Seattle and You

AT WHAT POINT DO WE CROSS THE LINE? I often wonder that. Does the line even exist? I am referring to the line demarcating between the area where absurdity can pile up endlessly with absolutely no reaction by White folks, and the area where a full scale revolt will occur.

In America today we have had 21-year-old Matthew Marshall sentenced in a Houston, Texas, to a ten year stretch in prison for burning a cross on someone's lawn,(1) without doing any other damage to the property, or even awaking the owner in the process. Ten years for vandalism, and disorderly conduct? No citizen should have to live in fear of having his property damaged or having someone threaten him. But let us put this in perspective. White people go through similar things every day, when they live in a predominately Black neighborhood. Their children are threatened, and even beaten. Their property is vandalized, and they live in fear of having their home broken into and their persons being attacked. When a Black man threatens a White man, or smashes the windows in his car, or even fires bullets into his house, he does not get a ten year sentence. If he gets sentenced at all, it will be a much shorter period of time than that.

Moving even closer to reality, we routinely see Black men receive less than half that strong a sentence for raping and beating a White woman, while calling her racial slurs during the entire process. This is beyond absurd! Most White men would immediately physically attack anyone who slapped their face, or spit on them. Yet this happening to our women is far worse than being slapped in the face and being spit upon, and still it happens in "our" society continually, and we take it without blinking!

I was reading through a story on the Seattle Mardi Gras riots and I was struck with outrage once again at what is going on in our society. There were numerous occurrences of Blacks going on racial attacks against Whites. Over and over again White men and women were beaten. White women were sexually manhandled. A group of Blacks were kicking the tar out of a couple of White guys, and telling them that this is the sort of treatment "stupid White people" deserve. However, the Seattle police have to contemplate the situation more thoroughly before they can make up their minds whether or not such treatment is as bad as is the vandalism of burning a cross on a lawn. When all is said and done, they will say that Blacks beating, raping, or killing Whites is not as bad; not nearly as bad.

Every time some Black criminal specifically attacks a White man or woman, and calls them racial slurs while he hits, kicks, beats, rapes and/or shoots them, the police end up scratching their heads and saying, "We are not sure if this was racially motivated." If the same thing happens in reverse, it is a "hate crime" (as if there were any other kind) before they even gather up the evidence in the case.

This is insane! How can White Americans sit still while their government has made targets of them this way? What are they thinking? If you cannot retaliate in kind, you are helpless. Understand this completely. If you cannot retaliate in kind, you are helpless. Your government has said that you, as a White man, do not have the right to defend your property or your person, at the same level of force as a non-White has the right to violate your property and person.

The racial part of the equation is way over balanced against you. If you "hate" (and guess who gets to define the term "hate") Black people, for whatever reason, and you harm a Black person, you will receive a sentence that is many times as harsh, as would a Black man receive who could be proven to hate White people, and who has harmed you. The legal system has defined "hate crime" in such a way so that only White people can be charged with it. Think about that! It is like going into a boxing ring with one of your hands tied behind your back, and the other wrapped in bubble wrap, while your opponent is not even wearing boxing gloves. Where in the world did "equal treatment under the law" evaporate to? The ones who scream loudest for "equality" are the ones who have made it disappear.

The egalitarian overlords have taken control of our government. They have herded the White nation of the United States of America towards the slaughterhouse, and taken our birthright from us, and our children, and handed it to non-White foreigners. They have tied our hands to keep us from physically resisting the invasion of our land, and they have brainwashed our children into thinking that America was always racially diverse, even though it was 90% White in 1960. Any White who is not outraged by this must be dead above the shoulders. His brain is turned completely off.

In Seattle, the attacks were so egregious that the media has actually made mention of the racial attacks against Whites. Do not expect much to be made of this, or for it to enter the common knowledge base of White Americans. (See Black Crime.) It will pass away very quickly, as the media redirects attention to some other event more in support of their agenda. It was like a fish breaking the surface of the water but quickly diving below again where it is unseen and unthought of. But anyone with a functioning brain will see that Blacks singled out Whites, attacked them in various ways, killed one, and were protected from any "hate crime" allegations completely. Blacks can hate and attack Whites for racial reasons, with no extra punishment levied by the legal system. The reverse is absolutely not true. Understand this. You are living it, you might as well understand it.

1. For more details, click here to read the Law and Shamrocks text file by Dr. William Pierce, or listen to the broadcast of Law and Shamrocks.

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