MAN RUSHES INTO BURNING BUILDING! The headlines scream it out. The story continues, and tells us that this man saved three little children from a fiery death. The news broadcast also says that a another man brutally murdered a man for no reason at all. How do the American people react? If they should meet the first man face to face, they shake his hand, slap his back, smile and buy him a beer. If they should meet the second man they will be ready to lynch him. Yet what do the American people know about either of these men? Perhaps the first man set fire to the building and the heroics were counterfeit. Perhaps the second man was protecting his family and he did the right thing.

How much power is in the hands of the media? They hold the power of war and peace in their hands. By promoting lies as truth they can make Americans believe that all is well, even when terrible things are happening. For example, we are dropping bombs on innocent women and children. We are doing far worse things to the people that we are terrorizing, maiming, and killing, than the worst that these people were even accused of doing by our "leaders" to "justify" the bombing. Yet Americans mostly believe that we are doing the right thing. It is our duty. Why do they believe that? Because their TVs tell them so!

I am reminded of the opening lines of the old Christian children's song.

Jesus loves me this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.

Today we have a new secular "Bible" for our Americans. We have an unassailable authority which tells us what is right and wrong. It tells us what to believe on every issue. It can drive us to war for no reason at all, or keep us passive in the face of outrage. By controlling our truth, the media controls us.

What is truth? Is not truth the way things really were, are, and will be? Is not truth that which matches exactly with the events, processes and reality as it actually existed, exists, and will exist in our universe? Our understanding of truth may be limited but truth stands by itself. It exists even if all mankind ceases to exist. Americans have lost their comprehension of this basic fact. They think that truth has two sides to it, when it is only human understanding of truth that has a point of view, not truth itself.

The media continually massages and manipulates the understanding of our reality by how it presents real events. Like the blind men examining the elephant, Americans are blinded into a distorted point of view by the perspective that the media takes on reality. The camera limits our field of view down to a small angle. We can only see the tail when the media wishes to convince us that the elephant is just like a rope. We can only see a single leg when the media wants us to believe that the elephant is just like a tree. We can only see its side when we are to believe it is like a wall. We can only see its trunk when they wish to convert us to the idea that the elephant is most like a snake. By showing us only the facts that they choose to show us, they can make any event, regardless of reality, to look just like anything that they want it to.

The media wishes to perpetuate the lie that Whites are harming Nonwhites in great numbers. The Whites are evil people who are full of hate for other races. Along comes an event that can be shaped into their desired mold and they focus in on it. They have a holiday celebration by wallowing in the story for days or weeks. They focus only on certain aspects of the story, just like the elephant. In Jasper, Texas they spent all of their time focusing on the racial side of the story. By the time they were finished, they had an air tight case that the elephant was just like a rope, dragging a poor innocent black man to his death. They ignored the facts associated with the legs and body of the elephant, when they failed to mention the fact that all of the participants were old jailhouse acquaintances. The simple fact that all of these men were ex-convicts somehow did not get mentioned. And Americans today are left with the idea that White people are evil violent racists and Blacks are poor people huddled in their living rooms, with their doors barred for fear of the prowling White man.

If that distortion were not enough of an outrage, we next are treated to the complete national blackout of another story which is so close to this one that it is scary. Two months after the murder in Jasper, Texas, there was another cross-racial dragging death in Streator, Illinois. In this event a Black man named, Christopher Coleman, is accused of dragging a woman, Patricia Stansfield, a White woman 2 miles along Illinois State Road 18 while she screamed for her life, that is she screamed until she died. Here the media has ignored a whole herd of elephants while still maintaining that there is only one elephant and that one is just like a rope.

Americans today are just like those blind men examining the elephant, except that by watching television they do not even have the opportunity of choosing their own section of the elephant to examine, because even that is controlled for them. (Remember that the blind men all came away with a different perception of the elephant. Americans all have the same wrong perception, which is far worse!) If the media can change the appearance of the world around so much, so as to make Americans believe that White people are out harming Nonwhite people at a greater rate than the reverse, there is no lie too great for them to promote!

If you have any doubt as to the fact that Nonwhites are harming Whites at a much greater rate than the reverse please visit Black Crime. The media has set up the American people to believe a set of "facts" than actually contradict reality. Reality shows that Whites per capita are virtually crime free when compared with Nonwhites. Of course Whites commit crimes but that is all that the media focuses on, while the vastly greater problem, and the vastly greater hazard created by the presence of Nonwhites in our society, is completely ignored. Our people are led to believe, by the television, that they should be shaking hands, slapping on the back, and buying beers for the Nonwhites, while they should be lynching the Whites. Talk with people on the street about this issue and you will find that the media control runs very deep.

It is critical that our people understand the importance of truth in their world view. While we are being led to believe that the bridge that we as a people are crossing is a safe one, the creaking in the rotten ropes tells us otherwise. The truth must be known, the real truth, unadulterated by the distortion of the Media Lords, in order not only for our society to grow and prosper, but for our people to avoid outright destruction. It is a simple law of nature that truth will make or break a society. Truth, therefore will be either an ally, or a destructive plague upon us.

For the truth to be an ally, it must be understood and focused on. All decisions must be based upon it. Choices must take the truth into consideration before being made. For example, take the age old story of the tall man and the short man stocking shelves in a store. If the truth is taken into consideration, the choice will be made for the tall man to stock the higher shelves, and the shorter man will stock the lower shelves. It is harmony. It is in sync with reality. All is well. If on the other hand, truth is ignored, and a false reality is imposed on the decision making process, the reverse arrangement will be established. The short man will have to find a ladder, ascend, descend and move it repeatedly in order to reach all along the top shelves. He will be spending far more energy and grow tired far quicker. The tall man will have a back that is killing him for most of the day, as he spends all of his time in an awkwardly bent over position. There is discord. Chaos is increased. All is not well. Over time either both men will quit their jobs, or they will develop job-related injuries and no one will be happy.

Forced integration of our schools and our neighborhoods are clear examples of just that type of decision being made, without taking truth into consideration. When a neighborhood increases in the number of Nonwhites, those Nonwhites do not become like the Whites who were there before. Instead they bring with them the behavior of Nonwhites elsewhere. The neighborhood becomes more like a Nonwhite neighborhood with the associated increase in the crime rate. The truth that races are inherently different is ignored, and discord is increased. In our schools the Black students are sources of discord. Their education definitely has not greatly improved, in fact there are honest Blacks who today admit that the education that Blacks received before the 1960s was far superior to that which they receive today! The White students are deprived of the world class education that they would have had a few decades ago. Harmony is absent and discord has moved in to live at our schools. All is not well.

The most insidious thing is that the Media Lords attack our children! Over the last 50 years, as our youth have been converted to the Media Lords' way of thinking, it has had an ever increasing effect as these young people grow into full adulthood. Who among us would deny that discord has increased greatly in our society over that period of time? As our people have been convinced that lies are truth and truth is lies, our society progressively weakens. The clash of the truth with America's acceptance of the false feminist dogma as being valid, has shattered the American home, and interfered with the smooth operation of business. In our classrooms, the classrooms that we pay for with our tax dollars, our children are taught lies that undermine the support that would have been provided by our future generations for our people and our way of life.

Our children are taught that the Black civilizations of Africa are the same as the White civilizations of Europe and North America. The society of the headhunter is the same as that of the architect. How is this possible? It is only possible because, keeping track of the real accomplishments of the different societies created by the different races is no longer tolerated. Search the history of Black Africa from north to south and you will find no written language created by any tribe. Yet, our children are taught that there is no real difference between their culture and the culture which produced Shakespeare. The only result that can come from accepting this lie is the lessened desire to promote American culture and the increased desire to promote African culture. We must move from the society of the architect towards the society of the headhunter. If you take a close look at the youth in America today that is exactly what is happening! They listen to music that any headhunter would feel right at home with. They pierce their bodies and get tattoos just like the headhunter societies do. The Media Lords are getting their wish.

Our only hope is to establish the truth, and to base our decisions upon the truth. As long as we continue to chase the Media Lords' false ideals, we will continue to corrupt and to weaken our society. We will continue to slip into the racial suicide that we have begun if we do not cast off the Media Lords completely. We must reject any entertainment that they offer to us from any of their outlets. We must cut off the Media Lords from our children! Schools, television and movies are all heavily polluted by the Media Lords and their destructive lies. There is no connection between truth and the Media Lords. There is no hope for our people or our nation as long as we allow the Media Lords to keep our people from perceiving the truth. Whites must be able to see the entire elephant and not just the piece of it that is now being shown them. We must spread the word. Tell everyone you know about Patricia Stansfield. Help them to awaken to the fact that they are not getting the whole story. Direct them to other sources of information and away from the corrupting influences of the Media Lords.

It is time to build the appropriate outrage in our people which has been suppressed. We have been lied to for long enough. Our children are being killed, our woman are being raped, and our society is being invaded rapidly. We are lied to every day by the media. We are having the security of our nation undermined continuously. We are being conditioned to commit racial suicide. It is critical that our people understand the truth. Without truth, we are lost. We are told that the most famous man in history said, "The truth shall set you free." It is our role today to spread the truth and set our people free. Today, when the truth is obscured by law, court rulings and every fiber of the Media Lords' domain, it is our solemn duty to go and spread the word far and wide. Make the truth known and we will set our people free. Free to once again be proud of our race and our heritage. Free to once again leap for the stars and to attain the lofty heights that our people have long been destined for. We will be free, and the truth is the key to our freedom!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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