Protocols of (and Against) Zion

March 30, 2003

FOR MANY YEARS THERE HAS WAGED A DEBATE about the authenticity of the document, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion(1). Henry Ford was involved with producing a book that was based upon that document that was the most astonishing example of prediction that I have ever read.(2) Ford wrote his book in the 1920s but it reads like a United States history for the second half of the 20th century! I submit to you that who wrote the Protocols is not the issue. The real issue, the one that never gets talked about, is fact that they are coming to pass!

I will leave the debated Protocols to your further study for now, and will discuss a protocol that the "Elders of Zion" clearly have their fingers in. (If you doubt this, I recommend that you research the names of who it is that is behind all hate crime, hate speech, and "Holocaust denial" legislation. See for yourself.) This long titled protocol is called, Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime Concerning the Criminalisation of Acts of a Racist and Xenophobic Nature Committed Through Computer Systems.(3). I located this protocol through a story I came across(4), where once again it was brought to light that the only thing standing between us and the nightmare of George Orwell’s 1984 is the First Amendment of the US Constitution! According to the story, it was this Amendment that stopped the U.S. from ratifying the Thought Crime protocol.

So, what was it that our First Amendment was protecting us from? Well, let’s take a look at a few items contained in the protocol and discuss them.

Article 2 – Definition

1   For the purposes of this Protocol:

"racist and xenophobic material" means any written material, any image or any other representation of ideas or theories, which advocates, promotes or incites hatred, discrimination or violence, against any individual or group of individuals, based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as religion if used as a pretext for any of these factors.

We can see here that the thrust of this protocol is to kill any speech (and as Orwell pointed out in 1984, if you don’t have the words to describe something, the thought cannot exist) that would promote homogeneity for the White race. The convention where this protocol was produced was a convention of White nations, primarily from Europe. You won’t find this sort of stupid, and destructive thought produced by any meeting in Asia, or Africa. The Internet was invented by Whites and still is dominated by Whites. This entire topic (and make no mistake, anytime racism, xenophobia, or hate is attacked by law, it always applies only to one race: Caucasian) is being debated and legislated only to stamp out any resistance that White folks might put up to being displaced and ultimately exterminated.

The Internet is the only public forum left where White people can express their views openly. Once that door is closed, there will be nowhere left to turn. Where else on earth can you educate yourself about the facts that the government wants suppressed? Nowhere! The major media put out bilge, filth, and perversion on a daily basis, numbing the minds of its consumers. No glimmer of the suppressed facts will find its way into their minds through those channels. The schools are just as bad, as they promote the party line to our young people’s unquestioning minds.

So, naturally those who wish to maintain their power through total suppression of the truth, are terrified of the Internet, and are doing everything they can to shut it down as an "information highway" for spreading the suppressed truth.

The writers of this protocol defined clearly what they wants to suppress, and please note that they have focused upon written and printed material -- not actions, but rather thoughts and ideas! What it wants to squash is "any … material…[that conveys] ideas or theories, which advocates…discrimination…" In other words, anything that says America was a good place in 1950 is banned by this protocol! You see, America in the 1950s was a White nation that discriminated against all the other races, for the very good reason that it was not the non-Whites country. Why was it not their country? Because they didn’t create it.

According to this protocol, if you said on the Internet that you thought White people should only marry White people, you would be guilty of a crime! Anything that promotes discrimination based upon race or religion falls under this definition of what the protocol is trying to "criminalize."

As always, they surround the real point of what they are trying to do with other things that give their target "cover." It looks like this protocol is directed at only stopping those who are attempting to "incite violence," but that is already covered by other laws, and not required to be specially called out here. What this protocol is after is removing your freedom to choose. When it comes to a choice, a mental thought process, to support your country, your race, and your way of life, through CHOOSING to hire, live next to, promote, send your kids to school only with, or intentionally associate only with, those of your own race (in other words "to discriminate"), the way is paved here for prosecuting you. You don't even have to actually do it; you just have to support it as an idea or theory to be guilty! This is a blatant attack on our existence as a people.

While you will find Jewish people at the root of this protocol, you will at the same time see that Israel is the most racist nation on earth, and does more to discriminate against other people than any other nation. Does that concern you? It should! What on earth are they doing? If it is bad for White people to discriminate, why is good for Jews in Israel to? Hmmm?

Discrimination is something that every race of people has the right to do. If you take that right away, no people can retain their physical integrity, and therefore they will lose their ability to survive. It is happening right now in the USA. White people have lost their right to discriminate, and their schools are failing, their neighborhoods are falling into ruin, their businesses are being run by aliens and the percentage they are making up of the population of their own county is falling like a rock. I defy you to give me any possible conclusion to the current scenario, if allowed to continue, other than the end of the White race in America. If current trends continue, there can be no other result.

And this protocol is aimed at killing any discussion of this disaster! It is like outlawing fire alarms when you know that a fire is raging in the basement of your high rise apartment building in the middle of the night.

According to this protocol, there can be no nation, or neighborhood, or any other arrangement of people (but in reality this applies only White gentiles) based upon "race, color, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as religion if used as a pretext for any of these factors." If you choose to live in a community that is composed of those like yourself, or have a nation that is made up of those like yourself, you will be in violation of the law!

This hateful attack on the White peoples of the world is going on at the very same time that ethnic cleansing is going on in Zimbabwe of the Whites remaining there, and the same process has started in South Africa. Nobody is seriously attacking either of these Black nations for their atrocities against Whites. Nobody really cares what the non-Whites of the world do to Whites.

Look around you and tell me, what is the only major race on earth that has its homelands being invaded by large numbers of other races? The Asians are completely safe from being overwhelmed by anyone else. The Blacks, while unfortunately dying in large numbers from AIDS, are still safe from being displaced from their native continent, as they maintain their overwhelming majority throughout their lands. Only the White race is being put into the position of being exterminated through displacement from its native lands, and through interbreeding. And as this lethal attack is being waged upon us, conventions are producing documents like this protocol to inspire the complete tying of our hands, to stop us from raising any sort of resistance to our demise.

In the final analysis, it becomes clear that this protocol is saying that if you are White, and you express opposition on the Internet to giving up your lands to non-Whites, you are a criminal. Just stating the idea is a crime!

Chapter II – Measures to be taken at national level

Article 3 – Dissemination of racist and xenophobic material through computer systems

1    Each Party shall adopt such legislative and other measures as may be necessary to establish as criminal offences under its domestic law, when committed intentionally and without right, the following conduct:

distributing, or otherwise making available, racist and xenophobic material to the public through a computer system.

Why on earth would anyone want to make the distribution of ideas criminal? People need to think about that. What can be criminal in an idea? Notice that the writers of this document do not wish to criminalize false ideas, but merely ideas that they disagree with - ideas that would preserve our people, and our way of life.

I am not suggesting that the hate mongers who authored this protocol should be forced to keep their ideas to themselves today, no matter how much I disagree with what they are saying. That is the point. I don’t fear ideas, and neither does anyone else who is playing straight with the rest of the world. It is only the dishonest cheat who needs to protect his point of view from debate, by using oppression from the government to force all people to proclaim that his party line point of view is valid.

Why do those in power so fear ideas that they label as "racist" and "xenophobic." By definition a phobia is irrational and certainly not contagious. So, anything that is actually xenophobic could not possibly be a threat to anyone! Clearly there is something else at work. If racism is so evil, and xenophobia is a sickness, are they saying that the entire world is too mentally unstable to deal with being exposed to evil or sick ideas? If so, then where is the ban on communism? Why is that sick and perverted philosophy, which has caused more deaths on this planet than any other, allowed to be spread across the Internet at will?

Could it be that what is being mislabeled as "racist" and "xenophobic" is neither evil nor sick, but is instead the natural and healthy point of view? Could it be that those in power are terrified that the ship that is our civilization, which they are trying to capsize with their lying propaganda, just might right itself and spell their doom, if the truth ever became known? That is clearly what is going on. No good and true point of view needs this sort of protocol to protect it. Only an evil and false one does!

Article 5 – Racist and xenophobic motivated insult

1    Each Party shall adopt such legislative and other measures as may be necessary to establish as criminal offences under its domestic law, when committed intentionally and without right, the following conduct:

insulting publicly, through a computer system, (i) persons for the reason that they belong to a group distinguished by race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as religion, if used as a pretext for any of these factors; or (ii) a group of persons which is distinguished by any of these characteristics.

I am reminded of a book title that is on the shelf these days in stores around the country called "Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!" By Michael Moore and edited by the Jewish Jamie Raab. Over the last 4 decades, I have heard White people in general, and White males specifically, insulted over and over again. This protocol is not going stop that. In fact it will only encourage more of it. The Whites who created European, and American culture and society are open targets for any and all insults, while this protocol wishes to make all insults from Whites illegal. All you have to do to break the law will be to intentionally present something that someone of another race finds insulting, and you are headed off to jail. It doesn’t matter if what you said was the truth! If the truth is insulting, you can’t say it. To identify the differences in the races, even though they actually exist, will be illegal, because it will insult someone. Once laws like this are put in place, you will not even have to call someone a name, you just have to speak the truth and you will have broken the law. When the truth becomes illegal, as it already has in many European countries, freedom has died.

Another point that needs to be made here is that you will notice that no intent to created violence against anyone is mentioned in this section. It is strictly "offensive" or "insulting" language that is being criminalized. Do you feel the noose tightening yet?

Article 6 – Denial, gross minimisation, approval or justification of genocide or crimes against humanity

1    Each Party shall adopt such legislative and other measures as may be necessary to establish as criminal offences under its domestic law, when committed intentionally and without right:

distributing or otherwise making available, through a computer system to the public, material which denies, grossly minimises, approves or justifies acts constituting genocide or crimes against humanity, as defined by international law and recognised as such by final and binding decisions of the International Military Tribunal, established by the London Agreement of 8 August 1945, or of any other international court established by relevant international instruments and whose jurisdiction is recognised by that Party.

Here is a section dedicated to the Holocaust story. If anyone disputes the Jewish claim that 6 million Jews were killed, or that the Nazis were trying to “exterminated the Jews” like Haman of old is said to have unsuccessfully tried to do, or that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill the Jews, then they are not to be debated with, but they are to be locked up, as has already happened in Germany and other European countries. What sort of truth requires jail sentences to enforce belief in it? This smacks of religious persecution of the level that Galileo faced. “Recant your beliefs, or suffer the consequences!” The Dark Ages are having a real comeback.

The Holocaust has become a tremendous money making machine for the Jews, piping billions into Israel’s coffers every year. When a story is generating that kind of revenue it is suspect to begin with. When it become illegal to challenge the mercenary tale, the suspicion of fraud grows to near certainty.

What is the point today in harping on the Holocaust story? Do the Jews view themselves as being so despicable that they fear someone else will try to murder them if they don’t keep us all in agitation over the event? Read this protocol statement. If someone “grossly minimizes… acts constituting genocide or crimes against humanity” then he can be persecuted.

There can only be two possibilities for why the Holocaust story is getting more and more protection as it gets older and older:

  1. The story is a lie and it cannot stand up to scrutiny, and it is making way too much money to be scrapped, or

  2. It is true, but due to the nature of the Jewish people, it is something that really is likely to happen again.

You decide which is more likely.

3    In particular, the emergence of international communication networks like the Internet provide certain persons with modern and powerful means to support racism and xenophobia and enables them to disseminate easily and widely expressions containing such ideas. In order to investigate and prosecute such persons, international co-operation is vital. The Convention on Cybercrime (ETS 185) hereinafter referred to as "the Convention", was drafted to enable mutual assistance concerning computer related crimes in the broadest sense in a flexible and modern way. The purpose of this Protocol is twofold: firstly, harmonising substantive criminal law in the fight against racism and xenophobia on the Internet and, secondly, improving international co-operation in this area. This kind of harmonisation alleviates the fight against such crimes on the national and on the international level. Corresponding offences in domestic laws may prevent misuse of computer systems for a racist purpose by Parties whose laws in this area are less well defined. As a consequence, the exchange of useful common experiences in the practical handling of cases may be enhanced too. International co-operation (especially extradition and mutual legal assistance) is facilitated, e.g. regarding requirements of double criminality. ~Explanatory Report

If the control of a medium for the exchange of information [the Internet] is a "modern and powerful means to support" certain views, clearly the control of our television, newspapers, magazines and radio stations must constitute a tremendous power.(6) The fear that is clearly displayed in this document is a fear that has as its subject: free speech! The authors of this protocol are terrified that the people will be exposed to the truth. Nowhere in this document do its authors condemn "lies," nor do they recommend the suppression of "falsehoods," but only ideas that they personally are afraid of. They are afraid of the truth!

Why are they afraid of "racism and xenophobia?" The STATED purpose of this protocol is to "fight racism and xenophobia." Why is this necessary? The Internet has all sorts of moronic web pages available on it. Lies and crazy ideas are found in many locations. Why are they not afraid of those web pages? Why is it that nearly all content on the Internet, including pornography and anti-White hatred is just fine, but only pro-White material is frightening? It can’t possibly be that they fear White perpetrated cross-racial crime, because the vast majority of cross-racial crime is committed upon Whites, not by Whites!(7) So, what is it that they are so eager to suppress?

All you have to do is look back to before these people took over our society. Take a look back to the 1950s and you will see what they are terrified of! In that golden era, the United States had all-White schools (that were as good as any in the world!), neighborhoods, companies and towns. There were low crime rates, and solid families. There was a sense of community, and a love of nation. Thanks to those who control our media, and therefore our government, nearly all of that good is now gone. In its place, we have cities that are falling apart from the inside out, as diversity is growing like a cancer. Our diversified schools are producing SAT scores that grow worse every year. Our industry is leaving us faster than water leaves a sieve. (Today our GNP is 75% service, and only 25% production. Do you understand what that means?) Our families are failing, falling into divorce as a rule, and it is only the rare exception that survives. Our crime rate is many times higher today than it was in the 1950s and it is growing as our diversity grows.

Today you can be sued if you don’t hire non-Whites for your business. It is illegal for you to choose to sell your home to a White over a Black, simply because of his race. Why is that? What is wrong with White people having a place of their own, like the Blacks have in Africa? Why can’t we have our own place like the Asians have in many countries? Why indeed!

The campaign to destroy White nations is active, and it has progressed far. The fact that they could even produce a document like this protocol, shows how far the original Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have come to pass. To anyone who is paying attention it is crystal clear that this protocol is intended to put a stake in the heart of the White race, as if it were a vampire to be slain.

Having laws in individual countries where men can be persecuted for their ideas is not enough for these tyrants. No, as you can see, they want it to be an international effort, where men can be persecuted for their ideas, even if they live somewhere else. They can be extradited for their ideas. Doesn’t it make you feel warm and proud that your country is considering this sort of thing for your future? You too can serve time for thinking your own thoughts, instead of knuckling under to Big Brother, once the Lords of the Protocol figure out how to get rid of that pesky First Amendment.

They are persistent, and they are tireless. If we are going to survive, we can no longer stand by and watch this go on. Speak out! Stand up and be counted! Or lay down and die.


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