June 20, 2005

LEVEL TWO ACTIVISM – activating your family. Making your house a safe haven, and fortress of strength for future activism, and making your family co-active with you.

If the activist lives alone, Level Two Activism is not possible, beyond what he has done at Level One. It takes a family to make the additional changes in his life that would fall under Level Two. That would mean that a single White activist, should be actively pursuing the right mate to marry and reproduce with. The biggest problem we face today is the low birth rate of Whites worldwide!(1) This has to be fixed soon.

Only date and marry whites, obviously. This is axiomatic, as anyone should see.

Marry someone who will mesh well with your focus on your people’s future. While it is not mandatory that an activist find a woman who is as motivated as he is to preserve the White race through reproduction, it is necessary that he find a White woman, who is willing to have many children, for whatever reason. He can work out the rest later, as long as she is not outrightly hostile to the White race.

In an activated home, there will be many children, if biologically possible. (Some people will not be physically capable of having children and they will have to find other ways of promoting our survival as a race.) We need lots and lots of White children to populate our future world. Without them, we are lost. It is up to the White women of childbearing age to create the next generation of our lovely people.

As each child enters the world, he is set upon the path of activism by his Level Two Activist parents, who will make sure that he will be exposed things that will:

When he is of school age, his parents will give him the best education that they can:

In the White home we find the incubator of White pride, and of the future of our people. The Level Two Activist will create a home life for his children that will inspire them to love their people and to do all that they can to perpetuate White folks into the future.

In the Level Two Activist's home the children will find that they will not be spending their free time watching TV. Instead they will find positive activities available to fill up their time. Games, books, and outings will replace the deadly Media Lords’(2) entertainment offerings.

One of the great things about games is that it involves social interfacing, unlike watching television. The television encapsulates individuals in zones of isolation, even when they are sitting in the same room! Conversation is limited – SHUT UP AND WATCH! Thought is limited as well, since there is not enough time to actually process all that is presented to the mind. Five quick deaths are not five deaths at all, but only five events that must be gotten past in order to further the storyline. It is "experience," false, and unreflected upon, and experience that is stored away into the brain. This would be very unhealthy, even if the content were not specifically intended to undermine the pride of White people in who they are. Unfortunately, that is exactly what it is intended to do!

Games (not video games, with content that is far too similar to that seen on television) get people active! The players laugh; they shout; and they interact with each other. The participants are alert; their minds are turned on and processing what is going on. The number of events that their minds must deal with are coming at a real life pace, and can be processed normally, and healthily.

You can choose games that are perfectly healthy for the minds of your children. You can pick games that are educational, while still being fun. You can select games that inspire and edify. Games can teach strategy and exercise the logic centers of the brain. Games can generate healthy excitement and provide safe and creative enjoyment.

Imagine a household where a particular night of the week was associated with a particular board game rather than a particular television show, and you have imagined a much healthier family evening!

An evening with a book is a great alternative to the television abyss as well. When your children are too small to read for themselves, it is your responsibility to read to them! There is nothing in the world that will create a love for reading in your child like reading to him will. It will let him know that there are entire worlds inside the covers of those books, and all he has to do is pick one up and start reading it.

Once the children are old enough to read, you can have them read to you, and read to each other as a family activity. Reading a chapter each day would be something for the children to look forward to. Or perhaps better might be having an entire evening or two, each week, where the family gathers together, and reads out loud to each other from a fun book. This sort of thing was common in the past, but the television has taken complete control of most families today, and killed normal healthy activities like this.

The Level Two Activist will only have books in his home for his children to choose from that will be pro-White, pride building, and knowledge increasing. Each child will know that he can go to the bookshelf and pick any book there and find something entertaining, while his parents will know the book is good for the child as well.

Most magazines, especially magazines created specifically for children today, are filled with anti-White hate propaganda. It is far better for a parent to rely on books, and other activities for the young minds in their charge than to subscribe to children’s magazines. While a parent must be on his toes, there are many choices for him to make for entertaining his child that are quite good, even today!

Once you dump the television out of your family’s life, suddenly a whole world opens up for you. For example, now, you have time for music and art.

Having your child learn a musical instrument is a very good choice for positive entertainment. Not only will he be investing his time constructively right now in mastering his instrument, he will be creating a marvelous emotional outlet for the rest of his life. He will be able to play his instrument, after a hard day, and it will sooth the stress that he has built up. He will also be able to entertain others. As he grows into mastery of the instrument, he will be able to play some of the most beautiful and moving music ever written, that Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin, and many other White composers, infused with their genius. This will help his inner soul strongly embrace his racial roots at yet another level.

With a large family, music can grow even more complex, as the children form into duets, trios, quartets, and so forth. Vocals, instrumentals and all sorts of combinations of both, will fill the home with glad sounds.

For the members of the family that find instruments and vocal skills outside their personal ability, music is still something that can fill a very big place in their lives. Listening to recorded music, attending recitals, concerts, and operas, all bring joy to many White people, even to those who do not have the ability to create satisfactory music themselves. I know many people who "cannot carry a tune in a bucket" who absolutely love music.

Learning to appreciate White art, and to create it for himself, is a great way for a child to spend very profitable hours, that might otherwise be completely wasted on television. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and working in wood are all ways to express yourself, and ways that the White soul has found expression for thousands of years. The spirit of Michelangelo moves within us all, either in the area of appreciation or personal creation.

Retiring to your drawing pad, or painting easel, can be as soothing to your tired mind as can playing a moving piece of music. Looking at a painting by a White master stirs within you the same White pride as listening to a incredibly intricate musical piece of White classical music played masterfully. No child should be denied this uplifting experience of joining with his people and their culture.

On the other side of the coin, no child should be exposed to the vile, anti-White, hate-filled music of the Media Lords!(2) They should never have that filth promoted to them as if it were something of value. In the White Level Two Activist home, they never will!

Another avenue open for White parents is to take their children to gatherings of Whites, such as Eurofests. This will expose the young White child to his own people, his cultural heritage, Celtic or folk music, traditional dress, and build a racial pride that the television is doing its best to destroy.

Another example of a great activity is visiting historical sites where the White ancestors of our children, as well as ourselves, acted nobly, heroically, and in the interests of their people, rather than in their own selfish interests. Such examples are embedded in the young mind, and will remain with the child for the rest of his life.

Once you create the atmosphere of White renaissance within your home, you will find that it will explode with not only immediate positive results, but with a whole array of new possibilities. A child’s mind is the most inventive on earth for finding creative ways of having fun! I have watched children create entire imaginary worlds with the simplest toys, or other objects acting as the catalyst for their thought processes. Children are naturally filled with tremendous amounts of creative thought.

But that thought is crushed by the television! I recommend that you try an experiment, which I have witnessed performed myself, and have never quite gotten over seeing. Take a small child of 3 or 4 and place him in a room with a few toys. Watch that child. He will be up and down, moving the toys all around, and probably be exploring the rest of the room for things that he maybe is not supposed to touch. He seems like he is filled with inexhaustible energy. You can’t make him sit still.

Now, turn on a television set in the room and put on some children’s video. That wonderful, active, alert, creative child suddenly becomes a lump of unmoving flesh. He doesn’t budge from his seat. He doesn’t play, and he doesn’t think. Everything that was wonderful to watch has disappeared. A completely unnatural state for a child who is neither tired nor sleepy is achieved.

Unfortunately, too many parents think this is just great, because they don’t have to watch their child when he is a zombie in front of the television. What they don’t realize is that the brain of that child is being programmed the entire time he sits there. He is not learning about life by exploring and playing, but is instead being shown a false reality that will lie to him about life. His young mind will process the data as if it were experience, but the experience will be useless at best, and harmful more often.

It is shocking to see this happen to a 4 year old, but it doesn’t stop there. Parents put their kids of all ages in front of the television, and thereby destroy the opportunity for those children to create, explore, and achieve so much more than they actually do. And at the same time as they are erasing opportunity for positive experience, they are allowing extremely negative experience to be pumped directly into the minds of their children. They might as well be giving them drugs as to put them in front of the television for the effects of either is destructive in the extreme.

The Level Two Activist home will not have its children watching television. Instead it will have those children building a world of creativity, knowledge, and pride. These children will be strong, alert, bright, and educated. They will be ready to tackle the challenges of life and they will fight for their culture and their people. The children will pour from these families in large numbers, and they will produce many more homes just like the ones they came from. This is our hope, and our future!

In my next article we will discuss what Level Three Activism is.


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face, and of course the rest of this web page.

2.    Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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