Weaponized Words

September 29, 2017


"You're a sexist!"

"You're a homophobe!"

"You're anti-trans!"

"You're anti-choice!"

"You're antisemitic!"

In every case when you hear these slanderous accusations, the one making the statement is not the least bit interested in having the accusation scrutinized for validity. This is not a request for you to show the attacker that he is wrong. He is not asking you to lay out your exact position, or to enlighten either him, or his audience, about what you really are. This individual is swinging a verbal club at your metaphorical head with intent to kill your credibility, and your reputation on the spot. He wants you to be helpless to continue laying out your supportive arguments for the topic under discussion. In effect what the phrase means is, "You are making too much sense, so shut your mouth!"

How do most people respond when they are hit by this verbal club? (In point of fact there is only one club. The word or words following the "You're..." part of the statement don't matter.) In most cases they are finished. They don't just ignore it, or say, "So what?" and continue on with their line of arguments on the topic under discussion. Instead they fall on their knees and whine, while denying that they are an intolerant bigot. "Please don't beat me, Massa!"

The poor guy who was attacked falls into disarray. He spends the rest of his allotted time trying to prove he loves diversity, feminism, and all the rest. This is why conservatives are absolutely useless. They give away the game by default, and then think it matters what they say after that. They say they are interested in protecting White people's interests, but at the same time they say they love Martin Luther King, Jr. It is impossible to do both, and since they assume at the start that the latter is valid, they preclude any possibility of the former ever coming to pass.

This is standard conservative insanity. They love feminism, while trying to support the family, which feminism has destroyed. It doesn't work, and they should know it. But they live in fear of being labeled a sexist. This is irrational behavior, and is only made possible by the intense media propaganda campaign.

Back to the attacker. Consider the absurdity of the attack, while we ignore for the moment how amazingly effective it is.

  • It is ambiguous. It has no clear definition. (Yes it has impact, but that did not flow from reason, but rather the intensive propaganda that all Americans, and White people around the world have been exposed to.) What is a racist for example? You know what you think it means, but what about all those listening to you? Ask a dozen people, and you will get a dozen answers. And in the setting for the discussion no one usually has a dictionary in hand, so the process is done on the fly, leaving the audience to define the term according to each individual's personal level of mental brainwashing. That level for all TV watching boobs is unfortunately too high to be overcome in under an hour of explanation, and that sort of time is of course not available to the one who was attacked.

  • It is indelible—once made, the label cannot be erased from the unthinking minds of the audience. Rather than making a case with reason, it is like throwing a bucket of paint upon your debating opponent. The permanent nature of the stain is fortified immensely by the media and school propaganda that all Americans are exposed to throughout their lives. A sexist is viewed as bad, not because it is reasonable, but only because they have been taught that all sexism is bad, no matter what. This irrational assumption will therefore dominate the rest of the discussion for the average spectator.

    Remember that sex is a basic biological fact. Every human reacts to other humans in some way based upon the sex of the ones being interacted with. This is because the sexes are different. No one expects to see women on the field as players, when he watches an NFL football game. If women are on the field at all, they are dressed as sexually desirable cheerleaders dancing around provocatively. This is sexism at a basic level. There are men and their are women, each showing off their respective power for the camera. It is a basic biological fact: Biology is sexist. So, sexism is good, or we would not be here. Women having babies matters greatly to the future. Women having the vote or careers does not matter at all. Biology has spoken. Get over it.

  • It is almost always false. There is a reason why courts do not require you to prove your innocence. It is up to the prosecution to prove your guilt. Therefore, all a defense attorney needs to do is create a reasonable doubt concerning your guilt; he does not have to prove you are innocent. The burden of proof is fully on the prosecution.

    In a similar fashion, anyone who attacks another with a verbal club of this sort, has the burden of proof, not only to prove that the label is applied accurately, but to establish what the label really means. And there is one final point he has the burden of proof to provide: even if the label does apply, why is this in any way pertinent to the conversation?

    Another example is when someone calls you antisemitic. There is no explanation, no clear definition of the term, no proof, and no effort to show that point of view is in anyway a bad thing. All these things are done for the attacker by the massive brainwashing that all Americans have gone through. Everyone "knows":

    • Antisemitism is a vicious hatred of poor innocent Jews, with no justification.
    • Those who are antisemitic are evil nasty Nazis and they should never be listened to, and if possible aggressively silenced.
    • Jews have all suffered enough in this world and they should be given anything they want to help ease their suffering. Only a true monster would attack helpless victims in this way.
    • Just as you never hit a woman, and never speak ill of the dead, you never, ever say anything bad about Jews. Even if it turned out that they should rape, murder, steal, undermine your society, and destroy your families and country, that is okay, and you better not say anything about it.

    Therefore, the one who is attacked has all this baggage to overcome, and the audience does not ever think about who has the burden of proof. To validate his assertion, the attacker must show that the one he attacked is in any way in support of these things. No one from the audience will stand up and demand, "Prove this man is antisemitic, and that antisemitism is necessarily a bad thing." You can be sure you will not hear any such thing from anyone raised in America as a TV watching, public school semi-educated buffoon. Instead it is far more likely that an Orwellian two-minute hate will be launched at the one who was attacked, as though he were in the role of Emmanuel Goldstein.

  • It conveys no new information about the one who is attacked. The only information passed along to the listeners is that the attacker is asserting something with no proof—and remember the massive amount of weight that one of these absurd claims carries with it, thanks to the media and schools being so good at twisting the minds under their control—which he clearly is relying on to shut his opponent up. He is not arguing. He is not using reason, facts or logic. He is just trying to mute the microphone of his opponent permanently.

These various labels that the Media Lords(1) have created to aid their minions as they move through our society spreading their diseased ideas to the masses, are words that have been "weaponized." They often will work as effectively as a bullet between the eyes, in shutting up anyone who wants to discuss a topic. Once the weapon has been launched, the conversation is over, if in the view of the audience, the weapon hit its target. The average guy will refuse to listen to anyone who has been hit with these weaponize words.

There is a new, next level to this insanity. In colleges today they have turned this already absurd situation into absurdity squared. You do not even have to be assigned one of these weaponized labels, all you have to do is to "trigger" one of the idiots who think they have a right to never hear a single thing that they disagree with. They have even created a whole new list of insane labels and concepts with which to not only shut you up, but to literally get you fired or even prosecuted.

If, for example you encounter some guy dressed up like a girl, and he has a five o'clock shadow on his face, and his bass voice belies the dress he his wearing, and you call him, "he" or "him" you can end up in very hot water. Think about that for a bit, and if you are not infuriated by that concept, you will fit right in with the brain dead administration at most universities today.

If you give a girl a compliment because she looks especially nice today, you might "trigger" her and get into trouble.

We used to upset them, or in leftard-speak they might be "offended," but now they are "triggered" as if they were really a gun, and just about ready to commit mass murder or something.

They even have created disparaging labels for anyone who is normal. Yep, if you are a boy who likes girls, or a girl who likes boys, you are one bizarre person in their view. Oh yeah, you are a straight CIS nut job. And furthermore, just to be safe, you had better assume everyone around you is a transexual, non-sexual, or homosexual gun with a very light pull who is about to be "triggered."

I have made this point before, but it needs to be reiterated right now. Please note, no one gives a hoot about whether you are upset or triggered. Your feelings do not matter at all. White folks are of no concern to the leftards. In fact they take joy in upsetting you. Once again, if you are paying attention you see a huge double standard. We are forced to worry about their feelings, but they don't have to give the slightest consideration to ours. Tell me, did you sign up for this abuse? I surely didn't.

Why is all this stupidity going on? Is it really to protect a few perverted abnormals from ridicule? Most people are normal, which it why we call them normal. Remember, a normal person is someone who fits in with the average normal range of behavior for the vast majority of people. In other words, far more people are straight and CIS—using the wing-nut terminology. That means you should automatically assume that someone you meet is normal, unless he tells you otherwise, by word or action. There is no sane justification for assuming that someone is an oddball, an aberration from the norm, whenever you meet him. To assume people are normal, will make you right nearly all the time. The tiny few times you will be wrong is not worth worrying about.

In fact, the only reason any of this is under discussion is because by forcing you to talk about it, you will utterly waste your time on unimportant matters. The Media keeps putting this stuff out there to distract you, and to coax you into discussing these absurd and useless things, rather than working to create a strong and durable society. As long as they can draw you into talking with your friends about football, fairies, and leprechauns and other irrelevant things, your society will NEVER jell into something of value. That's their goal, and boy have they got it down to a science.

Why do we waste huge amounts of our time talking about nonsense stuff from the media, rather than using our own eyes and our own brains to see that this country is about to collapse and the media don't care, in fact our overlords are encouraging it.

Now think about what is going on. It is never what the Media Lords say it is about. None of their phony marxist causes were ever intended to promote people or conditions that they claimed. Let's take a quick look:

  • Feminism: this one has a lot of traction in college moronic campuses. If you are going to trigger someone today, it will usually be a female feminist. Of course there are many other wing-nuts out there who can be triggered, but the feminists are true poster children for the Media Lord campaign to destroy America.

    The media creeps do not care about women. (You will find a deeper analysis of this topic at "The Chauvinist Corner".) They run nearly all the pornography (face it, that is a form of legalized prostitution, where women sell there bodies for sex in front of a camera). If you think promoting prostitution is in any way helping women to live long productive lives, or helping them to create a stable existence for the future, your brain has ceased to function.

    The vast majority of women were happily married before the feminist wrecking ball hit, and they were having three or more children on average; our healthy society was growing larger, and native born White Americans were the primary source of future workers.

    These women were supported by their husbands, so they could stay at home taking care of their children. The husband not only provided financial support giving her and the children a home, food, and many luxuries as well, but he backed up the mother when their kids got unruly. (Single mothers are on average bad mothers. Kids need both parents.)

    Today women are far less likely to be happy in the long run, and a great many of them find out when they are well into their thirties the train has already passed them by. Even if they land a husband, they don't have the opportunity to have more than one or two kids before their biological clock stops. A spinster who is living alone with her cats in old age is settling for far less than she could have had.

    Society is in free-fall collapse as well because of feminism, and when society collapses, women will be the ones who suffer the most. Feminism, in all three of its absurd waves has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. But the media still promote it as though it were sacred and cannot be challenged under any circumstances. It is a failure but it still has to be worshipped.

    Why? Because it gives power to the state. When you have women in the workforce, the workplace cannot be allowed to run free. Instead the state has to control everything:

    • Creating a safe workspace for women. Those who claim they support equality are liars. No one supports equality, because equality is impossible. Instead they have created this massive system of useless bureaucracy to prop up the special conditions that must be in place to allow fragile women to be there. That entire mess would disappear tomorrow if women stayed home with their children. But since feminism has demanded that society must force women into male molds, the government continues to grow larger and more intrusive into our daily lives.

      The saddest cut of all is that all this oppression and tyranny is proclaimed to be in support of freedom and equality. We are the punch line of a lethal practical joke.

    • Women in the workplace have unsurprisingly led to a huge increase in the number of divorces. The state has to provide day care, or state supplied babysitting duty. Naturally this leads to our kids being turned over to the state for their mandatory brainwashing earlier in their lives.

      Government is eager to jump in and provide all sorts of aid to the mothers who are not at home being supported by a husband. Government has reached into the very heart of our homes to take charge, all because feminism, and its effects, have demanded it.

    • And of course the government, with its regulatory and court controls, promotes and rewards a constant whine of sexism. To keep the feminists happy, businesses are forced to struggle under absurd laws and regulations. They also are forced to hire people they don't want to hire, and promote people they don't want to promote, to meet government demands, even though these people will produce less, demand more, and generally be a drain on the company resources. The amount of man-hours and wasted money that American businesses have had to endure because of feminism would match the GNP of many countries of the world.

      As if that were not enough, they also constantly have to worry about some woman going full retard on them and suing because she was triggered by something someone says or does to her.

      The government doesn't have one penny of its own. It seems hardly any Americans alive today remember this simple fact. Any program, service or money the government "gives" you, has been stolen from some poor taxpayer out there who worked to earn that money, but didn't get to keep it. Every unnecessary penny that goes into supporting the unneeded bureaucracy to keep women in the workplace is just like you were mugged for your wallet on the street. The only difference is you can't report it to the police and get it back.

      This is all about power, not about women. Every one of the Media Lord phony causes is just part of the window dressing. Seriously, if taking all women and selling them into slavery for the rest of their lives, would further the aims of the Media Lords in growing this government mess, that is what they would be happy to do to our women. They don't care about women!

  • Civil Rights: The Media Lords don't care about Blacks. The media promote hate rap music for them to embrace. They spew out propaganda in many forms inciting the Africans to hate Whites and to feel oppressed. The puppet government has created welfare to undermine Black families. It also has fostered a degenerate lifestyle, where gangs and drugs are running wild. Young Black girls are raped and young Black boys are shot dead every single day in our cities.

    Meanwhile, the number of Blacks assimilating into normal society is tiny. Most of the time Blacks can't even speak English in a way that the listener doesn't know immediately that a Black person is speaking. Hundreds of years in the country, and they can't say the word "ask" nor can they conjugate the verb "to be".

    Blacks are encouraged to be African not American. They celebrate speaking their own language, wearing their own style of clothes, and they live in constant hate for the very society where they live and the ones who created this nation.

    If you owned the media and controlled the government, what sorts of things would you do, assuming you wanted to promote the best possible life for Blacks in this country? Would you teach them to speak proper English or, would you promote Ebonics? Would you demand that they act civilized and be responsible for their lives, or live a life of playing victim and whining about everything that has gone on in the past? Would you encourage them to fit in or to be as different as they can possibly be? Spend some time thinking about this. What on earth are the Media Lords doing? It is surely not trying to make things better for Blacks in this country. It is rather trying to foment a race war by exacerbating differences. Why? Clearly their stated aims are not their real aims.

    Try making a list of things that the racial adjective "Black" can appropriately be applied to and still make sense. Words, clothes, food, neighborhoods, attitudes, voting records, police records, crime, methods of dancing, walking, driving a car. The more time you invest in the project the more you realize that as time passes by, the Blacks are becoming less American on average not more. (Currently they have taken a shine to hating our flag in public. But that is just one more thing in a very long list of unAmerican things that Blacks have been encouraged to do.)

    If you use the term, "Predominantly Black," what do you immediately know about that neighborhood or school? It is poor, crime ridden and, barring White intervention, it will remain so forever. Now, where is this school or neighborhood? I didn't say did I? Why? Because it doesn't matter. If you have an area that is predominantly Black you have a place that is run by the rules of the jungle. They always gravitate into their native state. We consider that state to be barbaric and savage. They consider it to be normal. Whether it is in Africa, Europe, Haiti, South America, Watts, Harlem, or even on a US Navy ship, Black dominated areas are not civilized, by our definition of the word.

    The solution—the only solution—is to send the Negroes back to Africa, as both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln wanted to do. I am talking about taking some of those trillions of dollars we are wasting each year to breed even more Negroes, and instead investing that money into moving all "African-Americans" back home to Africa. Send them first class, arm them up with guns and ammunition, so they can be safe from attack. Build them houses and give them provisions for a year. Supply books and training on how to acclimate quickly. Set them up with modern medical facilities, send the African doctors we have in the USA over there to help their own people. We can even provide them a famous leader: Barak Obama. He can be the Black Moses, "Let my people go!" "Okay, happy to oblige."

    The only caveat would be this is a universal Black one-way ticket to the African Paradise, no returns.

    We wouldn't be throwing them to the wolves either, because they would be the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. The average IQ for Black Africans is 70. That would be considered mentally retarded in the USA today. Our Blacks are mixed with Whites, giving them a brain boost; their average IQ is 85. Think about that. This makes them 15 points smarter than other Africans. (The average doctor's IQ is only 20 points higher than the White mean. It is a huge advantage.) They have an American education. They have actually seen civilized behavior with their own eyes. They would have every opportunity to thrive.

    Compare that with what they have here and are likely to have here in the future. Drugs, daughters who are having babies with no fathers, and scoundrel sons who get girls pregnant and run, and sadly they finally end up in prison. Guns, drive-by shootings, and all the rest. It isn't getting better and it will never get better. And now, as if that were not bad enough they have to contend with a Mexican invasion, and Señor Negro, Mexicans don't like you any more than they like Whites. The longer Blacks stay here, the worse their future looks. On the upside, American Blacks might find being the bright boys on the block for a change to be a distinct advantage back on their home turf.

    Civil Rights, forced integration, and Affirmative Action were all aimed at the very same target: the White man. The government decided it was going to castrate all Whites and leave us with no power at all.

    As with all their causes and programs, Civil Rights was aimed at disrupting what we had and destroying it. It worked perfectly. They didn't care about Blacks and they still don't care about them. They never will. They talk a mean "caring" game, but in the end they only care about themselves.

  • Homosexual marriage: this concept impacts less than 2% of the population. That means that it is a complete non-issue. The numbers are so tiny they can be safely ignored. So, why has the media made it a big deal? This non-issue is shoved down your throat over and over again to let you know that the Media is in charge of your country and you are not. That's it.

    Marriage is a problem for the Media Lords. If White Americans marry young and have lots of kids, there will be a future for America. We will grow strong and be unassailable to our enemies. So, naturally our enemies want to makes sure that never happens. The promotion of feminism and homosexually is not done to help women or homosexuals. It is done in order to disrupt White society. End of story.

    There is only one point to marriage: It is a place to safely produce and raise lots of kids. A marriage is the building block to create the next generation of White Americans. This was the reason that our government, when it was still our government, made divorce nearly impossible to get, without legitimate grounds. And when there were legitimate grounds the guilty party was heavily penalized, men or women. This encouraged men and women to stay married and faithful to each other so they would be able to produce and raise kids. If America was to survive it had to have good solid, child producing marriages.

    It wasn't only through making divorce difficult to acquire, that the state helped this along. There were real benefits to being married, such as tax cuts. Good marriages equaled lots of children, most of whom were well raised and would become productive citizens. The government did not provide all these benefits just so men and women could be happy in marriage. The only point to all this was the production of children.

    Obviously homosexual marriage will not produce children, and it is clearly a complete derailing of the entire point to marriage. The government never cared about your happiness; it wanted babies, and therefore it supported marriage. Marriage itself is a procreation institution only. This means that homosexual marriage is a true oxymoron.

    The actual number of bizarre marriages would be a small problem, because there would be so few of them. The concept is toxic at its heart, but you can absorb small quantities of toxic material, and still survive. What makes this lethal is the constant bombardment of normal people, and worse still, all of their poor kids, exposing them to this destructive idea. The media never let up.

Bit by bit, cause by cause, each generation grows more antagonistic to what worked in the past. All that was foundational to the building of America into a superpower has been undermined. More and more Americans embrace the demonstrably unworkable policies of the failed Soviet Union, as they reject the value system we held before the 1960s Marxist take over.

Sadly, we are looking at the end. It is nearly here. If we had remained on the course we were walking in the early 1950s we would have been rich, safe and powerful for a thousand years. But no, we traded all that in for the box of black magic spells, drugs and a string of lies fed out to us by the Media Lords, and we lapped up every one of them like a dog lapping up its own vomit.

It is said that when the chess game is lost, the only thing left to do is overturn the table. This game is over right now.


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