Results Based Evaluation

July 13, 2005

THEIR INTENTIONS WERE GOOD! This is so often heard in justification of actions that have turned out to be devastating. The old cliché that "the road to Hell is lined with good intentions" comes to mind immediately.

First of all, you are in no position to judge intentions, only results. Whether the Media Lords'(1) brothers and sisters like Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Freidan, Karl Marx, Joel Spingarn (the first chairman of the NAACP), or an army of other names of termites eating away the foundation of our American way of life, had good intentions or not is totally immaterial to the discussion of whether or not the consequences of their actions have been evil. Clearly, they have been the leaders in movements and events that have dismantled the great and nearly impregnable United States of America that existed in the 1940s and 1950s. The results of their actions have brought my country, along with the White Americans who created her, to its knees. The results have been incredibly evil, and intentions are no defense, even if you could prove them to be other than malicious, which I doubt very seriously.(2)

It is absolutely amazing to me that I still hear people condemning the 1950s because families did not talk about sex to their children then, and so the kids grew up ignorant on the subject. They were forced to learn about it "on the street" or "from their friends." I defy anyone of sound mind to defend swapping what we had then for what we have today, based solely upon the results!

In the 1940s and 1950s most girls were virgins when they got married, or if they were not, the only partner that they had been sexually active with, was the fiancée that they went on to marry. Teenage, unwed pregnancy was drastically less common in those days, and the vast majority of children were born into a home where their biological parents were married to each other and living under the same roof. A large majority of these marriages lasted throughout the childhood of their offspring, and most lasted until one or the other of the partners died.

In the twenty-first century, thanks to the termites' efforts, our girls go to school dressed like hookers (courtesy of Media Lord-provided role models), and very few of them make it through high school without having had sex with multiple partners; and the young sexually active ladies are not married to any of those partners. The sex-education classes have done nothing to curb the huge rise in teen pregnancy, instead encouraging exploration not only into normal heterosexual intercourse, but into homosexuality and other deviant behaviors.

Look at the results, not the proclaimed intentions, and you will see that everything these creatures have done to our society has been destructive. They hand out titillating sexual information (that is used), and condoms (that are not used), in the schools and the results are that student sexually transmitted diseases, as well as pregnancies, are running wild. Only a complete fool, or someone who has given no thought to the situation whatsoever, could look at the changes that our society has gone through in the area of preparing our children for a healthy adult sexual life, as anything but a catastrophe.

I have never heard anyone yet complain about the scholastic achievement that our schools in the 1950s produced, in comparison with what we have today, even though the schools have been at the focus of most of the changes that we have seen the self proclaimed "do-gooders" implement. By their direction our schools have been racially integrated, multiculturalize, dumbed-down and criminalized into institutions that no sane and caring parent would want to send their treasured offspring. If a child can come out of these schools without having gotten tangled up in sex, experimenting with drugs, and surviving several physical assaults he has been skipping out on his classes. It is no wonder that the children are not being educated today, at least in the subjects that the parents want them to be.

The results are what you must look at if you are going to judge the actions of those who have remade our society. The results are all that matter. The words they speak mean nothing. They are the smoke and the mirrors that our enemies use to fool you into thinking that something is going on that is not, while their real activities are hidden from view.

However, they cannot hide the results! Their media outlets try very hard to keep people in the dark about the truth, but the results cannot all be hidden. The schools are nearly worthless for providing education, but extremely effective in providing brainwashing. The children graduate thinking politically correct thoughts while remaining devoid of the basic skills that you would expect them to obtain from even a poorly funded school system, let alone the extremely expensive system that we have paid for through our tax dollars. Each year since the termites have taken over our schools, the college standardized test scores have dropped. Results tell the whole story. Each year teenage pregnancies, and STDs, grow more common, in spite of sex-ed classes. Business complains that high school graduates can't read, write, or manipulate numbers at even a basic level anymore. All the while we are paying record amounts per child in school and the schools are constantly whining that they need more money.

If any business in the marketplace produced such utterly worthless results in its service, it would go bankrupt immediately! And yet the termites put bumper stickers on their cars: If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance. Well, thanks to their efforts, our educational system is the most expensive in history, and at the same time it is producing ignorance, and so we are "trying" both at the same time, and it is isn't pretty. The RESULTS speak for themselves, if only we will look at them.

You can point your finger at any part of our society and see results that are nearly screaming for your attention. Look at the churches today and the politically correct garbage that comes from most of their pulpits. Look at the prison system and the story that it tells of the non-White invasion of our land and the crime wave that it is bringing to us. Look at the destruction of our once clean and safe city centers. Look at our industries that have disappeared, as the factories have moved to other countries. Look at our unbelievable national debt of trillions of dollars that we have to make exorbitant interest payments on each year, while still borrowing over $500 billion more every year just to remain afloat. The results are not just telling the story, they are yelling it from the tops of the highest buildings.

When you look at the results of what our enemies(3) have done to us, their words will no longer have any effect at all upon you except to make you angry. Anger is the correct response to someone lying to you over and over again as he is stealing from you. And there has never been a greater theft in the history of the world than what has been perpetrated upon us. The United States of America was the greatest White nation on earth in terms of wealth and power, and it had a golden and bright future stretching out before it, for its White children for a thousand years at least. All of that is either gone or going today. What is left is a future of third world squalor and non-White occupation and displacement of those who created this country. Our White people of America, and even more frighteningly, of our ancient lands of Europe, are being dispossessed of our land and our possessions, and the only end in sight is our own genocidal extermination.

These are the results that the lying scoundrels have produced, and will continue to produce, as they spew a constant stream of propaganda about how caring they are, and how evil White folks are. If you turn the volume down on the noise that the White-hating Media Lords are making, and just look at the results they have produced, you will never listen to a word they say again without responding with the same anger that you would rightfully have for any con man who is trying to continue his lying scam with you, after you are wise to his game.


1.    A detailed listing of the Media Lords can be found in links found at Who Rules America?

2.    In the 1920s, in The Internationa Jew Henry Ford very clearly warned America about many of the attacks that we have seen come to maturity in our lifetime. These attacks were not carried out by caring people, who wanted to make America better for Americans, but only for themselves.

3.    The best work on the subject of the enemies of the White race that I know of is Jewish Supremacism. If you read this book, you will never be in doubt of who is pulling America down again.

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