Liberal Labels

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF WHY? Why it is that liberals will always defend their position with labels rather than facts?

If you are against homosexual behavior, you are presented with a label of "homophobe," rather than an attempt at refutation of the facts that:

If you think that feminism is a bad idea you are given the label "sexist," which is much easier than to deal with the facts:

Forget the facts and focus on the buzzword label. Get the emotions involved so the brain is turned off. That is the liberal way.

When a white man does not want his family raised around blacks he is immediately labeled a “racist” by the liberal who wants the all-white neighborhood to be removed from our country forever. Using the word “racist” for the white man who is acting in a good and rational manner, trying to protect his family, is much easier, shall we say even possible, than to talk their way out of the facts:

When a white man wants to send his children to an all white school that is also nothing more than legitimate concern for his children’s education. The liberal tries to stop the discussion before the facts come out by yelling, “bigot!” and “racist!” Nonetheless, it is a fact that drugs and crime are increased dramatically by the introduction of blacks into the white schools. (What is true of the neighborhood is at least as true for the school.)

While whites and eastern Asians average nearly identical in IQ (Asian mean IQ is 103 and whites 101 to 102) 1  Compare that with the fact that in the United States, black IQ’s consistently average around 85. This has been true for over 40 years since testing has been ongoing, and does not change with the type of test used. Any legitimate IQ test (even a culturally leveled one) 2  will give the same results.  In Africa, where the black racial lines are pure, the mean IQ is a mere 75. 3

If you wonder what has happened to our school system, visualize if you will, what happens when you introduce into a learning environment, a group of people who are less law-abiding, less intelligent, and who have been whipped into anger by liberals screaming slogans against whites. First off, the law abiding students will be led astray by those who ignore the rules and get away with it. Secondly, the class room, which by necessity must be a controlled and studious environment if it is to be effective, will be disrupted and learning will be difficult at best for all the students. Thirdly, the less intelligent group will not be able to keep up with the faster pace of the other students and will therefore become frustrated and angry at the school which is too hard for them. As a result charges of “racism” are leveled at the schools and suddenly the level of education is lowered to allow the black student to be able to pass.

The final result of the integration of the American schools could have been predicted long before it happened. My guess is that those who made it happen, probably knew full well what the results would be. Without any doubt whatsoever, they should have known that our schools would become less effective, and more dangerous. The white man who objects to his children going to schools which are less safe, and less effective is not a racist! He is a good and loving parent, who would be a disgusting excuse for a parent if he did not object to integration. An all white school is a better and safer school. That is not racism, it is a fact.

So, for a change, let us not talk about “bigotry.” Let us not talk about “racism.” Let us instead talk about the facts. When the facts are known, intelligent decisions can be made as to what racial policies should be. When the facts are covered up by liberals screaming names, then only bad decisions will be allowed to be made.

1. The Bell Curve  by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray page 273
2. Ibid. page 280
3. Ibid. page 289; In The End Of Racism, by Dinesh D'souza (Asain-Indian, now American) on page 468 is this: "Lynn contends that black Africans have IQs virtually at the retarded
level: 80 in Uganda and Ghana, 75 in Nigeria, 65 in Zaire, with an African average of about 70."
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