Dear Poor White Guy

EVERY NOW AND THEN I RECEIVE AN EMAIL that I feel I should share with you, along with the response I gave to it. Here is just such an email. It is from a guy who means very well. He is confused about what I Love White Folks is all about, and seems to feel that if only he can convey the feelings that he has on the subject of race to me, I will be "straightened out" and all will be well.

This type of individual is being turned out of our school system by the millions today. They have been taught that diversity is next to godliness, and nothing in life is so much to be celebrated. When that view is challenged, even in the most benign manner, they are sent into shock. It is obvious to them that the one who has done the challenging just does not understand the situation as well as he who has just completed his brainwashing regimen.

So, I give to you my most recent visitor who does not wish to love White folks.

Dear poor white guy,

As at least a middle, to upper middle-class individual, with two sons who, like myself, are both trained in high tech fields, I certainly am not financially poor. With an IQ that is well into the upper area of the human range, I am not intellectually poor either. I have a very happy marriage and a very happy life, and therefore am not socially or emotionally poor. It would appear that the only point upon which I am to be considered "poor" is in being able to make you understand what it is that I am discussing on my web page. Well, perhaps we can overcome that form of poverty even yet.

Its seems that you have learned nothing in school, nothing in life and nothing, absolutely nothing from God.

An interesting assertion. My use of the written word must therefore appear miraculous to you. My ability to earn a living and to perform tasks could be nothing but magic, if you believe that I have learned nothing. A most surprising, and may I say ridiculous assertion, no offense intended.

I have learned a great deal in school, and in life. As for God, there are a number of pastors, and others who are quite passionate about Him, who frequent my page, and who are in very close agreement with what I say there. It is silly to pontificate to me that I know nothing, and that all I say is of no consequence.

I cant see any reasons why the white race should feel like something better, there is nothing the white race could be proud of; something another race didn't accomplish, but maybe you can tell me.(1)

This is an interesting aside. My page is not about being better. It is about survival. While I point out the differences in the races, that is what I call them: differences. Is pointing out the differences between a collie and a terrier supremacism? Of course not. Is it hatred to say that you want to retain the distinction between collies and terriers by allowing each to breed with its own kind? Again, it is not. There is nothing wrong with survival, or with having lands where a people can live among their own kind. It is not evil, hate, or wrong. In fact it is right, sane, and healthy.

While our children each year in school are exposed to Black history month, where they are told that the Black race did this, invented that, and has this or that quality, we are told that White people do not have the right to be proud of the achievements of their race. It is amazing that such hypocrisy goes on, and even more amazing that people defend it with a straight face. I feel that White people should be as proud of their race, and its history, as our school claims that Black people should be of theirs. Isn't that reasonable, and FAIR?

Tell me what makes u different, what makes you better than a black person.

What makes me different from a Black person is that I can have White children, with White genes, White ancestors, White heritage -- based upon the actions and thought of their White ancestors. I am a White man, and that means that I have a claim to my White heritage and a White future for my children. I have a right to live among White people in a White land. This is nothing more than any sane man would grant to any other people. Do Blacks have a right to their lands in Africa? Do they have a right to live among their own people, and to promote their own heritage in their lands? Of course they do!

Now, does having a right to your own lands, history, and heritage make you better than anyone else? What is it that you mean by better? More suited to a particular society? If that is your definition, then Chinese people are of course better than all other people are for their society in China, Black people are better than all other people for Nigerian society, and so forth. By that definition White people are better for all countries built by White societies. If that is what you mean by your question, then of course White people are better for American society than Black, or Asian people are.

But I defy you to produce a satisfactory general definition of the words "better" or "superior" that would qualify as being applied to anything that I have said on my web page about White people. Every point that I have made on my web page about the races has been relative to White nations on planet earth. For a White nation, White people are better, and if you read my page at all you will see that is what I am saying, and you will understand why I am saying it. I DO NOT make any blanket statement about Whites being superior or better than any other race. Every point that I make is for how a person will relate to White society.

What is amazing is that I have to explain this simple fact to people who come to visit my page. If you read what I said with an open mind, rather than a hostile one, you would understand this. I do not wish harm on any other people. I do not want to dominate or rule over other people. I do not wish to belittle other people. I ONLY WANT TO PRESERVE WHITE LANDS FOR WHITE PEOPLE SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO EXIST LONG INTO THE FUTURE. That is reasonable, that is fair, and it is love for my people, not hate for others.

Tell me one thing just one.

You want to know one thing that is different between the White people and the Black people, all over the world, everywhere they live? Per capita Black people commit about 10 times as much violent crime as White people do. (See Black Crime. ) In the USA, even though they only make up 12% of the population, they commit ONE HALF of all the murders. They commit 90% of all cross-racial crime. (Over half of the murders they commit are done to White people, while only 2% or 3% of White murders are against Blacks.) This high rate of crime for Blacks is the same all around the world. It is a simple fact of genetics. Whether in Africa, in the most backward (in the view of Western Civilization of course) society, or the most advanced nations on earth, you will find that the Black race is consistently far more prone towards murder than Whites are.

Again, this is merely a documented, undeniable difference between Blacks and Whites, not a claim to superiority. For Black people, their tendencies are quite natural and they are comfortable with them. It is how they have lived for thousands and thousands of years and they are happy that way. I am happy to let them be that way, as long as they are not being that way in my society. That is why I am a separatist, not a supremacist.

You will see there is nothing cause we are all equal.

I think even you know that statement is absolutely absurd. The one thing that we are not, any of us, is equal. You cannot do all the things that I can do, and I cannot do all the things that you can do. We are individuals and we are different. Equality is sameness. Exact sameness. It does not exist in nature. Even identical twins are not equal.

The same is true for the races of man. There are documented differences between the races and therefore they are not equal. Some races are better at some things, and others are better at other things. One of the things that is universal is that people will tend to congregate with people who are similar to themselves. Go into any lunch room around the country where there is a diverse workforce and you will see a table of Blacks over there, and a table of Asians over there, and a table of Whites over there. People naturally tend to want to be with their own people. They do not consider all races equal, because they prefer to be with their own race. If it is true for lunch rooms, it is just as true for nations. A strong and stable nation will include one dominate race, and only one. If you care to research it, you will find that in every case where there is more than one race in a country, there is great strife associated with that fact.(2) The larger the amount of diversity, the greater the strife. We have seen that in the USA, as diversity has grown, so have the problems associated with it. (3) The lunchroom test is an empirical method of coming to the realization that races are different and homogeneity is a good thing.

what really makes me sad is that you seem like if you lost your heart.

I find this very confusing. How does love for your people, and a desire to see them continue to exist, show a lack of heart? How can defending your land against invasion, and promoting your heritage, be anything but a sign of having heart? In the movie "Braveheart" the defense of Scotland from English domination led to the giving of the name Braveheart to William Wallace. It was the defense of his own land against others that established his heart. That is all that I am doing. I am defending my land against invasion. I am attempting to promote the continuation of my people, my nation, my culture, and my heritage. I may not be a William Wallace, but my intentions are as pure as his were, and my heart is of the same blood, for I am of Scottish descent.

maybe you can tell me what is the reasons that you have to blind yourself so bad.

Once again, your comment is confusing. I have educated myself on the facts. I have researched the subject and have found that it is those who will not see the truth who are blind. Blindness resides with those who think that race does not matter. We have a large number of examples from history, and even among the events occurring this very day in lands around the world, demonstrating, far beyond a reasonable doubt, that racial differences will invariably divide a land. The truth may be painful to your eyes, but it does not blind you. It is the turning away from truth, as you are doing, that is true blindness.

Do you really think color can make a difference?

No. I think that race makes a difference. A White man may go out and spend the summer in the sun, or virtually live in the tanning salon, and change the color of his skin from normal light, to very dark, but he will not change who is by that process. Color is not the issue. Race is the issue. Race is not skin color. Race goes clear to the bone. If they find a skeleton with no skin or other tissue on it, experts can still tell what the race was of that individual. That has nothing to do with color does it? They can tell from a single hair what the race is of the man who lost that hair. Remember the movie "White Men Can't Jump"? Were you outraged by the title of that movie? Of course not, because you know that all of the real leapers in the NBA are Black. Even the tallest, most athletic White basketball player cannot get up to the same heights as a good Black jumper can. They even have a name for it: SKYING. Black men can jump, and White men cannot. That is a racial difference.

You would do well to break out of the propaganda you have been exposed to all of your life, and see what the facts really are. The truth will set you free, only if you find it. You will never find it if you close your eyes when it comes around.

would be nice to get an answer

I am glad to oblige.

I wish you all the best!


1. If you are looking for some inventions that the White folks have produced, and others have tried to take credit for,
   you might find this page interesting:Black Invention Myths

2. See Yggdrasil's Multi-Racial Empires; And better yet, go through each of the excellent items in
   The Ten Lessons: Preserving Western Civilization.

3. See The Rise and Fall of Civilizations for a discussion of the long term effects of diversity.

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