this is true. In Europe the process is going on as well. Whites are already a minority in the London school system. In Germany the immigrants are pouring in as well. If White folks do not stop arguing over stupid things like how they feel about other races, and start instead paying attention to what is happening to their countries, there won't be any White people left, and the matter will be academic. Of course to most liberals that would not be a great loss, because they do not care about White heritage or culture. But if you really do care about your heritage it should bother you just a bit to think there will be no one left who will give a darn about who your people were. (Past tense emphasized.)

My web page does not anywhere say that any other race should not be proud of its accomplishments. What it says is that my race has that same right to be proud of its accomplishments, AND my race has the same right as all other races do: to survive by having its own lands in which to reproduce, free from major interference from other races.

The White race is now only 8% of the world population, and falling. It is the only race on earth that is having its homelands overrun in significant numbers by other races, and yet we have people who are trying to silence anyone who points this out, as if the information itself is somehow dirty or evil. It is a fact, and facts are nothing but reality, expressed as data. It is not dirty, or evil, it is merely information.

The extermination of the White race through diversity is underway. Instead of discussing that, we must take side roads this way and that, discussing how we feel about other races, and how much dignity we afford other peoples. All the while the invasion continues and our situation grows more precarious.

Yes, it will take decades, to complete the job of White extermination in the USA. (According to official government estimates, by the year 2050, we will be a minority in this land, that was 90% White in 1960. By 2100, our role will be insignificant in this country, and the nice neighborhoods you enjoy, will virtually all be gone. Take a close look at Brazil if you want to know what the USA in 2100 will be like.) It may take a century or more in Europe to complete the task. But that does not mean that corrective action is not needed now.

Once diversity has taken over the land, there will be no putting the genie back in the bottle. (Compare the relative difficulty of keeping the salt and the pepper separate in two different containers, and the difficulty of trying to separate out a shaker full of salt and a shaker full of pepper once they have been mixed up into a single mess.) We will be dead as a people. If this in no way bothers you, please do not bother to write back. I do not mind taking the time to explain things to someone who is willing to listen, but I do not wish to waste my valuable time, that I truly have too little of, in beating my head against a dead wall.

All the best,


I should mention that she did not bother to write back.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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