June 22, 2005

LEVEL FOUR ACTIVISM – reaching out to acquaintances and total strangers.

The final two levels of activism are closely related. In fact they are a subdivision of a single level that includes reaching out to those with whom the activist does not have some form of close personal relationship. What draws the line between these subdivisions is our willingness to go public.

The Level Four Activist, for whatever reason, is holding back his name from the general public, while he is working hard to reach out to strangers. When dealing with acquaintances, he is careful to avoid appearing as a "racist" or too politically incorrect, while attempting to make converts. When dealing with total strangers, he will work behind the scenes, or anonymously on the Internet, and/or with organizations.

It is important at this stage to make something clear. There are many people who mistakenly think that being an "activist" doesn’t happen until one is a Level Five Activist, and openly working with strangers. This is an unfortunate misconception, because all of the Levels of Activism are critical, and the first two levels are actually the most important of all in the long run.

We absolutely need a rock solid core of White people who are reproducing, and training their children to be: racially aware; and highly motivated to produce large, White, racially aware families of their own. It doesn’t matter how many people you make aware of our problem(1) if they do not become active. The claw that grabs the turf, and that gives us traction against our enemies’(2)(3) aims are the large, highly committed White families, working to make their own homes strong, self-contained White worlds. Without that, we are lost!

Those who are Level One, and especially Level Two, activists should be praised, and given the credit that they are due. They are the bedrock that our entire future is going to be built upon. We absolutely need them, and they are doing a great work!

The Level Three and Level Four activists are also irreplaceable to our cause. They are reaching out to others in thousands of ways, and their impact cannot be overestimated. All levels are required, and when a man is working at his own level, whatever that level might be, he is a hero to our people!

The Level Four Activist is always searching for ways to reach out to those who are not in his close personal circle, to alert them to our problem,(1) and to direct them to the proper solution. He may have on his car, a bumper sticker with a catchy slogan, and a web page URL. He may place tracts and pamphlets in places where strangers will find them, and hopefully read them. He may join an organization, or just anonymously support them financially. He may run a web page, or write material for a web page created by someone else. He is always reaching out in some fashion to the general White public.

Many people who have jobs that could be threatened by openly joining a pro-White organization (something which itself should wake up many White people) remain as Level Four Activists, even though they would very much rather be Level Five Activists. However, it is clearly in our people’s best interest that people who are earning good paychecks, and who are donating money and time to our cause, continue to do so, rather than throwing all that away in order to go public. There will come a day when being pro-White, and being openly in support of the flourishing of our White culture, will not be grounds for being fired or harassed. The wait for that day will be shortened by every racially aware White man being active at whatever level he is ready for, and is comfortable with. No level of activism is insignificant, and all those in the White movement must understand that!

Here are a few ideas for the Level Four Activist:

Being creative is the mark of an activist at any level, and when it comes to reaching out to others the paths available are many and varied. Finding some way to reach out to others is always the goal for a Level Four Activist.

In my final article on this topic we will discuss what Level Five Activism is.


1.   For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see The Problem We Face, and of course the rest of this web page.

2.    Who Rules America

3.    The Jewish Supremacists, put the interests of Israel, and all interests of the Jewish people, ahead of those of the USA and other White nations of the earth. They are people who are set on ruling over the other races of the world, and are the only significant group of actual racial supremacists on earth.

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