THIS EMAIL IS ONE I COULD HAVE WRITTEN MYSELF A FEW YEARS AGO so it is sort of like debating with my old self. He raises some interesting points that need to be understood by those who mistakenly think that our nation can be saved by Conservatism. Conservatism has been as infiltrated as has Liberalism by the enemies of our people. The system is corrupt, and no matter who gets elected they do the very same thing TO US. We must learn this, and act accordingly.

I enjoy your page. It is very informative, and I think we should all celebrate if the FBI brings hate crime charges against the blacks in Cincinnati.

While I am always gratified to hear that someone enjoys reading my page, I must point out that these two statements are not connected. Nowhere have I called for anyone, anywhere to be charged with hate crimes. Hate Crimes are an insult to our constitution and our people. They are a creation by the enemies of our people to be used against our people, and they serve no other purpose. (See Thought Control and Hate Crime.)

We should shout in the streets like the brothas did over OJ. We should celebrate John Ridel as a hero because he had the balls to stand up for himself as a white man and demand that the FBI charge those who assaulted him under the same provisions of law he himself would have been charged.

The only time that White folks should be in the streets celebrating is when this nation is restored to them. The suggesting that Whites should celebrate being treated almost as good as the Blacks are, is absurd.

There are two reasons why any application of the hate crime laws to Black criminals in Cincinnati is a bad thing:

  1. Anytime that hate crime laws are used, it is a validation of the concept of prosecuting "Thought Crime." That is an outrage in a supposedly free country. Beating the hell out of someone is a crime already, and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but why they did it, is none of the state's business, beyond proving motive, or mitigation. To sentence anyone for one second of additional time for their thoughts is a complete travesty of justice.

  2. If the hate crime laws are applied to any of the Black defendants, it will give the very false impression to White Americans that the "system is working" and they can go back to sleep. That will only assist in bringing on our extermination more rapidly. There is no way that White people will ever gain a thing from the prosecution of hate crimes, while the presence of such a totalitarian weapon in the arsenal of our legal system, can at any time be used by scoundrels who choose to persecute those who defend our race.
However, let me say I'm not a white separatist. I will tell why in a minute. I am merely a true white conservative-- along the lines of Pat Buchanan, for whom I voted this past election. I saw right past Bushie Jr. (reverting to monarchy are we?). A true 'conservative', as was taught to me in freshman civics, is someone who advocates slow, controlled change. A liberal, aka George Bush, is someone who wants change at whatever pace it may come without controlling it. A radical wants to force change, and a reactionary wants to keep things the same or go back to the past.

What does the word "conserve," which is the root of the name conservative, mean? Webster says that it means: "To keep from losing or wasting: preserve." Note this is a verb. It is an action word. It requires effort. A real conservative is one who endeavors to preserve the traditional way of life. He does NOT want slow and controlled change. In his heart he wants no change at all from the ideal, which is pictured as the traditional way of doing things. He will only willingly accept change that is slow, controlled, and which moves towards the ideal.

The sad thing today is that what so called Conservatives want is to conserve the radical changes brought upon our society since 1960. They are prefectly willing to sacrifice the traditional White America in order to preserve the multiracial nightmare that has been erected in its place. The conservative is in the position of being the primary defender of the horrible impact of the actions of the Leftist radicals of the sixties. As Charleton Heston said in the movie, Planet of the Apes, "It's a madhouse!"

What gets lost, in all of these definition of labels, is the fact that what you are, if you are an honest and honorable man, depends completely upon the situation which you are thrown into.

All depends upon you having a brain of your own, with the ability to use it to parse the inputs you get from your society. History has clearly demonstrated that racial diversity is a fatal condition. Therefore, if you care at all about your society, you must oppose diversity with all of your might. If your society has no racial diversity, you oppose change. If it is increasing in diversity you agitate for change away from it. This gives an absolute standard, rather than some ambiguous label to guide you.

With that said, let me first clarify that I am not a Jew.

Interesting that it was necessary to claim this. (Of course much of what follows is similar to what several Jews have written to me, and perhaps he is aware of that, and was afraid of being mistaken for one of them. I am not sure why he was afraid of that. I have never been uncivilized to a Jewish person who was civilized to me.)

Neither am I a Christian as I find the idea of a loving God drawing a line down the middle of humanity in judgement to be utterly ridiculous.

My page is not a religious page, and the only time I discuss Jews or Christians on ILWF is when either group does something that is secularly significant to my country or my people. I have readers on my page that are of many religious persuasions, and even of no religious persuasion. ILWF is a secular page that is focused on saving the White race.

My last name is [withheld], which is a christianized version of the Viking name [withheld] (on my father's side). I am very proud of that heritage. My mother's last name was [withheld], which is Scottish.

People are often coming to my web page and telling me how proud they are of their White heritage of one form or another. And then, they go on to support things that will obliterate that heritage, and exterminate any and all people who would ever join in the celebration of anything White. Somehow, such "pride" has the flavor of cardboard.

But I wonder what you make of Jews like Murray and Herrnstein (the authors of The Bell Curve) or David Horowitz. Surely these WHITE men are our allies. Surely black men like Ken Hamblin and Thomas Sowell are our allies. If you've never read any book by Thomas Sowell, pick up a copy. This man would be remembered by any European society of old as a genius!

If anyone accused the members of the race which occupies Israel, and controls America, of being stupid, they would be either ignorant themselves or trying to perpetrate a fraud. Without a doubt there are Jews and Blacks who appreciate White culture and the White heritage. I have always had a link up to Ken Hamblin's Web page on my links page, and I have read a number of things written by Sowell, and have referenced The Bell Curve a number of times. I agree that these men are assisting our cause for whatever reason.

However, just because a few stragglers are throwing in with our camp does not mean that the Jews and the Blacks in general are supportive of our nation, or our people. For anyone who would like to study the issue for themselves, I would recommend that they visit the "Birdman Site". Here is a sample of what he has written on the Jews:

... Altho it is not well-known by the public at large (I wonder why?), Jews have been the leaders and force majeure behind virtually every major destructive social movement or event of the 20th century -- communism (Marx, Lenin and all major leaders of communism were Jews), feminism (Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinim, Bella Abzug, etc), 'civil rights' (the president of the NAACP till 1970 was a Jew), liberalism and its destructive policies such as white-genocide immigration and 'multiculturalism' (an estimated 90% of Jews are liberals), 'hate crime' legislation (concocted by the ADL), gun control (Schumer, Feinstein, Metzenbaum, etc), anti-militia statutes (ADL 'model statutes'), Soviet espionage (Rosenbergs, Greenglass, Gold, Fuchs, etc), censorship of the Net (ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center), the Federal Reserve (the legislation was virtually written by Rothschild associate Paul Warburg at Jekyll Island for the 'international bankers'), the US entry into both World Wars (the Balfour Declaration was a payoff to the Jews for getting the US into WWI; the 1933 Jewish boycott of Germany was actually the start of WWII), the Balkans war (Cohen, Albright, Berger), the Arab-Israeli wars (the Arabs did not take kindly to having their land stolen by the Jews), you-name-it. Are gentiles supposed to see all this as a mere 'accident'? If not, is it 'irrational' and 'hateful' of them to want to protect Western civilization and the gene pool which built that civilization? The question answers itself...

So, while I do not condemn anyone who is in support of my people, it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to what is going on, and pretend that it is not happening.

White separatism is not the answer. You may not realize it, but the ranks of today's most leftward college professors in colleges of education are populated by white, non-Jewish women!!! We don't need to alienate any alies in our desire to promote our American cause. It only besmirches our nobility.

While allies are important to be aware of, it is even more important to be aware or our enemies. Whether Jew or Gentile, Black, Yellow, Red or White, it is critical that we be aware that anyone who promotes racial diversity, feminism or any other of the causes of the radical Left of the sixties, is an enemy of our way of life, and of our very existence. The fact that 90% of the Jews support those very things make 90% of them our enemies. Do I want to alienate the other 10%? That is not my intention, but it would be far better to do that than to accept the 90% into our midst, as we have been doing, where they can stick a knife in our backs.

If what our founding fathers fought for was true, it can take in the noble of other races and discard the traitors of our own just like we discarded the oppressors in England.

Disregard? So, are you suggesting that we execute all members of our race who are traitors, and the vast majority of other races that are clearly set against us? Or do you merely mean to ignore their activities as they destroy us? There is no meat to this comment. In order to accept only the noble, you must forcibly exclude the ignoble. Those who want to discuss interminably the wonders of picking only the best from all people, when they have no filter for doing so, are only playing the role of a disrupter. Their dialog serves no purpose other than to waste my time. In order to take the miniscule number of exceptional Blacks, we must be saddled with the huge number of destructive ones. In order to accept the small number of Jewish supporters we must also be tasked with dealing with the destructive activities of the 90% who are Leftists.

Beyond that, the discussion is completely moot anyway. Our Founding Fathers did not fight for a racially diverse nation. They never envisioned such a nightmare. They knew it would not work. (See a John Jay Jewel and Eternal Vigilance.) They were happy to have a homogeneous land and they would be appalled by your suggestion of accepting diversity as a workable compromise. The only solution is separation. The Founding Fathers knew it and even Abraham Lincoln knew it.

As far as fear of miscegenation, this only makes you look silly and insecure as a white man. The facts on miscegenation are that it is a sexual deviancy, just like homosexuality. Even in this most leftward of ages, less than 5% of all races breed outside of their own race.

History shows that sexual deviancy can be programmed into acceptance. There have been societies in the past that have practiced a great deal of homosexual behavior. Today our media is doing its best to program the majority of our children to not think of miscegenation as the perversion that it is, but rather something that they are missing out on if they don't try it. When I was a child, divorce was very rare too, but today, 80% of the children in the USA are no longer living with both of their real parents. The media is beating the miscegenation drum a little louder each year. Each year I see an increasing number of Black men with White women walking around the malls together. I see them on the streets and their numbers are growing. Accepting miscegenation as "no big deal" is what is silly.

Now put miscegenation in its place and realize that with 5% of the White women leaving the race to have non-White children, added together with the fact that even the White women who are having White babies are doing so at a rate of only 1.5 children, you can see that the White race is being depleted each generation. Those two things combined could exterminate the White race by themselves. To assert that "business as usual" is the correct plan of attack is not in touch with the facts.

And still we have not reached the bottom of the issue. While the White birth rate is not even matching its death rate, and while Whites lose at least 5% of their women to non-Whites, we are being inundated with a huge flood of more than a million and a half non-White aliens each year. The non-Whites who are here already, are producing a baby boom that will make the boom of the 1950s look like a lull. The fact is that we are being displaced at a rate that is visible to anyone who will look. In my lifetime I have seen this nation go from 90% White to 70% White. The vast majority of that change actually has taken place during my son's lifetime. It is accelerating even as you read this.

This is not silly, it as deadly serious as any invasion that has taken place at any time in any country. We are being displaced, and only our active resistance to the invasion, and its accompanying racial diversity, will give us any hope of survival.

The white race is not going to be destroyed if it merely learns to stand up for itself. It needn't result to white separatism or supremacy, just good sound traditional conservative thinking.

History has shown us that the only way to stand up for our race is to just say no to diversity. Every case in history where a White nation has allowed diversity to expand, that nation collapsed for keeps. Done. Finished. If you are not willing to recreate a White nation, your people are doomed.

Today the phrase "conservative thinking," is an oxymoron. "Good sound traditional conservative thinking" has not been in the public eye for forty years. The average guy on the street in the 1950s, the conservative, who believed in "good sound traditional conservative thinking," would have been what is today considered a White separatist and a White supremacist. He was not filled with hate, but he knew he was living in a White society, and he liked it that way. He was a lot smarter than the pseudo-conservatives today who spout the Leftist jargon as if it were "traditional conservatism."

We should control the discourse in this country. By doing that we can honestly tell blacks "you have to adjust your gene pool because you're too violent and dumb for this country". The same for Hispanics. We can tell Jews that there are ethical standards we expect you to abide by.

Sadly this shows a complete lack of understanding of the facts of life in America today. We do not have the capability to "control the discourse in this country." What does all of the serious discourse pass through today? Why the mass media of course. You have television, the newspapers, the magazines, and the radio. Most people, at one level or another realize that the television is a bogus form of information provider. They know that certain things are not available in the papers. But many "conservatives" stupidly think that Talk Radio is a source of "real information." They think that Rush Limbaugh or Michael Reagan will tell them the straight story. That is a joke. Those guys are controlled. They cannot give the straight information on race, any more than any other media personality could. Their job hangs on their ability to toe the PC line.

We can never control the discourse, until we control the media. So, are you proposing an armed revolt to take charge of the media? Do you naively think the owners will give up control of the media, just because you ask them to? They have complete control of our government, because they control our election process. Each candidate must get his Kosher seal of approval before he gets anywhere near a real position of power. When the mechinism for discourse is in enemy hands, you do not ever "control the discourse in this country." Instead you are controlled.

You are going to tell the Jews "that there are ethical standards we expect you to abide by?" This is too rich. You are not going to tell the Jews anything. Adolf Hitler tried that approach. The Jews were able to gather enough power together and crush what was the most powerful country on earth at the time. Do you think you are more capable of tackling this formable group than he was? No my friend, it is the Jews who will tell you what your standards are, as they have been doing for decades. You will accept racial diversity. You will accept women in industry and in the political realm. You will tolerate things that your grandparents would have revolted over. You will because your television tells you so. And who owns the media that are controlling your thoughts? (See Who Rules America.)

You will not be telling the Blacks or the Mestizos, or the Jews anything. You do not have the power to do so, and as long as you do not control the media, you never will have the power to do so.

We needn't segregate ourselves and play into the enemy hands.

Even when we were already segregated we were ambushed in the 1960s. WE HAD A WHITE NATION BEFORE 1960. It was forcibly taken away from us. Now you think that playing their game and allowing this invasion of our land to continue unabated is going to save us? The people who are destroying this nation do not have to do a single additional thing to completely wipe out the White race within our borders. (Oh sure there may be small, temporary pockets left here and there, of weak and ineffectual Whites, as there are in Brazil, but there will be nothing left of the great race that created the USA.) All the working parts are in place for our destruction:

  1. We have a million and a half non-White invaders (immigrants) crossing our borders every year.

  2. The non-Whites inside our borders are reproducing at a very fast rate, thanks to our paying them to do so, through the welfare system.

  3. The Whites have been erroneously told that they need to have fewer children in order to stave off overpopulation, when they are the only ones on earth who really could afford to have large families. This has led to a suicidal birth rate among Whites.

  4. All forms of mass media (with the temporary exception of the Internet) are controlled by the same tribe of people who are set on destroying all of the traditions of this nation, as well as its founding race. Therefore, no politician can ever reach office that would be effective against our destruction, and no grassroots ground swell is conceivable, because it is the media that the people use to "inform" themselves.

  5. The tax system is in place to quietly bleed White people of their hard earned money to be used in ways that are completely destructive to their society. The taxes continue to rise slowly, acclimating the people to the ever higher levels of tyranny, gradually.

With just those items in place, and no additions of anything further, in 50 years our nation will be finished as a world power. In 100 years you will find it hard to locate a White face. In 1000 years people will have forgotten that the Pilgrims ever came from Europe.

Merely gain control again, as we briefly did in the 80s under President Reagan.

Gained control? We never gained control. Under Reagan all of the spending programs continued without slowing down. Rush Limbaugh chronicled it in his books. He heralded the fact (as if it were something positive) that spending continued to rise under Reagan and all the socialistic, un-American programs continued to grow. Massive non-White immigration continued to flood our country. Yes, Reagan was a likable fellow, but he was Kosher approved just like Carter and Mondale were. He would never have dared do anything that was against the agenda of those in power. Every one of their causes were furthered during the Reagan years. If we had all of the policies in place that were in place under Reagan, we would still be destroyed in about the same amount of time as we would under Clinton or Bush.

The bottom line for me, as a white individualist, is that I feel very uncomfortable group-judging people and segregating myself from them.

I will bet you have just exposed your fallacious reasoning here to the point, where, even as close as you are to it, you may be able to see it. If you do not segregate yourself from people that you judge as a group, then you should be living in a very cheap Black neighborhood. You should be walking through Black neighborhoods at night with no fear. However, even if you survived doing either of those things, you would be a moron for attempting it, and you do not sound like a moron to me.

We all judge people by the group they are in. It is impossible to live life without doing that. The conservative judges the liberal, and the diversity nut judges the racist. It is impossible to make decisions without some form of organization in your mind. Not only that, you know that many stereotypes are true, that is how they became stereotypes. They are not universally true, but they are generally true. You have the Ken Hamblins, but they are very rare, and if you have noticed, he is under heavy attack all the time from other Blacks. Why? Because the stereotype is true for most Blacks, that they hate White society, and think White people are evil racists. Ken Hamblin thinks White society is great and he wants to play by our rules. Therefore he is a "black sheep" with his people. Well, we have to find a solution, that will contain as part of its fabric a method of permanently dealing with all of those disgruntled Blacks, and separation (preferably repatriation) is the only viable answer.

I feel no discomfort in controlling the nation that is rightfully mine to my own advantage.

Ah, but you delude yourself. You have never controlled this country. You never will, unless there is a revolution that takes this land back for the White Gentiles that created her. So, there is no way you can know by experience whether you would suffer discomfort or not in controlling that which you have never even had a hope of controlling.

And what is rightfully yours? That which you conqueror personally? Or are you willing to take control of that which your forefathers conquered for you? The United States was created by White men, for White men, by conquering this land and driving off the previous inhabitants. Now either we celebrate our heritage and our history, and realize what that means, or we need to crawl back into the sea from which we oozed. What is it going to be? Are you going to condemn George Washington, and the Whites who took possession of this land? Or are you going say that what they conquered is rightfully yours? Make up your mind. You cannot have it both ways.

We're going to have to give the Jews their due.

Did you write this with a straight face? We have given the Jews several billion dollars a year for decades. We have black mailed Switzerland into giving the Jews billions of dollars. We have strong-armed Germany into giving them billions more. We have bombed their enemies, and turned a deaf ear to the cries of the Palestinians who have been routinely tortured and shot by them. We deny all of the Arab countries the right to stockpile nuclear or biological weapons, while Israel has stockpiled both. No country in the Middle East has ignored more UN resolutions, but we continue to give the Jews their "due."

Fact is, Franklin and Jefferson and Washington and other founding fathers were ambiguously Christian at best, and openly Deist from other statements. It was only this mindset of willingness to challenge the establishment intellectually that allowed them to challenge the English establishment.

You could learn a thing or two from them. It is the established intellectuality that today says having a White nation is somehow wrong or evil. It is that mindset that is destroying us. It is filling the churches as well as the government. (Of course there are Christians who are wide awake, that I hear from regularly!) We need White folks to stand up and say, "Wait a minute. I am glad the White man conquered this land and created this country. I think that was a very good idea, and it was well executed!" We need folks who are willing to not only sympathize with their forefathers, but to duplicate their behavior. Otherwise, all is lost.

In other words, the Cotton Mather Christians were all good loyalists most likely, despite all the banter about religious freedom. Jonathan Edwards and Cotton Mather certainly weren't about religious freedom. But Franklin and Jefferson were! And like it or not, they dabbled in free masonry and were influenced by the ideas of Jews. Deism was derived from free masonry.

Christianity was originally a Jewish religion too, until the White man took it and massaged it to fit himself. So what? Believe it or not White men can use their minds quite well without the Jews telling them what to think. I am sure that those of the Jewish persuasion think that it is nice of you to be so accommodating and desirous to give the entire credit for all of our great American thinkers to them. I, however, do not see the point. Benjamin Franklin was adamantly against allowing the Jews access to this country, or were you aware of that?

We should make allies of conservative Jews, but not abandon our honesty toward them. Conservative Jews, particularly in Southern California, who oppose Latin immigration or black reparations need to be made to understand just how Palestinians feel. They also were forced to give up land in the form of reparations for acts they never participated in personally. They also watched as slowly wave after wave of immigration overtook their land until a foreign government was established. Jews who constructed the whole idea of multiculturalism to protect their own wandering Jewish heritage need to be made to understand that multiculturalism cannot not stand in America any more than it could stand in Yugoslavia once the communists were toppled and their poor government in regards to Kosovo was exposed.

I am truly amazed that you could write that. You can't be serious can you? Do you think that you are going to teach a people who think that the God of the entire universe has come down to earth and picked them out as His chosen people? For thousands of years they have specialized in playing the chameleon, infiltrating every position of power they could, whether religious, business, or political. You do not teach them, they teach you.

You do not need to teach Jews that multiculturalism is a disaster. Just look at Israel. LOOK! They do not even recognize marriages between Palestinians and Jews. They are the world's strongest supporters of segregationist ideals. They want no part of diversity in Israel because they are quite aware that it is death to any society. They know this already. You do not need to teach them! And it is pure audacity on your part to conceive of trying.

I actually don't think the Star Trek vision of the world is so bad, just that we aren't ready for it yet.

We never will be ready for it. Humans have always had a very big problem with diversity. Instead of trying to pretend the problem doesn't exist, we need to avoid it altogether. Funny thing is that there are no racial problems when a nation is homogenous. Of course there are other problems and there always will be, but there is no debating that racial diversity is a big negative, and the few positive things that it brings with it are very small when compared with the destructive side of it.

As for Star Trek itself, the Jewish Captain of the Enterprise William Shatner once quipped, 'we were all Jewish on Star Trek, except for Roddenberry, we wouldn't let him in.'" And the Jewish Leonard Nimoy says, that the Vulcan hand-signal he used as Mr. Spock is actually an ancient Jewish sign he learned as a child. So, perhaps your eagerness to pacify this particular people for whatever particular reason you have chosen, has found the right vehicle for its expression.

If gene pools were so fixed, then how did evolution ever occur. We have yet to fully realize what this white man Charles Darwin made us aware of!

Isn't this an argument against your position? If the genes were permanently fixed there could be no White race, Asian race or Black race, or else there could be no mixing between them. In any case, it is the fragile nature of the genes that is the question here. Do we protect them or let them die?

In the meantime, whites must awaken to their heritage and control the discourse in this nation, but they mustn't play into the hands of their enemies who accuse us of being brutal invaders.

What "plays into the enemy's hands" is trying to appear to be some squeeky clean, PC "yes man." Your people were brutal invaders. They ruthlessly took this land from the Indians. Either you applaud that action or you take your toys and go home, because you have no right to be here. Either this is your land by right of conquest, or it is not your land at all. Stand up and be counted, or sit down and be silent.

White separatism will never win this nation back.

On the contrary, it is the only thing that can win this country back. We have been invaded and only a sufficiently vigorous response can undo the damage already done, and prevent further damage. The absurd idea that we can live happily together is just a mental night-light to keep your fears at rest as the enemy circles in the dark for the kill. In parts of Southern California the sleeping Whites are beginning to feel the teeth of the invasion. They can see the Mexican invaders prancing around in victory and they know their days are number on that land. Anyone who cares to inspect the situation can see that what is going on is not just a benign change, a gentle ebb and flow. This game is for keeps and the Mexican invaders know it. That is why they are up and fighting for their race. That is why they support an organization called La Raza - "The Race." What will it take to wake you up to the same spirit?

If you believe that it will, you are castrating your own cause. Reasonable white people know there are worthy individuals of other races as well as white scoundrels, even if each is statistically less likely.

My cause is the preservation of my race, and the return of the United States of America to a White nation as it was before the 1960s invasion. There is no way that cause will ever be advanced by the Conservative agenda. The only possible way for my people to be saved from extinction, is for them to stand up and take action now, before it's too late. The only thing that can castrate my cause is for my people to embrace the view that race does not matter and only individuals count. If only individuals count, then whether Whites continue to exist or not, per se, is immaterial. Then there would be no value in a people, or a history, or a heritage, and all that would matter is the individual. (You could not reasonably be proud of your Viking heritage, because it was not an individual that created it.) To me such a view is as repugnant as any other I can think of. An individual only has meaning through his history and his people! William Wallace was a hero because of his people, not in spite of them. Remove his people and his heritage, and what is left? A stupid man running about madly. Add his people and heritage and you have a tale worthy of the ages.

I know there are good people in all races, but it is completely beside the point. If you really believe that you can filter out the bad and keep only the good, prove it by moving to a Black neighborhood. Show how much you believe that this argument really supports what you claim it does. It is an absurd argument that holds no vigor for the task you have assigned it.

What you fail to realize is that people, even good people, end up fighting people, even good people, of other races. Diversity always, always brings strife in the end. ALWAYS! The only solution is to return the USA to a racial homogeneous nation as it was before the 1960s.

And by separation of the races, I mean repatriation of the non-White people.

Whites standing colorblind behind the values of our founding fathers will.

This is an absurd pipe dream. Here is why:

  1. We are under the control of those who own the media. You will find, with even a cursory inspection of what is going on in the media that there is no room for colorblind application of White laws. Look at the discussions of the death penalty. We are told that it is racist because more Blacks will be executed. That is an argument, ridiculous as it may seem, that actually carries weight in our society today, because we are not now, nor shall we ever be colorblind.

  2. All along the way of the conquest of this nation by the Leftists, they have left our "colorblind" and even-handed laws in ruins in their wake. If we legally executed every Black man that committed a violent act, we would move America to a much Whiter society fairly soon. So, because of that, we find that execution is a bad thing. We find that even locking up Black criminals is a "racist act." Treating people in a colorblind way, always leads us into being called "racist," and that in turn modifies our behavior towards Blacks. The political force, ever flowing from the media, is against your dream. It will never happen.

  3. The Founding Fathers were racists. Every last one of them. They were proud of their race and its accomplishments. Many of them, including Jefferson and Washington, owned slaves. Franklin was amazed that Blacks could even learn to read. So, if you want to stand by the values of the Founding Fathers you will have to find a new place to stand.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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