Death to All Fanatics

October 31, 2003

THERE IT WAS ON THE BACK OF THE TRUCK, a bumper sticker with large red letters on a white background: DEATH TO ALL FANATICS. I took a look at that and I just had to laugh. I asked myself, is this guy a sharp witted comic, or is he the typical buffoon who thinks such a bumper sticker actually makes sense? Is he contemplating suicide, since that is without a doubt a fanatical position that he is taking?

The hypocrisy so clearly demonstrated by that bumper sticker can be found in many places in our society. One prime example is the collection of hypocrites who cry for tolerance. They are uniformly intolerant of anyone who thinks that the United States may have been better off in any way back in the 1950s. Towards anyone who thinks that each race should have its own lands and its own separate space, they are no more tolerant than the Christian church in the Dark Ages was towards heretics. There is no tolerance to be found towards anything that would perpetuate the morals, attitudes, or even the culture of the people who founded and built this country up to the point where it became a tantalizing prize for the rest of the world’s inhabitants to steal by invasion. They think that "Death to the Intolerant" would only get the other guy, when they would be the first go.

Try it sometime. Openly speak highly of the 1950s, and you will get back the pat complaints of McCarthyism and racism. It is like the doctor hitting your knee with the rubber hammer. No thought is required. If you hear "the 1950s", you spit out "McCarthyism and racism." That is how successful the propaganda campaign waged by the enemies of America has been! In the 1950s America had the best schools on earth, but they do not get talked about. The ultra low crime rate gets missed. The very low divorce rate is completely ignored. The people whom Senator McCarthy was trying to weed out, have long since completely taken over the media, and now they are dismantling our society, and all the while they still whine on a daily basis about the man who had the nerve to try and remove their clutches from the throat of our country. The Media Lords(1) continue to pretend that completely innocent Jews were blackballed from Hollywood, because they joined the communist party on a lark, with no intent to really destroy this country. If anyone takes the time to see what has happened since, as those blackballed writers have reentered Hollywood, and produced their corrosive propaganda, he will be disgusted by the absurd protests that the Media Lords are making today against Senator McCarthy.

The racism charge is even more absurd! The worst-case scenario, which is not what was really going on, would have been that all of the Blacks in America in the 1950s were suffering under discrimination. The Blacks made up only 10% of the population, with Whites making up the other 90%. That means that only 10% of the population would have been exposed to any racial discrimination at all. Imagine that, a country that was 90% free from racial problems. Compare that with today and you will see how far the Media Lords have been able to drag America into a racial nightmare.

Today, all Whites (about 70% of the population!) live under open discrimination of several types. Most Whites have small families and pay for the expenses of raising their own children. At the same time, these families give about half of their incomes to the government, which in turn gives it to non-Whites in order to pay for their large families. It is like animal A slipping its young into the den of animal B to be raised by animal B. These interloping children steal the resources that rightly belong to the children of animal B. The A kids take food and space that is not theirs, from the B kids. In the meantime Animal A goes off and produces more kids for animal C to take care of, while animals B and C do not have the resources left to have more kids themselves.

In our society, the over breading, and mostly non-White deadbeat parents do not physically put their kids in White folks homes, but they use the US government to rob the resources from the White kids so that White parents cannot afford to have all the children that they should be able to. This is called “equal treatment,” or “equal opportunity.” Whenever a White has something stolen from him by a non-White, that is called “justice” and “equality.” Whenever a White keeps what is rightfully his, that is called “discrimination.”

What about schools? Whites outscore Blacks routinely on placement tests for college, but Blacks are forced into these “institutions of learning” simply because they are Black, while Whites who score higher are left out. This is called “equal opportunity,” but what it really is, is discrimination plain and simple.

Companies have their collective arms bent behind their backs and their collective kneecaps threatened with federal baseball bats if they do not hire non-Whites. There is no federal mandate about hiring the best employees, or even making a profit, but you just better hire enough non-Whites or the government will send the legal boys over to rough you up.

Please note that discrimination itself is not what these hypocrites condemn. We can have all the discrimination in the world as long as its final effect is to promote a non-White society, and to weaken or destroy our White society. It is not the discrimination itself that they hate, even though that is what they always make such a noise about. It is White society that they hate! Discrimination and racism are right and good as long as they promote the anti-White agenda.

Another area of hypocrisy is in the “hate” industry. News media sell their wares by promoting the idea that White haters are everywhere and we have to keep on the lookout for them. Anyone who likes White folks better than Non-Whites is by definition "a hater." (As opposed to a non-White who likes his own kind better, and is merely, and quite justifiably, "racially and ethnically proud.") Being proud of your own roots is either good or bad based upon your racial makeup. It is only good for non-Whites. Having a racially homogeneous neighborhood is either good or bad, legal or illegal, based upon your race. White folks who like living, working, and playing only with other Whites are evil and hateful, while non-Whites are expected to have their own organizations, neighborhoods, and anything else that is racial exclusive that they want.

We find those who are the most extreme haters are making a living by “fighting hate.” The most extremely racist people on earth, the same hypocrites who created the state of Israel, and who maintain their homogeneous racist state, are actually looked up to as the ultimate “anti-racists,” and even routinely testify before the Congress of the Untied States as experts on hate. Well, they are, but as practitioners.

The absurdities we see everywhere are just too much to stomach, and the worst cut of all is seeing the very Americans who really do love America, and who would most eagerly give their lives in its defense being the ones who are most easily taken in by the Media Lords' propaganda. They wave the flag of a country that is killing Arabs for Israel. They talk about standing together, when the artificial racial diversity that has been created in this land makes such mutual camaraderie and support to be ever more difficult to achieve. We are having our societal foundation (racial homogeneity, lingual homogeneity, religious homogeneity, etc.)(2) removed while our controlled government is aggressively waging war abroad, creating enemies that will strike back sooner or later,(3) placing a greater and greater demand upon our ever less unified strength.

Death to All Fanatics. Hypocrisy and insanity on display, and how many of the other drivers on the road could even catch a glimpse of what was really being said by this propaganda? The anti-Americans boldly put their caustic messages on their bumpers, while the best the real Americans can do is put up limp and impotent messages like "United We Stand" in a land where diversity makes united action impossible. Whether we laugh or cry, hide or rage, you and I are facing the death of our nation, by the design of those who hate us.


1.    Who Rules America?
2.    A John Jay Jewel
3.    The Death of the Towers

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