(or the Success of the Liberal Movement)

LOOK AT THE MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS of the Liberal movement today. They claim to have made things better for blacks in our society. They claim to have made things better for women in our society. They claim to have made our neighborhoods and schools better through diversity. All of this they take credit for doing.

A simple look around us will quickly put to rest any delusion that the average black is even as well off today as he was in 1950. Today he has a better than two to one chance of being born illegitimately. He is most likely going to end up in jail or being killed by sometime before he even reaches his twenty-first birthday. In fact he stands a much better chance of one or both of those things happening than he does of graduating from high school. If he does graduate from high school, he will probably be far behind other races who have also graduated from high school. The knowledge that he will possess at graduation will be far less than the knowledge that his grand father would have possessed when he graduated from his all black high school. So, all the way around the average black man is actually much worse off now than before the civil rights movement. No he does not have to ride at the back of the bus but he still lives in the poorest and increasingly more dangerous part of town. Sure you have the handful of pro athletes and some token managers in business but the average black is worse off today because of liberalism. There is no sign of any improvement in the future. Americans are tired of the affirmative action plans that never did much good anyway, and created a lot of anger directed towards the blacks, who were perceived as inferior because they needed that kind of unfair treatment.

Another area where liberalism appears to have failed is feminism. What is it that makes women tick? Reading the book Brain Sex by Anne Moir & David Jessel, will make it clear that women are mostly driven by social relationships. They love to encounter others and build those sort of close friendships that men do not quite understand. Women are emotionally and mentally superior to men in the area of family building. It is the sphere where women are supreme. A child needs his mother in ways a father cannot equal. Most women need children in ways a man does not even understand. It is seen when a woman at work brings in her new baby. Nearly all of the women in the building are suddenly around her with that look in their eyes that says just how much babies mean to them. Men will come around and joke a little and maybe even hold the baby for a second but women are deeply enthralled down to their very being.

This is merely a brief and incomplete discussion of what it means to be a woman. However as the subject is delved into with increasing detail, it becomes clearer and clearer that the family is the core element of the average woman's happiness. If that core element has failed, her life has been deeply saddened and lessened.

What is the most obvious change that we can see in our families today, when compared with the American families existing in the time before the liberal onslaught started in the 1960's? They have become fragile, short lived, and given small esteem among the citizens of this country. Feminism has crushed the family of today. The leaders of the movement have directly ridiculed the homemaker as being unfulfilled.

Liberals have been politically responsible for creating a societal environment where a woman is pressured to enter the workplace where her entire salary is generated in for no other purpose than to pay the tax burden that the family must bear for the liberal programs the government is now mistakenly engaged in financing.

As women have entered the workplace, they have still been tasked with doing most of the housework in addition to the responsibilities of their out-of-home job. They see far too little of their children for a mother's heart to feel good about. They do not have the energy to make a home run the way their stay-at-home moms did. So, their home is far less than it could be. Problems escalate because nether of the spouses is able to focus on the problems at home like they should. Men now find far more females at work, where adultery is more common than ever before, accellerating the break up of their families.

The bottom line is that women have been hurt by the feminist movement in the very area that is most important to them: the family. The single mother is in over her head and we are creating horribly large numbers of single mothers today because of feminism. The place of honor a woman used to be guaranteed as the homemaker has been taken away from her and the manly role of bread-winner has been inserted in its place. This is a severe net loss for the average woman.

Shall we look at the third triumph of the liberal, the neighborhoods and schools of these United States of America? These are actually two separate liberal programs of "improvement" but they are so closely related that I am joining them together. Compare the average integrated neighborhood and school of today with the average white neighborhood of the 1950s. What do you see as the difference? As minorities have moved into both the neighborhoods and the schools, drugs, crime and lower living standards have followed. Often a very nice white neighborhood has ended up being completely abandoned by the whites who built it and who had every right to keep it, but who were left no quarter by the liberal totalitarian tactics which drove them out. ( See Moving Day. ) The net effect of this on our neighborhoods is that chaos has increased and order has decreased. Whites are either having their security taken from them or they are having their homes taken from them, through no fault of their own. All the while the minority brings the same living standard with them that they just left, as they move into a neighborhood, providing drugs, crime and graffiti to their new home.

In school the same process has gone on and the standard of education is lowered for all the students. I will not go into great detail on this subject again, as I have already covered it in another article. ( See Education Sort of... ) Due to the liberal activities in our nation, today the schools are quite inferior to the ones of the 1950s, for both blacks and whites.

Each and every time a liberal program is initiated, we find that the group of people who were supposed to benefit from the program, are harmed, as well as all those about them and those who have been literally robbed, to pay for the program. Such a failure record should put a real tarnish upon the character and credibility of the liberals, and yet you find them out there pushing just as hard today for their misguided programs as they did in the sixties. Are they really that stupid? Do they have no compassion whatsoever for those they claim to want to help?

Here we see what is going on. They do not care about the ideals which they claim to be in favor of. Not one whit! If all women ended up being forced against their will into servitude and prostitution, the liberals would not care at all. If all blacks were sold back into slavery the real liberals would not lose a minutes sleep over it. If all neighborhoods turned into ghettos the liberals would not bat an eye.

If any such truly compassionate reaction were possible to the liberal, it would have already happened! You would see liberals out crying and weeping with shame and begging all the country to forgive them for destroying: the black family; so many neighborhoods; nearly all of the public schools; the white families; and the children of all races. Have you seen even one liberal performing penance for what they have done? Of course not!

The feminists created sexual harrassment laws which have resulted in many men losing their jobs, and in many others being thrown in jail. These same hypocritical feminists now line up behind our president and support him completely, in spite of the fact that he has broken these same laws.

There is no shame and there is no regret in the liberal camp. They not only do not feel bad about tearing down America as much as they have, they want to do even more!

So, what must we think? They do the opposite of what they claim that they want to do, and feel good about it. That can only mean one thing: They had goals which they never told anyone openly about which they did reach, and they of course care not at all about the publically stated goals which they not only did not reach but have moved farther away from!

Did a light go on in your head? It should have. You should now be looking for those hidden liberal goals and inspecting the changes that have been made by liberals in our society for things which might secretly make those liberals happy.

What is the most obvious change that has happened since 1950? The white majority has been knocked completely off balance. Before 1950, the white race was in the driver's seat in the America that they had built for themselves. There were quotas in place on immigration to maintain the level of white people at over 80% of the population. The change? Today, over 90% of all immigrants are non-white. Because the white race has been knocked out of its position of control of its own nation, there is nothing visible that can be done to stop this disaster short of revolution.

The liberal has created this mess intentionally by hypocritically proclaiming love for minorities, and trying, quite successfully, to inspire guilt in the white man to kill his natural defense mechanisms which would have stopped the minority invasion long before it got this far out of hand. The whole civil rights movement, as supported by the liberal press and all of the liberal leaders had only one goal in mind: destroy the strong position of the white race in America, and soften the country up for invasion. As you can see, the civil rights movement hurt the black man, but it made the liberal very happy! The invasion is well on its way to a successful end.

It is just as true with the feminist movement. The feminist movement has destroyed the most important aspect of most women's life, the family. Yet it has been a successful "failure" for the liberals too. The movement once again harmed the ones it was proclaimed to be helping, but no matter! It was a complete success in weakening the famlies of American which had always been her strength. Children are not raised by their stay-at-home mothers, who would otherwise have passed the American culture down to them during daily interfacing with her offspring. Now the children learn culture from the schools, day care centers, and mostly from the liberal media as they spend the bulk of their day watching television propaganda shows. This leaves the next generation weak and helpless for the next stage of the liberal plan.

Each and every step along the way the liberal fails at what they claim to want, while succeeding at what they really want.

The method is consistent. It is a one size-fits-all program.

We have gone through this liberal method of attack upon our country on a number of issues. We have been devastated by feminism, civil rights, education reform, welfare and affirmative action. As our country has been driven to its knees from the greatness it once had, we are left helpless to even speak out against the attack. Most Americans have been so filled with propaganda from the liberal machine that they cannot even think the thought that a liberal ideal might actually be evil and false! You will never oppose something that you cannot conceive as requiring opposition. As a child could you hate Santa Claus? Now as adults, most Americans could no more hate the liberal phony and destructive ideals than your childhood self could have hated the head elf of the North Pole.

We must first see clearly through the propaganda. Look clearly at where the liberal ideals have taken us and you will see that they are not ideals with America's best interest at heart. When following an ideal causes harm it must be discarded as a false ideal. Once you can see the real effect of the liberal's programs it is easy to see the monster in the lamb's clothing who is driving this nation to destruction for what he truly is: our enemy. More than Germany in the last two world wars. More than Japan in the last world war. More than the Soviet Union was during the cold war. We have an enemy in our midst which is the most effective and therefore the most serious enemy this nation has ever faced. This enemy is well on the way to defeating this country and destroying the white civilization which created it.

Give no quarter to the liberal. Even he does not believe in his so-called ideals, so you certainly have no reason to feel guilty for not matching up to them. Stand up for your country and your race and run the liberal invaders from our land!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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