THE SUMMER IS UPON US. The Media Lords are making their big push to break out their movies and the kids are eager to be programmed.

That is life in the United States today. We will see movie after movie where black men are cozying up to White women. On any night of the week you can find a television show where a black male cop (or fill in the profession) is working side by side with a White woman. It is non-stop. They are still having some problems with Whites completely buying into their own suicide, so they have to hold back. They don't fill every movie up yet with black men in bed with White women, but you can rest assured that it is coming. In the mean time, as much as it pains them, the Media Lords continue to push the White audience as far as they dare. They have the White woman brushing up against the black character. They have the woman cry on his shoulder. They have the black man comforting the White woman, perhaps putting an arm around her or patting her hand. They are completely on fire to make the black man have sex with the White woman in the movies and have the White audience love it. And the way things are going, it looks like they are soon going to get their wish.

How many of the White children today spend at least part of their time watching MTV? Each and every one of those kids are told a thousand times a day at least, that White women belong with Black men. Our kids are not disgusted by that. Why not? It is because their own parents are not teaching that miscegenation is wrong. They are being taught instead that racial suicide is a good thing, and that identifying with their own race is evil. So, when these uneducated White kids watch MTV it fits right in with what they are being told by their parents. It certainly fits right in with what they are told by their teachers. They are told it by all the adult authority figures in their lives, and they are told it by their musical heroes. Other than pure basic instinct, there is nothing in their lives to teach them to keep their own race alive.

If the differences between the races were not so completely obvious to even the most casual of observers at the subconscious level, the White race would not survive more than one, or at the most two, more generations, because the kids are being taught that they should kill the White race. In spite of all that training, most White girls instinctively know that a Black man will not treat them the same as a White man will. Perhaps they realize somehow that being with your own kind is better. For whatever reason, most White woman still have White babies, not enough White babies, but at least the ones that they have are right color.

It is impossible for the Media Lords to produce a valid reason for wanting White women to mate with Nonwhites, and for them to continually promote that concept, for any purpose other than the annihilation of the White race. (See White Women and the Facts of Life.) It is clear that if White women mate with Nonwhites they will produce Nonwhite children. What other result can there be? Nonwhite children, therefore, are what the Media Lords are driving at with each and every effort that they make in each of their entertainment platforms to desensitize all White viewers to the suicidal idea of White women mating with Nonwhites. It is like trying to promote the game of Russian Roulette to Whites. The results would be the same. Either Dead Whites or non-reproducing Whites each add up to only one thing: genocide!

Some of the things that have happened to our race in my lifetime, that are directly tied back to the Media Lords, and of course their mindless Trolls the liberals, are these:

We had a rock solid society prior to the Media Lord attack. Our neighborhoods were homogeneous. Our girls for the most part did not even know any Nonwhites personally before they were safely married to White men. Once families were started, they usually became large families. There were very few abortions and our White women had White babies. They didn't even see any black actors on television in any sort of starring role. (Buckwheat and other character actors were about it.) All factors were pushing the White race to perpetuate itself and to defend itself. Whites felt confident of their race and proud of their race.

Do you see much difference in what the Media Lords have done to our society and our people, than if they had just gone around and started shooting our citizens on the street? Actually what they did was far worse because if they had started shooting, no one would have been confused as to who was attacking us, and we would have put a quick stop to it. The deaths have been far more numerous this way, and it has smothered our natural defensive actions against it. We are left with a pile of rubble where once we had a strong society. We have suffered great losses and yet we have taken no action against the enemy. They still are attacking us, they grow stronger and wealthier each day, while White America sits glued to its television sets. A knife in the back is more honorable than what we have had done to us.

Is it any wonder that when a Nonwhite man walks by with a White woman in tow, that White men get angry? We are told that such a reaction is evil. It is unthinking hate, we are told. I submit to you that any other reaction is unthinking and heartless. For a White man is dead in his heart if he does not want to defend his race and his women from miscegenation. It is not unthinking hate to despise the destruction of the White race. It is not unthinking hate to condemn miscegenation. If our race is going to survive on this planet, which is necessary if we are ever going to leave this planet and head for the stars, we are going to have to put a halt to our White women mating with Nonwhites. We are going to have to reestablish all White societies again, and we are going to have to start having families that are at least as large as the Nonwhites in our own nations. (Our population growth must come from White births, not Nonwhite births and immigration, as is the case in the USA right now.) Otherwise we are going to be bred out of the equation, and I find that unacceptable. How about you?

White children have no need to be exposed to the Media Lords' movies. White children have a great need to be exposed to White culture. White children are our future. Especially today when so many White families are so anemic as to have 2 or less children, each child must be treasured and taught right. They cannot be turned over to the Media Lords for assimilation. It is suicidal for our race to do so. We must teach our children that White women have White babies and anything else is unacceptable. It should be as solid and unbendable of a rule as the one that says children cannot play on the freeway!

This summer make sure that your children learn something which makes them understand our race better. Whether it's Homer or Kipling, have them read something by an author that was not ashamed of being White. Take the time to discuss with them why the White race is worth preserving. Instead of allowing the Media Lords to kill their racial pride, build that pride with art, discourse and literature. They have every right to be proud of who they are! Make sure that they exercise that right. It is your duty to your ancestors, as well as your descendants. The summertime is when the Media Lords work the hardest to pollute our children's minds in the theater. That means that the summertime is the time that we must rise to the occasion and join in the battle for our White children's minds! The large amount of free time our children have must not be turned over to the Media Lords and their devices.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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