December 21, 2003

THIS PAST WEEK I WENT THROUGH AN EXCHANGE of emails with a Jewish gentleman, and he was a gentleman; unlike many of the openly hostile and rude Jewish visitors I have had to endure. With polite speech and a smile he tried to explain to me why the White Americans should be very happy with that knife sticking in their collective back, placed there by people like himself. America was so bad before, and it is so much better today. If you don't believe it just ask him.

I pointed out to him the terrible, destructive changes that have occurred, and he ignored them, or proclaimed they had nothing to do with his anti-White agenda. His most obvious ploy was to try and make this a personal problem rather than a racial problem. If only I would sit back and relax, everything would be fine. The increase in our crime rate wouldn't really matter. Our destroyed school system could be ignored. The displacement of our people would be a non-issue. Yes, if only I would get rid of my personal hang-ups, all of these things would vanish as major concerns and I could then wallow in the beauty of diversity and the extermination of the White race in this land. Absolutely amazing.

He kept bragging how he had fought in the war against Germany. I pointed out the fact that the primary result of W.W.II was the enslavement of half of Europe by the most evil group that has ever existed: communists. He skipped right by that uncomfortable fact and started raving about how evil the Nazis were. He was proud that he fought in that war, but you could tell it was because he was fighting for the Jews, not America. His support for all the things that have been destroying the America that existed at the time that he actually fought, has made that completely clear.

It is important for all to note that the one thing always clearly at work in people like this is a strong underlying drive to completely obliterate the America that existed before 1960. They speak of that time as being evil. The very country that embraced this man and his people, and gave them a place to flourish unmolested, has been under a constant and successful attack ever since they arrived. The "head," or the White leadership of our society has been completely destroyed. The old adage goes, "Kill the head, and the body will die." They have succeeded in the first part, and unless that useless head is replaced with healthy pro-White leadership, the body will surely die.

It was interesting to watch this gentleman work. It was as if he were working from a script. First he accused my page of being "anti-Semitic" and he called that "disturbing." Judging from the email that I have received, and the other things that I have read from them, the Jewish people must be the most "disturbed" people on earth. They are always finding something to be "disturbed" about. And the strangest thing of all is that they expect the fact that they are disturbed to make others disturbed, as if their point of view is the only one that matters. Amazing!

He next attacked my veracity and honor, but oh so subtly. No, on my page I am not discussing issues of merit. Instead I am merely venting misplaced rage. The fact that I am writing at all is diagnosed as an indication of some personal problem rather than a love of my people and a burning desire to see their birthright restored to them. He kept coming back to some personal slight that I must have received as being the motivation for what I am saying. The thing is that no such slight exists. I have not personally suffered any specific trauma from a minority or a feminist. However, my society has. My society has been assaulted, and maimed, and it lies in ICU awaiting necessary treatment or it will die. That is the motivation for my writing. It flows from a far deeper spring than mere personal insult.

However, when they can bring across the image of White folks who care about their own, as being emotional wrecks, or somehow incomplete, or loaded up with feelings of inferiority, the net effect is to sabotage their important message. The message is valid and it is important, but it must be listened to in order to be effective. As long as the messenger seems to be deranged, who will listen? These guys are pros!

His next tactic was pure perfection. He told me that he viewed me as "a son" since he was of the previous generation. He is older and wiser than I, and he went into the standard list of things about why Marxist Egalitarianism is the best thing that ever happened to America, while glossing over, or ignoring the destructive changes that it has brought, and will bring even more powerfully in the future.

He pointed out that there were some minorities that fought in the army and so that made it all okay. While I am sympathetic to the debt owed to anyone who fights for America, it can be handled in ways other than destroying America in payment. For example, the French fought for us in our Revolutionary War and shed their blood for us. However, we did not make them citizens as a result of it. I am for paying war debts, but not with the currency of my nation's future. For people like this gentleman however, the very existence of America is a small price to pay for this small debt.

Repeatedly he stated that Marxist Egalitarianism was simply wonderful and he was so happy that it had been inserted into our country, while completely ignoring, and on occasion denying, the consequences. It is like giving a fatal overdose of morphine to a patient. See, all his pain is gone. Isn't that an improvement? Don't worry about the heart flutter, or the decreasing blood pressure. Those are completely unconnected to the injection. You should be glad that we gave it to him!

He closed his second email with an attempt to belittle once more, by saying that there is no need for anger. Always, in order to intimidate and belittle, they focus on the natural response to their activities as if it were unmerited anger, and therefore mentally unbalanced, rage. He also said that bitterness at having my land invaded, and my people displaced was needless. And finally he stated that the "hurts" to my people and my country were "imaginary." Each year thousands of our people are murdered by non-Whites, tens of thousands of our White women are raped by non-Whites, and our paychecks are cut in half to pay for the children of those who will displace us, and our hurts are "imaginary." And if you should lash out at anyone putting this sort of acid deceit out, why you are not reacting with healthy anger at an outrage, but you are "anti-Semitic."

In his third email the gentleman became more open in his antagonism and began to express some rage of his own. He still kept the lid on, but you could tell that the pot was boiling. He kept returning to the fact that he could not understand my point of view. Of course the way he phased it, left no doubt that he did not consider this a failing on his part. No, obviously it was a lack on my part to get the message across.

My feelings, I was told, are "unfortunate." It sounded like he would be happy to remove them for me. And of course my many unanswerable points were "incorrect assumptions," even though many of them are backed by easily verifiable data.

Then he took a step down to a dirtier form of infighting. He suggested that I had the same mental characteristics of, and am fortunate that I did not follow the practices of, Gary Ridgeway, a mass serial killer of women. When you have no real ammunition, I guess you throw whatever is handy. However,that didn't sound gentlemanly at all.

Then came the following paragraph:

To blame divorce, integration, miscegenation, public schools, etc., entirely on Egalitarianism, which resulted in women and Blacks achieving basic human rights, is irrational.

There are two primary assertions in that statement:

  1. Blaming the high divorce rate, integration, miscegenation, the destruction of our school system, etc. upon Egalitarianism, is irrational.

  2. Egalitarianism resulted in women and Blacks achieving basic human rights.

Looking at the first assertion, I would point out that each of the things listed demonstrably follow from the Egalitarian laws and practices forced upon an unwilling America. (The fact that anything was forced upon an unwilling America shows how bankrupt our so-called "democracy" is.)

As feminism has increased in power, and women have entered into the workforce, the divorce rate has drastically increased in direct proportion. Clearly the two are connected. Egalitarian feminism was the driving force, and therefore, clearly it was the primary agent of it.

How on earth anyone could suggest that integration was not connected to the Egalitarian myth is beyond me. What else would drive a government to force Americans to live in a way that they don't want to live, and with people they don't want to live with? Was it supposed to be a spontaneous action? Clearly civil rights and forced integration are part and parcel of the same Egalitarian package.

And he listed miscegenation as well. I am just amazed at such brass. How on earth would the anti-miscegenation laws be struck down in the face of popular support for those laws, if it were not the Egalitarian oligarchy driving it? If it were not for the same people promoting miscegenation in the media(1) of all types, there would be far less of it going on. Clearly the Egalitarians are at the heart of that problem.

Our school system has gone from the worlds best, to one of the worst in the industrialized world. It has followed a direct line from where it was on top, to where it is now on the bottom, tracking closely, but in reverse slope, the line that represents the amount of control that the Egalitarians have obtained over the schools. Integration, and multiculturalism have overwhelmed the schools, and the curriculum has been distorted and virtually destroyed by their tinkering.

All of these items have come directly from Marxist Egalitarian practices, and have been promoted by its adherents. To state otherwise is clearly irrational!

As for the second assertion, I have to ask – if what the Blacks and women have received as a result of the Marxist Egalitarians, are "basic human rights," then why are the Palestinians not granted the same "rights" in Israel?

But more to the point, unlike the Palestinians of today, Blacks and women had basic human rights before the civil rights movement. And so did Whites. What the Civil Rights movement did was to take the rights away from Whites. Whites no longer had the right to live with whom they chose. No longer could they hire whom they chose. They could no longer send their children to schools with children like themselves. Above all else, they could no longer close their borders to those unlike themselves! Most Blacks today are still living like they did before.(2) When they move into a White neighborhood today, unless their numbers remain small, they will sooner or later pull that new neighborhood down to the same level as the last one that they left. The point is that what really happened from the Civil Rights Movement was primarily the destruction of White society – the removal of rights for Whites – not the increase of rights for anyone else.

The results from applying Marxist Egalitarianism are always the same: the destruction of the society; the impoverishment of the population; and the complete loss of rights. We are watching all of these things grow more pronounced each day in the USA.

The gentleman went on to proclaim that the earlier injustices in America towards a small few justified the complete dismantling of our country that has since occurred. While 90% of the population was living better than anyone else on earth, pulling us down into third world squalor is justified because some of the other 10% were "left out" and had to get by on their own. That sort of reasoning would justify the sinking of the Titanic on purpose because there might have been a few criminals on board. Where else on earth could 90% of the population have been doing so well? There was nowhere else, and this gentleman knows it. He also knows that America today has become a cesspool for most of the population, in comparison with what it was before. He knows that what will be coming in the future is going to be even worse for most Americans. Why is he happy? Because, like many of his fellows, his concern is not for America, but it is for his own people. Whatever price must be paid to make things more secure for them is a price he is willing to pay, no matter how many gentiles will have to suffer as a result.

He went on to tell me about his wonderful family and how rich, and religious they are, and then he went into a diatribe condemning me. He is filled with pity for me, and labels my love for my people as being "cancer." Remember that this was coming from a "caring" man who wants to be a "father" to me.

Continuing with his "can't understand" tactic, he goes off on some disconnected path about how he couldn't see how a Black, or a woman, succeeding at something had ever hurt him. No one that I know of cares whether or not someone succeeds at something. What they care about is having their people displaced and dispossessed, their way of life destroyed, and their grandchildren being turned into people of different races.

It is the typical misdirection ploy. The following lies are promoted as if they were gospel. (Of course they despise the Gospel too, so maybe that is the wrong choice of words.)

Instead of focusing on the real issue, they go off in some other direction. It is like forcing a doctor to treat a pimple on the patient, while neglecting his life threatening cancer. Some Blacks did not have the same opportunities as the White people who created this country. Therefore you must completely destroy the country in order that an extremely tiny number of Blacks might become CEOs. Only an Egalitarian would consider such an insane trade to be "rational."

He mentioned his military service repeatedly and his "Bronze Star (1944)" as if this proved his "love for America." There were many Jews who were willing to put on a uniform and fight for the Jews in W.W.II. That was love for their people, not America. They hated the Nazis and they were willing to fight against them. How does that prove loyalty to America? When he supports Marxist Egalitarianism, which is the real cancer behind nearly all our woes today, he is demonstrating a deep and abiding hatred for the America that existed in the 1940s, when this man fought against the Germans. The activities, that he and his cohorts have been involved in ever since, have destroyed that America.

Christmas is only a few days away. Take some time and check out what I am saying. Just look at some of the old Christmas movies made around the time of W.W.II. Look at Miracle on 34th St. with Natalie Wood. Just look at the streets of New York City of that time, and compare it with the mess that is there today. Look at It's a Wonderful Life and see the White world that this gentleman hated. Look at the 1950s movie White Christmas, and see the very same thing in living color. You may see Blacks in the background of these movies, but the society was undeniably White.

It is that White American society that nearly everyone in an American uniform fought for in W.W.II. I honestly believe that if they had realized what this gentleman's people had in store for our country, they would have joined the other side. Losing that war to the Nazis could not have done more harm to America than letting people like this man dismantle our once wonderful White country. Large portions of our major cities have already been destroyed, and the cancer is creeping outward every day. Much of California has been lost to the "minorities" and in just a few decades, the entire country will have been. And still we have to listen to these people promoting the idea that things are "better." Such complete hatred for this country is unimaginable.

Promoting America as it was before 1960, the very land that the gentleman claimed to have been fighting for in the 1940s, he today calls "White Power" and "Hate." To promote the views of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and even Abraham Lincoln on the subject of race is classified as "racism" and "hate." If this gentleman hates these great Americans, and if the nation that he supposedly fought for appears so heinous to him, one has to take his claims of patriotism with at least a grain of salt. If you love something enough to fight for it, you don't turn around and destroy it, while celebrating its decay as being "positive."

I placed this "emotional bomb" into one of my emails to him, as a test of where his true allegiance lay:

Enjoy your remaining days on earth; you will probably not have to suffer for your beliefs, (the people in Rhodesia, and now South Africa had to pay their price a little quicker than we will, but ours is coming). Only those poor kids born recently, and those yet to be born, will actually have to live in the nightmare you, and those who think like you, have created. You can pat yourself on the back and feel good that you made things "better," while the future generations will have to wallow in poverty, and be at continual war with each other. The early skirmishes have already begun in California, but the big battles still lie in the future. They are coming, but probably not in your lifetime, or maybe even in mine. If I were a selfish bastard I would just enjoy my life, and to hell with the future, but I am not built like that. Thank goodness my forefathers weren't either, or they never would have driven the savages off this land and created America in the first place. Your point of view makes them all appear to be racist tyrants, and it makes America an evil nation, right from the start. Well, I don't look at it that way. I think those men were heroes and that what they did was right and just!

As I expected it would, his response to that completely ignored the main point (of America being created by Whites driving off the non-Whites), and he went into a tirade listing several negative things about Whites, trying to make them look as "savage" as the Indians were. (Somehow his list missed the finer aspects of European society, and only focused on the worst things he could think of.) Of course at the end, realizing how hypocritical it would appear for someone who supposedly loved America to be openly attacking her creators, he added a little disclaimer: "Reminding you of that fact doesn't mean I hate Whites or Western civilization; just that I insist on accuracy." The fact that he had to make that statement speaks volumes doesn't it?

And then came the real point. " I will not glorify injustice to appease you." He declares that the creation of this land, that he supposedly "loves," to be "injustice." Why I would need "appeasing" I am not sure, but as I have always stated, if these anti-White people were in charge in the 17th or 18th centuries, there never would have been an America, not ever. This gentleman hates the foundation of America, he hates the people who created America, and he glories in the destruction of the White neighborhoods, schools, and yes, country.

He finally got around to the standard ploy of pointing the finger and proclaiming that I believe that I am "superior" to this race or that. I have pointed out many times that this is a question of survival, not superiority.

On my Frequently Asked Questions page I deal with this issue from the other side. If I felt superior, then it would naturally follow that I would consider other races to be inferior. Here is my response to that charge:

Q. Why do you think other races are inferior to Whites?

Your use of the term "inferior" shows your ignorance of what I am saying on my page. Which is inferior to the other, a greyhound or a collie? They are different, and have different strengths and weaknesses. It is not until you set some arbitrary standard of comparison, whereby you can rate one or the other of their strengths as being more important than any other attribute, that you can intelligently and correctly use the terms "superior" and "inferior," and then only in the context of that one particular attribute. Although collies and greyhounds can interbreed, they are distinctly different, just like races of man are.

My contention is that the White race has the right to continue to exist, in its own lands, without interference from other races. I do not care about superiority or inferiority; I only am concerned with the perpetuation of my people, their culture and their way of life. Until you understand that, you understand nothing.

He spends two paragraphs asking me why I feel superior to this race or that. Since I don’t, it makes the whole thing sound rather silly. However, it serves a purpose. As long as we are talking about mythical claims, we are not talking about the real point: survival of the White race, and of White America.

He goes on to accuse me of having an agenda of "White Power." What exactly that means to him I am not sure. I don't spend a lot of time yelling "White Power," and so I am left a little confused about what he meant. I do wish to put things back in order to where they would more closely approximate our American roots. That does include a population that is at least 90% White. If that is White Power, then I guess I'm it. I am not going to sweat labels much.

He concludes with a list of things that all these wonderful people from other lands are doing to make my life better. Unbelievable. As if America didn't have its garbage collected, its floors mopped, its fruit picked, its college classrooms staffed with competent professors, and the worlds best surgeons staffing our hospitals before diversity overwhelmed our system. The process he is celebrating is dismantling our nation, and replacing it with one that is basically antagonistic to our European roots, and that is what this gentleman loves.

He thinks that calling me names, and pigeonholing what I am doing into being merely expressions of ill-directed rage, that he will lessen the impact of the truth. He fears that White Americans may yet wake up and rebel against their oppression, before they are exterminated. My hope is that they will.

His final comment was:


after stating that he was heading off to celebrate "Hanukkah" with his family.

Yes, one can easily see where this gentleman's allegiance lies.


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2.    Black Crime

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