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The Cruella De Ville of the Feminist Movement

Who is it that can do the most harm to the family by promoting the feminist agenda? Who can do the most towards promotion of the feminist ideals? The feminist conservative!

She is driven towards excelling in her career. She runs for public office. She is often single and striving for independence, and self sufficiently. She does not need a man, and makes sure that she never really will. She is all of the things that a true blue feminist of the 1960s would have wanted in a woman.

Today this woman calls herself an "anti-feminist conservative." By doing so she closes the door on the true anti-feminist traditional who would be running for office instead, campaigning legitimately for the family and not providing a hypocritical example of blatant feminism while proclaiming herself to be an anti-feminist!

Where is the case against feminism actually being made today? Only on a few pages such as this and on a few fundamentalist Christian radio shows. The media is sure to pass no real anti-feminist thought out to the public, unless it is painted in a very bad light. Instead the anti-feminist example is this professional woman, portrayed as the "smart" conservative who is "pro-family."

The absurdity of this image is somehow lost to the public. The main harm that the feminist movement has done is to rip families apart by sending women out into the workforce. ( See Feminism and Divorce.) How can one claim to be anti-feminist when one is a member of the professional working women? It is like a Catholic Priest saying he is against Catholicism. It is of course absurd.

While nearly all of feminism is absurd, much of it is clearly so, and therefore of no real danger to our families. However, this feminist in false colors is much more of a danger for she will be working the opposing camp from the inside. She stands for "family values" while doing all she can to help the working woman and very little to help the far more important stay-at-home mom. She provides a high profile example to all the little conservative girls of how not to be a good wife and mother.

And what of the men. The one area that seems to be on the back burner to all people who are most concerned with feminism is what to with the men? Do we just shoot them? If you read the Unavoidable Bottom Line you will see that men are made to lead, to work a career and anything that provides competition. Men are terrible mothers but are good fathers, providing protection, strength, consistency and discipline. In politics they are quite capable, as demonstrated by the founding fathers and most of two centuries of female-free political leadership in the US to bring us to the pentacle of the world. Feminism wants to throw all of that out the window and rewrite the rules. They have done it. Just read any book today and you will see some very stupid things. You will see words like congressperson, and police officer, instead of the traditional congressman and policeman. These masculine roles are now gender neutral, as if anyone really wants a police woman to come to their aid when a big old burglar is breaking into their house.

Traditionally men did the work to bring home the bacon, leaving the wife at home to take care of the home and the children. Feminists hated that arrangement and set out to change it, as one of their primary goals. Today, no one is doing more to assist the feminists in attaining that goal than the conservative feminist. Any traditionalist is left with absolutely no one to vote for when a woman conservative takes up the Republican slot in a political race. A vote for a woman is a vote against the traditional family. A traditional woman would never run for office, nor should she.

We are left in a situation where there is no opposition whatsoever to true feminism. The wacko lesbian man hater can be ridiculed in certain circles but when Bob Dole's wife talks of running for president as the Republican candidate, no one is laughing as they should. When conservative families send their girls off to college instead of to the marriage altar there are no tears wept for the families that have been almost certainly weakened and probably destroyed by that action. Instead of teaching our girls how to be good wives we are teaching them how to be anything else. It does not matter what, just anything else.

The sneaky backdoor way that professional women have filled in the conservative ranks has not seemed to raise any eyebrows at all. We see female candidates on the ballot for every possible political position. No one blinks an eye. In Washington state, during the last election, they had two women running for the same senate seat. No option for the traditional voter there. That is the part that is so insidious. The traditional family is not only under attack, it has the door to its salvation blocked by women who claim to be in support of it. Like Cruella DeVille, they are willing to skin the nearly helpless in order to further their own personal aims. Proudly they claim to be conservative while their very presence there is spitting upon that which must be conserved.

Where can we find the help we so badly need to prop up the falling walls of our marriages? How can we generate the support required to pull our families together for life instead of only until divorce wrecks them? We will not find it among the conservative feminists. Instead there we will find examples and efforts pointing in the absolutely wrong direction, made even more despicable by their presence in the so called conservative ranks beside men who should know better.

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