Our Sacrificial Children

VIRGINS HAVE BEEN OFFERED by savages, it is said, to volcanoes, by throwing them into the cone to their deaths, in order to stop the mountains from erupting. It is said the Incas used stone knives to cut the hearts out of the human sacrifices, offered to their gods. Many cultures have rightly or wrongly been accused of performing child sacrifice. So, it should not be too surprising when we find the practice being carried on in the United States of America!

White parents are sacrificing their children every day in many ways. They send their children off to integrated schools where violence has become common place. It is no longer a simple case of coming home with a black eye because some bully wanted to steal his lunch money. Today your son may well end up with a knife or a gun at his belly, with a demand from anything from his cash to his clothes. Your daughter may end up harassed, beat up, or raped by the minorities in her class. These are the ways we directly sacrifice our children today. We sit still and allow integrated schools to exist and we support them with our tax money. It is as if the parents just lined up bringing their children in tow. They present their own flesh and blood, the children which they have brought into this world, to the practitioners of the Holy Order of the Totally PC Church to be sacrificed to the god of Martin, Jesse and Bill.

What do we teach our children in the area of survival for themselves and for their culture? Most white parents are lax and completely negligent in this area. Look at what kids do for entertainment. They do not read books which would increase their cultural and racial awareness. They do not learn about the greatness of Western Civilization. Instead they spend their time with entertainment which is totally PC. They watch television mostly. I cannot think of anything more destructive to a child than time spent watching that device, which is completely under the control of the white race haters. For children there is plenty of programming which teaches them how wonderful it is to have diversity. By the time they reach early teens they are hot and primed for the sexual race mixing which is strongly promoted on MTV. They learn how smart blacks are and how stupid whites are in the movies, and of course they will get a daily dose of minorities in their lives even if they do not actually see any of them face to face. The television is the great liberal machine. It is the Propaganda Deluxe: It slices, it dices, and it chops the mind, leaving a bowl of liberal mush where before a precious white child's mind was growing with such promise. Turning children over to this mind killer is nothing short of child abuse!

When our sons and daughters reach the age where they should be dating and marrying, perpetuating the species and the culture that we should be passing on to them, once again they are sacrificed to the heathen gods. They are not told that whites only date and marry whites. They are not even warned of the dangers to themselves, let alone the dangers to the race that lie in the land of miscegenation. So, our white daughters have half breed children, and they are marked forever as black women. And of course our race dies a little bit more each time this happens. Here we have sacrificed our grandchildren to heathen gods.

If this were not enough, we do damage to many more of our children in ways less direct, but just as deadly. We have stolen the education to which our children are entitled. As white parents, we owe it to our children to provide them the same opportunity, or better, than we had ourselves. We are obligated to create and maintain schools which are at least equal in quality to those which our parents provided for us. The schools we design for our children must be safe, free of violence, and filled with order and knowledge. In these schools our children should be taught that high ethical standards are to be incorporated into their personal characters, and sportsmanship is to be a part of all sporting events. Schools for our children should teach patriotism to our country as well as teaching an understanding of the European roots of this great nation. All of these things should mingle and merge easily with the foundation which white parents are rigidly obligated to lay for their children throughout their formative years. This can only be accomplished by a mother at home and actively involved with her children. Any parent knows that the best way to engrain a characteristic into a child is to supervise what that child does, and continually correct his behavior where needed. Just instructing a child verbally and then turning him over to daycare, or even worse the television, is not going to be nearly enough. All of these factors taken together is how we build a strong white society.

What are we doing instead to educate our children? We have created schools which are far more interested in things other than giving your white children the best education possible. Let me repeat that. We have created schools which are far more interested in things other than giving your white children the best education possible. That means we have schools which are completely inadequate to the task which they have been assigned. These schools are more interested in making sure that they have enough minority children in them than how well your child is doing in school. The schools are more interested in teaching your white child the wonders of foreign cultures than teaching them the deepest possible understanding of Western Civilization. The teachers of your children are far more interested in promoting homosexual behavior as an acceptable lifestyle than how to instruct boys how to be good husbands and providers, and girls how to be good homemakers wives and mothers. In fact these teachers and this school system are actively hostile to all the important things which kids, who were trained in American schools prior to the 1960s, learned were important. Today to a teacher, a homemaker is some poor beaten down woman who will never be fulfilled, and a husband who wants to support his family so his wife can be with the children, is an oppressive pig. That same teacher believes and teaches that Columbus was a maniac and that it was evil that he discovered the New World, and even further he teaches that white history and culture are racist and oppressive.

Additional problems with our education today are discussed in my article The Politically Correct Education.

The greatest sacrifice we have made of our children is in the area of their future. What will your grandchildren have to look forward to compared with what you or your parents had in their future? Look at what your parents had as givens in their lives. They knew that they lived in a white country. Those few nonwhite people composing less than 10% of the population kept to themselves and so did the whites. Effectively there were only whites in the lives of most Americans. If you saw a member of another race he stood out like a sore thumb because it did not happen often. Television was comprised of shows and movies which were virtually all white. The old Mickey Mouse Club which I watched as a child was an example, as were Leave it to Beaver and Mr. Ed. Life was white for our parents and they had no idea of any other way for it to be. We had laws in place to keep immigration from unbalancing that high percentage of white people in the society.

Our parents knew that they not only lived in a white society but they believed that their children and grandchildren would do the same. The vision that almost all Americans had back then was a perpetuation of basic American values from generation to generation forever. A continuing improvement was envisioned from generation to generation each parent hoping and expecting that their children would have it even better than they had it themselves. They believed in honest work and honest living. They would not tolerate a politician who was an adulterer.

[It was a common political ploy in those days to set up a politician with a woman and then "catch them" in a compromising position, which would destroy that politician immediately! Our parents would not stand for that sort of sexual misbehavior in their leaders. If a politician did that sort of thing he better not get caught.]

No our parents and grandparents were not perfect but they had something that we no longer have. They lived in a relatively homogenous society where there was relatively homogenous action in, and reaction to, daily life. If any man were convicted of murder, the citizens universally wanted him punished. There were no large segments of society which demanded that the murderer should be let go because of his genes or his background. Citizens then expected people to either abide by the law or pay the price. Of course there were disagreements and differences in political opinions but people were pretty much heading in the same direction.

We have traded that golden future, that smoothly operating society, hitting on all cylinders, for a complete nightmare. Today we have a fragmented population with several cultures striving for dominance within our country. We have a large segment of this nation who speak Spanish, and that segment is growing like a cancer out of control. We have the black population who wish to proclaim their broken English as the language of Ebonics. The number of Orientals is also increasing rapidly, creating yet another source of unhappiness within our borders. The water main has broken and the gush of immigration is rapidly drowning our streets.

The homogenous, smoothly operating society, has been converted into a heterogeneous sludge of fighting components, each screaming only for itself and to hell with all of the others. This cacophony of selfishness is ripping apart the land even as we watch in horror, and our own personal Nero is fiddling around with Monica as he celebrates in glee over our country's destruction by invasion.

Our children's futures have been sacrificed upon the altar of the liberal left wing nut case. He who was throwing bombs, taking over college campuses, and marching in anti-American parades is the same one who is directing the robbery of your children's future. Our parents laid up a glorious treasure in a warehouse called America for their children, and the liberals have taken over our treasure, and then sent out advertisements, and put up signs all around the world which say, "Come to America! Free Goodies! All are Welcome to Help Themselves!" Each one of the immigrants who comes in today is stealing the heritage and wealth of your children. If it does not stop soon there will be none left.

It is time to overthrow this false heathen god. It is time that we reclaim the treasure of our heritage and our future. It is time that we took back our children and saved them from the horrible ordeal of being sacrificed upon the altar of the god of Martin, Jesse and Bill. Can we continue to let our children be destroyed?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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