Turning Back the Clock

THE 1950s DECADE IS WORTHY OF EMULATION. I have stated this several times on my web page. I have often received email from people who think it is profound to claim, "You can't turn back the clock." Such shallow thinking is not going to save our people from extinction. When one uses something as a model, or an example, that does not mean that all details and all things are going to be exactly the same. It is not the time of the 1950s which should draw us to it but rather the attitudes and ideals of that era which can give us hope.

In 10 Things I Like About the 1950s I discussed some aspects of the 1950s that I think we should emulate today. In The Leftist and the 1950s I covered how the Leftists today attack the 1950s because they know that in that decade lies the seeds for their destruction. But is looking at the 1950s as a model, especially when you are using it only as a rough approximation, and a starting point for where we want to be, "turning back the clock?"

When a man is lying sick in bed, his fever is up, his stomach is returning everything that is sent to it, and all of his joints ache throughout his entire body, what does he want? Why he wants to return to health, of course! Is that a desire to turn back the clock? Not at all. If he simply turned back the clock, he would live through the same things over again, just like he did the first time. He would have to even go through the sickness he is suffering through this very minute. What he wants, is to move the clock forward to a point in time where he is both healthy and past this illness. He looks backward to a time that he was healthy, only to help envision what it was like not to be sick.

That is what I am doing with the 1950s. Moving the clock in any direction is beyond our power at the moment, but thinking and planning, striving for a goal, is not. We can look at the ideals of the 1950s and say, "I would like to see more of that if we can get past this current illness."

What does an ill man do? He takes vitamins, eats the best food he can find, gets lots of sleep, and rigidly follows his doctor's advice. He takes every action possible to move his condition from unhealthy to healthy. But he has to know what are the right things to do in order to improve his state.

Our society is deathly ill today, and it is important that we understand that, so we can start making the right decisions towards getting well. If we want to become well again, we must understand what being well is. When was the last time our society appeared to be well? In the 1950s.

In 10 Things I Like About the 1950s I listed 10 things about the 1950s that we should emulate. But we should remember that the 1950s were not perfect. There are things that were wrong with that era, or else the 1960s would never have brought this sickness upon us. We must be aware of that aspect of our model, so as to emulate the positive and avoid the negative. Let us go over some of those negatives.

  1. The media was still controlled by our enemies. Of course Disney was still in White Gentile hands, but television and movies generally were not. The only thing that held back the media from completely drenching us in the same anti-White propaganda, the sludge and the filth that it does today, was the fact that American White folks would not tolerate it, yet. We had not been worn down to the level that we are today. But we were worn down, and the media did the wearing. So, that is one aspect of the 1950s that is intolerable and must not be emulated.

  2. The Supreme Court was even then planting the seeds of our destruction. It was already beginning down the road of forced integration, with Oliver L. Brown et. al. vs. The Board of Education of Topeka (KS). That was another aspect of the 1950s that must be fixed and not allowed to be repeated. We must have a Court that does not dictate political thought upon the people, but rather one that will reflect the thought of the people, within the legitimate bounds of the constitution.

  3. Medically, scientifically and technologically, the 1950s were far behind the point that we are at today. I feel very strongly that if the Leftists had not taken our country over in the 1960s, we would be light-years ahead of where we are today. The Leftists have drained our economy and our spirit. They have nearly destroyed our racial pride and enthusiasm. If we had continued to proceed as we were starting to move in the 1950s, without that interference, we would almost certainly have colonies on the Moon, and possibly on Mars by now. We would be tapping the unlimited energy and resources in space to solve the problems here on earth.

    But, if we look at the advancements we have achieved, we are well ahead of the situation in the 1950s. Of course we do not want to "turn the clock back" on those advancements we have made. We want to continue to advance. Any return to health for our society would include an acceptance of our accomplishments so far and an enthusiastic rebirth of the White inventive spirit.

  4. The people of the 1950s were ignorant of the forces at work around them. They had no idea that the enemy was so close, and so active in their midst. They thought all Americans loved America, and that their newspapers were reflecting their own thoughts and ideas. They thought their television news was giving them "nothing but the facts." They thought that their children were being safely raised to have things even better than they had it. Sadly, like children in a theme park, they thought it was all going to last forever, without their having to do anything to make sure that it did.

    We must make sure that we do not close our eyes to the truth any longer, and we must warn our children against the "Pollyanna" approach to politics and life. If you want to live in Paradise on earth, you will have to create it, and you will have to maintain it. You will have to watch out for snakes yourself. The people in the 1950s were not watching for the snakes and they got bit!

So how can we move our society towards a closer emulation of the positive aspects of the 1950s? Here is where we start: