How Long Can You 
Tread Water?

IF YOU WERE TO FALL INTO a lake, what would your first inclination be to do: swim to a location where you could crawl out of the water; or would you just see how long you could tread water where you are? You may be a great "water-treader" but sooner or later you will run out of energy and sink to your death. To reacquire a buoyant object, and ultimately solid ground, is your only option.

Yet white people today have been thrown into the Liberal Sea and left to drown by the Media Lords. And all the while, they splash about in the water, trying to see how long they can last treading water. What is it that makes up the water in which they swim? Multiculturalism, feminism, massive nonwhite immigration, anti-Christianism, black history month, Cinco De Mayo, and uncounted numbers of other liberal doctrines, laws and programs. It is only a matter of time before the sea drowns the whole of our group, and still they attempt to see how long they can tread water.

There is a dock within easy reach. It is the dock of having a white nation, a nation where white people can live apart from other races, do white things and live white lives. We see the black people standing on their African dock, the Mongoloid people standing on their Asian dock but on the European, and North American dock we see fewer and fewer white faces and more and more Asian and African faces. Every time a white attempts to crawl out of the water and back onto his dock, the Media Lords run about wildly yelling, "Racist! Hater! White Supremacist!" The white falls back in the water.

Looking at the picture, it seems ridiculous because the whites in the water are more than twice as great in number as all the others on their dock put together. It would be easy to take the Media Lords and throw them into the water to force them to find their own dock, (and you would not see them treading water long before they found another dock to get on!) and clear the other nonwhites off the dock, sending them back where they came from, but the whites do not do it. Instead they are so afraid of the names they are being called, that they continue to tread water. This is absurd but it is going on even as I write this.

Each day that passes, the whites' dock becomes more and more cluttered up with nonwhites. The Media Lords invite them in by the droves. As the dock fills up, it becomes increasingly a challenge for the whites to make their move. If and when they decide to move, the numerical situation will be worse than it is today. They continue to tread water, but it is long passed time for the whites to get out of the water. Long passed.

It is amazing the power that the Media Lords bring to bear by calling names. It is profoundly absurd for white people to be so afraid of being thought of as something other than perfect, by people who hate them! These foolish whites actually think that by being nice to nonwhites and doing all that the nonwhites want, that suddenly love for whites will gush forth! That is like thinking that if you pet a wasp enough times it will not sting you. Whites could be perfect in every way and they would still be hated. Whites must stop being afraid of names that they are being called. Names are nothing! They are completely, and utterly unimportant. Only what happens to your people and your land is what is important. Whites are obsessively concerned with that which is totally unimportant, while ignoring or even assisting with the destruction of that which is critically important.

And so we still tread water.

It is the Media Lords' approach to always take and never give. Since white people learned to live in the lands of ice through cooperation with each other, that makes us easy marks for these amoral thieves. THEY create a problem, and then, without giving up anything themselves, expect us to "compromise" with them by giving them something that they want, ostensibly to fix the problem that they created. AND WE DO IT! It is just plain pitiful the way they use our own natures against us in order steal our land and our culture.

To make matters worse, we have no check or balance in our system of government for a propaganda machine in the hands of a foreign power. The masses are demonstrably unable to think for themselves, and those who cannot think have a vote that counts equally with the vote of those who can. Since there are far more of the non-thinkers, the ones who can and do think, are drowned out by the background noise of those who can't. We are left with a system which is totally controlled by whoever controls the media: the Media Lords. Thanks to their meddling, there is no longer an innate sense of right and wrong among the masses. The only things that the masses care about are their "bread and circuses" or "programs and pro-sports" and all the while the president is doing all that he can to destroy this country, while a gentle sound of snoring is to be heard across the land.

Or perhaps is it only the lapping sounds whites are making as they are treading water.

There are a number of negative changes that you can credit the Media Lords with. We have the National Felony League where football players are not banned for life as they should be for getting busted for drugs and other crimes which are hushed up if possible. (Why that would be racist!) The National Black Association -- where basketball players go out on strike to get more of what they already have too much of -- refuses to set ethical standards for its players, so some pervert like Dennis Rodman is allowed to "represent" the NBA by playing basketball for them. Having a cross dressing freak show, a drug felon or an attempted murderer is not a problem for pro-sports today. No sir, we can have a baseball player spit in the face of an umpire and not even be forced to miss one important game for doing it. Such is the world of sports since we have let the nonwhite players into the game. As it has gone with sports, it has also gone with the schools, neighborhoods, etc. Many aspects of American life have fallen into chaos, and you can thank the Media Lords for that.

Are you tired of treading water yet?

We have black students being taught in school that their race built America! Such deceit is outrageous, but it is supported by our government. White people built this country. They unfortunately used blacks to do some of the work. It would have been better for all had they left the Africans in Africa. Barring that, it would have been better if they had sent the Africans back to Africa after the Civil War. Alas, they did not.

After we figure in the costs of the Civil War in dollars and lives, we find that the black contribution was pretty much wiped out. Then you must add in the cost of reconstruction. And if that did not make them an overall liability towards building America, the trillions of dollars that we have forked over to blacks in the form of welfare payments definitely did.

NOTE: Do we ever hear one word of thanks from the blacks? All that welfare is a large amount of charity from the "hateful" white man to the poor "hated" black man, but expect no thanks! Please understand that you will never be loved by the nonwhites, no matter how PC you become. They are only interested in what they can take from you and that is all. White Americans must develop the attitude where they personally do not care whether any of the people "all over the world" like them, hate them or are indifferent to them and their race. The other races feel the same way. Do you think that they stay up nights losing sleep over whether white people think good thoughts about them? What really matters, and what whites are foolishly ignoring, is the survival of our race and our way of life.

One of the ways that white people built this country, is in the same way that an architect builds a building, or an engineer builds a bridge. The intellectual direction and planning, the ethical framework which made America what it is, all came from White European minds. And other than the "cotton fields back home," the bulk of the hard physical labor was supplied by white backs as well. The Pyramids were build by Egyptians. The slaves they used could never have built the pyramids without the guidance of the Egyptians. The same is true of the white race when they built America, but even more so. Most of the labor as well as all of the brains were supplied by the white race. It is clearly beyond debate that America was built by white folks. The fact that the Media Lords and their dupes are debating it, is just another example of their hypocrisy.

Just think about how long can you tread water.

I was told this past week by a nonwhite that there is no such thing as the white race. It is hilarious the lengths which the Media Lords will go to "win." Truth, honesty, honor and integrity have no meaning at all to them. They do not "fight fairly" or care about what they have to do, in order to have their ends met. Most white people just do not quite understand that sort of approach to life. It is not the approach our society has traditionally found acceptable. It has given a tremendous edge to those who would destroy us. They move about freely being treated with respect and allowed to dine on our milk and honey, even as they stick a knife in our backs and go off to have a good night's sleep.

Think how many times you have seen on the Media Lords' television, comments about white racism, and how racist whites are. The term white is thrown about, kicked, and spit on so much you wonder what sort of demented imagination these folks must have if there is no such thing as a white race. Deflection. Distraction. Misdirection. Those are the tools of the Media Lords. Avoid the real facts and create your own. They have done this over and over again. They will use their made up information for as long as it is useful and then they drop it and make up some more. And white Americans swallow it all.

These liberal liars know that the term "white" refers to a race. White represents the relative coloration of those who are members of our race. It is a colloquialism, a word in common usage, which represents the race which is referred to more technically as Caucasian. Caucasians have light skin. Lighter than any other race. Hence the term "white." We also find that Caucasians are the only race which naturally has blond, red or brown hair, blue eyes and other features. A person's race can be determined by their bones even if nothing else remains. Races are real and the white race is real. The assertion that it is not is ridiculous. We spend a great deal of wasted time correcting the errors that the Media Lords propagate. It makes it look, to those watching the debate, like there really is some doubt as to what the facts are, when in reality their is none.

It keeps the white folks treading water.

One of the media myths is that the voters of this country are "smart" and that they understand the important things in the country. I wish I had a dime for every time I have heard such a comment on the television. It is exceptionally obvious nonsense. Day after day we see news stories which highlight the complete, unadulterated, and wide open, hypocrisy of the Media Lords which goes right by the "smart" electorate, without notice. We have a man who is guilty of murder down in Jasper, Texas. He should be executed. Most white Americans would agree with that. (It is a far cry from the blacks who applauded the freeing of the murderer of Nicole Simpson.) Yet beyond that, in story after story we are lambasted with the fact that the killer was white and the victim was black. If such information is truly important, why do we not hear the same intense, national, race-specific coverage when black men kill whites? Savage rapes and murders of white women by black men happen routinely across this nation. Do you hear about it? White men are brutally murdered by blacks -- again routinely -- all across the nation, and you hear almost nothing about it. Blacks kill whites at a phenomenally higher rate than the reverse. Yet we hear nothing in the media.

This week I was sent the link to a story in the Minden Press-Herald about a trial in Minden, Louisiana of a man, Kevin Coleman, who was convicted of taking the lives of an elderly couple, Floyd and Winnie Teetson. The couple were avid HAM radio operators and participated in numerous events and contests in the HAM field. Coleman slit both of their throats and forced poison into their mouths while they still were alive. It was gruesome and it was brutal. Did you hear about it? If you did, it wasn't on the national news where you heard it! The remarkable thing, in this story that was released the same week as the Jasper one, was that you could search the story from top to bottom and you would never know that the couple who were killed were white, and the killer was black. If that does not shock you, it is understandable. You have been exposed to this sort of disgusting hypocrisy for decades. When a white commits a cross racial crime, it is national front page news, but if a black commits a cross racial crime it is buried, and kept in local coverage only.

It is time that we get our soggy selves out of the water and onto our dock. It is time we do it today! If you want your children to have a chance at seeing America the way it was meant to be, do not tread a moment longer. Get on the dock, NOW!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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