E-Mail From a Conservative
Part 2

I RECEIVED A REPLY FROM THE GENTLEMAN who wrote the email I went through in E-MAIL FROM A CONSERVATIVE. He felt that he would like to clarify his position relative to mine. I felt that it might be good to go through the process one last time with what he had to say, and so here we go again…

The main issue I believe you failed to address properly, and this is your weakness, is miscegenation. By deviancy, I meant the purest meaning of the word 'deviant' or different from the norm, whereas you mean, I believe, morally repulsive.

OK, since this is the "main issue," let us address miscegenation in more detail. Let us show the real strength of argument, where he has incorrectly thought to see weakness.

  1. In the first letter this gentleman wrote, he claimed that at most 5% of the people in any race practice miscegenation. It is clear that this statistic is faulty for the USA specifically. Newsweek recently stated that there are more Asian-White babies born in the USA, than Asian-Asian babies. Obviously, the Asians are deviating from his statistic in a way that he claims is impossible and unimportant. When over half of the Asians in the USA practice miscegenation, it is clear that over half of any race could do it.

  2. For the Asians in the USA, miscegenation is the norm, and not practicing miscegenation is the deviant behavior in their case.

  3. To claim that people cannot learn a new form of behavior, even a destructive behavior is completely absurd. Miscegenation was clearly a deviation from the norm yesterday. However, it is, to a much lesser degree today. Tomorrow it will be even less of a deviation from the norm. The "norm" is constantly changing and to use it for any sort of land mark is like a ship taking a bearing reading from a log floating by.

  4. Each day that passes, miscegenation is perceived more and more as the norm. To people, being the sheep that they are, perception is everything. They want to be just like everyone else. They think that the "middle of the road" is the correct place to be, no matter where the road is leading. Since the media is banging the miscegenation drum ever more loudly, perceptions are changing accordingly. And when the middle of the road is perceived as miscegenation-friendly, it will be the same for Whites then, as is it for Asians now.

  5. Finally, we must consider India. India, at one time, had a White population, and a dark population, just like the USA does today. They set rigid rules in place, called the "Caste System." The Indian word for "Caste" is the same as their word for "color." Indians were forbidden in the strongest terms from sexually mixing between Castes. Originally there were two Castes, White and non-White. Over time miscegenation produced degrees of color, and caste. The White people at the top of the system, formed the Brahman Caste. They were never supposed to participate in miscegenation. It was not merely considered unpopular, or out of step, but it was against their religion, and considered seriously immoral.

    You can tell that a few of them followed their own rules, and there are some Brahman members today who could pass for Southern Europeans, but very few. Over hundreds and hundreds of years, even the Caste system could not protect the White people. Two Castes became several Castes, and finally today, Whites have essentially ceased to exist in that land. Now, I put it to you, if miscegenation is not a major issue, and if the White race cannot be wiped out by miscegenation, then where are all the blonde haired blue-eyed people, that once were a major part of India? Vanished!
But to me, as long as one's actions harm no other, they are not immoral. How else could Jesus (that great Jewish reformer) have seen beyond narrow-minded Pharisee law and stopped the stoning of a prostitute?

That is an interesting theological point, which I would be happy to debate on a religious web page. However, this is not a religious web page, and further this gentleman has stated for the record that he is not a Christian. I find it rather amusing that this point should be raised, as if using Jesus to support some point, when the author of the point does not in any way believe in, or follow Jesus. It would be like myself, who thinks Karl Marx was the most destructive man who ever lived, using Marx as an example of clear thinking and morality. In order to use Jesus as your example, you must at least pretend to believe in him, for consistency's sake.

Anyway, on ILWF, I am not talking about theological concepts of morality. I am speaking of the survival of the White race, and the restoration of the America that existed before the Leftist conquest of our land in the 1960s.

On the main point raised, does it not seem reasonable to categorize the elimination of our people from this land as being "harmful to someone else?" Obviously the accepting of non-Whites into this land is harming the Whites. The increase in crime alone proves that point beyond debate. So, if we are going to talk about morality, we are talking about the restoration of White America. We are talking about survival and the protection of a way of life that was handed down to us by our forefathers. That is worth fighting for if anything is!

The original creed of our PAGAN European ancestors was "I salute you as a free man (Celtic greeting)."

In Northern Europe, where the Celtics lived, it would have been pretty silly for them to salute each other as "White free men" at that time. Where they lived it was 100% White. It would have been like saluting them as two legged free men, or free men with one head. When the Asians invaded and later when the Arabs invaded, the Whites pulled together to defend their land, as I hope the Whites in America will one day do.

So the founding fathers, in their infinite wisdom, did not declare this nation a 'white nation', anywhere in the constitution, but a free nation.

They did not have to. Just like with the Celtics, all Americans were originally White. According to law when America was founded, only Whites could be citizens. If it were not a White nation, how could that be? The very idea of importing other people as citizens, or giving the Blacks citizenship was a concept that they thought ridiculous. Thomas Jefferson, one of those "infinitely wise" Founding Fathers said,

Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [the Negro slaves] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." (1)

If the Founding Fathers had ever envisioned someone so misguided as to suggest, as a good thing, a racially diverse nation, they would have put a declaration right at the top of the Constitution stating: America is a White Nation! Unfortunately, their wisdom and foresight, as marvelous as it was, lacked the infinite quality. They could not envision a White people who were so duped by their television sets, and other propaganda devices like the school system, that they would lay down and do nothing as their land was invaded by other races. The Founding Fathers, and the people that they were surrounded by, were proud of who they were, and who understood about race. Because of this, our Founding Fathers made the incorrect assumption that White Americans would always retain this quality, which they considered nothing but common sense. They did not feel that the people needed to be told to eat food, or to breathe air. Why should they feel it necessary to tell them to continue to be proud of who they are and to protect what is theirs? They felt that should come naturally.

And always, the example of India stands before us. It is pure nonsense to pretend that our existence as a people does not require our separation from other races. Thomas Jefferson clearly understood that America was not made for Blacks. It was a White nation. He went on to say that Blacks should be repatriated to Africa, and I think it is one of the wisest things he ever said. It just happens to be something that he and Abraham Lincoln agreed upon, because "Honest Abe" was in the process of having the Blacks returned home when he was shot. It is a real pity that these men had their wisdom ignored, and now so-called Conservative people attempt to heap ridicule on those who agree with them.

The problem is your insecure, quite fearful assumption that if people are not discouraged against miscegenation or homosexuality, they will, by default of your thinking, revert to it?! Wrong.

Is the stranger standing in a village of hungry cannibals insecure, and fearful? If he is smart he is! What on earth does the emotional reaction to an insane situation have to do with anything? If I am wrong, show me the White people in India. SHOW ME THE WHITE PEOPLE! Where are the blond children, with their laughing blue eyes in that poor land of misery? There are plenty of children to be found, rotting in poverty, where parents will intentionally disfigure their young offspring, in order to make them more worthy of receiving contributions as beggars. But they are not White children, because the White children have been exterminated through a process called "miscegenation." This gentleman's mistake is in thinking only of one or two generations at a time. Existence is not maintained by only one or two generations, but by hundreds of generations.

Obviously, people will revert to miscegenation if they are not conditioned away from it. India has proved that. But it has proved something else as well. Not only must we have anti-miscegenation laws, and rigid societal dissuasion of cross-race sexual relations, but even that is not enough! We must have racial separation in order to survive as a race. Most White characteristics are recessive. If a White and a non-White mix, they will not produce a blond haired, blue eyed baby half of the time, or any of the time. Over the generations those features will die out completely. In India the White characteristics have been overwhelmed by the non-White characteristics. When you see a picture of an Indian in your mind, or in a magazine, you will not see a blond person, with blue eyes.

People who mind their own business should be left to their own business. The problem with whites is that they have been convinced that they are the source of all evil in the world, and this has led so many of them to believe they have a moral obligation to experiment with miscegenation. Non-whites feel no such moral obligation in America today.

This is a bit perplexing. Now all at once "many of them," them being Whites, are under pressure to "experiment with miscegenation." Interesting. First it is not issue at all, and now it is a problem that is facing many. Consistency is apparently a tough thing for him to hold onto.

As stated above, the Asians -- who are non-White by the way -- in America are even more prone to miscegenation than Whites are. I read in a book co-written by Maury Wills(2) (the Black shortstop of the LA Dodgers in the 1960s) that Black men have a saying, "As soon as a Black man becomes successful the first thing he gets is a blonde." He was explaining his affair with the blonde, Doris Day. Anyone who believes that only 5% of the Black male population is interested in going after White women, is completely out of touch with reality. With the facts before us about Asians and Black males naturally tending towards miscegenation, it shows that the idea that less than 5% of any race will tend towards race mixing is clearly wrong.

In the final analysis, all that we need know is that we have historical data, that is irrefutable, that Whites will cease to exist in a land where there are other races in large numbers. To deny the facts is useless and dishonest.

We will not restore the country to the founders' intent with white supremacy. Sorry, too many white folks are not of your utterly myopic and judgemental ilk.

If the premise of this assertion were true, the 1960s destructive upheaval would never have happened. A prohibitive majority of the American people at the beginning were against the Civil Rights movement, and the Feminist movement. That did not stop the Leftists in dismantling this nation. There are two reasons why the prohibitive majority of White Americans do not openly oppose the changes made to our society even now: 1) they are afraid of the consequences of the PC thought police; and 2) they have been brainwashed by the Leftist controlled media. White Flight clearly shows that White Americans still understand the dangers of racial diversity, and they can say with their feet what they are afraid to say with their mouths.

What the 1960s demonstrated beyond a single doubt is that what the majority of the people want has no meaning whatsoever. Those in power do what they want to do, and the sheep do what they are told. The majority opinion is as pliable as warm wax, and it just takes the right force applied to completely alter its shape.

It is clearly the author of this email who is shortsighted. He thinks because only a small percentage of our White women mix with others, that it is insignificant. He can't see past this generation. He cannot see where we are headed. I know that, even if I live to be a very old man, I am probably going to die in a mostly White neighborhood. I may even die in a mostly White State. I am not worried about me. I don't care about the short haul. He, on the other hand, can see nothing else. It is pure irony that he would call me myopic when it is his own malady. And alas, it is the same condition that most Whites suffer from today. They only worry about whether they can get a good job, buy some cool toys, and hang on to some happiness before they die.

Just imagine if our Founding Fathers were as shortsighted as he. They would never have sacrificed their lives and fortunes for the future generations. They were rich men who could have lived out their lives in safety and ease, just like he is going to do. But they chose to do otherwise. They fought, and many of them died, and/or lost all they had during the war. Why? Because, they were looking past the moment and doing what was best for the future of their people.

That's why they vote democratic or why they have produced this virulent self-hating strain of neoconservatism.

What is the reason? Because they are not of my ilk? No doubt. But they certainly could be. Most White Americans in the 1950s were pro-White. They were happy to live in White neighborhoods, and just like me, they did not hate other races, even though they did not want to live around them, and definitely did not want to send their children to school with them. It was a "soft racism" that was separatist, and healthy. Those are the kind of people who created America in the first place. The Whites living in America today, are the children of those good, proud, White Americans of the past. They could just as easily espouse the strong and constructive attitudes of their parents, rather than embracing the destructive ideas of today. All it would require to make that change, is applying the right force to move them in that direction.

Playing Mr. Conservative will not do the trick. Trying to pretend that his views are main stream, is never going to work. In fact, if the author of these two emails took all of the statements he made in them and took a national poll to see how many people agreed with every assertion he made, I would not be surprised to find that he could get less people to agree with his email, than the number of people I could get to agree in spirit with my web page. He is flailing around with no anchor. A part of him hates the Founding Fathers for being racial separatists like I am, proud of their people and their race. They felt that the White folks were something special. So, he falls back for support for his views, upon what the brainwashed masses accept as valid today, as if that really meant something. But tomorrow, the masses will believe some new thing. They are sheep to be led.

The American intent CAN be reclaimed, not only without resorting to white separatism, but without resorting to white identity politics (though if we are allowed to become a minority, we will have to resort to this).

The old cliché of trying to organize the deck chairs as the ship is going down, is nowhere near outrageous enough to cover this. Whether anyone votes Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, or for Patrick Buchanan makes no difference whatsoever. Nobody ever makes it into a position where they even have a chance of being elected without first going through the media filter. As long as the Jews control the media, they control our government. The White sheep listen to sound bites (and who is it that chooses the sound bites they listen to?) and from that choose the President of the United States. The moron has the same vote that the genius has. In the long haul, such an arrangement, especially when the enemies of our people control the media, is doomed for destruction. Just like gambling in a casino, you may win for a while, and you may even break even for a bit longer, but in the long haul, you are going to lose, because the odds are stacked against you.

And what was the "American intent" supplied by our Founding Fathers? It was for White Americans, from European stock, to create a free and wonderful nation. No form of racial diversity will ever create that, or anything even approaching that. At one time, America had that intent in abundance. Of course that was before the Leftists conquered us in the 1960s. While "Conservatives" pretend that Reagan did actually mean something positive to America, reality shows that the American people were under invasion during his terms of office every bit as much as they were in the Carter years, and later were under the Bush-Clinton-Bush years. Anyone who gets into office is going to do the same thing: destroy America through non-White immigration.

Blacks had to be very careful during the civil rights era not to advocate ideas that would discredit them.

This is completely absurd. Nothing could have discredited them. As they "carefully" burned down their parts of our major cities, and they "carefully" bragged about raping White women, and they "carefully" verbally spewed a continual stream of hatred and filth at the White man, they were always treated as if all of their "careful" actions were warranted, and wonderful -- fully justified in every way. There was nothing that they could have done that would have been unacceptable to the controlled media, except to continue to exist peaceably in America. Anything else was just fine, and encouraged.

The media to this very day presents the whole Civil Rights movement as if it were straight from Heaven itself. There is nothing that a newsman can say that will get him more prestige, than to claim that he "marched" in the Civil Rights movement. And that goes for the "conservative" commentator as much as the liberal one, probably more so. This is not because the Civil Rights movement made America better. It destroyed our schools, and many of our neighborhoods. Our professional sports have been polluted with activity that would never have been tolerated before. So much of our societal existence has been either tarnished, or destroyed, thanks to the Civil Rights movement. And yet, in spite of that, the Media has never admitted that there is any downside to the Civil Rights movement at all.

American whites, in their quest to end these affirmative action quota and mass immigration nightmares must do the same, and they must do it by standing beside those who 'appreciate' the founders, regardless of skin.

Why? Because of their huge numbers? That is ridiculous. They don't exist. All that Whites would require to get anything that they want is to get other Whites to vote with them. There still is a White majority in America. Until Whites realize the facts of life, that races, all races except ours, will stick together and grab their piece of the pie, Whites are going to continue to dance around in the fantasy world the author of this email lives in. All the other races have organizations and voting goals. They vote as a block, while the White sheep foolishly think that they are doing the right thing by voting for what will be the "good of the country" not the good of their people. Whites split their vote and the non-White block vote controls the election. And with over 90% of these people voting in a block, this gentleman thinks he will set things right by reaching out to the single digit support he may get from non-Whites, instead of the potential 70% of the population that is still White. There is no potential for success in his goal. I, at least, am trying to reach the majority group in America. What is he trying to reach? Peanuts. And with the non-White invasion going on each year, even the peanut bag is getting emptier.

Miscegenation will wipe out the white race, LOL.

This guy must laugh at funerals. Go ahead sir, take your comedy show on the road to India, and have a good laugh at the idea that miscegenation can wipe out the White race in any land. Sounds like a real promising venture. You ought to sell lots of tickets for them to listen to you "Laughing Out Loud." However, I have had a few Indian men write me and tell me that I am quite correct in what I am doing here, because the danger is real. But you go on laughing. It is certainly easier than facing the facts.

What an insecure little pathetic white man you are.

If you think about it just a bit, it is only insecure people who go around calling people names like "insecure little pathetic white man." If he were secure in what he was saying he would not need to stoop to such tactics. Instead, he would try to promote facts that support his ideas. He of course cannot do that. He has no historical examples to present, which support his contentions. He has no facts, no arguments of consequence. He keeps asserting that every thing can turn out right if only we would pursue his agenda. Yet, what he does not realize is that there are two things that are insurmountable for his agenda:

  1. His agenda requires us to play by the Jew's rules, trying use the "main stream" approach, when those who caused the trouble in the first place, control the flow of the stream. He is sure to lose that rigged game.

  2. The brainwashed masses are no more in his corner today than they are in mine, even with his attempt to pretend that he has all the pieces on the board. That is nothing but bluff and fury.

I am attempting to awaken the sleeping Whites. I will succeed or I will fail, but at least I am striving for something that has some possibility of success. His agenda has none.

The fact that whites accept leftist guilt so readily is the reason we are dying out. Maybe we need a little more testosterone, like the brothers, so we will not be so weak-kneed.

Sadly, he probably believes this. Does he really think that the "brothers" had anything at all to do with the Civil Rights movement? Who wrote Martin Luther King's speeches? Jews. Who held the position of president of the NAACP for decades? Several Jews. The Civil Rights movement was a Jewish movement. Not a "brother" movement. The "brothers" use their testosterone in other ways.

All we need, is for Whites to throw their televisions into the trash and start making decisions for themselves, on what is best for them, instead of what the television tells them is best for them. Until that happens things are going to get worse, at least until the level of misery becomes unbearable.

By the way, when I work with so many whites who know who the last 5 winners of NASCAR races are, but have no idea of the voting positions of their Senators and Representatives on key issues are (let alone their who the congressmen themselves are), how can you say they are the victims of anything but their own apathy and ignorance.

Speaking of apathy and ignorance. What of his apathy about the destruction of our people? What of his ignorance of the destructive natures of diversity, and long term miscegenation? Who cares what the Senators and Reps vote for? Nothing will ever come up before them that will help our people and our land. Nothing! As long as the media is in enemy hands, the "democratic" republic we live in is an enemy to our survival. It will continue to bleed us dry, to allow the non-White flood to continue to pour in, and to make it harder and harder to live and work around White folks. If anyone tries to get elected who wishes to really fix any of those problems, the media will find something about him that is unacceptable to the voting public, and they bury him. All men have flaws, and anyone can be buried for past mistakes. The ones, who reach the big time, have their flaws covered up -- for a price.

I'm for a free and self-responsible land, like our founders. What are you for?

This is quite incorrect. I am for the free and self-responsible White land that our Founding Fathers envisioned. (See A John Jay Jewel.) He, on the other hand, is for a bastardized multiracial nightmare that is sure to self-destruct. Every race except one in the USA is pulling for a racial piece of the pie. Each race has its own organizations, and it votes as a block for its own self-interest. Remember: its OWN self-interest, not the good of the country, or for individual freedom. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Nazi Germany? If your racial theories of societies rising is a by default fact, then how come they got their asses kicked?

Nazi Germany was defeated because enough other countries opposed them. Who was it that was drawing in all these other countries? Well the Jews declared war on Germany before a single shot was fired by Germany on foreign soil. So, effectively the Jews--whom this gentleman so glibly suggested in his first email that he was going to tell what they could or couldn't do in his country--were able to draw in enough support to destroy the most powerful nation on earth at the time. And despite the fact that 7,060,000 million Germans died, during the war, and many millions more Germans died after the war, along with many tens of million other people who died in the war, all we hear about today are the 6 million Jews who died, as if their deaths were more important than anyone else's.

Yes the Germans lost the war, but that end was not clear until the USA came into the war. Now, what multiracial country of that time would you like to put up against Nazi Germany, one on one? How about 10 on 1? Aside from politics, what could you say about Germany in the last war other than it was a formidable enemy? If they are not overwhelmed with non-Whites in the mean time, as it looks like they may be, they will rise again some future day I am sure.

I have never contended that an all-White nation must rise to the top of the world at any given point in time. What I contend is that only homogeneous nations can rise to the top, or stay there. Once a nation gives up its racial homogeneity, it will never be a world force again. All-White nations, will always have the potential for greatness, whether or not they use that potential at any given time.

It is amazing that anyone would use Germany as an example of a weak homogenous nation. Truly amazing.

I like the fact that these freaky Jews are around to challenge us to THINK.

Freaky Jews? Does he mean like Karl Marx, who has fathered the death of hundreds of millions of innocent people through his Communism? Yes, that is really challenging. Or perhaps he is referring to Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein) who owns the miscegenation promoting MTV, and who also provides many other "thoughtful" programming offerings. Or was he thinking of the lovely trio of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinim, Bella Abzug, who have been at the forefront of destroying the majority of American families with their "thought provoking" Feminist ideas, and who promoted the death of 10s of millions of our children before they could capture their first breath. The list is nearly endless of the wonderful, "thought provoking" people that we must suffer with, in order that he can be happy in thoughtfully contemplating how to best commit societal homicide, with a destructive idea. What would the place be without them?

I like that blacks are around to challenge us to drop our inhabitions.

Yes let us throw out all those useless inhibitions, and enjoy all the finer things. Things like drugs, rape, mugging, breaking the law, speaking poor English, unemployment, avoiding community responsibility, abandoning the kids that one fathers, along with their mother, and similar things that the Blacks have shown us how to fully enjoy. Just imagine how big the improvement will be once those inhibitions are all gone. A nuclear bomb would do less damage.

Does that mean I'm a multiculturalist? Hell, no.

What it means is that he is a HOMOPHOBE. He is irrationally afraid of having a homogeneous society. He mistakenly thinks that the race which produced Socrates, Plato and Newton would not be able to challenge him to think. He erroneously assumes that the race that produced the wild and crazy Vikings can't have a good time. None of us could possibly tap the depths of all that the White race could provide for us if it was given a chance. In the areas of culture, music, art, humor, and deep and bountiful thought, none of us could possibly use up what our people could generate all by themselves.

For these minor "benefits," which he thinks he is getting from diversity, he is going to sacrifice his entire society and his people. He keeps trying to put across the idea that he is going to keep the best from all races, but he never says what he is going to do with the rest. Are they all going to magically disappear? Not in this universe.

We should have one culture and one language in this country, and immigration slow downs can encourage this.

I keep wondering if anyone could seriously be making these statements. Fantasy World is a section of Disneyland that is really fun to visit, but one should not try to live there.

If all immigration were to suddenly stop today, not slow down, but stop entirely, we still would not have one culture, and one language. It is too late for that. Already, today, there are over 200 languages being spoken in the USA. There are areas where there are now several generations living that do not speak English. Each area where there are other races, there are other cultures that the invaders brought with them. The Mexican invaders in our Southwestern States celebrate Cinco De Mayo rather than the Fourth of July. (In case one has not noticed that is a Mexican holiday, not a US holiday.) The Blacks are trying to create their own language with Ebonics and are creating their own holidays, with Kwanzaa. Notice a trend here? Even if we brought no one else in, the damage is already done. If we are not willing to show these invaders the door, this nation is already finished.

Also, the non-White birth rate is such that they will overwhelm us fairly soon, even if all immigration were stopped right now.

Now if that finally brings the picture into focus, as to what will happen even if we do stop the invasion today, it should tell us what the danger is going to be if we do not stop it immediately! It is time to pull one's head out of the sand and look around. It is not pretty what is going on.

We should have a free press that allows us to discuss racial differences openly. Are the Jews the enemies of a free press? The Jews may own the media, but there's a lot of globalist white gentiles who rule it with their advertising dollar.

It is interesting that he should suggest this, even though he is quite wrong. First of all, gentiles never act like Jews do. They never stick together like the Jews. The way that several of the biggest newspapers came into Jewish hands was just as he said. The Jews dried up the advertising dollars from a gentile owned paper, until it went under. Then a Jew bought the paper, and presto, the advertising suddenly reappeared. The paper became solvent and has never left Jewish hands since.

Henry Ford, who was a very wealthy man, tried to tackle the Jews. He put out a book called, "The International Jew." In that book, written in the 1920s he laid down exactly what was going to happen in this country. Back when America was still White and proud, strong and brave, the Jewish plans were already laid down and at work. It is a fascinating read. It is seriously, the most accurate prophetic writing I have ever seen. And later the Jews put such pressure on him, that he retracted the work. Of course that is just more evidence of how they do things. And the prophesy coming true speaks much louder than any coerced retraction could.

You say what? You say these Mexicans are dumber than whites. Which whites? The ones who have traditionally done the manual labor for the corporate oligarchy? If you want to oppose open immigration, do it on a numbers basis, not a race basis.

Why anyone would assert this nonsense I will never be able to fathom. If I have a classroom of 10 students, all of whom have a criminal record and an attitude that they do not want to learn a thing, that classroom is going to be a zoo. It will be a learning-free environment. If, on the other hand, I have a classroom of 50 students, all eager to learn, and well mannered, that classroom is going to be filled with learning.

Quantity is far less important that quality. Large numbers of White immigrants, will not harm our nation today as badly as having only a tiny fraction of that number in non-White immigrants. Why? Because non-Whites do not have any inherent love for European ideals. These non-Whites do have love for their own ideals. That causes a point of disruption. Now consider the fact that today's immigration laws are such that they produce immigration that is 90% non-White. That provides millions of points of disruption crossing our borders every year, and the chaos level in our society is growing by just that amount.

Race matters. It has always mattered, and it always will matter. Even if you eliminated all true Whites, then you would have fighting going on over shades of lightness as you do in Brazil today. There is absolutely nothing in history, or in any location in the world that can provide any support for the absurd contention that racial diversity provides strength. And yet, the American people are having racial diversity shoved down their throats, against their will. Until you can identify who is doing the shoving, and why, you will never have a prayer of solving this problem.

Do it on a language basis, not a race basis.

That is completely absurd. A huge number of our White citizens came from Germany and other European countries that do not speak English. Within one generation those non-English speaking White people had produced children that spoke English as well as anyone who had ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. They were completely assimilated quickly. On the other hand the Blacks who have been here for hundreds of years still don't fit in, and never will. The Hispanics are celebrating their Mexican heritage and could not care less about ours. Race is all that really matters. Language can be learned, race is forever.

You will profit your cause a lot more.

Without understanding what my cause even is. How can anyone give advice as to how to pursue promoting it? Poorly, obviously.

It should be clear after years of struggle to 'awaken' white people, that white separatists would have learned by now that 'your people' just don't agree with you!

Such an argument is amusing really. Right now, my people don't agree with him either. They are busy following what the media directs them to look at. The point is that they used to feel as I do, and they never felt as he does. He has a bastardized, incompatible, part PC, part old time religion aspect to his philosophy. He is a multiculturalist who hates multiculturalism. He is a racist who hates racism. His cup holds no water because it cannot. It is not watertight with consistency.

There are enough White folks out there still who remember the 1950s and know what has been done to their country. I am reaching out to them and those of their children who can be reached. As time goes by and more people start to see the devastation of their society by the invasion, things will change. People will be looking for a solution to what is going on. The snake oil he is selling will only bring them more of what they already have: a diversity nightmare.

You seem like a very intelligent person, but like communists and globalist capitalists, your scope is too broad.

On the contrary, my scope is very narrow: the salvation of my people through the establishment of White lands, including the USA. Nothing else matters. Period.

The Communists, and Globalist Capitalists couldn't care less about anything except their own self interest. They are struggling to create a power base for their manipulation. They are willing to sacrifice their heritage, their people and their children in order to obtain their goals.

I am not working for my own wealth, power or situation. I am working to save my children's future from those who are willing to throw it away on myths, like workable diversity.

Whether it is Lenin's workers of the world or Bush's open foreign markets in the hemisphere or your white folks, none of these is my homeland. America is my homeland.

Whatever he considers his homeland, with his attitude, he better not get too attached to it. Change is going to accelerate: The destructive rise in crime; the increase in escaping industries to foreign lands -- where they use slave labor to create products to sell to you cheaper, at least until this place is completely gutted - and; the third world is moving in to live with him at a rate of a million or two a year. The mental game he is playing is going get him nothing, and it is going to cost all of us plenty.

You said I was like arguing with your past. I just say I went intellectually past you.

Maybe next lifetime, but I have already been where he is in this lifetime, and I woke up. It is still not too late for him either.

As for Europe and its non-white immigration problems, let them handle themselves. Let establishing a white homeland be Europe's issue.

If all Africans were being displaced, would he suppose the so-called "brothers" would be turning a deaf ear? Would he suppose they would say, "Let them handle it themselves?" Someday he may learn that as a people we are tied together. If Europe falls to other races, how long does he think the White race can survive on planet earth? Not long, especially if we fall here too.

We didn't fight King George III for nothing.

Apparently we did. We now pay billions of dollars in tribute to Israel each year, and are their servants, going to war with their enemies like Iraq, and supporting them in their outrageous behavior. We must have Holocaust Memorials, and take Holocaust Studies, even though Americans did not die in the "Holocaust," nor did we cause it to happen. We give half our money to the government, and we are living the lives that the Jews demanded of us, and continue to demand of us, and there are people like this gentleman so brainwashed that he thinks we can save ourselves with a touch of Reaganonmics, and few pieces of bailing wire. King George was a saint by comparison.

We need to concentrate on King George (Bush) II and his corporate oligarchy today. We can bring the globalists down. We can preserve the language of our forefathers. We can preserve the Constitution. But not with white separatism.

With what? Kindly thoughts? Hoping? Voting? Hah! Unfortunately he does not have a clue as to what he is talking about. It is only White separatism that matters. If we do not create White lands where White folks can reproduce, and thrive, we will cease to exist as a people. And if that happens I couldn't care less what happens to the politics of this or any other land.

If my descendants speak French, or German, but are still White, I will be more than satisfied. If they live in a kingdom with a king, or in a democracy, or in any other form of government, as long as my people survive I will be satisfied. Yes, I want to preserve my native tongue, but in a thousand years it will have changed so much that, this gentleman and I, would not be able to understand what those people who will be speaking their form of English, will be saying. They will also have progressed to other political forms from what he and I hold dear. But if they have White genes, we will be able to recognize them as our people. That is all that really matters.

Even you admit you're willing to concede that we need to return America to 80-90 percent white.

I concede that I may have to settle for that figure. I would much prefer a land that is 100% White. Be not confused on that point. I am looking for salvation of my race, whatever it takes.

Could it be because you have an inkling of a sense that there might be some non-whites you'd consider worthy countrymen?

I think that there are some outstanding people in all races. The other races need their good people, to help them in their own lands. I don't want to steal their national treasures from them. Just as I don't want any non-Whites living in my house, no matter how much I respect them, I don't want or need them in my country either. I want all people to live happy lives in their own homogeneous lands. I wish no man or race ill. My race requires its own lands and that is what I am striving for.

I don't think you're out of touch with reality regarding non-whites as much as you're out of touch with reality regarding whites and the reason this country was founded.

I don't have to guess about what our Founding Fathers thought about America when it was founded. They were quite open about how they felt about the races. America was focused upon freedom, because that is what they had been lacking before. They did not make a big deal about race, because it was not an issue. They knew America was White and there was no disagreement about it. The law was passed that only Whites could be citizens without a problem. It was understood right up front. What could be clearer?

Unfortunately, this gentleman is out of touch with reality pretty much across the board. But who knows, one day he may even yet snap out of it. It happened for me and that means it can happen for others.

1. Autobiography, (1829) by Thomas Jefferson
2. IT PAYS TO STEAL. Wills, Maury as Told to Steve Gardner.

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