June 21, 2005

LEVEL THREE ACTIVISM – activating your close circle of friends and extended family; expanding the number of people who are actually in support of the cause of solving our problem,(1) bringing them to at least the pre-activism stage.

Up until now, the activist has kept his activism confined pretty much inside the safety of his own home. He has first shaped his own life, and then the life of his family into a safe harbor for the ship of our preservation as a race. If Whites do not go beyond Level Two Activism, they will still be laying the groundwork for our salvation from the genocide that is being perpetrated upon us today. It would not take very many generations of large White Level Two Activist homes to create a society that would be safe, secure against further attacks, and ready to propel us into the future, and on to the stars.

But where do these homes come from? Once begun, of course they will create more, just like a cell reproducing itself. However, the original homes that will lay the groundwork for all the ones to follow must come from somewhere. And they come from the efforts of those who are Level Three, Four, and Five Activists.

In order for a man to wake up to what is happening to his people, he will need information about what is going on. The world is too big a place for any one man to really know what is happening, without others helping him out, by sharing information. That role is supposed to be filled by the mass media news system, but like cancer cells turn on the body that produced them, our mass media has turned on us.(2) We are fed lies and misinformation, and are led off in false directions by the media. We are given numerous images of crimes committed by those who commit the fewest number of crimes, while we are left in complete ignorance of the crimes committed by those who perpetrate the vast majority of crimes. A man who relies upon the media alone has no real hope of ever coming to grips with what is really happening in the world.

The final three levels of activism are really differentiated from each other by degree, rather than substance. In each one of these levels, the activist will be reaching out beyond his own immediate family, to enlighten those around him.

In this article we are going to discuss the Level Three Activist, which is a very nice bridge from the home to the outside world, because it is still a controlled, and safe step. Here the activist reaches out to his extended family, and his circle of friends.

Once Level Two Activism is firmly in place in a home, it is almost impossible to not automatically move to Level Three Activism. When friends and family come over for a visit, they will see a home where the television is either missing, or at least off. They will see the children participating in healthy activities, and their own children will be drawn into fun games and other interesting things to do. They will have no problem seeing that your home is different from the standard television-controlled home. Even if they are not awakened to our situation, at some level they will see there is something positive about that.

During their visit, their children will be hearing White music, not the Media Lords’ garbage. The children in the Activist Home will not be dressed like Black gangsters, and they will not use the ghetto born filthy vocabulary that is so common today.

Not only will the visiting children be exposed to something quite different, but the adults will be as well. The conversation will run into difficulty if the Media Lords’(2) propaganda shows are introduced as a topic of discussion by the visitors, because those shows are not watched in this house, and therefore are not even familiar to its occupants. That leads the conversation to other topics, usually ones that are ripe with opportunity for the Level Three Activist to take advantage of.

Health care is becoming impossible to pay for today. Everyone is seeing his benefits cut each year, while his out of pocket expenses go up. Who wouldn’t be interested in this topic? And most Americans have no clue as to why this is happening. They think it is magic, or inevitable change. What they don’t realize is that it is out of control immigration, and our being forced to pay the medical expenses of those non-Whites pouring over the border by the millions each year. The media outlets do not tell us, because the Media Lords(2) are very happy that non-White immigration is continuing to overrun our land. They are perfectly content to let our entire civilization collapse, rather than allowing this once proud and strong White land to continue in that vein. So, we watch our medical system become more and more out of reach for the people who were born in this country, and whose fathers created it. As Paul Fromm says, “It’s Immigration Stupid!”

Taxes are increasing radically. Uncle Sam wants a piece of every bit of money that exchanges hands, no matter how many pieces that he has already taken from that same money in the past. People are giving up half of their paychecks right now to all the greedy methods that the government has created to steal from its citizens. At the same time as it is stealing half of our personal wealth, this same government is spending 500 BILLION DOLLARS more than it takes in, EACH YEAR! This money must be borrowed, and we now have trillions of dollars of debt that is increasing each year. Just the interest on that loan is high enough to be frightening, but the spending keeps increasing. Instead of cutting the benefits to the non-White invaders, the benefits to the older White Americans are being cut, but the spending spirals up out of control anyway. The average citizen wonders why. The media outlets are not telling him: It’s Immigration Stupid!

Per capita, America has more people in prison than any nation that has ever existed in history. A predominate segment of that prison population is made up of non-Whites, and especially non-White immigrants. If they don’t bankrupt us with welfare, they steal from us directly, and then indirectly by having us pay their way in prison. Our high crime rate and our record-breaking prison population’s size are both from the same source: It’s Immigration Stupid!

Our school system is overloaded with the problems that non-Whites have introduced into it, and the language problems brought along by the deluge of immigration have only made things far worse. As our country’s population darkens, so do the prospects for our future. Our media outlets never mention the real problem, but you can: “It’s Immigration Stupid!”

There is hardly an aspect of life in these United States today that is not touched by the full-scale invasion of our land by the non-White hordes. There will never be a lack of opportunity for the Level Three Activist to share the truth, a segment at a time, with the friends and family in his daily life.

As a general rule, your friends respect you, or they wouldn’t be your friends. If you are friendly, and courteous, and you move at a slow enough pace for them to follow along easily, there should be little problem in helping your friends to see where our problems are coming from. The problems are far too big to be ignored any longer, and the causes are easy to see, once someone helps connects the dots for a potential convert.

There is plenty of time for this type of Activism. Moving only as fast as is comfortable for the friend or relative, the Level Three Activist will be able to often help his friends and family to see the truth. In fact it is best to only assist the friends in moving as far as it is necessary for them to be able to come to the conclusions themselves. They then will emotionally take possession of their conclusions, and once that is done, they will be committed to defending that decision. The seeds have been planted for at least another Level One Activist.

By simply living your White life, proud of your heritage, and embracing your culture, rather than the Media Lords’ enforced diseased simulation of a culture, you become a beacon of light to those around you. Your children are shining examples of what White kids could be like, if only they were given the opportunity. Your home is drug-free, rap-free, and anti-White propaganda-free. Your clean, safe, healthy household will not blend in with the decadence that is polluting every corner of our society. It will be a standing commercial for what life should be like in this country, and in all White countries.

As a Level Three Activist, you take that next step and reach out to those closest to you, and discuss the situation in this land, and what needs to be done to fix our problems. You give other Whites the opportunity to leave the rat maze of the Media Lords, and enter the golden palace of White civilization, where they will soon realize that they belong.

No White man would watch a White movie from the forties, and think to himself, “This movie would be so much better if only there were only some Blacks in it.” That basic idea is at the foundation of what all White people must realize: White society is just fine all by itself. Non-Whites do not make our society better, and it can be clearly demonstrated that given enough of them, they will destroy it. The Level Three Activist is helping his friends and relatives see this basic truth.

The Level Two Activist is performing the critical task of creating vertical growth in our cause; producing many children who will create future White and racially aware families. The Level Three Activist is creating horizontal growth, producing White families today that are going to produce future vertical growth as well.

By being informed of the facts, the Level Three Activist will provide a believable presentation of our problem to all those he speaks with, because whenever they check up on what he says, they find that his facts are accurate. That will really boost his standing in their eyes. By being kind and civil at all times, the Level Three activist persuades, rather than alienates, his audience.

Like a tree that extends its branches as it grows, activism reaches out farther and farther as the activist matures in his lifestyle. The Level Three Activist has restructured himself and his family. He has then reached out to help his friends and extended family to be aware of our problems, and assisted them in activating. The results of these actions will resound throughout history, and our people a thousand years from now will still be reaping the rewards!

In my next article we will discuss what Level Four Activism is.


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face, and of course the rest of this web page.

2.    Who Rules America

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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