The Rise and Fall of
the American Nation

Part II


In part one of this discussion, we went over the rise of America to greatness, and what it was that created both the nation and its greatness. In this part, I will begin to cover the things that have wounded America, possibly unto death.

The first wound was self inflicted. There were White Americans who decided that using Black slaves to increase their wealth, was a good idea. Some Americans had Black servants to take care of their houses, and some used Black slaves to plant and reap their crops. But the only important fact was that these Americans brought the Black man onto American soil, with no contingency plan of how to get him back off again when the slavery gig was over. This was a very serious error in judgement.

The next step in inflicting this wound was the freeing of the Black slaves, without returning them to Africa. We may have John Wilkes Booth to thank for this. My opinion of Abraham Lincoln was very much enhanced when I learned that he had a plan already in the works to return all of the former slaves to their land of origin. Unfortunately, when his life was cut short, the plan died with him. After fighting a bloody war, and killing thousands and thousands of the cream of the crop of the White men in America, the survivors saw the releasing of the slaves into White society, which was an even worse disaster. White Americans could of picked up the pieces of the broken land, and had more White children with which to build the nation again, on top of the ruble left from the conflict. But what was it going to do with an alien race in its midst?

They found a solution which looked sound to them. It had the potential of saving the land and preserving the White America our Founding Fathers had envisioned. This solution was called "segregation." The Whites could go on living in their White neighborhoods, and have their White lives, undisturbed by the antics of the Black race. The members of the Black race could live their lives with their own people, in their own Black way, and as long as they left the Whites alone, they also were left alone.

There were two major problems with this solution. First of all, it was a high maintenance solution. Whites had to be on their vigil to make sure the two societies remained separate. If vigilance broke down, then the two races would begin to mingle and the races would become blurred. The crime and other aspects of Black life, abhorrent to the average White man would slowly become part of the society that Whites were building. The White man was working hard to keep crime down in his neighborhoods, and he was being quite successful at it. Where Blacks lived, crime was high. Whites did not want that in their lives.

The second major problem with this solution was that it was impossible to guarantee that it would be permanent. Some future generation could lose its mind and turn the Blacks lose on White society and ruin everything. This could never have happened if the Blacks had been sent back to Africa. Instead, they were kept here, and then in the 1960s the whole "solution" fell to pieces like a house of cards in a hurricane. The wound that we brought upon ourselves by bringing Black slaves to America, was finally fully exposed, as cities burned, and schools were academically destroyed by forced integration. Our neighborhoods were stolen from us, and we had to flee to newer and more expensive locations to retain our safe houses and safe streets. We cannot even openly discuss how we can stitch up this wound and restore our White society to health.

The remaining wounds were brought upon us by alien influence. As it was going on in the 1960s, I was completely unaware of the source of the attack, but it was clear that some force had been unleashed upon the America I had been born into, and loved. I wondered then where all the hatred for America was coming from.

The Marxist has always relied upon the discontented of a society, to try and create a revolution. They do this of course, in order to overthrow a non-Marxist system, and to establish a Leftist system in its place. The Marxist in America attacked on several fronts:

In my next article, I will go through some additional attacks made by the Leftist upon our country. Many Americans think that all of this happened by accident and that our society simply self-destructed. If you look at the concerted effort made by the media to overturn our way of life, you will no longer be easily convinced that all of the horrible things that have happened to America, happened by accident.

At the very least, be aware of the fact that you live in a land today that is very different than the one of the 1950s. You are no longer as free as they were then. You are no longer able to think, and then openly express your own thoughts, on any topic that Political Correctness has laid down the law on. You will conform, or you will suffer the consequences.

The wounds inflicted upon American are wide open and bleeding profusely. We do not have much longer left in order to close them up and add the sutures, before we bleed to death. The people who call themselves "conservatives" today are fighting hard to conserve the Marxist agenda forced upon us all in the 1960s. They have completely turned their backs upon the America our Founding Fathers created and handed down to their descendants. We are left with no major political body that is attempting to conserve George Washington's America. Instead they are more and more trying to kill that America and replace it with the Marxist, egalitarian ideals.

Today we still have about 70% of the population, who are White Americans. Today we can still do something about what is going on. In a few short years, we will no longer have that option. Be tactful, and be legal, but do not be so subtle as to be misunderstood. We are in a life and death struggle for this land and for our people. We stand to lose everything, forever for our race if we do not act. If that is not enough to stir up your Viking blood, then what is?

End of Part II

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