What Can I Do?

I AM OFTEN ASKED, "What can I do?"(1) Sometimes it is asked by someone who has just awakened, and is eager to join the cause. Sometimes, it is a question asked in despair, by someone who views the situation as if the whole thing seems impossible.

A way to get a look at this problem from a practical angle is to do this: Imagine that you are one of our enemies, trying to destroy our White nation and our people. What activities, carried out by a pro-White individual, would worry you the most? If you could see yourself through the eyes of one who hates White folks, what actions of yours would be most frightening to that enemy? This can be used as a rule of thumb at any time to judge the merits of your actions. Here are a few things that you can surmise from using this approach:

  1. Do you want to make our enemies smile? Just go ahead and throw up your hands and give up. The one thing that he is counting on is that White folks will be too cowed to revolt against his power. Giving up, plays right into his hands. As in the poem Hero it is like being tossed around on a stormy sea. Just throwing up your hands and quitting will spell doom every time. It is the one thing we cannot do!

  2. A single man going off on a shooting spree is almost certainly going to kill only innocent people who hold no real significance to our cause, sacrifice his own life, and will generate tremendous amounts of propaganda for our enemies. Our enemies just love it when someone snaps like that. It makes their job much easier.

  3. A man reaching out to his fellow Whites, especially as a member of a large number of others doing the same thing, terrifies our enemies. They know that if White America ever wakes up, the rage against them cannot be defended against. White people have had their culture attacked, their lands invaded, and the future of their children placed in jeopardy by these villians. When it is understood that this is being done soley in order to make life easier for the members of that alien group of people, there will be a day of retribution.

    This is why our enemies are attacking freedom of speech so strongly, with their "hate" laws. It is why men are in prison all over Europe for speaking out against them, and why they are attacking the First Amendment so hard here in the USA. If they fear the activity of speaking up so much, obviously it has the potential of overthrowing them. Think on that!

One thing that we should remember is that we are all different. Some of us have great courage, and are willing to risk everything right now, including our lives. Some of us, not so bold, are not willing, or able, to put ourselves in jeopardy. Some are rich, and some are poor. Some are well educated, and some are not. Some are trained as warriors and some are not sure how to take the safety off a shot gun. That is why it is important to remember:

You must do what you are capable of doing!

Whether you have the mental nimbleness, and warrior courage, to go on national television and face, and repulse, professional attacks from the media trolls, as David Duke does, or you only speak quietly to your co-workers, doing what you are capable of doing is what is needed. Financially supporting someone who is working hard for our people is a way of working for our people yourself. Writing letters to editors, putting up a web page, talking with your own family members, and most of all, teaching your own children about your people and their enemies are all ways of working for our race. It is critical that we do these things, and thereby create a foundational group of White people who cannot be moved an inch by any amount of propaganda from the enemy controlled media. Upon that foundation, will be built the stucture of a great White nation, growing from your efforts.

One reader of this page has set out to create a large-scale support group for our race through his own reproductive efforts. He is having a large number of children, and teaching each of his own children to do the same. By having large pro-White families, we can impact the future in a way that the standard tactics of our enemy cannot deal with. When an awake White man, or even a White child, sees a poster, billboard, commercial, or movie that is promoting miscegenation, the intent of the material (i.e. the destruction of our White race) will be instantly understood.

Each White person out there has a job that he can do. That includes you. Whether it is talking, writing, marching, organizing, reproducing, educating (including homeschooling), debating, quietly discussing, or standing up as a hero before the world, there is something that you personally are good at, and can do today for our race. That one thing (or for you, it may be more than one thing) is what our people need from you. Everyone cannot be David Duke or Dr. William Pierce. Everyone cannot march boldly into the heart of the enemy camp. But everyone can do something.

In The Plan, I discuss the concept of each of us going out and personally waking up 8 other people. That is a starting target goal. Of course what we really need is for everyone to go out and gather in as many new "awakees" as he can. If you find that waking up 8 was easy, shoot for 16. If 16 was easy, 32 should be well within possiblity. If it is all that you can do to get 8, there in no shame in that. Use your talents to wake up every possible person you can before it is too late. You may have the ability to gather in hundreds or thousands with your communication skills, or financial assets. We need each and every White person out there to do what he can do.

Do not waste time wallowing in self-pity. That is only going to please the enemy and harm our cause. Yes, we have a serious job ahead of us, but it is a doable job, and we must not waste valuable time in hand-wringing and crying over the difficulty of the task. When the White man built the Panama Canal, it was a very tough task. There were both biological and engineering hurdles to overcome, but the job was completed. Not through hand-wringing, but through each man doing what he could do.

Leadership is another question that people often bring up. What are we going to do for a powerful leader who will lead us all to glory? Here it is important to remember that leaders arise with the times. When we have a sufficient number of White folks awakened, I guarantee that a strong White Alexander type leader will come to the fore. Today, a strong leader would have a very tough time trying to make anything happen, because most White folks are busy watching their televisions, worrying about such things as who will win a million dollars in various inane ways, rather than paying attention to what is happening to their nation. But if we create a situation where a significant percentage of the White population is awake and ready to move, a strong leader will climb into the driver's seat, and lead us to victory.

That is why it is so important that each of us does what he can. Every little bit of progress we can make, draws us that much closer to the day when we can take this nation back. If you wake up even one other person, it just might be enough! You never know what that other person is capable of. He just might be that strong leader we will need.

By doing your part, whether it is large and courageous, or small and timid, you are honoring your ancestors, and protecting your descendants. By doing what you can do, you are a hero.

1. See Activism and You

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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