Racial Separation

I SENT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL to the webmaster of the Americans for Self Determination web site. I visited the site and they have some very good points to make on the impossibility of having a workable multiracial society. Unfortunately, the solution that they propose leaves multiracialism in tact across the entire nation.

Subj: Separatism
Date: 10/23/99
You have made many very good points on your web page. I agree that a multiracial society is doomed to constant strife, and if Civil War does not erupt to save the White race, America will see the last of the White man in another century or two. This is especially disgusting to me, for the simple reason that Whites made up about 90% of the United States in 1960 and there is no reason that they should not regain that position. The only thing standing between us and that goal is the immigration policy of the United States government.
I must disagree with the solution proposed on your web page for several reasons.
1) America was created by Whites for Whites. Yes, they blundered in bringing the Blacks over here and therefore are responsible for getting them back to Africa, and setting them up in a safe haven on that continent. However, this land is ours and if we start willingly giving it up to other races, that process will never stop, until we are completely pushed off the continent.
2) You admit that multiracialism is doomed to failure and yet your program does not eliminate it, even when it has been fully implemented. All people of all races can still live in any of the states. Multiracialism will continue, and the other races will continue to parasite off the wealth of the Whites in America. Your program may slow it down, but it will not eliminate it, and ultimately it will destroy us.
3) We had a land that was mostly separated by race in the 1950s. What happened? Our government turned against us, forced integration upon us, and opened the borders to Nonwhite immigration. Now, the edge that the non-Hispanic White race has in the US population is officially, down to 71% of the population. I have reason to believe that those official numbers are wrong and we are far less than 70% today, but we can be certain that we are no more than that. Your 10 year moratorium on immigration is insufficient. We must have a complete moratorium on Nonwhite, non-European immigration and at the same time have an opening of the doors to White, European immigration, with a large and attractive tax incentive to drawn them over here.
4) As we are restoring the traditional racial balance of this nation, we must simultaneously remove all advantage to those who are Nonwhite. No tax breaks. No programs. No benefits whatsoever. No reason to stay in this country, unless they are good producers. That will help stop the Nonwhite immigration and create some Nonwhite emigration, which will be a beautiful sight.
5) Lastly we must remove all restrictions from all-White neighborhoods and schools. If Whites choose to sell their houses only to other Whites, that is perfectly honest, honorable and good. If they choose to live with their own people, and only their own people, that is their natural right. If they wish to work at jobs with other Whites that is also their right, and if they want their kids to attend safe White schools, that is their right as well. Over the last 40 years, the federal government has been at the root of nearly 100% of the race problem in this country (with a great assist from the major media). It has forced integration upon us. It has opened the door up to Nonwhite immigration. And it has been instrumental in palming off the absurd notion to our people that White folks are having too many kids, which has led to us dropping below even the replacement level in our birth rate.
So, while I agree with your assessment of the very real and dangerous problem before us today because of the nature of humans and their reaction to other races, I feel that your solution is very much like putting a Band-Aid on a huge and deep gash. We are going to bleed completely to death before your division of the country into Black and White states will even be seriously discussed. Civil War II may save us, but as long as White Americans continue to watch TV and go to movies for their entertainment, I give them zero chance of overcoming that source of brainwashing, and rising up to save themselves or their country. The members of the race which conquered the Indians, and created the greatest nation this earth has ever seen, are lying down like sheep, watching their multicultural, and multiracial TV newscasts and sitcoms, while waiting for their throats to be cut by the invading hoards.
I wish you well!
Alpin MacLaren
I Love White Folks

Here is a clear example of how truly dangerous our position is today. This is a group of folks who see the problem, but will not face the facts. They propose giving away many of the states of the USA to other races, but not even requiring them to form their own countries. Instead we are to give them several of our states for their own, and yet still grant them free access to the now smaller number of Whites states. It will lead to many states where very few Whites would live at all, and at the same time, keep alive the deadly flow of Nonwhites into our towns and schools. They talk of separation but no enforcement of it. And the financial drain that we have on our society today, because of the Nonwhites, will only get larger under this proposed "solution." We will still be paying for their non-productiveness just like today!

If we are to willingly give up any of our territory to other races, it could only be considered with the guarantee that the remaining White states are just that - White and going to stay that way, by law. And the Nonwhite states will have to learn to pay their own way, with no financial assistance from the White states. In other words, they must become their own countries. Anything short of that will not be a solution at all but merely a delaying tactic, which has our destruction as a people at the other end of it.

I look back at the history of the USA, and I see a small White nation, growing into a nation that reaches coast to coast, conquering and settling all along the way. Once our people had the foundation and superstructure in place, suddenly our government decided that Whites were no longer good enough to run their own country. Suddenly the pristine and safe White neighborhoods were looked at as something evil and morally dirty, even though it was filled with White folks who were just doing their productive best to make life better for themselves and their families.

I think it is time that we make up our minds as a nation. Were the Whites evil and wrong to create America? If they were then we should all pack up and leave the land to the Indians. There are twice as many of them alive today than when Columbus came, so what do you say? You know you cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that America is a great and wonderful nation, and at the same time believe that it was wrong to create it. If on the other hand, you believe that America was built with honor and integrity, and that we are sharing the fruits of the labor of great White men of the past, then our course is clear. We do not give up any of our lands to those of other races.

If we are wise, we shall not give California to the Mexican invaders, nor shall we give Texas or any other state to them. In fact it is time that we give strong consideration to doing what we did in the first place: conquering the land for our people. It is not evil and it is not wrong. In the long run it will have the same effect that our ancestors had when they took the land from the Indians. We will set up a White nation that is destined for greatness.

I think we must look at the alternative. Even if no additional Nonwhite immigrants were to come into America, we would be doomed without some assertive action. Our people are having one or two children and then quitting. That means even if we were all alone on the planet we would die out eventually at that rate! What are we getting for this lack of reproduction? Do we live in cities with less traffic on the roads, and less sprawl eating up the landscape? No, as we decided to commit racial suicide by no longer having large families, to "save the planet," our government started moving in Nonwhite immigrants to keep our growth rate high! We are having more and more traffic and construction overload problems than ever before, as we are dying off as a race! What irony.

What of the addition money that families are making because they have fewer children to spend money on? Do White folks get to enjoy even that? No they do not. Instead of having more money to spend because of our smaller families, our money is siphoned right off the top to pay for all the programs and services for the Nonproductive members of other races who are having children like crazy. People sneak across our borders illegally to have their children and these criminals are magically transformed into our dependants because their kids are considered US citizens. Our government just turns on the welfare and Medicare for a new drain on your paycheck. Stand up to the counter and be prepared to pay for that bilingual education.

Where is the outrage? You see stories of child molesters who are not executed as they should be, and instead allowed back out into society to attack more children. What is being done about it? Where are the people who are up in arms over the trampling of our innocent children under the wheels of the liberal manure wagon? We have White women raped by the score routinely by Nonwhites, where is the outrage? Where are the White men who are willing to stand up for their women?

Outrage seems to be a thing of the past. Outrage was a defense mechanism. It is akin to simple anger in a normal human being. Anger is what gets you up and into the face of some store manager who just stole you blind. It is what makes you attack a man twice your size who just offended your wife. Anger is what gives you the push to move you out of your normal civilized approach to life, into militant activism to protect your family or your possessions. Anger is a normal human emotion and it can be a healthy defense response to being mistreated. All healthy people get angry on occasion, because life will wrong you on occasion, and if you do not get angry and do something about it, you will find your lot in life to be on a consistent path of deterioration.

In a society the same thing is true. If the people are not outraged, injustice never will be corrected. No revolution was ever even attempted, let alone followed out to where it could succeed, without a large amount of outrage. No tyrant was every overthrown, no governmental wrong was ever righted without outrage from the people. A people who are never outraged, are a people who are destined for servitude to a harsh master. And we are such a people.

We have had our neighborhoods invaded under the iron hand of the law. We have had our schools integrated by that same governmental tyranny. We have had our borders opened to members of other races, while being closed to those of our own race. We have had our children brainwashed into believing things contrary to our own beliefs and the beliefs of our fathers. We are being humbled and abused daily, without outrage being openly expressed. You can see some of that outrage which inappropriately bubbles over on occasion. If you feel masochistic and you really want to see some unadulterated hostility, outrage of the purest intensity, go to a conservative forum and speak about what our government has done to the White people in this country. You will be completely buried in hatred from your fellow Whites! They have been so mentally shackled that they cannot hope to express their outrage at the appropriate parties, and so they take it out on anyone who discusses the subject at all.

Until we can release that healthy and appropriate outrage in our people, we are doomed. We see White folks in their places of work every day discussing only what the Media Lords put out in their propaganda circus. They speak of Whites committing "hate crimes" when the greatest hate is set squarely against Whites, not radiating from them. I would be willing to bet that most of the people who read this have given their own money willingly to help Nonwhites somewhere during their life. Some have given large amounts of their own money in church or to some other charity knowing that the money was being used to help needy folks of other races, especially children of other races. We are not hateful people.

Even the most benevolent of people must be outraged when they are put upon. And we, as a people, are being severely put upon today. We stand to lose our land, our future and the very lives of children, grandchildren and all who would follow them. We have stood by quietly, as completely outrageous things have been done to us, without releasing our natural reaction as we should have. We must find our outrage if we are to survive. We must help others find theirs as well. That outrage is a reservoir of power, that our people can tap into. It will raise us up in a massive, and irresistible force, which will kick the Media Lords out of power, return our nation to the people who created it, and reestablish the greatest nation that has ever existed on this planet.

There are many other White nations who have rightful claims to greatness as well. For example, one should not forget the British Empire that stretched around the globe, or the great accomplishments of the German people. All across the White nations we find that their natural outrage has been suppressed, and that suppression has been very costly to us all. Like finding an underground pocket of pressurized oil, all we have to do is drill into that outrage and ignite it, to create a firestorm that would sweep the world!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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