Halloween III:
Season of the Witch*


July 15, 2002

A FRANTIC FATHER HAS DISCOVERD THE TRUTH! On Halloween night a tragedy is about to happen to all of America’s children who will be sitting in front of their television sets. Through a tremendous advertising campaign, nearly all the children in America have purchased masks from a company named Silver Shamrock, who has imbedded a piece of magic stone inside each mask. A signal will be sent through the televisions that will activate the imbedded stone, releasing a terrifying power, murdering the children and producing an infestation of snakes and other crawling things to feast upon their corpses. If only the kids could be warned in time, and have the signal blocked. But how?

Daddy first tries the direct approach; he calls his ex-wife to save his own children first. The ex-wife was not about to listen to his pleas. She paid good money for those masks and she wasn’t going to let him spoil their fun. He suddenly found that she had hung up on him. He was physically too far away to have any chance of reaching them in time to forcibly enter the house and just turn it off.

He next desperately tried calling the television networks, of which at the time there were only three, all of which were carrying the show that could trigger the horrible event. He got through to the first network, and it took the show down off the air. He got through to number two, and it took the show down. Hope was starting to grow within him as reached the third network, but its broadcast, which all of the children had turned to, because the other networks were now down, started to play the show uninterrupted, as the father looked on with a face covered in total horror.

I feel very much like that father today. I see White families all over America turning on their televisions for their children. They place the minds of their precious descendants into the hands of people who are every bit as malicious as the fictional owner of the Silver Shamrock Company was. How can I reach them? How can I get them to turn off the poisonous broadcast before it is too late? How can I save their children?

How can a parent sit there and see his little White daughter watch a television show that promotes interracial dating, marriage, or sex? How can he allow his son to see movies that promote the idea that being White and proud of it, is sick, and racist? How he can justify allowing the television to elevate as heroes for his son, Black professional athletes who, are not only untrainable in the basic social skill of sportsmanship, but who are also repeatedly arrested for drug abuse and distribution, assault, rape, and other felonies? How can any White parent allow his children to be exposed to the filth and violence contained on television? Is this what parents really want for their children? Is this the example that they really want their children to follow? Is this truly the direction that they want their nation to take?

Sure almost any father would dash about madly, doing anything that he could to prevent his children from being killed quickly and painfully by a single television broadcast like the one in Halloween III. However, he is perfectly content to allow his children, and his children’s children to have their heritage and future completely destroyed by letting them be programmed night after night with the television’s evil message. Because it is slow, it is tolerable. Tolerance, when exercised unnessisarily, can be the greatest evil on earth, because toleration is the acceptance, however begrudgingly of something that is bad, or even dangerous.

Whenever possible, it is far better to rid yourself of something rather than tolerate its harm. (E.g. it is better to avoid smoking than it is to develope tolerance to nicotine.) If you are rid of it completely, there are no ill effects that have to be dealt with. If you tolerate it, you will be dealing with its poisonous effects day after day for as long as you have it in your presence. Tolerance is not smart, or big-hearted. It is stupid, and you and your descendants will pay a price for that stupidity.

When your White daughter marries a non-White, that will be a price for your tolerance that you, she, and all of your descendants forever, will pay. When your kids dress like ghetto Blacks instead of civilized Whites, that is a price you will pay. When you see your society filling up with non-Whites and a general hostility growing up all around you towards everything that you hold dear in your once White society, that is a price you will pay. When your people are pushed into extinction, that will be a price that you will pay.

Honestly, is there anything that you receive from that murderous box that is worth as much to you as are your children, and all of their children to come? Is there anything that it has to offer that is worth sacrificing your nation, your heritage, and your culture for? Does its value even remotely approach the value of the future of your people? If you let your children watch television you are judging that medium to be of supreme value in your life, because ultimately it is going to claim everything else.

People often throw up their hands, and cry that there is nothing that they can do to make things better in our society. They are wrong. They can turn off their televisions, thereby removing a poisonous source of evil from the midst of their own family. It is a tremendous step; not a useless gesture.

  1. Their own minds will be free to think once more, free from the alien drone of propaganda which the television continuously propagates. I can testify in my own case, that cutting the television out of my daily routine was a revolutionary event, shaking my entire existence to its foundation. The negative impact of the media propaganda, saturating the minds of all television viewers cannot be over estimated. The removal of this propaganda pathway from his mind is the single most important, and mentally healthy step any American can take today.

  2. Their children will cease to receive the horribly destructive messages that the television has made available especially for them. Think of the thousands of times their children see messages that promote the idea that racial diversity is a wonderful thing. Reality is cast aside for the unworkable and deadly “ideal” of destroying the homogeneity that made America great, and a wonderful place to live. Our children are told that the homogeneously White America that existed up until the 1960s was not a good society, even though it was far safer, far better educated, and capable of having a far better future than the nightmare being created by diversity. They are taught that feminism, and the promotion of homosexuality are very positive things, even though their ancestors (You know; the ones who created this society!) would be revolted by such concepts. The constant exposure of our children to such poison, and a vast array of other similar ideas, cannot go on day after day without its results. It is the parents' responsibility to terminate this contamination, and thereby allow their children to be free from it.

  3. They will have time, unbelievable amounts of it, that they did not have before. The average American watches 6 hours or so of television a day. What could you do with 6 additional hours? Think of what you could be doing with your children? Think of the books that they could read, and the hobbies that they could pursue. Just think how much better they will be able to use their minds, once free to think for themselves instead of being programmed by those who hate our society, its history, and its people.

  4. Think of how much the physical conditioning of everyone in the house could be improved, as the muscles of their bodies will be allowed to move once more instead of being artificially immobilized by the propaganda box. Why is obesity growing to be such a problem in children today, as well as in adults? The television is the number one culprit.

  5. The availability of more than one point of view is important to being able to reason. The television only has one point of view on all the important topics. (For a discussion of why please see Who Rules America.) All aspects of the TV medium promote Martin Luther King Jr. as a hero. They all promote racial diversity, miscegenation, feminism, and homosexuality. They all denigrate White society, White schools, White nations, traditional roles for men and women, and monogamous heterosexual relationships as the norm. By the time a child has grown to adulthood, after a lifetime of television viewing, he will think that these issues only have one side; the wrong side.

There are many more advantages to turning off the set, but those I have listed should be sufficient to inspire any White parent to break the bond between his family and the television. It is a positive, important first step towards making America well again. The danger we face is not exactly the same as the one in Halloween III, because turning off one single show, on one single night, will not save your children from the horrors that await them. The real danger lies in a daily exposure to poison, which, given enough time, will destroy their future. It is just as critical for us to turn off our sets, but it is a much more difficult task than the one presented the father in the movie. In our case, "the networks," not some crazy Silver Shamrock company, are the instigators of the danger, and we cannot call them up and expect any help at all in stopping the destructive programming. Instead it is up to us to take action right now. We must cut the connection on our end, so that our children will not be exposed to the deadly propaganda.

If you have ever asked yourself, “What can I do to help change things?” here is something that you not only can do, but as an honorable, and caring parent, you must do!

©1983 Universal City Studios

Character Actor
Dr. Dan Challis Tom Atkins
Ellie Grimbridge Stacey Nelkin
Canal Cochran Dan O'Herlihy
Harry Grimbridge Al Berry
Rafferty Michael Currie
Marge Garn Stephens
Assassin Dick Warlock
Linda Challis Nancy Kyes

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