The Leftist Myths

I HAD MY GUEST BOOK BARRAGED with negative entries for several days this past week. It appears that these entries originated with a group which maintains a web page called Oregon Spotlight. [Apparently this group's leader, Steven Stroud, is in prison as of 2015. Imagine that. ~Alpin]

When I went to visit their web page I stumbled across an item called: Racist Tricks.

It had the following claim at the top of the page:

Steven Stroud and Randy Blazak have worked with members of hate groups for over ten years and have learned many of the rhetorical tricks they use to convince young people of the rightness of their simplistic world view. Blazak is a professor of sociology and criminology and Stroud actually spent time as a Nazi skinhead. Here they easily debunk some of their myths.
What follows is the complete text of their attempts to follow up on the above claim and my refutation of each of the items they came up with. Please note the way that these people have no concern at all for 1) the truth and 2) Traditional America. As you will see, the only concern that they have is for their leftist agenda.
MYTH #1: There is going to be a race war, so you better only have white friends, because your non-white friends will become your enemy.

Reality: Racist terrorists have been trying to start a race war for decades and have failed miserably. This was Timothy McVeigh's goal and the wet-dream of every two-bit Klansman, but it will never happen. America is a melting pot nation. Most "white" people have heritage that includes Africans, Irish, Mexicans, Native American, Italians, Greeks, Jews, and many other non-Aryans. The die-hard Nazis believe that anyone who isn't blonde haired and blue eyed will be the enemy in a race war. The REALITY is that if there were a race war, the majority of white Americans would fight AGAINST the racists, as would the rest of the Earth.
Myth #2: After the "race war" or the expulsion of minorities, America will be a better place.

Reality: Who would want to live in a land where everyone looked and thought just like them? No Mexican restaurants, no Jewish comedians, no rock or jazz music. Just a bunch of Nazis marching around, listening to Wagner and eating waffles. Besides, "White America" would be isolated by the rest of the world and probably provoke a third world war. The international response to Hitler's Germany, South Africa during apartheid and Serbia in the 1990's should give you a clue. America run by and for racists would be a very boring and lonely place. America is a cultural melting pot by it's very nature. For a great example, read Ralph Linton's short essay, 100% American.
Myth #3: America was built by white men.

Reality: Who could possibly believe this? There were a lots of white women, African slaves, Arabs, Chinese and others who helped to build this country. Huge chunks of America used to belong to Mexico. The nuclear power that drives much of America, the penicillin that heals America and the movie industry that entertains America and exports its culture to the world are the result of the work of Jewish innovators. Since most white Americans' ancestors immigrated to this country between 1880 and 1940 and most black Americans can trace their family roots back to slavery (1609-1865), who is more American?
Myth #4: Blacks are more criminal than whites.

Reality: True, African-Americans are over-represented in the arrest statistics. But this shows us the natural bias in policing toward arresting poor, urban criminals. For example, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the typical arrest for rape is of a young black man. But if you look at anonymous victimization data (which includes all the UNREPORTED and UNARRESTED rape cases) rapists are overwhelmingly white and known to the victims (only 22% are rapes by strangers). A white woman is much more likely to be raped by her white boyfriend or white relative than by a black man. Here's another example. Self-report data shows us that whites are as likely to use drugs as blacks, but blacks are four times more likely to be arrested for drugs than whites. Many people believe the "War of Drugs" is really a war on blacks, warehousing them in America's prison system.
  • Note that this is listed as a myth and then it is admitted as being true.
  • Talk about an understatement. Blacks are not merely over-represented in the arrest statistics. They are 10 times more likely to commit a violent crime than a White is.(1)
  • Notice the twisting of the information presented to make it appear like the facts are saying something different than they are. Let us look at the facts as they are.
  • FBI reports show that Blacks per capita commit 12 times the number of robberies that Whites do, even with Hispanics included in the White numbers!(1)
  • In California where the Whites are separated from the Hispanics in the numbers collected the picture is much clearer! The assault rate is 22 times higher for Blacks.(1)
  • Blacks are only 12.1% of the population today. Yet, they commit 55% of the murders. Their murder rate is 44.9 per 100,000, while Whites (excluding Hispanics from the numbers) are close to 4 per 100,000.(1)
  • In Washington DC, which is mostly Black and therefore has no reason to single out Blacks as offenders, 50% of all Black males in the age range of 18 to 35 years, are currently felons (charged or convicted) in the criminal justice system. (Serving time, on probation or parole, currently charged with a felony or there is a warrant sworn out for their arrest) This does not include Blacks who may have committed previous felonies but have completed their sentences.(1)
  • While only 3% of White crime is committed against Blacks, over 50% of all Black crime is committed against Whites.(1)
  • Blacks are 22 times more likely to kill Whites than Whites are to kill Blacks.(1)
  • In 1991 there were 200 White women raped by Blacks for every 1 Black woman raped by Whites.(1)
  • Even in white collar crime, Blacks are 3 times more likely to be arrested than are Whites.(1)
  • The fact that Blacks are arrested for drug busts 4 times more often than Whites would go along with the rest of their pattern of behavior. In places where there are nearly all Blacks, like Washington DC, there is no reason to pick on Blacks. They are nearly the entire population! But the numbers for murder and other crimes is even higher per capita there than in the rest of the nation! It is no myth that Blacks are more criminal than Whites.
Myth #5: Gay men want to molest children and rape straight men.

Reality: All statistics on child abuse show that molesters are disproportionately heterosexual and known to the victim. Outside of prison, the rape of males is extremely rare and is typically done by homophobes who are assaulting gay men in hate crimes. Gay men respect their friends just like straight men do and are probably don't want to have sex with you.

  • There is no heterosexual equivalent of the National Man-Boy Love Association. (NAMBLA) Homosexuals are not adverse to "recruiting" young boys, as demonstrated by this organization.
  • The perverted lifestyle of the homosexual was the primary agent of the rapid spread of AIDS in the USA, primarily because this country was tolerant of homosexuality! If homosexuals were not allowed to have bath houses where they could perform homosexual acts with 20 or 30 partners in one night, there probably would have been a much slower HIV infection rate.
  • While the campaign against smoking is every left-winger's cause, they promote homosexuality. The average heavy smoker dies in his late sixties. The average male homosexual dies in his early forties. This is an excellent example of how turned around the leftist view is on things.
Myth #6: There is a secret Jewish conspiracy controlling the U.S. government.

Reality: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It was used to explain the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the German Weimar Republic. The so-called "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" that discusses the Jewish plot to rule the world is a work of fictitious anti-Semitic propaganda (for the evolution of the conspiracy theory, see the book Blood In The Face, by James Ridgeway). The high percentage of Jews in President Clinton's cabinet reflects the Jewish culture's emphasis on literacy and education, not an evil plot. Jews generally find this conspiracy theory hilarious (but frightening, since Hitler used it so effectively).
  • This man has already mentioned the Jewish control of the media in one way or another more than once. If you visit Who Rules America you will see how complete that control really is.
  • The absurdity of the claim that the Jews selected by Clinton for his cabinet are more literate and educated than all of the White folks of European extraction available, is clearly absurd. It is outrageous that such a claim should be put forward.
  • The case for a Jewish conspiracy is made on other places more effectively than I could do in this article. (See the Jewish Supremacism, by Dr. David Duke.)
Myth #7: Whites are genetically superior.

Reality: Tell that to Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein! Adolph Hitler tried to promote the idea that Aryans were physically superior and failed miserably. At the 1936 he Olympics, he removed all Jews from the German team to promote his Aryan Uberman. They were stomped into the race track, by Jesse Owens, black American. The few American Jews that defied the boycott and traveled to Berlin also did well against the Germans. In the wake of the dominance of black Athletes, racists shifted their case to claim that whites are intellectually superior. Standard IQ, which are culturally biased in favor of whites, still produce higher scores for Asian-Americans.

  • The claim by ILWF is that Whites are genetically different. There is no White or Asian on earth that can do what Michael Jordan can do because Michael Jordan is Black and has Black characteristics. The other players in the NBA that can even approximate what Michael Jordan does are Black. Black players in the NBA joke that White men have "White Man's Disease." Why? Because White men are physically different than Black men. They move differently and jump differently. They are different. That is a fact.
  • How much Caucasian blood did Einstein have? I do not know. I know nothing of his genetic background. His son was not a mental whiz, and recently they have said that Einstein's brain was a physiologically abnormal. Mutations happen. But even if he had all Nonwhite blood in him, who cares? The point is that the White race has unique genetic qualities. ILWF believes that those qualities are worth preserving.
  • Since IQ scores were mentioned, Black IQ's are 15 points lower than Whites, while Asians are only a point or two higher than Whites. (Note that the "culturally biased" thing does not effect Asians but somehow stumps Blacks who grew up in this culture! Someone seriously promoting such absurdity is hard to imagine.)
  • A simple comparison of the accomplishments of the White race (building the Egyptian, Persian, Babylonian, Greek, and Roman, empires of the past, as well as impacting the civilization of India in a very positive way, and creating the great nations of Europe and North America, added together with the massive scientific and technological advances created by the White race) with those of the other races will show that the White race has much to be proud of. There is no doubt that the White race has made some great contributions to mankind. As great or greater than any other race has.
  • Because the White race is genetically different and is undeniably at least as gifted as any other race, it clearly is right, and to the advantage of the entire world, that the White race survive. In order to do that, the White race must have its own lands, as do the other races, in order to avoid extermination.
Myth #8: Minorities, women and homosexuals want special privileges.

Reality: Civil rights are not special rights, they are for all Americans, including straight white Christian males. Allowing groups who have been traditionally discriminated against to organize (black student organizations, women's groups, gay rights parades) is an attempt to right history's wrongs. We don't need a "White History Month" because, traditionally, every month has been a white history month. We don't need a "masculinist" movement, because men have always held the controls of power in America. We don't need a "National Association for the Advancement of White People" or a "Straight Rights Parade" because straight whites have always had their interests supported by the status quo.

  • While we destroy all the traditional institutions and relationships between the races and the sexes we are not allowed to promote the group that created America.
  • If all months are White history months then why are Nonwhites mixed into that same study? The difference between studying White history and what this man is trying to pawn off as "White history" is easily spotted when reading the book MARCH OF THE TITANS - A HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE. The history that kids learn in school today is not White history. It is clearly race-free instruction about Europeans, and others. What is the primary focus of Black History Month? It is the Black race, as a separate and distinct race of man. It is not a study compelled by the great works of the Black race. It is not compelled by the great impact on history of the Black race as a whole. It is compelled by racism and nothing else. It is a study of race, not history. It is an attempt to highlight the Black people as something special, not for their accomplishments (which is the case for all other history taught in school), but for their race.
  • In each of the areas mentioned we see that the traditional way of doing things is being attacked with great vigor, and at the same time the White Heterosexual Male is not allowed to defend himself. "He is already defended," it is said. Well if he is defended, why is he losing his rightful position? (His position is rightful by right of inheritance!) If he holds all the power, as claimed, then who is taking it from him, and how?
  • The "status quo" is being turned on its head, and no attempt to put it back to normal will be tolerated. A "greater power" (the leftists) have determined that the old status quo was wrong and a new one will be set up, with White males being the only ones who do not have a voice in how this new arrangement will play.
Myth #9: Calling black people "African-American" proves that they aren't true Americans.

Reality: Most non-black Americans are aware of their ethnic identity through their last names. Our names are Scottish or German or French or Italian. Johnson, Jefferson and Jordan are not African names. They are slave names. But blacks' history doesn't begin with slavery. There were hundreds of cultures and ethnicities in Africa before the slave trade. While Europeans were still living in caves, Africans were making leather shoes, building structures and calculating mathematics on paper. The term "African-American" is an attempt to connect black Americans with their pre-slavery history. We don't mind when Irish-Americans use the hyphen.

  • See Hyphenated Americans
  • The absurdity of this argument is plain. If Blacks wished to be Americans they would call themselves Americans. They would call themselves Blacks, Negroes, Africans or some other name that they feel comfortable with when they want to mention their racial background. Instead they use the term African-American as both their race and their nationality.
  • Will this dishonest insanity never end? African Blacks never created a written language or even invented the wheel. They did not calculate on paper because they did not have paper. They did not do it when Whites were in caves or any time before or after. It is clear that leftists have no qualms about lying when it suits them. (See White Egypt.)
Myth #10: All non-whites do is complain about America.

Reality: Ever been to a Klan rally? It's just a bunch of whining white guys. Americans have the right to peacefully protest. Where would we be if our forefathers never complained about taxation without representation?

  • The point was not that Nonwhites complain about America. The point was that ALL THAT NONWHITES DO is complain about America. See the distinction? As this guy goes off on a tangent, the real point is ignored.
  • While not contributing anything positive, without joining and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by America, we have these groups of Nonwhites who find nothing but fault with America. They whine, are placated and then whine some more.
  • How many Klan meetings have been held in order to demand more welfare or government programs handouts?
Myth #11: America would be better off if the races were separate.

Reality: According to polls, the vast majority of Americans enjoy the diversity that is America. We enjoy our Asian silk and our Arabian coffee. We don't want to give up soul music, bagels or burritos. "White Separatism" isn't even possible. What if you were biracial? Where would you go? Would Italian-Americans have to be separated from Franco-Americans? What about whites with brown hair? Are they REALLY white? Could you have a Chinese restaurant, as long as the food was cooked and served by whites? Would white kids be allowed to listen to rock 'n' roll, which is black music? Who would pay to move the races to separate areas? Our attempt to do this with American Indians was a huge failure. America would be better off it the races learned to respect and appreciate each other.

  • Where were the polls back in the 1950s? Do you think this leftist would have given a hoot for what they said then? Sure, today after we have had 40 years of intensive brainwashing by the leftist controlled media and government school system, the polls will reflect that programming. It says nothing about whether America would be better off or not.
  • What does say something about whether America would be better off or not by having the races separated is, an example. What was America like when the races were separated? Back in the 1950s we find that the American schools were the best in the world. The neighborhoods had very low crime rates. Most marriages lasted for a lifetime, and the vast majority of children were raised by both of their real parents. The country was 90% White and there was every reason to believe that it would stay that way. Life in America was better all the way around. That is proof that the leftists always run away from!
  • What does Asian silk, Arabian Coffee, Soul music, bagels, or burritos have to do with giving your land to Nonwhites? You can have all of those things without having a single Nonwhite living within your borders. You can go to the lands where these things originated and visit, to learn all about their culture. This is an absurd attempt at misdirection. There are McDonald's, blue jeans, and rock music in Japan but it is still an Asian nation, filled with Asian people. How is that possible? Clearly it is possible in the USA as well, but reason will not enter into a leftist's discussion.
  • The truth is that having half-breed children is a terrible thing. Mohamed Ali stated that fact very clearly. They do not fit in anywhere completely and never will. And the answer to this problem according to the leftist is to promote making more of them. The depth of the depravity of the left cannot be sounded.
  • It seems that nothing more ridiculous could be asserted by the leftists, and then along comes something even farther from reality. Who will pay for separating the races? Who is paying for them now? Who has to give half of each of his paychecks to the government, so it can hand it out to the Nonwhite freeloaders, in the form of welfare, medical, government programs? Who do you think will pay for it? The producers in this country, the White race. And it will be far cheaper than the path we are walking right now!
  • There are twice as many Indians alive in the USA today as there were living in this land when Columbus came. So, it has not been a total failure. They are not killing Whites in war parties anymore, and Whites are not fighting them any more. That is a distinct improvement over the way it was going in the 1800s.
  • Races can respect and appreciate each other very well from afar. It is absurd to suggest that the races much accept something (multiculturalism) which has been a disaster everywhere it has been tried, in order to respect each other. These are two completely different things. The leftist constantly says that in order to appreciate other cultures you have to have them move in with you. That is ridiculous on the face of it. They also say that in order for you to appreciate other races you have to share your neighborhoods, schools and breed with them. Again there is nothing of sincerity or value in that point of view. The only thing you get by doing that is to have mixed race offspring and the destruction of both races in the location where it happens.
  • Of course for the Blacks, the Hispanics, and the Asians, it does not matter if they are bred out of existence in America, as they were in Portugal. They have large resources of more Blacks in Africa, Hispanics in South America, and Asians all over Asia. There is no invasion into those areas by other races trying to breed those Nonwhites into extinction. Those areas are fairly racially pure, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
  • Yet, in the White nations we have leftists, in every one of them, insisting that diversity is not only great, but mandatory. They threaten, as was done by this very leftist, and actually produce, wars of whatever proportion necessary to force the people in the White nations into accepting their own racial extermination.
  • The most fascinating thing about the leftist propaganda, at least to me, is their ability to make something as vile as racial extermination of the White race, look like it is the 'high moral ground." They make it sound like it is a wonderful thing to accept death of your people, through miscegenation. They make it sound like pure sainthood to give up your lands to those who have no right to it. Suicide is the greatest virtue to these White race haters. (Too bad they do not really believe what they are saying. We would all be a lot safer with them gone.)
Myth #12: Love for the white race is not "hate".

Reality: It's possible to love the uniqueness of being a white American. Most whites love the privilege that comes along with their racial status (i.e., racism is someone else's problem). The reality is that most "pro-white" groups spend most of their time discussing their hatred for other groups who they think want to take away their racial privilege. People who are "pro-black" are not-usually anti-white, just anti-racist. Unfortunately, the converse is rarely true. Being proud of being white is not the same as being proud of your Irish, German, Mexican or Swedish heritage. "White pride" is associated with bigotry.

  • Once again he admits that one of his "myths" is not a myth. It is possible to love the White race without hating other races.
  • If it is possible "to love the uniqueness of being a white American" then it is only natural and good that you should want to defend and preserve that uniqueness. You are in fact driven by honor and truth to do just that. Diversity is the greatest threat that the White race has ever faced in its history. It can actually be the final curtain for the our people. Since diversity is a great threat to our people, and we are honor bound to defend our people, there is no honorable choice but to fight diversity with all of our strength and using all of our resources.
  • The "privilege" of being a White in America is the same privilege of being an Asian in Japan. If a society was created by a race, that race will have privilege. It is just and fair that it should have privilege. In Israel the Jews have privilege. What is wrong, what is dirty and what is disgusting is not that Whites have privilege in their own country. It is rather that the leftist seek to destroy this country and its sense of honor and fair play, by stripping the rightful owners of privilege and by government force, giving it to others.
  • The assertion that pro-Blacks are not anti-White is a deception. Legitimate pro-Blacks would not attempt to destroy White America through welfare, government programs, and forced integration of all parts of society. All of those activities are anti-White. True pro-Blacks would be attempting to find a way to get Blacks into a land where they fit in, a separate land where they would be competing with others of their own kind. As mentioned before, this leftist believes that IQ tests are tough for Blacks to take. Yet IQ tests are excellent predictors of how well anyone will do on a job, including Blacks. That leaves us with the unavoidable conclusion that Blacks will never compete well in the job market in America. They will most often flounder and fall behind, as is demonstrated by the fact that after one and a third centuries of freedom, and two generations of special treatment by the government, they are still mostly poor and nonproductive. A pro-Black person would see that this is going nowhere for the Blacks. Instead of trying to help the Blacks achieve what they can best do, by heading to Africa or creating their own separate societies in America, the pro-Black forces are doing all that they can to punish White Americans for what is not their fault.
  • A further indication of how anti-White the pro-Black forces are, is the way they view Black crime. It is as if crimes committed by Blacks were nothing. The implication is that Blacks are incapable of being good. When the great depression hit the USA and there was far greater poverty for most Whites than Blacks have to deal with today, the crime rate did not go up. It is quite possible to be poor and crime free at the same time. In West Virginia there are areas of White poverty that is far more intense than that felt in any ghetto, and yet the crime rate is very low. Yet the pro-Black forces use poverty for an excuse for depravity and crime. Blacks feel that the White laws are not important to Blacks, and that enforcement of those laws is racist. Since our White society is built upon those laws, it means that Blacks have no respect for our society. The pro-Black forces cheered when OJ Simpson walked away from the criminal justice system a free man after having cut up his White wife. That is anti-White.
  • Lastly we have an assertion. It is not backed up with fact. It is just stated as if fact, that "'White pride' is associated with bigotry." So, by definition if you love your White race, and are standing up for it, you are being a bigot. There is no possibility that you can love your race and stand up for your race without being evil and hateful. That is how the leftist works. He tries to arrange the facts and all discussions in such a way that no other point of view is tolerable. If you fight against the annihilation of your race you are a bigot, and not to be respected. If you support any other race or culture you can be acceptable and your view respected. But if you are pro-White you are branded as evil.
Myth #13: The Bible says gay men should be killed.

Reality: The Bible also says people who work on the Sabbath should be killed. The Christian Bible has thousands of interpretations. The Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists all have different takes on it. Martin Luther King, Jr. used The Bible as a civil rights manual. Some people believe that God is white, others show evidence that Jesus was black. In America, everyone has the constitutional right to interpret The Bible any way they want. You can believe that Adam & Eve were from Mars! But when you use your interpretation to violate the rights of other Americans, including gay Americans, then you are a dangerous religious fanatic.

  • Once again the myth is shown not to be a myth. The leftist did admit that the Bible says this.
  • After his absurd wandering around the non-issue of what leftist religionists do to try and distort what is in the Bible we come back to what his only point is: If you do not give homosexuals exactly what they demand you are a dangerous religious fanatic. It is amazing how they keep using that same tired tactic of creating definitions that paint traditional Americans' point of view out of any possible consideration.
Myth #14: All crimes are hate crimes.

Reality: Actually, most crimes are committed over domestic disputes. Many crimes are motivated by financial need, not hate. While most crimes are intra-racial (white on white, black on black, etc.) the overwhelming majority of black-on white crimes are motivated by a need for money. Hate crimes target and victimize whole categories of people. Targets are picked simply for their symbolic value. Hate crimes undermine the fabric of our society

  • Who cares what the setting is of a crime? If a man beats his wife to death it is a hate crime. If a man shoots a store owner it is a hate crime. No one does these things out of love.
  • Over 50% of Black violent crime is against Whites. So it is misleading to say that most crimes are intra-racial. Most White crimes are intra-racial. Just the opposite of what the leftists are trying to promote as the truth.
  • Blacks are 25 times more likely to criminally victimize Whites than Whites are to victimize Blacks. What is the leftist reaction to this? Oh, those poor Blacks just cannot help themselves. As was mentioned above, intensely poor White people can help themselves, why is it that poor Blacks are incapable of helping themselves?
  • The idea that it is worse to kill someone for their race instead of for their money is absurd. The only important thing is, whether or not you kill, rape or assault someone. When Blacks are doing that at a rate of 10 to 25 times as often as Whites, it takes some serious mental distortion to try and turn that around and make the far more law abiding White race to look like the bad guys. That is what we are seeing here in this leftist's discussion of hate crime.
  • Thought crime is something that can only exist in a society where freedom is gone. And "hate crime" is thought crime.
  • By twisting the facts around the leftist has successfully hoodwinked a great many Americans into actually believing that a White man who is peacefully promoting the idea of a return to the golden age of America, the 1950s, (where there was segregation, a 90% White population, world class schools, and minimal race problems, etc.) is more deserving of prosecution by the state than is a Black man who rapes and tortures a White women. Think about it.
  • When a couple of White ex-convicts dragged to death a Black ex-convict whom they had known in prison, it was called a "hate crime" and made the national news. When a Black man in Illinois dragged a White women behind his car until she was dead, virtually nobody heard about it. The thousands of rapes and murders of Whites by Blacks never make it into the papers. They are unimportant because they are not considered "hate crimes." But the White victims are just as dead or just as terrorized as any victim of a hate crime ever was! Yet, we cannot be outraged by that because the leftists have decided that to be White is to be deserving of torture and death. Talk about hate!
  • You see where this leads. Anything that a White does is wrong and anything that a Black does is right. Simplistic, but that is what it boils down to. The leftists have stacked the deck against the white race. There is no path which we can peacefully walk towards a solution to this problem without enduring the hateful and wrongly applied acid labels from the left. The leftist agenda is clearly based upon hatred of both Whites and the traditional American way of life. They have set themselves up as the gods of the land and all other views are to be considered hatred, and disallowed.
Myth #15: The white race is in danger of extinction.

Reality: The white race isn't going anywhere! According to the 1990 U.S. census, there were 209,180,000 white people in America, 83.9% of the population. Using birth rates and immigration trends, the Census Bureau has projected what America will look like in the future. In 2050, it is predicted that there will be 213,782,000 white Americans, 75.7% of the projected population, still an overwhelming majority! High birth rates are associated with poverty. If racists really cared about preserving their 83.9%, they would work to reduce urban poverty in America.

  • The 1990 Census(2) shows there were 199,686,070 people in America classified as White. So, already there is an error in the figures the leftist presented to us. An error of nearly 9.5 million.
  • The Census included 22,354,059 Hispanics as being White. That drops the total number of Whites today down to 177,332,011, and now leaves an error of 22,354,059 in leftist's numbers.
  • According to the 1990 census the actual number of citizens in the US was 248,709,873. That means that the actual White population in 1990 was 71.3% of the total LEGAL population. Aliens were not counted, which means the percentage of Whites in 1990 was even smaller.
  • In Newsweek (certainly not an instrument of the right), it was projected that Whites would have a minority status by the year 2050. With the current increases in Nonwhite immigration, it will almost certainly be well before then.
  • With the hard and verifiable facts that he presents being so far off, you can imagine what the leftist is going to do with projections. Yet, there is still a touch of truth he let slip through. Even he admits that the White population is falling. It is clear that he is afraid of the true numbers or he would not be fudging them upwards.
  • The line of reasoning alone is enough to make you sit up and take suspicious note. Even this leftist multicultural promoter has demonstrated the decline of the White population, and then follows it up with the idea that, “Hey its not too bad yet. We still have plenty of Whites.” What his intent is, is clear. He wants to lull the Whites back to sleep until it is too late, and Whites no longer make up the majority. It has already happened in Texas and California. Who’s next?
  • As if lying to us about how many of us there are were not bad enough, then he takes a dishonest swipe at us. American tax payers, (that’s us) have given $3 trillion dollars to the poor. But he claims that WE have not been trying to “work to reduce urban poverty in America.” It is hard to imagine the gall that this attitude displays.
Commentary from Dr. Blazak: Bigots are masters of manipulating the facts. They can convince kids that there is a Jew or a black rapist under every bed, just like they used to with communists. The reality is that a white woman is much more likely to be raped and killed by her white husband, but the racists won't tell you that. They'll ignore all the white serial killers and school yard shooters and all the horrible acts done by whites and focus on the horrible acts done by minorities, ignoring the vast majority of law abiding minorities. It's called "selective perception" and it's a flimsy basis for a world-view that is easily taken apart.
  • Imagine the audacity of accusing others of manipulating the facts after what you have just seen Dr. Blazak do in his discussion of the "myths" above. He has taken the vastly more common Black crime against Whites and made it look honorable or at least understandable, while trying to make the far less common White on Black crime look like a much greater menace to society. That is more than simple manipulation of the facts, that is outright lying.
  • The question is not whether a woman, is most likely to be raped by a Black or a White. The question is which group, Black or White, is more likely to rape? In other words, if a White woman walked down a dark street at night, would she be more likely to be raped in an all-White neighborhood, or an All-Black neighborhood? The facts are in and everybody knows that an all-Black neighborhood is no place to be at night.
  • As this multicultural nightmare continues to grow in America you are going to see more people snap in the future. Like the White shooters have, like the Black shooter did who snapped in the New York Subway or the Jewish shooter did at Columbine High School. There are many factors involved and it is distressing. But even with all of the mass shootings and serial killings, the White per capita murder rate is still only a tenth of what the Black murder rate is. That should concern the leftist but it does not. He has his agenda, which is the destruction of America. He will not let a little thing like the truth get in his way. He is the twin brother of the communist and that is why it is so upsetting to him that America used to actively oppose his Red friends. Most of the people who were "attacked" by Senator McCarthy were indeed communists, and the leftists are still squealing like stuck pigs over it. The communists have been the mortal enemies of the American way of life all along and they still are, as demonstrated by Dr. Blazak.
  • Since Dr. Blazak is openly asserting that the Black murder rate of 44.9 per 100,000 is less significant than the White murder rate of 4 per 100,000 it takes some serious Chutzpah on his part to accuse his opponents of "selective perception."

1) My Awakening; David Duke pp. 138-141
2) The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1998

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