The Falling Graph

White Population is falling fast!


AThis graph shows the alarming trend that is being followed in America today. This is not wild speculation. This is hard cold fact! The White race first created America. The population of the United States of America, prior to the 1960s was always at least 80% White and for most of the twentieth century it was about 90% White.

That continued until the liberals decided that America was not good enough for them. It had to be changed. When you take on the audacious task of changing the very best country on earth, you must have the highest degree of arrogance to think that you are going to make it better.

A simple look at the radical changes that have occurred in the USA since 1965 when the legal change was implemented, will show you that the arrogance was misplaced in those liberals who were as insane as Dr. Frankenstein was in his laboratory.

Since 1965, the US immigration laws have allowed a consistent and voluminous flow of Nonwhite people into our country, which has diluted the White majority down from 90% to 72% of the population in 1998. It is further projected that, if things remain unchanged and the White population does not wake up, that the White population will fall below 50% in this, the very country that the White race created from the ground up. The liberals will have effectively assisted in the invasion of our country by other races in the hope of dislodging and then exterminating the White race from this land.

The chart is accurate and cannot be argued with. Our fate is in our hands, but only for a few more decades. Each year that passes, only makes it that much harder for us to recover our land for our people. This graph is a desperate call to White Americans to WAKE UP!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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