Geordi...and the Jewel of the White World

June 11, 2005

I RECENTLY READ AN ARTICLE BY DANIEL BERNARDI,(1) a man who was criticizing the original series of Star Trek, a left wing propaganda tool, intended to mentally dismantle the White America that was paying to watch it, because it was “Racing Toward a White Future.” That would be like criticizing Harlem for being too White. The viewing audience was 90% White when that show was created and most Americans never even saw a non-White person during a normal day. However, in Star Trek they were shown a nirvana-like relationship between races that seemed to mesh in perfect working order, and would make people think that race problems don’t exist really. That show was laying the groundwork to disassemble the White future that looked like it was unavoidable before the 1960s. Today, that future looks like it may never come at all.

Bernardi then moves on to discuss the Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) series, and here is what really shows what this man is about.

And how about those characters of color. Geordi, for example, is the model minority, loyal without a touch of cultural distinctiveness. And yet he is not allowed the ultimate jewel in the White world: white women. In the first few seasons, he is an abject failure when it comes to his pursuits of women. What is striking about this fact is that almost all of the "babes" he pursues are white, one of whom is even a holographic character. In the only instance in which Geordi is successful with a white woman, it is due to a boost in his confidence provided by the god-like -- and white -- alien in “Transfigurations.” Even in this episode, however, we never actually see the couple engage in intimate activity. Kirk and Uhura come closer to kissing than do Geordi and his white women. When, in the sixth season, in Aquiel, Geordi is successful with a woman, she is a black-alien. TNG keeps the colors separate when love is in the air.

There are a few things that we need to discuss about this complaint concerning TNG. First of all, you will see that what is desired for non-Whites is not equal treatment. Georgi is stated to be loyal, culturally assimilated, well paid, treated with dignity, and free even to pursue White women. He has everything that was supposed to be what those in the JS crowd(2) were demanding for Blacks during the Civil Rights movement. But that is not what was ever wanted for Blacks. None of that matters at all!

The gold standard of “equality” is possession of the “jewel in the White world: White women.” The goal has never been to give non-White "minorities" our lifestyle. They don’t want our culture. They don’t want to be like us, or be "as good as us." Only one thing matters: mating with White women, the jewel not only in the White world, but clearly from what Bernardi is saying, in the entire world!

Notice that, as Bernardi points out, TNG repeatedly--season after season--put forward a storyline where this Black actor would be pursuing a White woman. He was never confronted or reprimanded for this destructive behavior. In fact his repeated failures were intended to create a sympathetic feeling in the predominantly White audience, causing them to actually want this Black man to mate with a White woman. And yet, even all of this propaganda that was put forward, especially to White children, was simply not good enough for Bernardi. What was wanted was to see some blonde Nordic princess being sexually coupled with the Black actor. Nothing else would do!

Finally we are told that the Black actor being “successful” with (that means at least potentially mixing his genes with) a woman was somehow a failure when he had to settle for a “Black-alien.” Black women are absolutely not considered to be the equal of White women in Bernardi's opinion.

The sham of the multiculturalist illusionists, and the civil rights hucksters, has fallen away. We can see the dirty little man behind the curtain, and the mighty Diveristy Lord Oz has been found out. Nobody in power cares, or has ever cared, whether or not Blacks earn equal amounts of money, or have nice things. All they really care about is that White people must be willing to give up their genetic heritage, and their very existence so the non-White hordes can feel like they are “successful.”

The very idea of there being a White future is absolutely loathed by Daniel Bernardi. It makes him disgusted to think that White women might be only coupling with White men and producing White children. How terrible it appears to him to think that perhaps White people just might survive long enough to make it to the stars.

White people are only 8% of the world’s population today and they are reproducing at a rate of 1.25 babies per White female.(3) Meanwhile the non-White peoples of the world are producing a population explosion. At this rate there will not be any White women left by the 23rd century, the time when Star Trek is supposed to be set. How can the Blacks and Mestizos, and Orientals ever be “successful” then?

If you ever thought that the Civil Rights movement was about equality, you better wake up. It has never been about equality. It has always been about White women, and the very survival of the White race. Every single cause promoted by the JS crowd, including Feminism, Homosexual Rights, and Civil Rights, has been supported for the one and only purpose of dismantling the White societies of the world. And it has worked! We are on the ropes and we had better act soon, or we will go the way of the Whites of Haiti, Rhodesia, and South Africa. Take a really close look at what has gone on in Southern California the last 40 years. It is not about equality at all; it is, and always has been, about survival. Either you will fight for your children’s future, or there will not be one.


1.    From Star Trek to The Next Generation: Race, Gender, and the Giant Step Backwards; By Daniel Bernardi
2.    JS crowd are the Jewish Supremacists, who put Israel and all Jewish interests ahead of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual supremacists on earth.
3.   The Problem We Face

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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