June 16, 2005

PRE-ACTIVISM being exposed to, learning about, and finally knowing what the problem is, without yet doing anything about it.

You might call this step, "Awakening." Some people have an event that shakes their world, and really gets their attention. A woman is attacked by a Black man, and nobody seems to care. A couple finds their child has been beaten at school by a non-White, and the school refuses to take action because that would be "racist."

Others just get tired of the insanity they see around them day after day, such as Blacks celebrating when a Black murderer gets off, not because they think he is innocent, but just because he is Black. They watch their paycheck go more and more to pay for non-White programs, even for illegal immigrants. They see the value of their house go down because the government has forced Blacks into their neighborhood; etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes Awakening is intellectually arrived at, bypassing the emotional aspect almost completely. Reading material on web sites like Yggdrasils Library, or books like My Awakening, can bring some people around without their having to suffer some traumatic personal loss or pain caused by the problem.(1) They can just see that what they are reading is true, because it matches up with what they are seeing around themselves.

Normally, the first reaction to an Awakening, is to study. A man who all at once realizes that his people are being wiped out, and that it is being done on purpose, wants to find out all about the details of this atrocity. He normally gets quite angry when he learns that his television, as well as the rest of the mass news media he has relied on for information, not only are controlled by those whose ancestors had absolutely nothing to do with the building of America, and whose allegiance is to Israel rather than the United States,(2) but each of those media have been lying to him for decades!

It is very much like someone visiting a dark room repeatedly, and each time having a "guide" describing the contents of that room to him in great detail, and since all he can see are a few shadows, it all sounds plausible. Then all at once on his next visit, the "Awakening Switch" is thrown and light floods the room. Suddenly, everything in the room is clearly seen, and it is utterly different than what he had been told by those whom he had trusted all his life. Never again will he believe what those liars tell him.

This Awakening is like a carburetor turning liquid gasoline, into a vapor oxygen mixture. All that is needed to create motion, once the vapor mix is in the cylinder is a spark. When a sparkplug fires, the vapor explodes, and activation is achieved as the cylinder is driven downwards, ultimately turning the wheels of the car. When you are Awakened, and you have the knowledge of what is going on, then you are all set for Level One Activism!

In my next article we will discuss that important step.


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face, and of course the rest of this web page.

2.    Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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