You and Our Future

June 12, 2005

IT IS HOPELESS!" I have heard people complain. They look at the fact that people who are openly hostile to White folks own the media(1), and as a result they control our government. This naturally allows them to control our schools, and so our children are saturated with their propaganda at school, and of course during every minute that they spend in front of a television, or have a headset on, listinging to the Media Lords' musical poison. These powerful enemies of our survival have been having their own way for over 40 years.

Each of these things is true. We have enemies who are working daily on our destruction as a race. They are actively and effectively promoting the flood of non-White invaders into all of our countries throughout the world. Most of our children are effectively being raised by these White-hating aliens.(2) If things were to continue unchecked into the future the White race would cease to exist as a force on this planet in another century or two.(3) But even though things look very dark at the moment, all is not lost just yet! In fact there is a great deal to be hopeful about.

When you are moving people in a direction that is obviously destructive and potentially fatal to them, it becomes harder and harder to control their direction. Any slip on your part and they will be at your throat. It is like rolling a very heavy rock up a steep hill. It grows more difficult the higher you go. If you make one mistake, the rock will roll right over the top of you on its way back down to a point that is even lower than when the whole process was begun. Even as bad as things are today, the “rock rollers” are nowhere near the top yet. At any moment the entire thing could blow up in their faces.

The movement of our people along the path of our own extermination as a race has taken over 40 years so far, and it is moving slowly. There is still a long ways to go before we are forever lost. If at any point along this slow journey to destruction the White folks wake up to what is happening, there will be a sudden and violent backlash to what has already transpired. People don’t like someone trying to kill them, and they especially don’t like anyone trying to kill their kids! There are a few decades left us, and there are thousands of us who are awake already. Things are even now on the move.

I think it is good to remind ourselves of the fact that it is a certainty that those who would destroy us will fail in the long run. Here is why:

Each of the political positions that they have used as a weapon against us is patently absurd.

Those who would destroy us must fail also because they are working directly against nature.

I am reminded of an old television show called “The Hulk,” staring Bill Bixby, where he told his antagonist, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I am angry.” However, the Hulk at his worst could not hold a candle to what the White race could do if it ever truly got angry. It is not something that those who would destroy us would want to see.

And yet, it is just a matter of time before that “rock rolls downhill.” Like gravity, biological forces just continue on, while physical efforts used against that force must produce fatigue in those who would destroy us.

While we are basically a civilized race, we carry the genes of the Vikings in our veins, and the blood of the German “barbarians” who swept over the Roman Empire as soon as it grew tired. We have shown in our history that we are a fighting people when pushed up against the wall, and we have demonstrated the ability to win our fights.

I think that there is not only room for hope, but I believe that despair for our future is completely out of place. I don’t believe the White tiger is going to just peacefully lie down and die. I think instead that he is getting fed up with being poked with a stick and the mental media cage is not that strong. White folks are about to realize that their emperor “has no clothes,” and they have been playing the fool far too long.

All of these things are churning in the pot today. No one can predict when something will suddenly shake loose, but with this much heat being applied to the kettle, it is not a question of if it will boil, but merely when.

In the meantime, what can you do? Plenty! I will go into that in my next article.


1.    Who Rules America?

2.    Race Traitor - a magazine that is put out by those who are openly determined to destroy White folks, and their civilizations worldwide.

3.   The Problem We Face

4.    JS crowd members are the Jewish Supremacists, who put Israel and all Jewish interests ahead of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual supremacists on earth.

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