The Worker Invasion

April 2, 2006

WE ARE UNDER AN INVASION beyond anything that the United States has ever seen before. Millions of non-Whites pour over our borders every year, and our hands are tied by our own government, which should itself be ejecting the invaders, as it is commanded by our constitution, and so richly paid by our tax dollars, to do.

The invaders are not "immigrants." They are squatters, trespassers, and criminals: illegal by definition. Neither they, nor their forefathers built this land. They have no legal claim to it. When they collect a large enough critical mass in any part of our country, they start to agitate for complete control, and the displacement of the White population they have overwhelmed.

It is beyond debate or discussion at this point. We have a crisis on our hands today; and each day that passes that crisis grows far more intense. In a classic case of a day late and a dollar short, finally the topic is being discussed by politicians, decades too late. However, they are not looking at how to send all of the Cinco de Mayo celebrators back to the country where that holiday actually means something. Instead they are discussing mop and bucket "solutions" for the torrent of invaders created by the shattered dam of our southern border.

In the Sunday Oregonian (April 2, 2006), there are several articles on illegal immigration, and they highlight the propaganda message that is being generated by our Media Overlords.(1) It hardly has to be mentioned that the articles are not calling for our military to be returned home from fighting Israel's wars in Iraq, and used instead to enforce the sovereignty of our own nation, and the sanctity of our own borders. They don't call for a massive sweep of our land to rid us of the pestilence of foreign invasion. Instead, they discuss the contributions made by these White-hating, La Raza supporting invaders to our society.

The first article was called: Immigration: Dollars and sense, and in the Politically Correct tradition, it was written by "Janie Har and Michelle Cole." (No White males contaminating these pieces!) The sub heading states:

In Oregon and across the nation, illegal immigration is a hot election-year issue. A new analysis reveals facts behind the costs—and benefits—of these workers."

It is clear from the headings alone that the real issue—the displacement of the White America people and their culture by the non-White hordes—is not even going to be approached in the discussion. Instead we are immediately mislead by the terms that the story is couched in. These criminals, these illegal invaders, are called "workers" rather than what they are. The squatters on our property are not to be driven off, but instead, we must evaluate their "benefits" to our society: the same society that will no longer exist in the not too distant future because of these invaders and their children.

It is exactly like your house catching fire in the dead of winter, with snow blanketing the ground, and instead of allowing you to call the fire department, you are forced to listen to discussions on how beneficial the heat from your burning house will be to you.

The front page article starts off with a story about some illegal named Silvio who invaded our country when he was only 14. He went on to use our system to get an education, and now he claims, "I am willing to work and be a success in life. I'm not a criminal, and I pay taxes." That ridiculous statement naturally went unchallenged by the reporters, who are trying promote the idea that America belongs to the world, not just the people who created her. That mestizo is an illegal alien, and therefore is a criminal! To the Media Lords, the rights of ownership and inheritance only apply to citizens of non-White countries, not White countries.

One of the assertions that the article made was that "nobody cared about documents" on Silvio when he illegally started working. That of course is nonsense. Most Americans care about getting illegal aliens out of our country. It is a bold-faced lie to claim that "nobody" cared. Just because some treasonous company didn't care says nothing about what the majority of Americans care about. It is bad enough when the news media prints the lies of others unchallenged, but when they editorialize during their "reporting" with false claims it shows exactly where they are coming from.

As a distracter, the article then moved into another side issue, one that is in complete resonance with their approach on all issues related to White survival. If things continue as they are going right now, White folks will be displaced, and we will cease to be a viable part of this country in less time than it took to go from the Declaration of Independence to today. That is the only issue of concern before us today. But instead of dealing with that, the article states:

One of many contentious questions is what these workers and their families contribute to Oregon's economy compared with what they cost the taxpayer-funded services, such as public schools and health care.

Of course the fact is that these invaders are filling our prisons and jails, and our hospitals are going out of business all along the southern border where large numbers of the criminals have taken root. There is no doubt at all that their presence is a net financial negative upon our system. But even if they were contributing ten times as much as they were costing us financially, they are still ILLEGAL ALIENS and they are CRIMINALS.

If someone contributes money to your town, but is selling drugs to your children, does that mean he gets a pass because he is making money for your community? Do we let bank robbers go if they pay taxes on the money that they stole? It makes no difference at all whether or not these criminals are a plus or a minus on our financial balance sheet. What matters is that they are not Americans, and they never will be: no matter how many citizenship papers are handed out by our renegade government. These people do not love our European roots, and our history. They do not love our language, music, or way of life. The do not love us.

When the front page story is followed to its end on a page farther back in the paper, the reader is faced at the top of the page with the headline for a second related article: They work rain or shine, hot or cold. Now, don't you feel guilty? If a criminal works hard, it doesn't make him law-abiding. Mexicans can work as hard as they want in Mexico, and they will get my applause for a job well done. However, once a Mexican crosses our border, he is a criminal and he will never be accepted as an American by anyone who truly loves America.

graph from Oregonian The heading for a graph that is located beside the article continuing from the frontpage states: Oregon's changing population. The explanatory text goes on to say that, while Oregon's population increased by 5 percent between 2000 and 2004, ILLEGAL ALIENS ("undocumented immigrants") have "increased by as much as 59%."

Now, Oregon is one of the "White States" in most people's minds. However, with the entire population only being 3.6 million, over 175,000 criminal aliens are resident there. Many White people are escaping to Oregon from California because of the Mexican invasion there; but even so, there are far more illegal Mexicans on the move to the Pacific Northwest than there are White folks. We must also keep in mind that, along with the illegal invasion of non-Whites into our space, the "legal" invasion is still going on concurrently with it, and at full speed.

The articles were sprinkled with little unchallenged quotes like, "There's nothing illegal to look for work. There's nothing illegal to feed your family."

Can you imagine, even for a second, drivel like that making it into an Israeli newspaper? They know that this is the path to utter destruction for a society. If you don't have secure borders, you don't have a country. Period! And yet the same people(2) who have created the iron-fisted border patrol and apartheid laws that are in place in Israel, are the one at the forefront of driving our disastrous immigration policy.

If you want your children to have a home, it is time to wake up and to start defending it. Otherwise it will be gone, and much sooner than you think.


1.    A detailed listing of the Media Lords can be found in links found at Who Rules America?
2.    The best work on the subject of the enemies of the White race that I know of is Jewish Supremacism. If you read this book, you will never be in doubt of who is pulling America down again.

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