June 20, 2005

LEVEL ONE ACTIVISM – internally activating yourself. Making internal changes, and putting them to work in the daily personal choices made.

This is the basic level that anyone must reach if he is going to help his people's cause of survival. If you are a Level One activist, you are part of the solution and have stopped being a part of the problem.(1) This a necessary step, and it is wonderful to see someone take it!

When you are seeking to become active, it is good to remember the old adage, “First get your own house in order.” It is very difficult to reach out to change the minds of others, unless you are on track yourself.

But where do you start? A very good place is opting out of the media propaganda stream. When you want to think clear thoughts, you pick a nice quiet setting in which to think them. You don’t look for a noisy place. You especially do not look for a place where someone is loudly yelling propaganda into your ear that is aimed at disrupting your thoughts.

The Media Lords(2) are intent upon breaking up all of the White associations, White neighborhoods, White towns, White cities, and White countries. It doesn’t take a brilliant mind, or even a lot of focused attention to see this aim in everything that Hollywood produces. It is destructive to put yourself in front of a medium that conveys this propaganda message to you day after day. It is absolutely unthinkable that you would expose your children to it!

What about the financial support that you lend to these bigoted supremacists(3) when you buy into their propaganda stream every time you turn on the television, or when you purchase a movie? Can you justify paying money to those who would destroy you and your children? A person who is an activist, even a Level One activist, will not contribute his money to the cause of our enemies.

A very good step towards freedom from the addiction of daily television watching is to take a day off from even turning the television on. Start by making Monday a no-TV day. Later add in Wednesday as a no-TV day. Clear the weekend as soon as you can, making Saturday and Sunday television-free, in order to allow you that time to do something positive for yourself and your family. Over time you can achieve freedom from the addiction to your television set!

I personally discovered how nice it was to be free of daily television addiction when I was put on a swing shift (3PM to 11PM) back in the 1970s. After a while I realized that the only thing that I had given up by working those hours was prime-time television. It very soon hit me that I wasn’t any the worse for it! Suddenly I had time for reading much more, and enjoying life in many other ways that I had been missing out on for years, because the TV monster had controlled my life. Instead of feeling deprived because I was missing out on all my “favorite TV shows,” I suddenly, and surprisingly, felt free! I realized that those shows essentially conveyed nothing of value to me, and they sapped a tremendous amount of my most valuable asset: TIME.

Time is what makes the universe possible. Everything that does exist, exists only in time. A life consists of only a certain number of years, hours, minutes, and seconds, and then it is over. The time of your life, is all of your life. If you are going to accomplish anything (and by definition that is what an activist is all about) you will have to do it in your allotted amount of time. If you use most of your free time up watching television, you will not have much time left over to accomplish that which is important. You exchange that which is priceless—the future of your children and your people—for something that is not only a waste of time, but for that which is actually destructive.

Aside from kicking the television out of its throne of power over his life, what will a Level One Activist do?

He will:

A Level One Activist is a person who places the cause of preserving his race right at the front of his mind, and holds it there always. He makes all of his personal decisions with that goal in mind. As time passes, simply from the results of those daily choices, he finds that his life has become a serious force being applied as part of the solution to our problem. Level One Activism will create a lifetime of service to his people, even if he never moves to a higher level.

In my next article we will discuss what Level Two Activism is.


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face.

2.    Who Rules America

3.    The Jewish Supremacists, put the interests of Israel, and all interests of the Jewish people, ahead of those of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual racial supremacists on earth.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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