Race Suicide

Race Suicide - refusal or unwillingness to propagate children; failure to maintain a birth rate equal to the death rate.   -- Webster's Practical Illustrated Dictionary 1942

Race Suicide - the extinction of a race or people that tends to result when, through the unwillingness or forbearance of its member to have children, the birthrate falls below the death rate.    -- Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language 1996 (1)

HOW DO YOU FEEL being a member of a race that is currently committing "race suicide"? We have been talked into it by those who hate the white race. Due to the death rate, just to maintain status quo, the white race must generate over 2 children per couple! Our race has been talked into the idea that two children is as much as any family needs, and one child would be even better. We are being told that race suicide is a good thing, and we are believing it!

All over the world, outside, AND INSIDE, our White countries, Nonwhites are breeding at a rate that is far greater than their death rate. They are growing by leaps and bounds, while Whites are CHOOSING TO DIE as a race. It is nearly universal that a White family that has more than two children is considered large, and if they have more than three, they are looked at with disdain. Who looks at a Nonwhite with anything but acceptance if he has 4 or 5 kids? No one makes comments to a Nonwhite man that his family is too large. Yet if a White man has 4 or 5 kids, he is the butt of jokes on a daily basis. They are not pleasant jokes either! White people look down their noses at White families who are not participating in the race suicide!

Herein is the kernel of truth for our people. Pick a White country. Any country. Throughout history no White country has failed to recover from any event of history, no matter how traumatic it was, as long as they maintained their White population. (e.g. France, Germany) In EVERY case where the White population was removed or diluted through mixing with other races (e.g. Persia, Egypt, Rome, India, and Portugal) they fell from greatness, never to rise again. (See MARCH OF THE TITANS - A HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE.)

In the past it has been a limited number of White nations at any given time that made the mistake of mixing with other races, only to fall into oblivion. Today, it is all of the White nations! The USA is bringing in immigrants that are 90% Nonwhite, while at the same time, the Whites are committing race suicide through a low birth rate. In England and other White nations the same thing is going on. It is planet wide that the great White race is putting a gun to its head and pulling the trigger.

Do you remember the Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life?" George Bailey wished that he had never been born, because he thought that his nonexistence would have been better for everyone else. His friendly angel, Clarence, gave him his wish. Suddenly, George Bailey found out that he had touched a great number of people in his life. Most of the people that George Bailey knew in his home town were very much better off because George had been born and had lived his life. Even a boatload of soldiers, whom he had never even met, was saved because of George. The moral of the story was clearly that you touch more people, and in far more of a dramatic fashion, than you can possibly know.

My friend, YOU can turn your world around. You can be an example by having a large family. Teach your children that Whites are an endangered species and need to reproduce! There are NOT too many Whites on planet earth. For every White on earth today, there are 11 Nonwhites. That ratio is becoming larger against us every day. If you have a large family, you will impact this situation in more ways than you probably would imagine. First of all the race will benefit from an increase in numbers. That is a good thing. (The fact that you are smart enough to see through the Media Lords' propaganda also means that you are sending intelligent genes into the future gene pool.) Secondly, you are an example to others. Brag about your children! Tell anecdotes of the cute and fun things that they do. Let others know that you are enjoying your large family. This will have a huge impact on others that you will not have any direct knowledge of. It is natural for a man and woman to be proud of their children. For thousands of years it has been the goal of White families to "be fruitful and multiply." At weddings it was customary in the past to wish fertility upon the couple that they might have a large family. Today they wish race suicide upon the couples. That is, however, a learned trait, not a natural one. You can help overcome it by having a large family and openly enjoying that family. Thirdly, every time some suicidal moron makes a comment about your large family, you have another opportunity to share the truth with them! You are doing your part to pull the White race out of the race suicide predicament that we are in. With White people's attitudes today, such comments will open up the door to a great deal of opportunity, and you can be sure of that!

In addition to producing a large family yourself, you can also search out White men and women who have large families, and give them verbal support. Point out the great thing that they are doing today when the White race is trying to commit race suicide. Many of them may be having large families for other reasons, but usually people like receiving praise for something that they are doing, and it just might turn on a light in their minds that maybe the White race is a valid and important topic of study. Through your praise you just might be able to wake up a sleeping White family.

Talk up the idea of large families at work, to your White coworkers. Do not let them run down the idea without you taking the opportunity to point out that the White race is rapidly declining as a percentage of world population, while the Nonwhites are increasing rapidly. This can be done without getting folks all riled up and still you can plant a few seeds. We will need a whole forest to spring from our efforts, but it can be done. Draw them in.

There are millions of Whites today who are sick and tired of the way the schools are. They are sick of the ways the neighborhoods are. They are sick of what drugs are doing to our society. They are sick of all the things that have come to us through the activities of the Media Lords. They just do not know who is at fault. They think that it is all a big mistake and America just took a dead wrong turn somewhere. They think it will all work out someday. They are not stupid, they just are ignorant. They do not realize that it was all by design. The designers are still at work and it is only going to get worse if we do not do something to remove the Media Lords from their position of power.

White Americans could know all of this. But they never will unless you tell them! The Media Lords will never tell them. In fact they will tell them the exact opposite. They will tell the Whites that you are filled with hate! (Even simple LOVE for the White race is defined as HATE!) But Whites are not as stupid as the Media Lords think they are. Whites are capable of learning the truth. And Whites are capable of correcting problems, even extremely difficult problems, like the Media Lords' control of our media.

This is very much like the project of building the Panama Canal. The White man decided he wanted to cut a channel through from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. He started and failed miserably. Thousands of men died from malaria. It was an impossible job. It could never be done, some said. Yet finally it was done. The source of the malaria was discovered. The mosquitoes were wiped out and so was the malaria. The canal was built and is still in use today.

So, yes the Media Lords' control of the media is the source of many of our problems in America, and nearly all of our serious ones. Our malaria is miscegenation, low birth rates, Nonwhite immigration, and the malady of race suicide progressing to critical levels. We know the source of the problem. We have to notify the other White folks out there that all of the things that they hate about the direction America is going, came from the design and planning of the Media Lords. (See The Plan.) Once the media is returned to the White people of our countries, we will have removed the cause of our malady, and therefore the malady itself will be cured. Once again the White man can rise up as he has in the past. There remains much to do for our race. If we commit race suicide, of course it will never get done.

If, on the other hand, we wake up, stand on our feet and re-conquer our lands, we will build new and better societies that have not even been dreamt of yet. Imagine the possibilities of a White America, joining forces with a White Germany and a White England. Working together, how long would it take to have White colonies on the moon, Mars and on various moons of Saturn and Jupiter? An interplanetary joint venture, that would shape the future of man for thousands of years into the future, is within our reach. White nations on earth would return to the relatively crime free societies that they were in the past before Nonwhite immigration changed the racial makeup of our lands.

It all comes back to us. Are we going to get out there and educate the sleeping Whites? Are we going to enlighten them about the endangered White race? Or are we going to let them continue to commit race suicide? The choice is up to you!

1) In 1942 "Race Suicide" was a common enough term to be included in a small school dictionary for students. However, I had to look in an UNABRIDGED dictionary of today to find this term. I was unable to find the term "Race Suicide" in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. The term is no longer considered "politically correct," although words considered obscene by most people are found throughout most of the "modern" dictionaries today. It is quite proper to use foul language but it is quite improper to perpetuate the White race, or to even speak of the fact that the White race is currently practicing race suicide. By removing words which mean things that the government wants repressed, those IDEAS are repressed. In 1984, Big Brother was very good at this, and in 1999 so are the Media Lords!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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